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ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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9145 - 9147 Materials Science in the time of Coronavirus
Seddon AM
9148 - 9151 How materials can beat a virus
Jones ST
9286 - 9298 Atom probe tomography study of austenite formation during heating of a high-formability steel
Clement AMD, Hoummada K, Drillet J, Hebert V, Maugis P
9299 - 9310 Characterization of heterogeneous-nano structure in austenitic stainless steel: crystal orientations and hardness distribution
Koga N, Suzuki S, Jiang H, Watanabe C, Aoyagi Y, Kobayashi M, Miura H
9311 - 9321 Stress field in ceramic material containing threefold symmetry inhomogeneity
Vakaeva AB, Krasnitckii SA, Grekov MA, Gutkin MY
9322 - 9329 Microstructure and mechanical performance of acicular mullite-reinforced porous self-bonded ceramics
Deng XG, Yin JQ, Zhang WC, Deng CH, Wei TT, Zhang HJ, Deng HL, Fan CG, Cui B, Ran SL
9330 - 9342 A facile route to construct NiTiO3/Bi4NbO8Cl heterostructures for enhanced photocatalytic water purification
Qu XF, Liu MH, Zhang WX, Sun Z, Meng W, Shi L, Du FL
9343 - 9353 Matching vacancy formation energy and defect levels with the density of amorphous Ga2O3
Sun D, Gao YL, Xue J, Zhao JJ
9354 - 9363 Graphene oxide-embedded chitosan/gelatin hydrogel particles for the adsorptions of multiple heavy metal ions
Perumal S, Atchudan R, Yoon DH, Joo J, Cheong IW
9364 - 9373 Fluorinated phenylpyridine iridium (III) complex based on metal-organic framework as highly efficient heterogeneous photocatalysts for cross-dehydrogenative coupling reactions
Qiu L, Dong AW, Zhang SZ, Wang SL, Chang ZS, Lu Y, Sui ZY, Feng LJ, Chen Q
9374 - 9384 Synthesis and sorption characteristics of tungsten oxides-based materials for Sr-90 removal from water media
Egorin AM, Dran'kov AN, Didenko NV, Tokar' EA, Sokol'nitskaya TA, Papynov EK, Tananaev IG
9385 - 9395 Effect of Ga content on magnetic properties of BaFe12-xGaxO19/epoxy composites
Yakovenko O, Lazarenko O, Matzui L, Vovchenko L, Borovoy M, Tesel'ko P, Lozitsky O, Astapovich K, Trukhanov A, Trukhanov S
9396 - 9413 Development of polyetherimide composites for use as 3D printed thermal protection material
Kim S, Wu H, Devega A, Sico M, Fahy W, Misasi J, Dickens T, Koo JH
9414 - 9424 Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes grown on reduced graphene oxide as high-performance thermal interface materials
Hu Y, Chiang SW, Chu XD, Li J, Gan L, He YB, Li BH, Kang FY, Du HD
9425 - 9435 A ascorbic acid-imprinted poly(o-phenylenediamine)/zeolite imidazole frameworks-67/carbon cloth for electrochemical sensing ascorbic acid
Guo YF, Wang L, Xu LJ, Peng CW, Song YH
9436 - 9447 Multi-material design: architecture and components simultaneous selection
Baracchini P, Kromm FX, Guillebaud C, Wargnier H
9448 - 9460 Gallium-Boron-Phosphide (GaBP2): a new III-V semiconductor for photovoltaics
Kumar U, Nayak S, Chakrabarty S, Bhattacharjee S, Lee SC
9461 - 9469 Fast X-ray detectors based on bulk beta-Ga2O3 (Fe)
Hany I, Yang G, Chung CC
9470 - 9482 Synthesis and electrochemical performance of gold nanoparticles deposited onto a reduced graphene oxide/nickel foam hybrid structure for hydrazine detection
Wang WD, Zhao ZT, Yang HY, Li PW, Yu ZC, Zhang WD, Shi J, Hu J, Chen Y
9483 - 9492 Structural and electronic properties of BaSi2(100) thin film on Si(111) substrate
Chai JS, Zhu XX, Wang JT
9493 - 9503 Template-assisted synthesis of LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 hollow nanospheres as cathode material for lithium ion batteries
Wu XY, Lu JJ, Han Y, Wu HY, Bu LL, Xie J, Qian C, Li HB, Diao GW, Chen M
9504 - 9515 A novel SiO2 nanofiber-supported organic-inorganic gel polymer electrolyte for dendrite-free lithium metal batteries
Liao HY, Chen H, Zhou FL, Zhang ZZ
9516 - 9524 Mesoporous hollow carbon capsules as sulfur hosts for highly stable lithium-sulfur batteries
Xia M, Zhang N, Ge CC
9525 - 9537 Amphiphilic star copolymers-mediated co-delivery of doxorubicin and avasimibe for effective combination chemotherapy
Bai T, Zhu BB, Du ZY, Shi JL, Shao DY, Kong J
9538 - 9550 Antibacterial properties of Ag/TiO2/PDA nanofilm on anodized 316L stainless steel substrate under illumination by a normal flashlight
Wen L, Wanpei H, Qian L, Xu L, Rongsheng C, Hongwei N, Weiting Z
9551 - 9561 Flexible, wearable microfluidic contact lens with capillary networks for tear diagnostics
Yang X, Yao HY, Zhao GN, Ameer GA, Sun W, Yang J, Mi SL
9562 - 9577 Glycerol as a green solvent for enhancing the formulation of dextran methacrylate and gellan-based semi-interpenetrating polymer networks
Zoratto N, Matassa R, Montanari E, Familiari G, Petralito S, Coviello T, Di Meo C, Matricardi P
9578 - 9596 A highly accurate methodology for the prediction and correlation of mechanical properties based on the slimness ratio of additively manufactured tensile test specimens
Moura LS, Vittoria GD, Gabriel AHG, Fonseca EB, Gabriel LP, Webster TJ, Lopes ESN
9597 - 9607 Local analysis on dislocation structure and hardening during grain boundary pop-ins in tungsten
Javaid F, Xu YK, Durst K
9608 - 9622 Microstructural effects on central crack formation in hot cross-wedge-rolled high-strength steel parts
Zhou XY, Sheo ZT, Tian FM, Hopper C, Jiang J
9623 - 9637 Flexible films with wrinkled micro-nano hierarchical structures having stable superhydrophobicity under external loading
Wang N, Wan Q, Xu SS, Luan JJ
9638 - 9654 Effect of the solvent nature on the structure and performance of poly(amide-imide) ultrafiltration membranes
Bildyukevich AV, Plisko TV, Shustikov AA, Dzyazko YS, Rozhdestvenska LM, Pratsenko SA
9655 - 9664 Volumetric effective cure shrinkage measurement of dual curable adhesives by fiber Bragg grating sensor
Phansalkar SP, Kim C, Han B, Gromala PJ