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ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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7575 - 7611 An overview on the synthesis and recent applications of conducting poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) in industry and biomedicine
Rahimzadeh Z, Naghib SM, Zare Y, Rhee KY
7612 - 7623 Silica aerogels as hosting matrices for WS2 nanotubes and their optical characterization
Sedova A, Visic B, Vega-Mayoral V, Vella D, Gadermaier C, Dodiuk H, Kenig S, Tenne R, Gvishi R, Bar G
7624 - 7633 Magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic Z-type hexaferrite revealed by electric-field-modulated magnetic resonance studies
Laguta V, Kempa M, Bovtun V, Bursik J, Zhai K, Sun Y, Kamba S
7634 - 7644 High piezoelectric response and excellent fatigue resistance in Rb-substituted BNT-BKT-BT ceramics
Zhou XF, Yuan X, Yan ZN, Xue GL, Luo H, Zhang D
7645 - 7651 Peanut-like mesoporous tungsten oxides via a synergistic templating strategy for efficient isoprene detection
Xu DP, Ge KJ, Qi SY, Chen Y, Qiu JX, Wang SY, Tian YC, Fang SQ, Liu C, Liu Q
7652 - 7664 The interaction between N,N-dimethylacrylamide and pristine graphene and its role in fabricating a strong nanocomposite hydrogel
Gao AL, Chen SJ, Zhao S, Zhang GF, Cui J, Yan YH
7665 - 7679 Graphene@poly(dopamine)-Ag core-shell nanoplatelets as fillers to enhance the dielectric performance of polymer composites
Zhu PW, Weng L, Zhang XR, Wang XM, Guan LZ, Liu LZ
7680 - 7690 Two-dimensional intrinsic ferromagnetic half-metals: monolayers Mn3X4 (X = Te, Se, S)
Chen ZG, Fan XL, Shen ZH, Luo ZF, Yang DX, Ma SG
7691 - 7701 Green and sky blue perovskite light-emitting devices with a diamine additive
He LH, Xiao ZW, Yang XL, Wu YT, Lian YJ, Peng XF, Yang XH
7702 - 7714 Enhanced H2S gas sensing properties by the optimization of p-CuO/n-ZnO composite nanofibers
Fan C, Sun FZ, Wang XM, Majidi M, Huang ZZ, Kumar P, Liu B
7715 - 7730 A novel CdTe ink-assisted direct synthesis of CdTe thin films for the solution-processed CdTe solar cells
Rahman MF, Hossain J, Kuddus A, Tabassum S, Rubel MHK, Rahman MM, Moriya Y, Shirai H, Ismail AM
7731 - 7742 Microencapsulated phase change material via Pickering emulsion stabilized by graphene oxide for photothermal conversion
Maithya OM, Li X, Feng XL, Sui XF, Wang BJ
7743 - 7759 Effects of bioactive compounds on the morphology and surface chemistry of MoO3/ZnMoO4 nanocomposite for supercapacitor
Shaheen I, Ahmad KS, Zequine C, Gupta RK, Thomas AG, Malik MA
7760 - 7774 Blocky electrode prepared from nickel-catalysed lignin assembled woodceramics
Yu XC, Sun DL, Ji XQ, Hao XF, Sun DB, Wang ZH
7775 - 7791 Deposited CuBi2O4 and Bi3ClO4 nanoparticles on g-C3N4 nanosheet: a promising visible light-induced photocatalyst toward the removal of tetracycline hydrochloride and rhodamine B
Mousavi M, Hamzehloo M, Ghasemi JB
7792 - 7804 Three-dimensional self-standing Co@NC octahedron/biochar cathode for non-aqueous Li-O-2 batteries: efficient catalysis for reversible formation and decomposition of LiOH
Liang HG, Jia LH, Chen F
7805 - 7815 The effect of thermal oxidation on the coefficient of thermal expansion of nuclear graphite
Yang X, Wang X, Tsang DKL
7816 - 7832 New wicking measurement system to mimic human sweating phenomena with continuous microfluidic flow
Kim HS, Michielsen S, DenHartog E
7833 - 7842 A novel nanotube based on self-assembled iron porphyrin/tantalum tungstate composite for electrochemical detection of dopamine
Fan ZC, Wang MJ, Wu SN, Wang HR, Li JP, Liu L, Rong J, Tong ZW, Zhang XB
7843 - 7856 A dual-usage near-infrared (NIR) cell membrane targeting chimeric peptide for cancer cell membrane imaging and photothermal ablation
Chen PL, Shi QY, Chen T, Wang P, Liu Y, Liu LH
7857 - 7869 Alginate@TiO2 hybrid microcapsules as a reservoir of beta INS-1E cells with controlled insulin delivery
Leroux G, Neumann M, Meunier CF, Michiels C, Wang L, Su BL
7870 - 7882 Effect of Mg2+ on porous MgxCa3-x(PO4)(2) composite scaffolds for bone engineering by 3D gel-printing
Shao HP, Zhang YM, Lin T, Peng J, Wang AY, Yu FC, Zhang ZN, Wang LH
7883 - 7893 Relationship between carbon segregation and the carbide precipitation along grain boundary based on the structural unit model
Cao TS, Cheng CQ, Ye F, Xv HB, Zhao J
7894 - 7909 Strengthening of an Al0.45CoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy via in situ fabricated duplex-structured composites
Hou JX, Wang Z, Shi XH, Wang ZH, Qiao JW, Wu YC
7910 - 7926 Crushing behavior and energy absorption property of carbon nanotube-reinforced aluminum composite foam-filled 6061 aluminum alloy tubes
Xu JL, Yang XD, He CN, Yang KM, Li WT, Sha JW, Zhao NQ
7927 - 7937 Imaging of boron distribution in steel with neutron radiography and tomography
Di Luozzo N, Schulz M, Fontana M
7938 - 7957 Cellular automata modeling of the kinetics of static recrystallization during the post-hydroforming annealing of steel tube
Asgharzadeh A, Tiji SAN, Park T, Kim JH, Pourboghrat F
7958 - 7968 Annealing behavior in a high-pressure torsion-processed Fe-9Cr steel
Duan JQ, Wen HM, Zhou CZ, He XQ, Islamgaliev R, Valiev R
7969 - 7980 Colorimetric determination of dopamine using an electrospun nanofibrous membrane decorated with gold nanoparticles
Rostami A, Hadjizadeh A, Mahshid S
7981 - 7997 Mussel-mimetic polymer underwater adhesives with l-Dopa functionality: influencing adhesion properties and simplified operation procedures
Zhang XY, Liu HH, Yue LP, Bai YP, He JM
7998 - 7998 RETRACTION: Balancing hyperbole and impact in research communications related to lead-free piezoelectric materials (Retraction of Vol 54, Pg 11759, 2019)
Bell AJ, Damjanovic D