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ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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3671 - 3693 High-capacity lithium sulfur battery and beyond: a review of metal anode protection layers and perspective of solid-state electrolytes
Wang Y, Sahadeo E, Rubloff G, Lin CF, Lee SB
3694 - 3709 Characterization of grain boundary disconnections in SrTiO3 part I: the dislocation component of grain boundary disconnections
Sternlicht H, Rheinheimer W, Dunin-Borkowski RE, Hoffmann MJ, Kaplan WD
3710 - 3725 Characterization of grain boundary disconnections in SrTiO3 Part II: the influence of superimposed disconnections on image analysis
Sternlicht H, Rheinheimer W, Kim J, Liberti E, Kirkland AI, Hoffmann MJ, Kaplan WD
3726 - 3747 Manufacture of glass and mirrors from lunar regolith simulant
Schleppi J, Gibbons J, Groetsch A, Buckman J, Cowley A, Bennett N
3748 - 3760 3D microstructure of magnesium potassium phosphate ceramics from X-ray tomography: new insights into the reaction mechanisms
Viani A, Sotiriadis K, Lanzafame G, Mancini L
3761 - 3777 Observation of the transformation of silica phytoliths into SiC and SiO2 particles in biomass-derived carbons by using SEM/EDS, Raman spectroscopy, and XRD
Yapuchura ER, Tartaglia RS, Cunha AG, Freitas JCC, Emmerich FG
3778 - 3785 Reaction mechanism and microstructure evolution of andalusite with zirconia
Zhang WQ, Li SP, Bao H, Zhao H, Ding YY
3786 - 3794 Ethanol-water-assisted room temperature synthesis of CsPbBr3/SiO2 nanocomposites with high stability in ethanol
Li W, Chun FJ, Fan XQ, Deng W, Xie ML, Luo C, Yang SY, Osman H, Liu CQ, Yang WQ
3795 - 3804 High reusability and durability of carbon-doped TiO2/carbon nanofibrous film as visible-light-driven photocatalyst
Song LX, Jing WR, Chen JJ, Zhang SR, Zhu YQ, Xiong J
3805 - 3816 Synthesis of nitrogen-rich hollow microspheres for CO2 adsorption
Yin FQ, Wu ZJ, Luo XY, Zhuang LZ, Ou HZ, Chen SX
3817 - 3831 Preparation, characterization and catalytic performance of polyoxometalate immobilized on the surface of halloysite
Ma ZY, Wang RQ, Yu T, Bi LH
3832 - 3846 Improving the electroactive phase, thermal and dielectric properties of PVDF/graphene oxide composites by using methyl methacrylate-co-glycidyl methacrylate copolymers as compatibilizer
Song SX, Zheng ZH, Bi YJ, Lv X, Sun SL
3847 - 3862 Improvement of mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of carbon fiber laminated composites through depositing graphene nanoplatelets on fibers
Wang FZ, Cai XX
3863 - 3877 Transition from microcellular to nanocellular chain extended poly(lactic acid)/hydroxyl-functionalized graphene foams by supercritical CO2
Wang XZ, Mi JG, Zhou HF, Wang XD
3878 - 3892 Design and efficient fabrication of micro-sized clusters of hydroxyapatite nanorods for dental resin composites
Zhao SN, Yang DL, Wang D, Pu Y, Le Y, Wang JX, Chen JF
3893 - 3903 Nonlinear electrical conductivity through the thickness of multidirectional carbon fiber composites
Chen X, Smorgonskiy A, Li JF, Vassilopoulos AP, Rubinstein M, Rachidi F
3904 - 3913 Fabrication of well-isolated graphene and evaluation of thermoelectric performance of polyaniline-graphene composite film
Ube T, Koyanagi J, Kosaki T, Fujimoto K, Yokozeki T, Ishiguro T, Nishio K
3914 - 3926 Fabrication of superrepellent microstructured polypropylene/graphene surfaces with enhanced wear resistance
Chen AF, Ding S, Huang JH, Zhang JJ, Dong Y, Fu XL, Shi BQ, Wang B, Zhang ZR
3927 - 3941 Laser-induced synthesis and photocatalytic properties of hybrid organic-inorganic composite layers
Ivan R, Popescu C, del Pino AP, Yousef I, Logofatu C, Gyorgy E
3942 - 3959 Size effects in lattice-structured cellular materials: edge softening effects
Yoder M, Thompson L, Summers J
3960 - 3974 Experimental and molecular dynamics simulation study on the damping mechanism of C5 petroleum resin/chlorinated butyl rubber composites
Yin C, Zhao XY, Zhu J, Hu HH, Song M, Wu SZ
3975 - 3993 Atomistic modeling of interfacial segregation and structural transitions in ternary alloys
Hu Y, Rupert TJ
3994 - 4010 Hydrogen storage in MIL-88 series
Huynh NTX, Chihaia V, Son DN
4011 - 4023 Plasma-produced ZnO nanorod arrays as an antireflective layer in c-Si solar cells
Huang FF, Guo B, Li S, Fu JC, Zhang L, Lin GH, Yang QR, Cheng QJ
4024 - 4037 Magnetic hollow mesoporous carbon composites with impedance matching for highly effective microwave absorption
Shen GZ, Ren JZ, Zhao B, Mei BQ, Wu HY, Fang XM, Xu YW
4038 - 4048 Bandgap properties of a piezoelectric phononic crystal nanobeam based on nonlocal theory
Qian DH
4049 - 4055 Novel blue-light-emitting diodes based on nanostructured ZnSe/ZnS multilayer films
Ou K, Wang SW, Zhang XQ, Yi LX
4056 - 4072 Design and energy transfer mechanism for single-phased Gd2MgTiO6: Bi3+, Eu3+ tunable white light-emitting phosphors
Chen W, Liu ZC, Shen LL, Shen CY, Ding L, Zhang ZL, Zhang HL, Xiang WD, Liang XJ
4073 - 4088 Mesoporous magnetite nanoparticle-decorated graphene oxide nanosheets for efficient electrochemical detection of hydrazine
Vinodha G, Shima PD, Cindrella L
4089 - 4104 Spray pyrolysis of conductor- and binder-free porous FeS2 films for high-performance lithium ion batteries
Al Khateeb S, Sparks TD
4105 - 4114 Vertically standing ultrathin MoS2 nanosheet arrays on molybdenum foil as binder-free anode for lithium-ion batteries
Guo YF, Qi XG, Fu XL, Hu YS, Peng ZJ
4115 - 4123 Exploring the solid-state interfacial reaction of Al/Fe2O3 nanothermites by thermal analysis
Zhou X, Zhu Y, Ke X, Zhang KL
4124 - 4134 Advanced sodium-ion pseudocapacitor performance of oxygen-implanted hard carbon derived from carbon spheres
Yin L, Feng JL, Zhang XH, Li L, Liu JS, He H, Lin YX
4135 - 4153 Effect of the preparation method on the morphology and proton conductivity of membranes based on sulfonated ABA triblock copolymers
Agudelo NA, Palacio J, Lopez BL
4154 - 4167 Rapid microwave-irradiation synthesis of ZnCo2O4/ZnO nanocrystals/carbon nanotubes composite as anodes for high-performance lithium-ion battery
Huang P, Zhang M, Kang JW, Feng HG, Su QM, Du GH, Yu Y, Xu BS
4168 - 4179 Mesoporous, nitrogen-doped, graphitized carbon nanosheets embedded with cobalt nanoparticles for efficient oxygen electroreduction
Zhou N, Li LG, Chen SW, Peng XW, Niu WH, Qu YP
4180 - 4191 One-pot facile route to fabricate the precursor of sulfonated graphene/N-doped mesoporous carbons composites for supercapacitors
Chen P, Yang C, He Z, Guo KK
4192 - 4201 Direct laser writing of graphene films from a polyether ether ketone precursor
Zhu CG, Zhao DM, Wang KD, Dong X, Duan WQ, Wang FC, Gao M, Zhang G
4202 - 4211 Preparing enhanced electrochemical performances Fe2O3-coated LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode materials by thermal decomposition of iron citrate
Lei YK, Li YH, Jiang HY, Lai CY
4212 - 4224 One-pot co-precipitation synthesis of Fe3O4 nanoparticles embedded in 3D carbonaceous matrix as anode for lithium ion batteries
Ai Q, Yuan ZW, Huang RZ, Yang CX, Jiang GD, Xiong J, Huang Z, Yuan SD
4225 - 4235 Nano-sized FeSe2 anchored on reduced graphene oxide as a promising anode material for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries
Kong FJ, Lv LZ, Gu Y, Tao S, Jiang XF, Qian B, Gao L
4236 - 4245 Origin of efficiency enhancement in cell capture on nanostructured arrays
Zhou J, Xiong Y, Dang ZC, Li JQ, Li XL, Yang YH, Chen TS
4246 - 4258 Silk fibroin coaxial bead-on-string fiber materials and their drug release behaviors in different pH
Xi HJ, Zhao HJ
4259 - 4276 Improved wear, mechanical, and biological behavior of UHMWPE-HAp-zirconia hybrid nanocomposites with a prospective application in total hip joint replacement
Salari M, Taromsari SM, Bagheri R, Sani MAF
4277 - 4286 In vitro evaluation of the biocompatibility and bioactivity of plasma electrolyte oxidized titania/calcium phosphate nanocoatings on Ti
Abbasi S, Bilesan MR, Golestani-Fard F
4287 - 4296 Characterization and antimicrobial activity of a 2-O-methyl--cyclodextrin inclusion complex containing hexahydro--acids
Lu N, Xu HN, Liu YM
4297 - 4305 Si, N-codoped carbon dots: preparation and application in iron overload diagnosis
He SL, Qi SW, Sun ZC, Zhu GS, Zhang K, Chen WW
4306 - 4313 Density measurement of Ti-X (X=Cu, Ni) melts and thermodynamic correlations
Watanabe M, Adachi M, Fukuyama H
4314 - 4324 Macrodeformation twinning in a textured aluminum alloy via dynamic equal channel angular pressing
Qi DK, Tang MX, Lu L, Zhao F, Wang L, Luo SN
4325 - 4339 Influence of solidification rate on the microstructure, mechanical properties, and thermal conductivity of cast A319 Al alloy
Vandersluis E, Ravindran C
4340 - 4353 Microstructural origins of martensite stabilization in Ni49Co1Mn37.5Sn6.5In6 metamagnetic shape memory alloy
Czaja P, Przewoznik J, Kowalczyk M, Wierzbicka-Miernik A, Morgiel J, Maziarz W
4354 - 4365 Study of the microstructure and texture heterogeneities of Fe-48wt%Ni alloy severely deformed by equal channel angular pressing
Lachhab R, Rekik MA, Azzeddine H, Baudin T, Helbert AL, Brisset F, Khitouni M
4366 - 4383 Characterization of hot deformation behavior and constitutive modeling of Al-Mg-Si-Mn-Cr alloy
Liu SH, Pan QL, Li H, Huang ZQ, Li K, He X, Li XY
4384 - 4399 Formulation of Al-Bi-Sn immiscible alloys versus the solidification behaviors and structures
Jia P, Li Y, Hu X, Zhang JY, Teng XY, Zhao DG, Chen QF, Zuo M, Liu Q, Yang C
4400 - 4408 The role of Cu content on structure and magnetic properties of Fe-Si-B-P-Cu nanocrystalline alloys
Jia XJ, Li YH, Wu LC, Zhang Y, Xie L, Zhang W
4409 - 4422 Corrosion behavior and cytocompatibility of nano-grained AZ31Mg alloy
Huo WT, Lin X, Yu S, Yu ZT, Zhang W, Zhang YS
4423 - 4432 High-performance copper reinforced with dispersed nanoparticles
Yao GC, Cao CZ, Pan SH, Lin TC, Sokoluk M, Li XC
4433 - 4443 Alloying, magnetic and corrosion behavior of AlCrFeMnNiTi high entropy alloy
Mishra RK, Sahay PP, Shahi RR
4444 - 4456 Particle-reinforced and functionalized hydrogels for SpineMan, a soft robotics application
Preller T, Runge G, Zellmer S, Menzel D, Saein SA, Peters J, Raatz A, Tiersch B, Koetz J, Garnweitner G
4457 - 4469 Effect of preparation conditions on gas permeability and sealing efficiency of graphite foil
Ivanov AV, Manylov MS, Maksimova NV, Kirichenko AN, Filimonov SV, Malakho AP, Avdeev VV