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ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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2763 - 2765 Controlling anisotropy in stereolithographically printed polymers
Huber DL
2766 - 2778 Reliable brazing of SiBCN ceramic and TC4 alloy using AgCuTi filler with the assist of laser melting deposited FGM layers
Shi JM, Zhang LX, Liu H, Sun Z, Feng JC
2779 - 2786 Dynamic crack propagation behaviors of calcium carbonate: aragonite
Zhang N, Hong Y, Chen YP
2787 - 2795 Synthesis and formation mechanism of porous silicon carbide stacked by nanoparticles from precipitated silica/glucose composites
An ZB, Wang H, Zhu CH, Cao H, Xue J
2796 - 2813 Preparation of Ce0.5Zr0.5O2-Al2O3 with high-temperature sintering resistance and its supported Pd-only three-way catalyst
Yan S, Deng J, Zhao M, Cheng TQ, Wang JL, Jiao Y, Chen YQ
2814 - 2823 Inter-diffusion of plasmonic metals and phase change materials
Lu L, Dong WL, Behera JK, Chew L, Simpson RE
2824 - 2835 In situ observation and strain distribution measurements of atmospheric plasma-sprayed mullite and Si multilayered coatings on SiC substrates
Inoue R, Arai Y, Kakisawa H
2836 - 2852 Synthesis of CeO2-modified activated carbon spheres by grafting and coordinating reactions for elemental mercury removal
Zhang CM, Song W, Zhang XC, Li R, Zhao SJ, Fan CM
2853 - 2875 Correlation between synthesis parameters and properties of magnetite clusters prepared by solvothermal polyol method
Bunge A, Porav AS, Borodi G, Radu T, Pirnau A, Berghian-Grosan C, Turcu R
2876 - 2884 Cu2O concave hexapod microcrystals: selective facet etching and highly improved photocatalytic performance
Li PW, Liu LN, Qin DJ, Luo CX, Li G, Hu J, Jiang HB, Zhang WD
2885 - 2896 Immobilization of new macrocyclic Schiff base copper complex on graphene oxide nanosheets and its catalytic activity for olefins epoxidation
Pour SR, Abdolmaleki A, Dinari M
2897 - 2907 LaF3: Pr3+ hollow hexagon nanostructures via green and eco-friendly synthesis and their photoluminescence properties
Wu HE, Fang M, Fei GT, Hu ZM, Zhang LD
2908 - 2917 In situ synthesis of energetic metal-organic frameworks [Cd-5(Mtta)(9)](n) film exhibiting excellent ignition capability
Liu W, Yu CP, Zhang WC, Xie Q, Gao Y, Zheng ZL, Xie Y, Chen HH
2918 - 2927 Investigation of compositionally tunable localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPRs) of a series of indium tin oxide nanocrystals prepared by one-step solvothermal synthesis
Li QW, Lei SJ, Li YL, Wang YN, Zhao B, Ruan WD
2928 - 2939 Fabrication of core-shell TiO2@CuS nanocomposite via a bifunctional linker-assisted synthesis and its photocatalytic performance
Ma JQ, Du QC, Ge HG, Zhang Q
2940 - 2959 Highly selective catalytic conversion of lignin-derived phenolic compounds to cycloalkanes over a hierarchically structured zeolite catalyst
Xiang M, Wu DF
2960 - 2974 Smart chiral magnetic nanoparticles for highly efficient enantioseparation of tryptophan enantiomers
Zhu HY, Song XD, Yang XR, Cheng CJ, Yu HR, Zhang HH
2975 - 2989 Preparation of activated carbon nanotube foams loaded with Ag-doped TiO2 for highly efficient photocatalytic degradation under UV and visible light
Zhang YH, Gong MD, Liu X, Ji LJ, Yang ZL, Zhu XS
2990 - 3008 Electroactive phase nucleation and isothermal crystallization kinetics in ionic liquid-functionalized ZnS nanoparticle-ingrained P(VDF-HFP) copolymer nanocomposites
Dutta B, Deb D, Bhattacharya S
3009 - 3022 Composites with surface-grafted cellulose nanocrystals (CNC)
Forsgren L, Sahlin-Sjovold K, Venkatesh A, Thunberg J, Kadar R, Boldizar A, Westman G, Rigdahl M
3023 - 3034 Bismuth oxide-based nanocomposite for high-energy electron radiation shielding
Chen SY, Nambiar S, Li ZH, Osei E, Darko J, Zheng WP, Sun ZD, Liu P, Yeow JTW
3035 - 3051 Understanding the cross-linking reactions in highly oxidized graphene/epoxy nanocomposite systems
Vryonis O, Virtanen STH, Andritsch T, Vaughan AS, Lewin PL
3052 - 3068 Investigation of reinforced performance of modified graphene oxide/high solid content polysiloxane nanocomposite coating films
Zhang XH, Ying XH, Zhang MM, Yu XF, Sun G, You B
3069 - 3081 Changes in vibrational properties of compression wood in conifer due to hygrothermal treatment and their relationship with hygrothermal recovery strain
Chen SY, Matsuo-Ueda M, Yoshida M, Yamamoto H
3082 - 3095 Effect of symmetrical and asymmetrical tilt grain boundaries on the tensile deformation of zirconium bicrystals: a MD-based study
Singh D, Parashar A, Kedharnath A, Kapoor R, Sarkar A
3096 - 3110 Mechanical properties and deformation behaviors of surface-modified silicon: a molecular dynamics study
Chen J, Shi JQ, Chen Z, Zhang M, Peng WX, Fang L, Sun K, Han J
3111 - 3124 In situ observation and phase-field simulation on the influence of pressure rate on dendritic growth kinetics in the solidification of succinonitrile
Shang S, Han ZQ
3125 - 3134 Adhesion of reactive silver inks on indium tin oxide
Mamidanna A, Jeffries A, Bertoni M, Hildreth O
3135 - 3143 Oxygen adsorption on ZrO2-loaded SnO2 gas sensors in humid atmosphere
Suematsu K, Uchino H, Mizukami T, Watanabe K, Shimanoe K
3144 - 3155 Highly selective metal-organic framework-based sensor for protamine through photoinduced electron transfer
Qu F, Li XN, Lv XX, You JM, Han WL
3156 - 3173 Electroconductive performance of polypyrrole/reduced graphene oxide/carbon nanotube composites synthesized via in situ oxidative polymerization
Tran XT, Park SS, Song S, Haider MS, Imran SM, Hussain M, Kim HT
3174 - 3186 A facile room-temperature synthesis of three-dimensional coral-like Ag2S nanostructure with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Yuan L, Lu SW, Yang F, Wang YS, Jia YF, Kadhim MS, Yu YM, Zhang Y, Zhao Y
3187 - 3195 Realizing high-responsive superlattice organic photodiodes by C-60 and zinc phthalocyanine
Ding RZ, Xu ZQ, Zheng TC, Huang FB, Peng YQ, Lv WL, Yang YH, Wang Y, Xu SN, Sun L
3196 - 3210 The analysis of magnetic entropy change and long-range ferromagnetic order in Mn1-xAgxCoGe
Si XD, Liu YS, Ma XX, Lin J, Yang J, Zhou T
3211 - 3221 A hybrid thermal diode based on phase transition materials
Leon-Gil JA, Martinez-Flores JJ, Alvarez-Quintana J
3222 - 3229 Accurate change of carrier types within ultrathin MoTe2 field-effect transistors with the time exposed to ambient air
Wang SP, Zhang RJ, Zhang L, Feng LF, Liu J
3230 - 3241 Modified qHAADF method for atomic column-by-column compositional quantification of semiconductor heterostructures
Khan AA, Herrera M, Pizarro J, Galindo PL, Carrington PJ, Fujita H, Krier A, Molina SI
3242 - 3251 Flexible photodetector based on cotton coated with reduced graphene oxide and sulfur and nitrogen co-doped graphene quantum dots
Luo C, Xie H, Hou CY, Zhang QH, Li YG, Wang HZ
3252 - 3261 Improvement of thermoelectric properties of Ca0.9Gd0.1MnO3 by powder engineering through K2CO3 additions
Ferreira NM, Ferro MC, Sarabando AR, Ribeiro A, Davarpanah A, Amaral V, Madre MA, Kovalevsky AV, Torres MA, Costa FM, Sotelo A
3262 - 3272 Effect of biomass on reaction performance of sintering fuel
Liu C, Zhang YZ, Zhao K, Xing HW, Kang Y
3273 - 3283 Porous CoP/C@MCNTs hybrid composite derived from metal-organic frameworks for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Jiao GH, Gu Y, Wang J, Wu DJ, Tao S, Chu SQ, Liu YS, Qian B, Chu WS
3284 - 3293 Amorphous Co-Pi anchored on CdSe/TiO2 nanowire arrays for efficient photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
Cao Z, Yin YL, Yang WJ, Zhao G, Liu YH, Zhou YL, Peng YH, Wang WK, Zhou WC, Tang DS
3294 - 3308 Facile fabrication of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs)/alpha-Bi2O3 nanosheets composite with enhanced photocatalytic activity for doxycycline degradation under visible light irradiation
Liu W, Zhou JB, Zhou J
3309 - 3318 3D printing dental composite resins with sustaining antibacterial ability
Liu S, Li KW, Chen SG, Yang JZ, Jia YG, Wang L, Ren L
3319 - 3330 Fabricated porous silk fibroin particles for pH-responsive drug delivery and targeting of tumor cells
Sun N, Lei R, Xu JH, Kundu SC, Cai YR, Yao JM, Ni QQ
3331 - 3341 A molecularly imprinted composite based on graphene oxide for targeted drug delivery to tumor cells
Han S, Su LQ, Zhai MH, Ma L, Liu SW, Teng Y
3342 - 3353 Enhancing electrospun scaffolds of PVP with polypyrrole/iodine for tissue engineering of skin regeneration by coating via a plasma process
Roman-Doval R, Tellez-Cruz MM, Rojas-Chavez H, Cruz-Martinez H, Carrasco-Torres G, Vasquez-Garzon VR
3354 - 3367 Sensitive and selective non-enzymatic glucose detection using electrospun porous CuO-CdO composite nanofibers
Liu MZ, Wang YP, Lu DY
3368 - 3382 A mechanically robust double-network hydrogel with high thermal responses via doping hydroxylated boron nitride nanosheets
Xing L, Hu CX, Zhang YL, Wang XD, Shi LY, Ran R
3383 - 3391 Bioluminescence-initiated photodynamic therapy bridged on high-luminescent carbon dots-conjugated protoporphyrin IX
Yang K, Wang CL, Liu CJ, Ding S, Tian F, Li F
3392 - 3402 Flexible substrate-based thermo-responsive valve applied in electromagnetically powered drug delivery system
Yi Y, Huang RN, Li CP
3403 - 3420 Fabrication and in vitro biocompatibility of sodium tripolyphosphate-crosslinked chitosan-hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone regeneration
Goh CY, Lim SS, Tshai KY, El Azab AWZZ, Loh HS
3421 - 3437 Optimization of a dissimilar platinum to niobium microresistance weld: a structure-processing-property study
Sorensen D, Myers JC, Li B, Zhang W, Hintsala E, Stauffer D, Ramirez AJ
3438 - 3454 Combined contribution of Cu-rich precipitates and retained austenite on mechanical properties of a novel low-carbon medium-Mn steel plate
Zou Y, Xu YB, Han DT, Hu ZP, Misra RDK, Cao LF, Song H
3455 - 3468 High strain rate deformation of nanostructured super bainite
Avishan B, Sefidgar A, Yazdani S
3469 - 3484 Influence of the initial state on the microstructure and mechanical properties of AX41 alloy processed by ECAP
Krajnak T, Minarik P, Straska J, Gubicza J, Mathis K, Janecek M
3485 - 3495 Effect of U and Th trace additions on the precipitation strengthening of Al-0.09Sc (at.%) alloy
Beeri O, Baik SI, Bram AI, Shandalov M, Seidman DN, Dunand DC
3496 - 3508 Intentional and unintentional elemental segregation to grain boundaries in a Ni-rich nanocrystalline alloy
Marvel CJ, Hornbuckle BC, Darling KA, Harmer MP
3509 - 3526 Multi-stable mechanical metamaterials by elastic buckling instability
Yang H, Ma L
3527 - 3535 Fabrication of porous titanium scaffolds with centrosymmetric pore channels and improved radial fracture loading
Mao MC, Tang YF, Zhao K, Duan ZH, Wu C
3536 - 3546 Effective inhibition of zinc dendrites during electrodeposition using thiourea derivatives as additives
Yang X, Liu SJ, Tang J, Chang G, Fu YN, Jin W, Ji XB, Hu JG
3547 - 3557 Microscopic investigation of local structural and electronic properties of tungsten tetraboride: a superhard metallic material
Turner CL, Zujovic Z, Koumoulis D, Taylor RE, Kaner RB
3558 - 3571 Microstructure and mechanical properties of a new cast nickel-based superalloy K4750 joint produced by gas tungsten arc welding process
Xie JL, Ma YC, Xing WW, Ou MQ, Zhang L, Liu K
3572 - 3585 Functional polymer brushes for highly efficient extraction of uranium from seawater
Chi FT, Zhang S, Wen J, Xiong J, Hu S
3586 - 3599 Decreasing the shearstress-induced in-plane molecular alignment by unprecedented stereolithographic delay in three-dimensional printing
Chakraborty P, Zhao GL, Zhou C, Cheng C, Chung DDL
3600 - 3618 Investigation on the melting and crystallization behaviors, mechanical properties and morphologies of polypropylene/sericite composites
Cai LL, Dou Q
3619 - 3631 Preparation of high-performance polyimide fibers via a partial pre-imidization process
Fang YT, Dong J, Zhang DB, Zhao X, Zhang QH
3632 - 3647 Numerical modelling of the mechanical behaviour of tetraxial technical textiles
Ghazimoradi M, Naouar N, Carvelli V, Boisse P
3648 - 3660 Mussel-inspired cotton fabric with pH-responsive superwettability for bidirectional oil-water separation
Liao XF, Li HQ, Su XJ, Zhan HM, Lai XJ, Zeng XR
3661 - 3670 Preparation of ice microspheres and their application in the preparation of porous poly(l-lactic acid) (PLLA) scaffolds
Feng JL, Huang ZH, Dong YS