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9291 - 9312 Review: recent progress in low-temperature proton-conducting ceramics
Meng YQ, Gao J, Zhao ZY, Amoroso J, Tong JH, Brinkman KS
9313 - 9320 Crystallization mechanism and kinetics of a Fe-diopside (25CaO center dot 25MgO center dot 50SiO(2)) glass-ceramic
Mastelaro VR, Bayer PS, Zanotto ED
9321 - 9330 Effect of doping SiC particles on cracks and pores of Al2O3-ZrO2 eutectic ceramics fabricated by directed laser deposition
Wu DJ, Lu F, Zhao DK, Ma GY, Li CJ, Ding J, Niu FY
9331 - 9351 Removal of heavy metals (Co, Cr, and Zn) during calcium-aluminium-silicate-hydrate and trioctahedral smectite formation
Baldermann A, Landler A, Mittermayr F, Letofsky-Papst I, Steindl F, Galan I, Dietzel M
9352 - 9361 Facile synthesis of oil adsorbent carbon microtubes by pyrolysis of plant tissues
Zhao W, Jia WP, Xu MZ, Wang JX, Li YM, Zhang ZY, Wang YN, Zheng L, Li Q, Yun JN, Yan JF, Wang XW, Liu Z
9362 - 9371 Synthesis, growth, optical, photoconductivity and specific heat properties of potassium borodicitrate (KBDC) single crystal
Dhatchaiyini MK, Rajasekar G, Bhaskaran A
9372 - 9384 Highly efficient synthesis of N-doped carbon dots with excellent stability through pyrolysis method
Ma CA, Yin CS, Fan YJ, Yang XF, Zhou XP
9385 - 9396 2D visible-light-driven TiO2@Ti3C2/g-C3N4 ternary heterostructure for high photocatalytic activity
Ding XH, Li YC, Li CH, Wang WT, Wang L, Feng LJ, Han DZ
9397 - 9413 Bi-modified 3D BiOBr microsphere with oxygen vacancies for efficient visible-light photocatalytic performance
Hua CH, Dong XL, Wang Y, Zheng N, Ma HC, Zhang XF
9414 - 9425 Preparation of nanostructured TiO2 films with high catalytic activity and their 3D spatial distribution of anatase and rutile phases
Colomer MT, del Campo A
9426 - 9441 Electrochemically active dispersed tungsten oxides obtained from tungsten hexacarbonyl in supercritical carbon dioxide
Nikolaev AY, Khokhlov AA, Levin EE, Abramchuk SS, Kharitonova EP, Gallyamov MO
9442 - 9455 Mesoporous electronegative nanocomposites of SBA-15 with CaO-CeO2 for polycarbonate depolymerization
Yang YC, Wang CY, Liu FS, Sun XX, Qin GH, Liu YT, Gao J
9456 - 9465 Surface modification of TiO2 for the preparation of full-dull polyamide-6 polymers
Yang YT, Yi CW
9466 - 9477 Mesoporous amorphous TiO2 shell-coated ZIF-8 as an efficient and recyclable catalyst for transesterification to synthesize diphenyl carbonate
Jia BY, Cao P, Zhang H, Wang GY
9478 - 9496 Polylactic acid/sodium alginate/hydroxyapatite composite scaffolds with trabecular tissue morphology designed by a bone remodeling model using 3D printing
Fernandez-Cervantes I, Morales MA, Agustin-Serrano R, Cardenas-Garcia M, Perez-Luna PV, Arroyo-Reyes BL, Maldonado-Garcia A
9497 - 9506 One-sided surface charring of beech wood
Cermak P, Dejmal A, Paschova Z, Kymalainen M, Domeny J, Brabec M, Hess D, Rautkari L
9507 - 9522 Effects of glycine on mechanical properties and microstructure of diamond-reinforced Ni nanocomposite coatings
Zhang YH, Feng L, Qiu W
9523 - 9532 Discovering new M-quinolate materials: theoretical insight into understanding the charge transport, electronic, self-aggregation properties in M-quinolate materials (M=Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Cu, Ag, and Au)
Jeon SH, Cho YM, Kim T, Kang S
9533 - 9542 Defining the optimal morphology of Rh-n nanoparticles for efficient hydrazine adsorption: a DFT-D3 study
He YB, Yu JX, Wu HS, Jia JF
9543 - 9552 Two-dimensional black arsenic for Li-ion battery applications: a DFT study
Akgenc B
9553 - 9564 One-pot sonocatalyzed synthesis of sol-gel graphite electrodes containing gold nanoparticles for application in amperometric sensing
Ligabue ML, Terzi F, Zanardi C, Lusvardi G
9565 - 9572 Characterization of commercial thermoelectric organic composite thin films
Li F, Luo JT, Zheng ZH, Liang GX, Zhong AH, Chen YX, Fan P
9573 - 9590 Z-scheme CdIn2S4/BiOCl nanosheet face-to-face heterostructure: in-situ synthesis and enhanced interfacial charge transfer for high-efficient photocatalytic performance
Xiao Y, Peng ZY, Zhang S, Jiang YH, Jing X, Yang XY, Zhang JM, Ni L
9591 - 9602 Electrically conductive highly elastic polyamide/lycra fabric treated with PEDOT:PSS and polyurethane
Tadesse MG, Mengistie DA, Chen Y, Wang LC, Loghin C, Nierstrasz V
9603 - 9612 Composite solid electrolyte PEO/SN/LiAlO2 for a solid-state lithium battery
Zhang N, He JW, Han WM, Wang YD
9613 - 9621 Elastocaloric effect with small hysteresis in bamboo-grained Cu-Al-Mn microwires
Yuan B, Zhu XJ, Zhang XX, Qian MF
9622 - 9631 Reduced graphene oxide@CoSe2 interlayer as anchor of polysulfides for high properties of lithium-sulfur battery
Zhou XY, Luo XY, Wang H, Yang J, Xu HR, Jia M, Tang JJ
9632 - 9642 Plasma-induced synthesis of boron and nitrogen co-doped reduced graphene oxide for super-capacitors
Zhu T, Li SB, Ren B, Zhang LM, Dong LC, Tan LX
9643 - 9655 Effect of RGO coating on lithium storage performance of monodispersed core-shell MoS2 superspheres
Gong FL, Peng LF, Liu MM, Meng EC, Li F
9656 - 9665 Synthesis of Au-nanoparticle-loaded 1T@2H-MoS2 nanosheets with high photocatalytic performance
Tian L, Wu R, Liu HY
9666 - 9678 Ultrathin nanosheets-assembled NiCo2S4 nanocages derived from ZIF-67 for high-performance supercapacitors
Liu GX, Zhang HY, Li J, Liu YY, Wang MR
9679 - 9688 High sensitivity detection of human serum albumin using a novel magnetoelastic immunosensor
Liu R, Guo X, Wang JZ, Guo JY, Zhang YX, Zhang WD, Sang SB
9689 - 9706 A doxorubicin and vincristine drug release system based on magnetic PLGA microspheres prepared by coaxial electrospray
Tang YJ, Zhao H, Yao JH, Zhu ZH, Sun DH, Zhang M
9707 - 9717 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of ultrabright water-soluble silicon nanoparticles for folate-receptor-mediated bioimaging
Zheng XH, Zhang DF, Fan ZX, Huang ZS, Mao HJ, Ma YF
9718 - 9728 Nanoliposomal multi-drug delivery system with reduced toxicity and multi-drug resistance
Yang J, Wen CY, Pan C, Guo HS, Zhao WQ, Zhang JM, Zhu YN, Zhang YM, Zhang L
9729 - 9744 Bicompartmental microparticles loaded with antibacterial agents for prolonging food shelf life
Gupta N, Biswal AK, Parthipan AK, Kaur B, Sharma B, Jacob J, Saha S
9745 - 9758 Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of thymol-loaded polylactic acid microparticles entrapped with essential oils of varying viscosity
Biswal AK, Vashisht I, Khan A, Sharma S, Saha S
9759 - 9774 Facile fabrication of hydrophobic polysiloxane coatings for protection of AZ31 magnesium alloy
Yu MD, Cui ZY, Ge F, Lin Y, Lei L, Wang X, Cheng YF
9775 - 9796 A piecewise constitutive model, microstructure and fracture mechanism of a nickel-based superalloy 750H during high-temperature tensile deformation
Wang KM, Jing HY, Xu LY, Han YD, Zhao L, Xiao B, Yang SQ
9797 - 9808 Analysis of {10-12} twinning variants' selection behavior during multi-directional compression in Mg-3Al-1Zn magnesium alloy
Wang BS, Shi JJ, Ye P, Deng LP, Guo N, Wang C, Chen JF, Li Q
9809 - 9823 Texture control of Inconel 718 superalloy in laser additive manufacturing by an external magnetic field
Wang YC, Shi J
9824 - 9842 Experimental and numerical investigation of interfacial microstructure in fully age-hardened 15-5 PH stainless steel during impact welding
Liu BC, Palazotto AN, Nassiri A, Vivek A, Daehn GS
9843 - 9856 Correlation between homogenization treatment and subsequent hot extrusion of Al-Mg-Si alloy
Yuan SW, Chen L, Tang JW, Zhao GQ, Zhang CS, Yu JQ
9857 - 9874 Fracture behaviour of laser-welded 2219-T6 aluminium alloy under pulsed Lorentz force
Zhu H, Huang L, Wang ZY, Li JJ, Ma HJ, Su HL
9875 - 9886 Radial micro-cracks in pile-up region of single-crystal Cu in spherical indentation: experimental observation and crystal plastic simulation
Sun ZK, Li FG, Zhu JM
9887 - 9906 Analysis of microstructure formation in cast Zn alloys derived from computational thermodynamics of the Zn-Al-Cu-Mg system
Liang SM, Wu ZC, Sandlobes S, Korte-Kerzel S, Schmid-Fetzer R
9907 - 9920 Predicting primary dendrite arm spacing in Al-Si-Mg alloys: effect of Mg alloying
Ridgeway CD, Gu C, Luo AA
9921 - 9932 Studies of thermally activated processes in gas-atomized Al alloy powders: in situ STEM heating experiments on FIB-cut cross sections
Vijayan S, Bedard BA, Gleason MA, Leonard HR, Cote DL, Aindow M
9933 - 9944 Microstructure and thermal/mechanical properties of hot-extruded aluminum/graphite composites with Al-Si alloy addition
Yi LF, Yoshida N, Yamamoto T, Onda T, Chen ZC
9945 - 9957 Quantum dots-reinforced luminescent silkworm silk with superior mechanical properties and highly stable fluorescence
Cheng L, Zhao HP, Huang HM, Li B, Li RKY, Feng XQ, Dai FY
9958 - 9968 Dissipative particle dynamics simulations of centrifugal melt electrospinning
Li KL, Xu YL, Liu Y, Mohideen MM, He HF, Ramakrishna S
9969 - 9982 Synthesis of dual-functionalized poly(vinyl alcohol)/poly(acrylic acid) electrospun nanofibers with enzyme and copper ion for enhancing anti-biofouling activities
Park JA, Lee SC, Kim SB
9983 - 9994 Light- and pH-responsive self-healing hydrogel
Yang M, Wang LL, Cheng YB, Ma K, Wei XR, Jia PX, Gong YK, Zhang Y, Yang JF, Zhao J
9995 - 10008 Fabrication of chitosan/alginate porous sponges as adsorbents for the removal of acid dyes from aqueous solution
Zeng MX, Wu W, Fang JJ, Li SF, Zhou ZH
10009 - 10023 Glucose-responsive nanostructured hydrogels with enhanced elastic and swelling properties
Elshaarani T, Yu HJ, Wang L, Ullah RS, Fahad S, Rahman KU, Khan A, Nazir A, Usman M, Khan RU, Haq F, Liang RX, Chen X, Haroon M
10024 - 10040 Hydrophobic modification of cationic microblocked polyacrylamide and its enhanced flocculation performance for oily wastewater treatment
Zhou YH, Zheng HL, Huang YY, Zheng XY, Liu ZN, An YY, Zhao C, Liu YZ
10041 - 10054 Size-controlled graphite nanoplatelets: thermal conductivity enhancers for epoxy resin
Xing ZH, Sun W, Wang LD, Yang ZQ, Wang SL, Liu GC
10055 - 10064 A polymer dots fluorescent sensor for detection of alkaline phosphatase activity and inhibitor evaluation
Ma JM, Cheng X, Peng FF, Zhang N, Li RF, Sun LH, Li ZL, Jiang H
10065 - 10076 Synthesis of a tetrazine-quaterthiophene copolymer and its optical, structural and photovoltaic properties
Knall AC, Hoefler SF, Hollauf M, Thaler F, Noesberger S, Hanzu I, Ehmann H, Hobisch M, Spirk S, Wen SG, Yang RQ, Rath T, Trimmel G
10077 - 10077 Effect of Si additions on microstructure and mechanical properties of refractory NbTaWMo high-entropy alloys (vol 54, pg 5844, 2019)
Guo ZM, Zhang AJ, Han JS, Meng JH
10078 - 10078 Improved thermal conductivity of polydimethylsiloxane/short carbon fiber composites prepared by spatial confining forced network assembly (vol 53, pg 14299, 2018)
He XX, Huang Y, Liu Y, Zheng XT, Kormakov S, Sun JY, Zhuang J, Gao XL, Wu DM