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ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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8059 - 8062 Perspective: altering structure in a hierarchically assembled magnetic nanocomposite to rapidly tune optical reflection
Huber DL
8063 - 8095 Influence of varnishing on the vibro-mechanical properties of wood used for violins
Lammlein SL, Mannes D, van Damme B, Burgert I, Schwarze FWM
8096 - 8107 Structural, textural and toluene adsorption properties of microporous-mesoporous zeolite omega synthesized by different methods
Mekki A, Boukoussa B
8108 - 8120 Porous crumpled graphene with improved specific surface area based on hydrophilic pre-reduction and its adsorption performance
Zhao JL, Tang ZH, Qiu YS, Gao XL, Wan J, Bi WR, Shen SL, Yang JH
8121 - 8132 Fabrication of nitrogen-doped hollow carbon nanospheres with variable nitrogen contents using mixed polymer brushes as precursors
Fan ML, Cheng YP, Tu WM, Zhang HN
8133 - 8147 Study on selective oxidations of gold nanorod and mesoporous silica-coated gold nanorod
Wu ZH, Liang YL, Guo Q, Zhang KQ, Liang SF, Yang LY, Xiao Q, Wang D
8148 - 8162 Monodispersed dendritic mesoporous silica/carbon nanospheres with enhanced active site accessibility for selective adsorptive desulfurization
Liu C, Yuan P, Duan AJ, Mei JL, Zheng P, Meng Q, Cai AF, Cheng TT, Gong YJ
8163 - 8176 Effect of photonic flash annealing with subsequent compression rolling on the topography, microstructure and electrical performance of carbon-based inks
Potts SJ, Lau YC, Dunlop T, Claypole T, Phillips C
8177 - 8186 Plasmonic carbon nanohybrids from laser-induced deposition: controlled synthesis and SERS properties
Povolotckaia A, Pankin D, Petrov Y, Vasileva A, Kolesnikov I, Sarau G, Christiansen S, Leuchs G, Manshina A
8187 - 8201 Conductive nanofilm/melamine foam hybrid thermoelectric as a thermal insulator generating electricity: theoretical analysis and development
Thongkham W, Lertsatitthanakorn C, Jitpukdee M, Jiramitmongkon K, Khanchaitit P, Liangruksa M
8202 - 8215 Organosilane surfactant-directed synthesis of nanosheet-assembled SAPO-34 zeolites with improved MTO catalytic performance
Chen HY, Wang MY, Yang MF, Shang WJ, Yang CB, Liu BY, Hao QQ, Zhang JB, Ma XX
8216 - 8225 H2O2 decomposition catalyzed by strontium cobaltites and their application in Rhodamine B degradation in aqueous medium
Xu W, Cao B, Lin HC, Cheng WJ, Luo CH, Peng H, Duan CG
8226 - 8235 Carbon sphere-based hierarchical architecture for electrode materials: the role of copolymer composition and pyrolysis temperature
Jin L, Wu H
8236 - 8246 Synergetic effect of Fe2O3 and BiVO4 as photocatalyst nanocomposites for improved photo-Fenton catalytic activity
Wen Y, Zhao Y, Guo MZ, Xu Y
8247 - 8261 Attaching ZrO2 nanoparticles onto the surface of graphene oxide via electrostatic self-assembly for enhanced mechanical and tribological performance of phenolic resin composites
Wang SZ, Zhou SF, Huang J, Zhao GZ, Liu YQ
8262 - 8275 Self-healing isocyanate microcapsules for efficient restoration of fracture damage of polyurethane and epoxy resins
He ZL, Jiang S, An N, Li XD, Li QF, Wang JW, Zhao YH, Kang MQ
8276 - 8288 Nanoscale integration of oxides and metals in bulk 3D composites: leveraging SrFe12O19/Co interfaces for magnetic exchange coupling
Volodchenkov AD, Kodera Y, Garay JE
8289 - 8301 Moisture absorption and cyclic absorption-desorption characters of fibre-reinforced epoxy composites
Gao CG, Zhou CW
8302 - 8318 An alternative synthesis route to graphene oxide: influence of surface chemistry on charge transport in epoxy-based composites
Vryonis O, Andritsch T, Vaughan AS, Lewin PL
8319 - 8331 Mechanical properties and pervaporation separation performance of CTAB-modified cage-structured POSS-incorporated PVA membrane
Swapna VP, Thomas SP, Jose T, Moni G, George SC, Thomas S, Stephen R
8332 - 8345 Facile preparation of halloysite nanotube-modified polyvinylidene fluoride composite membranes for highly efficient oil/water emulsion separation
Wang QQ, Cui JY, Liu SW, Gao J, Lang JH, Li CX, Yan YS
8346 - 8360 Verwey transition temperature distribution in magnetic nanocomposites containing polydisperse magnetite nanoparticles
Barrera G, Tiberto P, Sciancalepore C, Messori M, Bondioli F, Allia P
8361 - 8380 Data-enabled structure-property mappings for lanthanide-activated inorganic scintillators
Pilania G, Liu XY, Wang ZH
8381 - 8400 Landau-Devonshire thermodynamic potentials for displacive perovskite ferroelectrics from first principles
Pitike KC, Khakpash N, Mangeri J, Rossetti GA, Nakhmanson SM
8401 - 8413 Application of radial basis neural network to transform viscoelastic to elastic properties for materials with multiple thermal transitions
Xu XB, Gupta N
8414 - 8425 The flexural properties of end-trabecular beetle elytron plates and their flexural failure mechanism
Xu MY, Pan LC, Chen JX, Zhang XM, Yu XD
8426 - 8435 BiOBr nanosheets-decorated TiO2 nanofibers as hierarchical p-n heterojunctions photocatalysts for pollutant degradation
Wang KX, Zhang YS, Liu LN, Lu N, Zhang ZY
8436 - 8449 Highly elastic and ultrathin nanopaper-based nanocomposites with superior electric and thermal characteristics
Sun JY, Zhuang J, Shi JF, Kormakov S, Liu Y, Yang ZG, Wu DM
8450 - 8460 Optical nonlinear enhancement through interaction between Ag nanoparticles and CdSe quantum dots
Qu J, Jiang DH, Wang LL, Liu K, Xu X, Yao CB, Sun WJ
8461 - 8471 Upconversion fluorescence enhancement of NaYF4:Yb/Re nanoparticles by coupling with SiO2 opal photonic crystals
Shi YH, Zhang FQ, Xu J, Zhou K, Chen C, Cheng J, Li P
8472 - 8481 Strong exciton-photon coupling and polariton lasing in GaN microrod
Ghosh P, Yu DP, Hu T, Liang J, Chen ZH, Liu YK, Huang MY
8482 - 8491 Formation mechanism and thermoelectric properties of CaMnO3 thin films synthesized by annealing of Ca0.5Mn0.5O films
Ekstrom E, le Febvrier A, Fournier D, Lu J, Ene VL, Nong NV, Eriksson F, Eklund P, Paul B
8492 - 8503 Low-voltage multicolor electroluminescence from all-inorganic carbon dots/Si-heterostructured light-emitting diodes
Mo XM, Lu QC, Li T, Tao XM, Qi CJ, Zhou YL, Jiang QK, Ouyang YF
8504 - 8514 Low-content Ni-doped CoS2 embedded within N,P-codoped biomass-derived carbon spheres for enhanced lithium/sodium storage
Lian YJ, Xin WL, Zhang M, Li YR, Yang L, Guo Y, Xu SL
8515 - 8530 Strain-sensitivity conductive MWCNTs composite hydrogel for wearable device and near-infrared photosensor
An R, Zhang BM, Han LL, Wang XD, Zhang YL, Shi LY, Ran R
8531 - 8541 Tape-casted liquid-tight lithium-conductive membranes for advanced lithium batteries
Vizgalov VA, Lukovkina AR, Itkis DM, Yashina LV
8542 - 8555 Enhancement of photocurrent in Cu2ZnSnS4 quantum dot-anchored multi-walled carbon nanotube for solar cell application
Das S, Sa K, Alam I, Mahanandia P
8556 - 8570 Analysis and mechanism of adsorption of naphthenic mineral oil, water, formic acid, carbon dioxide, and methane on meta-aramid insulation paper
Li X, Tang C, Wang JN, Tian WX, Hu D
8571 - 8580 Aqueous synthesis of core/shell/shell CdSe/CdS/ZnS quantum dots for photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Liu Y, Dai FX, Zhao RY, Huai XD, Han JS, Wang L
8581 - 8590 Synthesis of monodispersed ZnO@SiO2 nanoparticles for anti-UV aging application in highly transparent polymer-based nanocomposites
Huang XJ, Zeng XF, Wang JX, Zhang LL, Chen JF
8591 - 8601 Development of a resveratrol-zein-dopamine-lecithin delivery system with enhanced stability and mucus permeation
Huang WQ, Li SM, Li ZX, Zhu W, Lu S, Jiang YB
8602 - 8612 Melt spinning of nano-hydroxyapatite and polycaprolactone composite fibers for bone scaffold application
Xue W, Chen PF, Wang FJ, Wang L
8613 - 8626 Biotin-modified bovine serum albumin nanoparticles as a potential drug delivery system for paclitaxel
Wang DF, Liang N, Kawashima Y, Cui FD, Yan PF, Sun SP
8627 - 8639 Biomass-codoped carbon dots: efficient fluorescent probes for isocarbophos ultrasensitive detection and for living cells dual-color imaging
Hu YF, Chen ZM, Lai FY, Li JF
8640 - 8654 Multi-pass submerged friction stir processing of AZ61 magnesium alloy: strengthening mechanisms and fracture behavior
Luo XC, Zhang DT, Cao GH, Qiu C, Chen DL
8655 - 8664 Carbon nanotube-reinforced aluminum matrix composites enhanced by grain refinement and in situ precipitation
Xu ZY, Li CJ, Li KR, Yi JH, Tang JJ, Zhang QX, Liu XQ, Bao R, Li X
8665 - 8674 In situ detection of thermally induced porosity in additively manufactured and sintered objects
Strumza E, Hayun S, Barzilai S, Finkelstein Y, Ben David R, Yeheskel O
8675 - 8683 Development of low-Young's modulus Ti-Nb-based alloys with Cr addition
Li Q, Ma GH, Li JJ, Niinomi M, Nakai M, Koizumi Y, Wei DX, Kakeshita T, Nakano T, Chiba A, Liu XY, Zhou K, Pan D
8684 - 8695 Composition evolution and coalescence behavior of titanium oxide particles in Iron-Nickel binary alloy melt
Xuan CJ, Mu WZ
8696 - 8710 Temperature-affected microstructural stability of coherent cuboidal B2 particles in precipitation-strengthened body-centered-cubic Al0.7CoCr2FeNi high-entropy alloy
Ma Y, Hao JM, Wang Q, Zhang C, Li CL, Dong C
8711 - 8718 Superior ductility in magnesium alloy-based nanocomposites: the crucial role of texture induced by nanoparticles
Tekumalla S, Bibhanshu N, Suwas S, Gupta M
8719 - 8726 Design and fabrication of Fe-Si-Al soft magnetic composites by controlling orientation of particles in a magnetic field: anisotropy of structures, electrical and magnetic properties
Peng XL, Zhang A, Li J, Yu SY, Chang JS, Ge MH, Yang YT, Xu JC, Hong B, Jin DF, Jin HX, Wang XQ, Ge HL, Fang JF
8727 - 8742 Discharge and densification in the spark plasma sintering of quasicrystal particles
Li RT, Liu Q, Tian LH, Wang Y, Khor KA, Zhang D, Dong ZL
8743 - 8759 The microstructure dependence of drawability in ferritic, pearlitic, and TWIP steels during wire drawing
Hwang JK
8760 - 8777 Hot deformation of alumina-forming austenitic steel: EBSD study and flow behavior
Gao QZ, Zhang HL, Li HJ, Zhang X, Qu F, Jiang YJ, Liu ZY, Jiang CC
8778 - 8785 Non-thermal crystallization process in heterogeneous metallic glass upon deep cryogenic cycling treatment
Guo W, Saida J, Zhao M, Lu SL, Wu SS
8786 - 8799 Precipitation of various oxides in ODS ferritic steels
Oono NH, Ukai S, Tominaga K, Ebisawa N, Tomura K
8800 - 8813 Effect of amorphous carbon on the tensile behavior of polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based carbon fibers
Yang FH, Hu GM, He HY, Yi MZ, Ge YC, Ran LP, Peng K
8814 - 8828 Self-healing alginate hydrogel based on dynamic acylhydrazone and multiple hydrogen bonds
Qiao LY, Liu CD, Liu C, Yang LQ, Zhang MX, Liu WT, Wang JY, Jian XG