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6251 - 6290 Understanding and mitigating hydrogen embrittlement of steels: a review of experimental, modelling and design progress from atomistic to continuum
Barrera O, Bombac D, Chen Y, Daff TD, Galindo-Nava E, Gong P, Haley D, Horton R, Katzarov I, Kermode JR, Liverani C, Stopher M, Sweeney F
6291 - 6301 3D printing of hydroxyapatite scaffolds with good mechanical and biocompatible properties by digital light processing
Zeng Y, Yan YZ, Yan HF, Liu CC, Li PR, Dong P, Zhao Y, Chen JM
6302 - 6312 A high strength semi-degradable polysaccharide-based hybrid hydrogel for promoting cell adhesion and proliferation
Wang HB, Xu ZY, Wu YH, Li HF, Liu WG
6313 - 6324 Comparative investigation of hydroxyapatite/collagen composites prepared by CaCl2 addition at different time points in collagen self-assembly process
Bu HH, Li GY
6325 - 6338 Antibiofouling thin-film composite membranes (TFC) by in situ formation of Cu-(m-phenylenediamine) oligomer complex
Rodriguez B, Ozturk D, Rosales M, Flores M, Garcia A
6339 - 6349 Investigation on electrical transport properties of nanocrystalline WO3 under high pressure
Li YQ, Gao Y, Liu CL, Han YH, Wang QL, Li Y, Ning PF, Niu PJ, Ma YZ, Gao CX
6350 - 6365 Mechanical and microstructural properties of cordierite-bonded porous SiC ceramics processed by infiltration technique using various pore formers
Baitalik S, Dalui S, Kayal N
6366 - 6377 Phase structure evolution and chemical durability studies of Gd1-x Yb (x) PO4 ceramics for immobilization of minor actinides
Li WQ, Ding XG, Meng C, Ren CR, Wu HT, Yang H
6378 - 6389 On thermal runaway and local endothermic/exothermic reactions during flash sintering of ceramic nanoparticles
Chaim R, Estournes C
6390 - 6402 Determination of the fibre orientation distribution of a mineral wool network and prediction of its transverse stiffness using X-ray tomography
Chapelle L, Lyckegaard A, Kusano Y, Gundlach C, Foldschack M, Lybye D, Brondsted P
6403 - 6413 Superhydrophobic-superoleophilic stainless steel meshes by spray-coating of a POSS hybrid acrylic polymer for oil-water separation
Guo DY, Hou K, Xu SP, Lin YG, Li L, Wen XF, Pi PH
6414 - 6423 Tunable luminescence properties and energy transfer of single-phase Ca-4(PO4)(2)O: Dy3+, Eu2+ multi-color phosphors for warm white light
Hu ZQ, Guo Y, Zhang JH, Zhang YJ
6424 - 6432 Green synthesis of micron-sized silver flakes and their application in conductive ink
Li W, Xu XX, Li WJ, Zhao Y, Chen MF
6433 - 6449 Synthesis of chitosan/poly (ethylene glycol)-modified magnetic nanoparticles for antibiotic delivery and their enhanced anti-biofilm activity in the presence of magnetic field
Wang X, Deng AP, Cao WW, Li Q, Wang LN, Zhou J, Hu BC, Xing XD
6450 - 6458 Role of lanthanum in thermoluminescence properties of La-2x Lu2(1-x)SiO5:Ce crystals
Wang TT, Ding DZ, Chen XP, Hu ZW, Zhang ZM, Hou W, Shi JJ
6459 - 6470 Fluorescent carbon dots with two absorption bands: luminescence mechanism and ion detection
Feng ZB, Li ZL, Zhang XW, Xu GQ, Zhou N
6471 - 6481 Preparation of monodisperse cross-linked poly(glycidyl methacrylate)@Fe3O4@diazoresin magnetic microspheres with dye removal property
Yu B, Yang B, Li GL, Cong HL
6482 - 6493 Facile preparation of Ag-Ag2S hetero-dendrites with high visible light photocatalytic activity
Zhang SC, Qin WJ, Liu MM, Ren XX, Hu GM, Yuan C, Yang LY, Yin SG
6494 - 6504 Electrostatic self-assembly behaviour of exfoliated Sr2Nb3O10 (-) nanosheets and cobalt porphyrins: exploration of non-noble electro-catalysts towards hydrazine hydrate oxidation
Pan BB, Xu JH, Zhang XB, Li JP, Wang MJ, Ma JJ, Liu L, Zhang DG, Tong ZW
6505 - 6518 Influence of graphene oxide sheets on the pore structure and filtration performance of a novel graphene oxide/silica/polyacrylonitrile mixed matrix membrane
Liu Q, Li L, Jin X, Wang CL, Wang TH
6519 - 6541 Effect of surface functionalization of halloysite nanotubes on synthesis and thermal properties of poly(epsilon-caprolactone)
Terzopoulou Z, Papageorgiou DG, Papageorgiou GZ, Bikiaris DN
6542 - 6551 Toughness and crystallization enhancement in wood fiber-reinforced polypropylene composite through controlling matrix nucleation
Huang L, Wu Q, Li SJ, Ou RX, Wang QW
6552 - 6561 C-doped Cr2O3/NaY composite membrane supported on stainless steel mesh with enhanced photocatalytic activity for cyclohexane oxidation
Zhao XX, Zhang Y, Qiu P, Wen P, Wang H, Xu G, Han Y
6562 - 6573 Preparation and electrical properties of sintered copper powder compacts modified by polydopamine-derived carbon nanofilms
Jia ZF, Li HQ, Zhao Y, Dikin D, Ni JJ, Zhao LM, Zhen JM, Ge B, Shao X, Ren F
6574 - 6585 Thermo-compression-aligned functional graphene showing anisotropic response to in-plane stretching and out-of-plane bending
Xu BH, Yang HG, Dai K, Liu XY, Zhang L, Wang M, Niu MJ, Duan RX, Wang X, Chen JZ
6586 - 6601 Ultrasound-assisted one-pot syntheses of ZnO nanoparticles that are homogeneously adsorbed on exfoliated graphite and a simplified method to determine the graphite layer thickness in such composites
Isakin O, Hiltl S, Schneider R, Bleisteiner J, Struck O, Schindler K, Willert-Porada M, Moos R
6602 - 6612 Enhanced thermal conductivity of diamond/aluminum composites through tuning diamond particle dispersion
Tan ZQ, Xiong DB, Fan GL, Chen ZZ, Guo Q, Guo CP, Ji G, Li ZQ, Zhang D
6613 - 6625 Thermally stable and strong bulk Mg-MgO in situ nanocomposites by reactive cryomilling and high-pressure consolidation
Cai XC, Xin SW, Sun BR, Cui HW, Yu H, Peng QM, Shen TD
6626 - 6636 Effects of thiophene substituents on hole-transporting properties of dipolar chromophores for perovskite solar cells
Cui JY, Rao W, Hu WX, Zhang ZM, Shen W, Li M, He RX
6637 - 6651 Planar impacts on nanocrystalline SiC: a comparison of different potentials
Li WH, Yao XH, Zhang XQ
6652 - 6664 Machine learning properties of binary wurtzite superlattices
Pilania G, Liu XY
6665 - 6680 Cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and uptake detection of folic acid-functionalized green upconversion nanoparticles Y2O3/Er3+, Yb3+ as biolabels for cancer cells
Chavez-Garcia D, Juarez-Moreno K, Campos CH, Tejeda EM, Alderete JB, Hirata GA
6681 - 6697 Interfacial reactions of crystalline Ni and amorphous SiC thin films
Keita AS, Wang Z, Sigle W, Mittemeijer EJ
6698 - 6706 Polydiacetylene-functionalized alumina aerogels as visually observable sensing materials for detecting VOCs concentration
Gao BY, Yuan GJ, Ren LL
6707 - 6718 Molybdenum nitrides: a study of synthesis variables and catalytic performance in acetylene hydrogenation
Cardenas-Lizana F, Lamey D, Kiwi-Minsker L, Keane MA
6719 - 6728 Layer-by-layer nanostructured supercapacitor electrodes consisting of ZnO nanoparticles and multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Favero VO, Oliveira DA, Lutkenhaus JL, Siqueira JR
6729 - 6740 Gas-sensing properties of composites of Y-zeolite and SnO2
Huang QP, Wang J, Sun YH, Li XG, Wang XF, Zhao ZY
6741 - 6751 Improved densification and thermoelectric performance of In5SnSbO12 via Ga doping
Zhu BB, Zhang TS, Luo YB, Wang Y, Tan TT, Donelson R, Hng HH, Li S
6752 - 6762 Effectively enhanced thermopower in polyaniline/Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 nanoplate composites via carrier energy scattering
Guo CX, Chu F, Chen P, Zhu JJ, Wang HF, Wang LJ, Fan YC, Jiang W
6763 - 6773 High-energy sodium-ion capacitor assembled by hierarchical porous carbon electrodes derived from Enteromorpha
Liu X, Wang HL, Cui YP, Xu XN, Zhang H, Lu GF, Shi J, Liu W, Chen SG, Wang X
6774 - 6784 Metal-organic-framework-derived Co/nitrogen-doped porous carbon composite as an effective oxygen reduction electrocatalyst
Zhan TR, Lu SS, Rong HQ, Hou WG, Teng HN, Wen YH
6785 - 6795 ZnO/rGO/C composites derived from metal-organic framework as advanced anode materials for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries
Wang Y, Deng QJ, Xue WD, Jian Z, Zhao R, Wang JJ
6796 - 6806 Notable hydrogen production on La (x) Ca1-x CoO3 perovskites via two-step thermochemical water splitting
Wang LL, Al-Mamun M, Liu PR, Wang Y, Yang HG, Zhao HJ
6807 - 6818 Facile synthesis of cuboid Ni-MOF for high-performance supercapacitors
Gao SW, Sui YW, Wei FX, Qi JQ, Meng QK, He YZ
6819 - 6830 Piezoelectric behavior of three-dimensionally printed acrylate polymer without filler or poling
Chakraborty P, Zhou C, Chung DDL
6831 - 6841 Highly dispersed RuCo bimetallic nanoparticles supported on carbon black: enhanced catalytic activity for hydrogen generation from NaBH4 methanolysis
Wang FH, Wang YA, Zhang YJ, Luo YM, Zhu H
6842 - 6849 Ultra-high-voltage capacitor based on aluminum electrolytic-electrochemical hybrid electrodes
Huang YG, Zan YH, Zhang XH, Wang HQ, Li QY
6850 - 6863 Basic modelling of tertiary creep of copper
Sui FF, Sandstrom R
6864 - 6871 Wettability of SnAgCu-Cr alloys on graphite with different Cr contents
Hu SP, Lei YZ, Song XG, Kang JR, Zhao YX, Cao J, Tang DY
6872 - 6892 Characterisation and modelling of in-plane springback in a commercially pure titanium (CP-Ti)
Khayatzadeh S, Thomas MJ, Millet Y, Rahimi S
6893 - 6910 Thermodynamic assessment of Ag-Cu-In
Muzzillo CP, Anderson T
6911 - 6921 Modeling the growth of austenite in association with cementite during continuous heating in low-carbon martensite
Enomoto M, Hayashi K
6922 - 6938 The effect of thermomechanical controlled processing on recrystallisation and subsequent deformation-induced ferrite transformation textures in microalloyed steels
Gong P, Sun L, Wynne BP, Palmiere EJ, Rainforth WM
6939 - 6950 Microstructure evolution during tempering of martensitic Fe-C-Cr alloys at 700 A degrees C
Hou ZY, Babu RP, Hedstrom P, Odqvist J
6951 - 6967 Effect of Al on martensite tempering: comparison with Si
Zhu KY, Shi H, Chen H, Jung C
6968 - 6979 Microstructure and mechanical properties of high-strength steel welding consumables with a minimum yield strength of 1100 MPa
Haslberger P, Holly S, Ernst W, Schnitzer R
6980 - 6990 Shear localization and size-dependent strength of YCd6 quasicrystal approximant at the micrometer length scale
Song G, Kong T, Dusoe KJ, Canfield PC, Lee SW
6991 - 7003 Turbulent air flow field in slot-die melt blowing for manufacturing microfibrous nonwoven materials
Xie S, Han WL, Jiang GJ, Chen C
7004 - 7016 A hybrid magnetorheological elastomer developed by encapsulation of magnetorheological fluid
Bastola AK, Li L, Paudel M
7017 - 7029 Recycled polyethylene terephthalate/carbon nanotube composites with improved processability and performance
Chowreddy RR, Nord-Varhaug K, Rapp F
7030 - 7047 Design of a self-healing and flame-retardant cyclotriphosphazene-based epoxy vitrimer
Zhou LS, Zhang GC, Feng YJ, Zhang HM, Li JT, Shi XT
7048 - 7059 Photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes by the conjugated polymer poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole)s and its photocatalytic mechanism
Ran XQ, Duan L, Chen XY, Yang X
7060 - 7071 Synthesis and tribological properties of polyaniline functionalized by ionic liquids
Cao ZF, Xia YQ
7072 - 7082 A thermally stable and hydrophobic composite aerogel made from cellulose nanofibril aerogel impregnated with silica particles
Fu JJ, He CX, Wang SQ, Chen YS
7083 - 7093 Improving the crystallization and fire resistance of poly(lactic acid) with nano-ZIF-8@GO
Zhang M, Shi XW, Dai X, Huo CA, Xie J, Li X, Wang XL