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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.53, No.14 Entire volume, number list
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9879 - 9895 Atomic-scale interface structure of a Cr-coated Zircaloy-4 material
Ribis J, Wu A, Brachet JC, Barcelo F, Arnal B
9896 - 9912 Preparation of radiopaque polyurethane-urea/graphene oxide nanocomposite using 4-(4-iodophenyl)-1,2,4-triazolidine-3,5-dione
Shiralizadeh S, Nasr-Isfahani H, Keivanloo A, Bakherad M, Yahyaei B, Pourali P
9913 - 9927 A novel polyurethane modified with biomacromolecules for small-diameter vascular graft applications
Asadpour S, Yeganeh H, Ai J, Ghanbari H
9928 - 9942 Effects of Li addition on the corrosion behaviour and biocompatibility of Mg(Li)-Zn-Ca metallic glasses
He MF, Wang H, Zhou KG, Pan D, Liu F
9943 - 9957 Schiff base-assisted surface patterning of polylactide-zinc oxide films: generation, characterization and biocompatibility evaluation
Rarima R, Asaletha R, Unnikrishnan G
9958 - 9977 Phase stability, microstructure and high-temperature properties of NbSi2- and TaSi2-oxide conducting ceramic composites
Yakaboylu GA, Sabolsky K, Sabolsky EM
9978 - 9987 Insights into structure and high-temperature oxidation behavior of plasma electrolytic oxidation ceramic coatings formed in NaAlO2-Na2CrO4 electrolyte
Ding ZY, Wang YH, Ouyang JH, Liu ZG, Wang YM, Wang YJ
9988 - 10000 Co/Mn co-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays for enhanced photoelectrochemical properties: experimental and DFT investigations
Wan YQ, Xu AN, Dong CF, He C, Xiao K, Tian YW, Li XG
10001 - 10012 Mechanism of Hg-0 oxidation in the presence of HCl over a CuCl2-modified SCR catalyst
Chen CM, Jia WB, Liu ST, Cao Y
10013 - 10024 Interfacial liquid phase-driven removal of copper ions for bioavailable hyperbranched polytriazoles
Ban QF, Zhuang Q, Su KH, Wu S, Kong J
10025 - 10038 Facile preparation of novel hydrophobic sponges coated by Cu2O with different crystal facet structure for selective oil absorption and oil/water separation
Li JL, Huang ZQ, Xue C, Zhao YX, Hao WB, Yang GD
10039 - 10048 Novel Bi12TiO20/g-C3N4 composite with enhanced photocatalytic performance through Z-scheme mechanism
Yu W, Zou L, Wang HR, Wang X
10049 - 10058 Experimental and computational investigation of reduced graphene oxide nanoplatelets stabilized in poly(styrene sulfonate) sodium salt
Miyazaki CM, Maria MAE, Borges DD, Woellner CF, Brunetto G, Fonseca AF, Constantino CJL, Pereira-da-Silva MA, de Siervo A, Galvao DS, Riul A
10059 - 10070 Preparation of Mo2C by reduction and carbonization of Mo2C with CH3OH
Lv ZP, Dang J, Wu YJ, Lv XW, Zhang SF
10071 - 10094 Multi-scale finite element analysis for tension and ballistic penetration damage characterizations of 2D triaxially braided composite
Jiang HY, Ren YR, Zhang SJ, Liu ZH, Nie L
10095 - 10110 On the investigation of acid and surfactant modification of natural clay for photocatalytic water remediation
Soni VK, Roy T, Dhara S, Choudhary G, Sharma PR, Sharma RK
10111 - 10121 Facile preparation of super-hydrophobic nanofibrous membrane for oil/water separation in a harsh environment
Wang H, Huang XW, Li B, Gao JF
10122 - 10134 Implementation of functionalized multiwall carbon nanotubes on magnetorheological elastomer
Aziz SAA, Ubaidillah, Mazlan SA, Ismail NIN, Choi SB
10135 - 10146 Influence of Ionic Liquid-Based Metal-Organic Hybrid on Thermal Degradation, Flame Retardancy, and Smoke Suppression Properties of Epoxy Resin Composites
Xiao F, Wu K, Luo FB, Yao S, Lv MP, Zou HM, Lu MG
10147 - 10159 Flexible electrospun MWCNTs/Ag3PO4/PAN ternary composite fiber membranes with enhanced photocatalytic activity and stability under visible-light irradiation
Wu XQ, Shen JS, Zhao F, Shao ZD, Zhong LB, Zheng YM
10160 - 10172 Polymer/carbon nanotubes nanocomposites: relationship between interfacial adhesion and performance of nanocomposites
Zhao D, Jiang Y, Ding Y, Zhu GD, Zheng JP
10173 - 10180 Microstructural characterization of Al4C3 in aluminum-graphite composite prepared by electron-beam melting
Ma BH, Wang J, Lee TH, Dorris SE, Wen JG, Balachandran U
10181 - 10193 Halloysite nanotubes loaded with liquid organophosphate for enhanced flame retardancy and mechanical properties of polyamide 6
Boonkongkaew M, Sirisinha K
10194 - 10208 Minimal surface designs for porous materials: from microstructures to mechanical properties
Zheng XY, Fu ZB, Du K, Wang CY, Yi Y
10209 - 10216 Mechanical behaviors of hierarchical cellular structures with negative Poisson's ratio
Hou JH, Li D, Dong L
10217 - 10230 Effect of strain on the intrinsic stacking fault energy of fcc Co: a first-principles study
Achmad TL, Fu WX, Chen H, Zhang C, Yang ZG
10231 - 10239 Electromechanical-mnemonic effects in BiFeO3 for electric field history-dependent crystallographic phase patterning
Neumayer SM, Browne N, Naden AB, Edwards D, Mazumdar D, Bassiri-Gharb N, Kumar A, Rodriguez BJ
10240 - 10248 Synthesis and luminescence properties of Sr2-xYxSi5-xAlxN8:Eu2+ red phosphor for white light-emitting diodes
Zhou DS, Zhang WT, Yan GL, Wang YY, Xu Q, Zhang L
10249 - 10260 Enhanced magnetization and bias voltage-dependent dielectric properties of Sm-doped BiFeO3 multiferroic nanofibers
Yan W, Hou ZL, Bi S, Cui RB, Tang M
10261 - 10269 Synergistic effect of size distribution on the electrical and thermal conductivities of graphene-based paper
Li Q, Tian XJ, Chen Z, Wu JY, Li Y, Li YF
10270 - 10279 Nitrogen-doped carbon-coated V2O5 nanocomposite as cathode materials for lithium-ion battery
Cao LY, Kou LJ, Li JY, Huang JF, Yang J, Wang Y
10280 - 10291 On an easy way to prepare highly efficient Fe/N-co-doped carbon nanotube/nanoparticle composite for oxygen reduction reaction in Al-air batteries
Wang LP, Fu L, Li JS, Zeng XG, Xie HL, Huang XB, Wang HY, Tang YG
10292 - 10301 Facile synthesis of NiCo2S4 nanowire arrays on 3D graphene foam for high-performance electrochemical capacitors application
Kang Z, Li Y, Yu YS, Liao QL, Zhang Z, Guo HJ, Zhang SC, Wu J, Si HN, Zhang XM, Zhang Y
10302 - 10312 Synthesis of metal-phase-assisted 1T@2H-MoS2 nanosheet-coated black TiO2 spheres with visible light photocatalytic activities
Fan HM, Wu R, Liu HY, Yang X, Sun YF, Chen C
10313 - 10326 Tailoring graphitic nanostructures in hard carbons as anode materials achieving efficient and ultrafast sodium storage
Chen YX, Li J, Lai YQ, Li JM, Zhang ZA
10327 - 10337 Rhombohedral Li2.4Na0.6V2(PO4)(3)@C nanoplates as high-rate and long-life cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Li M, Zuo ZL, Deng JQ, Yao QR, Wang ZM, Zhou HY, Rao GH
10338 - 10350 Composite structures for enhanced photoelectrochemical activity: WS2 quantum dots with oriented WO3 arrays
Xiao YH, Yu YX, Zhang WD
10351 - 10362 Photoelectrocatalytic reduction of CO2 on titania nanotube arrays modified by Pd and RGO
Ru YX, Yang LX, Li Y, Jiang WJ, Li YB, Luo Y, Yang LM, Li TT, Luo SL
10363 - 10371 Self-templated preparation of hollow mesoporous TiN microspheres as sulfur host materials for advanced lithium-sulfur batteries
Chen L, Yang WW, Zhang H, Liu JG, Zhou Y
10372 - 10382 Effect of temperature on the fracture surface morphology of Ti- and Zr-based bulk metallic glasses: exploring correlation between morphology and plasticity
Khanouki MTA, Tavakoli R, Aashuri H
10383 - 10395 Superelastic behavior of a metamagnetic Ni-Mn-Sn single crystal
Czaja P, Chulist R, Tokarski T, Czeppe T, Chumlyakov YI, Cesari E
10396 - 10410 Influence of multiphase on the strain hardening behavior of 60Si2CrVAT spring steel treated by a Q-P-T process
Jiang Y, Liang YL, Yin CH, Long SL, Zhao F, Xiao Y
10411 - 10422 Metals Surface characterization of nitrogen-doped Nb (100) large-grain superconducting RF cavity material
Pandey AD, Semione GD, Prudnikava A, Keller TF, Noei H, Vonk V, Tamashevich Y, Elsen E, Foster B, Stierle A
10423 - 10441 Microstructure evolution of Cu-30Zn during friction stir welding
Liu XC, Sun YF, Nagira T, Ushioda K, Fujii H
10442 - 10456 Superior strength and ductility of 316L stainless steel with heterogeneous lamella structure
Li JS, Cao Y, Gao B, Li YS, Zhu YT
10457 - 10468 Hydrogen-trapping mechanisms of TIG-welded 316L austenitic stainless steels
Silverstein R, Eliezer D, Boellinghaus T
10469 - 10478 Silane-based hyper-cross-linked porous polymers and their applications in gas storage and water treatment
Fu SQ, Yao JS, Yang ZZ, Sun HQ, Liu WL
10479 - 10498 A multiscale study of damage in elastomeric syntactic foams
Brown JA, Carroll JD, Huddleston B, Casias Z, Long KN
10499 - 10512 Influence of blending zwitterionic functionalized titanium nanotubes on flux and anti-fouling performance of polyamide nanofiltration membranes
Wang CB, Li ZY, Chen JX, Zhong YL, Ren L, Pu YP, Dong ZP, Wu H
10513 - 10522 A control of structural morphology via introducing insulating polymers in n-type P(NDI2OD-T2) semiconductor
Kim YJ
10523 - 10533 A highly selective and sensitive colorimetric Hg2+ sensor based on hemicyanine-functionalized polyacrylonitrile fiber
Zhao YL, Xing XL, Gao RJ, Tao ML, Zhang WQ
10534 - 10542 Synthesis and characterization of porphyrin-based porous coordination polymers obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction
Xu YJ, Yu Q, Zhao DB, Zhang W, Wang N, Li J
10543 - 10553 Effect of temperature, crystallinity and molecular chain orientation on the thermal conductivity of polymers: a case study of PLLA
Bai L, Zhao X, Bao RY, Liu ZY, Yang MB, Yang W
10554 - 10568 Polymer-infiltrated approach to produce robust and easy repairable superhydrophobic mesh for high-efficiency oil/water separation
Zeng XJ, Xu SP, Pi PH, Cheng J, Wang L, Wang SF, Wen XF
10569 - 10581 Polymorphism, thermal stability and enzymatic degradation of poly(1,4-butylene adipate) tailored by a benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxamide-based nucleating agent
Yang JJ, Wang XM, Liang R, Kong R, Sun YB, Tang JJ, Li LL, Xue L, Chen QX
10582 - 10592 Shape memory-assisted self-healing polyurethane inspired by a suture technique
Xu YR, Chen DJ
10593 - 10594 Understanding and mitigating hydrogen embrittlement of steels: a review of experimental, modelling and design progress from atomistic to continuum (vol 53, pg 6251, 2018)
Barrera O, Bombac D, Chen Y, Daff T, Galindo-Nava E, Gong P, Haley D, Horton R, Katzarov I, Kermode J, Liverani C, Stopher M, Sweeney F