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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.50, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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1017 - 1040 Some strategies to lower the production cost of carbon gels
Rojas-Cervantes ML
1041 - 1049 Optimizing nano-dynamic mechanical analysis for high-resolution, elastic modulus mapping in organic-rich shales
Wilkinson TM, Zargari S, Prasad M, Packard CE
1050 - 1057 Investigation of the strength loss of glass fibre after thermal conditioning
Jenkins PG, Yang L, Liggat JJ, Thomason JL
1058 - 1064 Correlation between grain orientation and carrier concentration of poly-crystalline In2O3 thin film grown by MOCVD
Hu RQ, Pei YL, Chen ZM, Yang JC, Lin JY, Li Y, Liang J, Fan BF, Wang G
1065 - 1070 WS2-filled hybrid PTFE/Nomex fabric composites with improved antiwear property
Ren GN, Zhang ZZ, Zhu XT, Yang MM, Men XH, Jiang W, Liu WM
1071 - 1081 Impact of W on structural evolution and diffusivity of Ni-W melts: an ab initio molecular dynamics study
Wang WY, Shang SL, Wang Y, Fang HZ, Mathaudhu SN, Hui XD, Liu ZK
1082 - 1093 Mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of graphene nanoplatelet/epoxy composites
Wang FZ, Drzal LT, Qin Y, Huang ZX
1094 - 1102 Centrifugally-spun tin-containing carbon nanofibers as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Jiang H, Ge YQ, Fu K, Lu Y, Chen C, Zhu JD, Dirican M, Zhang XW
1103 - 1116 Preparation, characterization, and application in biosensors of functionalized platforms with poly(4-aminobenzoic acid)
Ferreira LF, Santos CC, da Cruz FS, Correa RAMS, Verly RM, Da Silva LM
1117 - 1128 Improved mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes-coated flax fiber reinforced composites
Li Y, Chen CZ, Xu J, Zhang ZS, Yuan BY, Huang XL
1129 - 1140 Conductivity/activation energy relationships for cement-based materials undergoing cyclic thermal excursions
McCarter WJ, Starrs G, Chrisp TM, Basheer PAM, Nanukuttan SV, Srinivasan S
1141 - 1149 Dielectric response and thermally stimulated depolarization current analysis of BaNd1.76Bi0.24Ti5O14 high-temperature microwave capacitors
Zhang XH, Zhang L, Zhang J, Xie ZK, Yuan LX, Yue ZX, Li LT
1150 - 1158 Characterization of antimicrobial poly(lactic acid)/poly(trimethylene carbonate) films with cinnamaldehyde
Qin YY, Yang JY, Xue J
1159 - 1168 Different polyaniline/carbon nanotube composites as Pt catalyst supports for methanol electro-oxidation
Li XW, Wei JD, Chai YZ, Zhang S, Zhou M
1169 - 1174 Scatter-limited conduction in printed platinum nanofilms
Goldie DM, Hourd AC, Harvie MR, Thomson J, Abdolvand A
1175 - 1186 The role of particle distribution in the dielectric response of epoxy-boron nitride nanocomposites
Tsekmes IA, Kochetov R, Morshuis PHF, Smit JJ
1187 - 1200 Tuning the nitrogen content and surface properties of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes synthesized using a nitrogen-containing ferrocenyl derivative and ethylbenzoate
Ombaka LM, Ndungu PG, Nyamori VO
1201 - 1213 Synthesis and characterization of structural and magnetic properties of graphene/hard ferrite nanocomposites as microwave-absorbing material
Durmus Z, Durmus A, Kavas H
1214 - 1220 Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes coated with manganese dioxide as cathode material for microbial fuel cells
Amade R, Vila-Costa M, Hussain S, Casamayor EO, Bertran E
1221 - 1227 Synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon with three-dimensional mesostructures for CO2 capture
Yao ML, Wang L, Hu X, Hu GS, Luo MF, Fan MH
1228 - 1236 Bionanocomposite fibers based on cellulose and montmorillonite using ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate
Mahmoudian S, Wahit MU, Ismail AF, Balakrishnan H, Imran M
1237 - 1247 Modification mechanism of primary silicon by TiB2 particles in a TiB2/ZL109 composite
Sun J, Zhang XB, Zhang YJ, Ma NH, Wang HW
1248 - 1256 Design and development of novel bio-based functionally graded foams for enhanced acoustic capabilities
Mosanenzadeh SG, Naguib HE, Park CB, Atalla N
1257 - 1266 Through-thickness permeability study of orthogonal and angle-interlock woven fabrics
Xiao XL, Endruweit A, Zeng XS, Hu JL, Long A
1267 - 1276 Nanostructure and luminescence properties of amorphous and crystalline ytterbium-yttrium oxide thin films obtained with pulsed reactive crossed-beam deposition
Bisson JF, Patriarche G, Marest T, Thibodeau J
1277 - 1286 A hyperbolic phase-field model for rapid solidification of a binary alloy
Wang HF, Kuang WW, Zhang X, Liu F
1287 - 1294 Density functional study of half-metallic property on B2 disordered Co2FeSi
Mohankumar R, Ramasubramanian S, Rajagopalan M, Raja MM, Kamat SV, Kumar J
1295 - 1299 A new BiVO4/Li0.5Sm0.5WO4 ultra-low firing high-k microwave dielectric ceramic
Gu FF, Chen GH, Kang XL, Li XQ, Zhou CR, Yuan CL, Yang Y, Yang T
1300 - 1308 Solvothermal synthesis of oxygen/nitrogen functionalized graphene-like materials with diversified morphology from different carbon sources and their fluorescence properties
Yang F, Zhao ML, Ji HY, He DH, Wu L, Zheng BZ, Xiao D, Guo Y
1309 - 1316 Direct growth of CNTs on in situ formed siliceous micro-flakes just by one-step pyrolyzation of polypropylene blends
Yan DW, Liu LM, Song RJ
1317 - 1322 Template-free preparation of a few-layer graphene nanomesh via a one-step hydrothermal process
Wu XF, Zhang J, Zhuang YF, Li J, Han LC, Xiao FJ
1323 - 1332 Au nanoparticle decorated N-containing polymer spheres: additive-free synthesis and remarkable catalytic behavior for reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Wang SP, Zhang JN, Yuan PF, Sun Q, Jia Y, Yan WF, Chen ZM, Xu Q
1333 - 1337 Achieving a large adiabatic temperature rise of Gd55Co25Al20 bulk metallic glass by minor Zn addition
Xia L, Chan KC, Tang MB, Dong YD
1338 - 1349 Direct fabrication of La0.7Sr0.3FeO3 nanofibers with tunable hollow structures by electrospinning and their gas sensing properties
Yao PJ, Wang J, Qiao Q, Du HY
1350 - 1357 Non-equilibrium synthesis, structure, and opto-electronic properties of Cu2-2x Zn (x) O alloys
Subramaniyan A, Perkins JD, O'Hayre RP, Ginley DS, Lany S, Zakutayev A
1358 - 1369 Polyimide precursor pattern induced by banded liquid crystal matrix: Effect of dianhydride moieties flexibility
Barzic AI, Hulubei C, Avadanei MI, Stoica I, Popovici D
1370 - 1381 Utilization of aluminum sludge (AS) to enhance mine tailings-based geopolymer
Ren X, Zhang LY, Ramey D, Waterman B, Ormsby S
1382 - 1393 Phase-field modeling of the influence of domain structures on the electrocaloric effects in PbTiO3 thin films
Lee JY, Soh AK, Chen HT, Hong L
1394 - 1400 Indentation versus uniaxial power-law creep: a numerical assessment
Cordova ME, Shen YL
1401 - 1411 Uniaxial tension of thin rubber liner sheets and hyperelastic model investigation
Liu C, Cady CM, Lovato ML, Orler EB
1412 - 1426 Phase transformation kinetics during continuous heating of a beta-quenched Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al alloy
Barriobero-Vila P, Requena G, Warchomicka F, Stark A, Schell N, Buslaps T
1427 - 1434 Effect of copper content on the synthesis and properties of (Mg4-xCux)Al2OH12CO3, nH(2)O layered double hydroxides
Intissar M, Seron A, Giovannelli F, Autret C, Motelica-Heino M, Delorme F
1435 - 1445 Toughening of electrospun poly(L-lactic acid) nanofiber scaffolds with unidirectionally aligned halloysite nanotubes
Cai N, Dai Q, Wang ZL, Luo XG, Xue YA, Yu FQ
1446 - 1456 Electronic and magnetic properties of Fe(Mn)-doped Cd and Zn nitrides for spintronic applications: a first-principles study
Sirajuddeen MMS, Banu IBS
1457 - 1468 Functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) with pimelic acid molecules: effect of linkage on beta-crystal formation in an isotactic polypropylene (iPP) matrix
Gonzalez-Calderon JA, Castrejon-Gonzalez EO, Medellin-Rodriguez FJ, Stribeck N, Almendarez-Camarillo A
1469 - 1477 Simple and inexpensive electrodeposited silver/polyaniline composite counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Ghani S, Sharif R, Shahzadi S, Zafar N, Anwar AW, Ashraf A, Zaidi AA, Kamboh AH, Bashir S
1478 - 1487 High-temperature dielectric and microwave absorption properties of Si3N4-SiC/SiO2 composite ceramics
Li M, Yin XW, Zheng GP, Chen M, Tao MJ, Cheng LF, Zhang LT
1488 - 1499 Nucleation and growth kinetics and phase analysis in zirconia-containing lithium disilicate glass
Thieme K, Russel C
1500 - 1512 Protective enamel coating for n- and p-type skutterudite thermoelectric materials
Park YS, Thompson T, Kim Y, Salvador JR, Sakamoto JS
1513 - 1522 Improving homogeneity of ultrafine-grained/nanostructured materials produced by ECAP using a bevel-edge punch
Nejadseyfi O, Shokuhfar A, Azimi A, Shamsborhan M