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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.48, No.18 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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6083 - 6107 Developing plant fibre composites for structural applications by optimising composite parameters: a critical review
Shah DU
6108 - 6114 Synthesis and characterization of SiO2 nano- and microwires by a non-catalytic technique
Casalegno V, Rizzo S, Canavese G, Ventrella A, Salvo M, Ferraris M
6115 - 6120 On the surface roughness and hydrophobicity of dual-size double-layer silica nanoparticles
Athauda TJ, Williams W, Roberts KP, Ozer RR
6121 - 6132 Strengthening and mechanical stability mechanisms in nanostructured bainite
Avishan B, Garcia-Mateo C, Morales-Rivas L, Yazdani S, Caballero FG
6133 - 6140 Preparation of high thermal conductivity copper-diamond composites using molybdenum carbide-coated diamond particles
Kang QP, He XB, Ren SB, Zhang L, Wu M, Liu TT, Liu Q, Guo CY, Qu XH
6141 - 6149 Magnetic and interface microstructure contribution to bulk specific heat of nanocrystalline Ni-P alloy
Zhou Y, Erb U, Aust KT, Palumbo G
6150 - 6156 Positron annihilation study on repeated deformation/precipitation aging in Fe-Cu-B-N alloys
He SM, Brandhoff PN, Schut H, van der Zwaag S, van Dijk NH
6157 - 6166 Strain-induced martensite formation in austenitic stainless steel
Okayasu M, Fukui H, Ohfuji H, Shiraishi T
6167 - 6176 Threshold behavior of phase transition characteristics in germanium telluride glasses doped with Ag
Jeong JH, Kim HK, Choi DJ
6177 - 6185 Synthesis by spark plasma sintering of a novel protonic/electronic conductor composite: BaCe0.2Zr0.7Y0.1O3-delta /Sr0.95Ti0.9Nb0.1O3-delta (BCZY27/STN95)
Fish JS, Ricote S, Lenrick F, Wallenberg LR, Holgate TC, O'Hayre R, Bonanos N
6186 - 6193 5-Fluorouracil-loaded poly-l-lactide fibrous membrane for the prevention of intestinal stent restenosis
Li G, Chen YF, Cai ZR, Li JS, Wu XJ, He XW, Zhao Z, Lan P, Li Y
6194 - 6202 An investigation into a multilayered BN/Si3N4/BN interfacial coating
Coons TP, Reutenauer JW, Flandermeyer B, Kmetz MA, Prevost E, Suib SL
6203 - 6211 Reduced graphene oxide-based photocatalysts containing Ag nanoparticles on a TiO2 nanotube array
Wang Y, Tang YH, Chen Y, Li Y, Liu XN, Luo SL, Liu CB
6212 - 6217 Self-assembly of thin carbon micro-shells through pulsed laser irradiation of a ferrocene/benzene solution
Wesolowski MJ, Kuzmin S, Wales B, Sanderson JH, Duley WW
6218 - 6222 Large electric field-induced strain near AFE/FE phase boundary in (Pb0.97La0.02)(Zr, Sn, Ti)O-3 system
Zhang QF, Yang TQ, Wang JF
6223 - 6232 Electrical and mechanical properties of PMMA/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites prepared via in situ polymerization
Tripathi SN, Saini P, Gupta D, Choudhary V
6233 - 6244 The thermal expansion coefficient as a key design parameter for thermoelectric materials and its relationship to processing-dependent bloating
Ni JE, Case ED, Schmidt RD, Wu CI, Hogan TP, Trejo RM, Kirkham MJ, Lara-Curzio E, Kanatzidis MG
6245 - 6261 The sub-micron scale energy dissipative deformation mechanisms of Kevlar fibrils
McAllister QP, Gillespie JW, VanLandingham MR
6262 - 6268 Preparation and luminescence properties of glass-ceramics containing Sm3+-doped hexagonal NaGdF4 crystals
Herrmann A, Tylkowski M, Bocker C, Russel C
6269 - 6275 Microstructure and rheological properties of titanium carbide-coated carbon black particles synthesised from molten salt
Ye JK, Thackray RP, Lee WE, Zhang SW
6276 - 6285 Synthesis of type A zeolite from mechanoactivated metakaolin mixtures
Prokof'ev VY, Gordina NE, Efremov AM
6286 - 6292 Rapid synthesis of pure DD3R zeolite using ball-milled Sigma-1 seeds under static conditions
Zheng FY, Jing WH, Gu XH, Xu NP, Dong JH
6293 - 6306 Quantifying the surface roughness effect in microindentation using a proportional specimen resistance model
Chuah HG, Ripin ZM
6307 - 6311 Facile plasma-induced fabrication of fluorescent carbon dots toward high-performance white LEDs
Li CX, Yu C, Wang CF, Chen S
6312 - 6330 MFC-structured biodegradable poly(l-lactide)/poly(butylene adipate-co-terephatalate) blends with improved mechanical and barrier properties
Evstatiev M, Simeonova S, Friedrich K, Pei XQ, Formanek P
6331 - 6340 Mechanical properties of cellulose fibre reinforced vinyl-ester composites in wet conditions
Alhuthali A, Low IM
6341 - 6351 Optical properties of vanadium oxides-an analysis
Lamsal C, Ravindra NM
6352 - 6356 What is the role of the accessibility of wood hydroxyl groups in controlling moisture content?
Rautkari L, Hill CAS, Curling S, Jalaludin Z, Ormondroyd G
6357 - 6366 Growth and thermal annealing of amorphous germanium carbide obtained by X-ray chemical vapor deposition
Demaria C, Benzi P, Arrais A, Bottizzo E, Antoniotti P, Rabezzana R, Operti L
6367 - 6376 Strengthening mechanisms in solution treated Mg-yNd-zZn-xZr alloy
Li ZM, Fu PH, Peng LM, Wang YX, Jiang HY
6377 - 6385 Novel in situ crosslinked polymer electrolyte for solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells
Liang GJ, Zhong ZC, Qu SH, Wang S, Liu K, Wang JY, Xu J
6386 - 6392 Nitrogen doping of ZnTe for the preparation of ZnTe/ZnO light-emitting diode
Rakhshani AE, Thomas S
6393 - 6403 Synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles by flame spray pyrolysis and characterisation protocol
Wallace R, Brown AP, Brydson R, Wegner K, Milne SJ
6404 - 6409 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of Fe-doped SnO2 nanoarchitectures under UV irradiation: synthesis and activity
Davis M, Hung-Low F, Hikal WM, Hope-Weeks LJ
6410 - 6417 Facile one-step synthesis of MnO2 nanowires on graphene under mild conditions for application in supercapacitors
Wang LX, Deng D, Ng KYS
6418 - 6425 Unique flexible silver dendrites thin films fabricated on cellulose dialysis cassettes
Mlambo M, Mpelane S, Mdluli PS, Mashazi P, Sikhwivhilu L, Moloto N, Moloto MJ
6426 - 6430 Cupping behaviour of surface densified Scots pine wood: the effect of process parameters and correlation with density profile characteristics
Belt T, Rautkari L, Laine K, Hill CAS
6431 - 6436 Effect of porosity on the crack pattern and residual strength of ceramics after quenching
Shao YF, Du RQ, Wu XF, Song F, Xu XH, Jiang CP
6437 - 6444 Excited states in yttrium orthovanadate YVO4 measured by soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Herrera G, Jimenez-Mier J, Wilks RG, Moewes A, Yang W, Denlinger J
6445 - 6453 Nanoparticles of antimony sulfide by pulsed laser ablation in liquid media
Garza D, Garcia GG, Palma MIM, Avellaneda D, Castillo GA, Das Roy TK, Krishnan B, Shaji S