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2057 - 2071 Synthesis and applications of molybdenum (IV) oxide
Ellefson CA, Marin-Flores O, Ha S, Norton MG
2072 - 2077 Synthesis and characterization of amorphous hollow carbon spheres
Yang GM, Xu Q, Zheng WT
2078 - 2087 Polyester textile functionalization through incorporation of pH/thermo-responsive microgels. Part II: polyester functionalization and characterization
Glampedaki P, Calvimontes A, Dutschk V, Warmoeskerken MMCG
2088 - 2094 Surface form memory in NiTi shape memory alloys by laser shock indentation
Fei XL, Grummon DS, Ye C, Cheng GJ, Cheng YT
2095 - 2103 Prediction of the fatigue crack delay due to an overload based on the short crack theory
Wu H
2104 - 2109 Effects of complex modificating technique on microstructure and mechanical properties of hypereutectic Al-Si alloys
Sun YJ, Wang QL, Geng HR
2110 - 2121 Effect of an electron beam surface treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of SAF 2205 joints produced with electron beam welding
Stergiou V, Papadimitriou GD
2122 - 2126 Microstructure and nanoindentation measurement of residual stress in Fe-based coating by laser cladding
Zhu LN, Xu BS, Wang HD, Wang CB
2127 - 2135 SBE type cobalt-aluminophosphates (Co/Al similar to 1): synthesis aging effect, detemplation mechanism from coupled TGA/FTIR analyses, and structural stability after detemplation
Cabanzo-Olarte A, Maldonado-Aviles SM, Hernandez-Maldonado AJ
2136 - 2145 An efficient visible light photocatalyst prepared from TiO2 and polyvinyl chloride
Wang DS, Shi L, Luo QZ, Li XY, An J
2146 - 2154 Syntheses and proton conductivity of mesoporous Nd2O3-SiO2 and NdOCl-SiO2 composites
Yue WB, Xu XX, Su Z, Irvine JTS, Zou YC, Liu YL, Zhou WZ
2155 - 2161 Visible light-activated cadmium-doped ZnO nanostructured photocatalyst for the treatment of methylene blue dye
Zhang DF, Zeng FB
2162 - 2168 High emissivity coatings on titanium alloy prepared by micro-arc oxidation for high temperature application
Tang H, Sun Q, Yi CG, Jiang ZH, Wang FP
2169 - 2174 Structural stability and sintering properties of Fe/Nb/Ti co-substituted Sr(Co0.8Fe0.1Nb0.1)(1-x) Ti (x) O3-delta (x=0.00, 0.20, 0.40) oxides
Lu H, Zhu LL, Kim JP, Son SH, Park JH
2175 - 2181 Measuring adhesion forces between model polysaccharide films and PLA bead to mimic molecular interactions in flax/PLA biocomposite
Raj G, Balnois E, Helias MA, Baley C, Grohens Y
2182 - 2187 One-pot synthesis of nickel oxide-carbon composite microspheres on nickel foam for supercapacitors
Wang Y, Xing SX, Zhang ER, Wei JT, Suo H, Zhao C, Zhao X
2188 - 2194 Reduced graphene oxide supported palladium-silver bimetallic nanoparticles for ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline media
Liu JP, Zhou HH, Wang QQ, Zeng FY, Kuang YF
2195 - 2200 The syntheses of thin layers of organosilica by the co-condensation of tetraethoxysilane and phenyltriethoxysilane in the presence of cationic surfactant
Hashimoto R, Tsuji Y, Ogawa M
2201 - 2205 Effect of pulsed DC current on neck growth between tungsten wires and tungsten plates during the initial stage of sintering by the spark plasma sintering method
Toyofuku N, Kuramoto T, Imai T, Ohyanagi M, Munir ZA
2206 - 2212 Microstructure and mechanical property of Zr65Al7.5Ni10Cu12.5Ag5 bulk metallic glass subjected to rolling
Zhou W, Guo YB, Lu BF, Kong LT, Li JF, Zhou YH
2213 - 2217 Extrinsic size effects on performance of Zr-based metallic glass under biaxial loading
Wu FF, Zhang GA, Wu XF
2218 - 2227 Probing the recognition of molecularly imprinted polymer beads
Osmani Q, Hughes H, McLoughlin P
2228 - 2233 The role of ultimate elongation in the determination of valid ligament range of essential work of fracture tests
Tuba F, Olah L, Nagy P
2234 - 2240 Influence of weathering and substrate roughness on the interfacial adhesion of acrylic coating based on an increasing load scratch test
Seo TW, Weon JI
2241 - 2247 NIR-excited NIR and visible luminescent properties of amphipathic YVO4: Er3+/Yb3+ nanoparticles
Taniguchi T, Soga K, Tokuzen K, Tsujiuchi K, Kidokoro T, Tomita K, Katsumata K, Matsushita N, Okada K
2248 - 2255 High-quality spin-on glass-based oxide as a matrix for embedding HfO2 nanoparticles for metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors
Molina J, Munoz AL, Calleja W, Rosales P, Torres A
2256 - 2263 An emulsification-solvent evaporation route to mesoporous bioactive glass microspheres for bisphosphonate drug delivery
Zhu M, Shi JL, He QJ, Zhang LX, Chen F, Chen Y
2264 - 2270 Microwave adsorption of core-shell structured Sr(MnTi) (x) Fe12-2x O-19/PANI composites
Kuo HM, Hsui TF, Tuo YS, Yuan CL
2271 - 2277 Low loss and middle permittivity of (1-x) Ca4La2Ti5O17-xNdAlO(3) dielectric resonators with near-zero temperature coefficient of the resonant frequency
Di JC, Chen GH, Hou MZ, Yuan CL, Xu HR, Zhou CR
2278 - 2283 Comparison of oxidation resistance of NiCoCrAlTaY-coated and -uncoated Mar-M247 superalloys in the air at 1150 degrees C
Mei H, Liu YN, Cheng LF
2284 - 2293 Microstructural analysis and paramagnetic to ferromagnetic phase transition of chemically synthesized nanoparticles of Tb-doped ZnO
Bandyopadhyay A, Deb AK, Mukhopadhyay K, Roy SK, Chakrabarti PK
2294 - 2299 Dielectric and non-Ohmic properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics modified with NiO, SnO2, SiO2, and Al2O3 additives
Liu LJ, Huang YM, Li YH, Shi DP, Zheng SY, Wu SS, Fang L, Hu CZ
2300 - 2309 Characterization of ZrO2 thin films deposited by MOCVD as ceramic coatings
Torres-Huerta AM, Dominguez-Crespo MA, Onofre-Bustamante E, Flores-Vela A
2310 - 2315 Laser transfer processing of thick film lead zirconate titanate and removal of damage layer
James C, Laister AJ, Milne SJ
2316 - 2321 Magnetism induced by nonmagnetic dopant in Li2O, Na2O, K2O and Rb2O: first-principles calculations
Eithiraj RD, Kalpana G
2322 - 2327 PVC/Fe electrospun nanofibers for high frequency applications
Chiscan O, Dumitru I, Tura V, Stancu A
2328 - 2332 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of Li2FeSiO4/C composites as lithium-ion battery cathode materials
Zhang M, Chen QP, Xi ZX, Hou YG, Chen QL
2333 - 2338 Phase transitions and hard magnetic properties for rapidly solidified MnAl alloys doped with C, B, and rare earth elements
Liu ZW, Chen C, Zheng ZG, Tan BH, Ramanujan RV
2339 - 2344 Crystallization as a way for inducing thermoluminescence in a lead borate glass
Chialanza MR, Castiglioni J, Fornaro L
2345 - 2351 Effect of gadolinium ions on the structure and magnetic properties of zinc-borate glasses and glass ceramics
Pascuta P, Culea E
2352 - 2358 Phase transition and electrical properties in the Li-modified Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based lead-free ceramics
Wang FF, Xu M, Wang T, Tang YX, Shi WZ
2359 - 2364 Synthesis, structural, photoluminescence and mechanoluminescence properties of Tb3+: Ca2Gd2W3O14 novel green nanophosphors
Sailaja S, Dhoble SJ, Brahme N, Reddy BS
2365 - 2374 Modeling the compression-induced morphological behavior of nonwoven materials
Rawal A, Mishra PK, Saraswat H
2375 - 2383 Surface modification of polypropylene substrates by UV photografting of methyl methacrylate (MMA) for improved surface wettability
Balart J, Fombuena V, Boronat T, Reig MJ, Balart R
2384 - 2389 Far infrared study of local impurity modes of Boron-doped PbTe
Nikolic PM, Paraskevopoulos KM, Zachariadis G, Valasiadis O, Zorba TT, Vujatovic SS, Nikolic N, Aleksic OS, Ivetic T, Cvetkovic O, Blagojevic V, Nikolic MV
2390 - 2395 Structure-electrical resistivity relationship of N-doped multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Ritter U, Tsierkezos NG, Prylutskyy YI, Matzui LY, Gubanov VO, Bilyi MM, Davydenko MO
2396 - 2404 Microstructural characterisation of metallurgical grade porous silicon nanosponge particles
Chadwick EG, Beloshapkin S, Tanner DA
2405 - 2410 Structural evolution of a Ta-filament during hot-wire chemical vapour deposition of Silicon investigated by electron backscatter diffraction
Oliphant CJ, Arendse CJ, Prins SN, Malgas GF, Knoesen D
2411 - 2420 Disorder trapping during the solidification of beta Ni3Ge from its deeply undercooled melt
Ahmad R, Cochrane RF, Mullis AM
2421 - 2433 Conductive carbon black-filled ethylene acrylic elastomer vulcanizates: physico-mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties
Sahoo BP, Naskar K, Tripathy DK
2434 - 2453 Mechanical energy dissipation using carbon fiber polymer-matrix structural composites with filler incorporation
Han SJ, Chung DDL
2454 - 2460 Cost-effective solar cells containing copper indium chalcogenides prepared by SILAR method
Berruet M, Valdes M, Cere S, Vazquez M
2461 - 2471 Synthesis, charge transport studies, and microwave shielding behavior of nanocomposites of polyaniline with Ti-doped gamma-Fe2O3
Kumar SA, Singh AP, Saini P, Khatoon F, Dhawan SK
2472 - 2478 High-temperature deformation and crystallization behavior of a Cu36Zr48Al8Ag8 bulk metallic glass
Lee KS, Lee YS
2479 - 2485 Structural and electrochemical properties of alpha-MnO2 doped with cobalt
Hashem AM, Abuzeid HM, Mikhailova D, Ehrenberg H, Mauger A, Julien CM
2486 - 2491 Effects of solvent system on tape casting of the BaSrTiO3-MgO-based dielectric ceramics containing B2O3
Wang C, Ji HM, Wang J
2492 - 2500 Crystallite size evolution of aramid fibres aged in alkaline environments
Derombise G, Van Schoors LV, Klop EA, Schotman AHM, Platret G, Davies P
2501 - 2508 A green synthesis of CTAB-PTP/PAM microhydrogel and its application in oxidation of DBT
Song SF, Shen SK, Yang JX, Hu DD
2509 - 2517 Preparation and properties of an injectable thermo-sensitive double crosslinking hydrogel based on thiolated chitosan/beta-glycerophosphate
Chen C, Dong AJ, Yang J, Deng LD