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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.46, No.11 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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3669 - 3686 A review on nano-TiO2 sol-gel type syntheses and its applications
Macwan DP, Dave PN, Chaturvedi S
3687 - 3692 Lyotropic phase behaviour of dilute, aqueous hen lysozyme amyloid fibril dispersions
Muller C, Inganas O
3693 - 3697 Synthesis and characterization of vanadium carbide nanoparticles by thermal refluxing-derived precursors
Liu F, Yao YD, Zhang H, Kang YQ, Yin GF, Huang ZB, Liao XM, Liang XF
3698 - 3707 Studies of dielectric relaxation in natural fibres reinforced unsaturated polyester
Triki A, Guicha M, Ben Hassen M, Arous M, Fakhfakh Z
3708 - 3715 Deformation behavior of an Al-Cu-Mg-Mn-Zr alloy during hot compression
Li Y, Liu ZY, Lin LH, Peng JT, Ning AL
3716 - 3724 Controlled mechanochemically assisted synthesis of ZnO nanopowders in the presence of oxalic acid
Stankovic A, Veselinovic L, Skapin SD, Markovic S, Uskokovic D
3725 - 3737 Effect of deformation temperature on microstructure and mechanical behaviour of warm working vanadium microalloyed steels
Garcia-Mateo C, Lopez B, Rodriguez-Ibabe JM
3738 - 3748 The dynamic water vapour sorption properties of natural fibres and viscoelastic behaviour of the cell wall: is there a link between sorption kinetics and hysteresis?
Hill CAS, Xie YJ
3749 - 3752 Detector-grade CdZnTe:In crystals obtained by annealing
Yu PF, Jie WQ, Wang T
3753 - 3765 Longitudinal centrifugal casting of metal-matrix functionally graded composites: an assessment of modelling issues
Velhinho A, Rocha LA
3766 - 3776 Temperature and surface potential correlations with serrated flow of low carbon steel
Yilmaz A
3777 - 3784 Study on cell nucleation behavior of HDPE-wood composites/supercritical CO2 solution based on rheological properties
Zhang JJ, Rizvi GM, Park CB, Hasan MM
3785 - 3791 Changes of wood properties treated with aqueous amine solution, bending tests and X-ray analysis of wood after amine treatment
Ishikura Y
3792 - 3801 Vertically aligned nanocrystalline Cu-ZnO thin films for photoelectrochemical splitting of water
Sharma V, Kumar P, Shrivastava J, Solanki A, Satsangi VR, Dass S, Shrivastav R
3802 - 3811 Young's modulus and damping in dependence on temperature of Ti-6Al-4V components fabricated by shaped metal deposition
Swarnakar AK, van der Biest O, Baufeld B
3812 - 3821 Investigation of active slip-systems in some body-centered cubic metals
Ali D, Mushtaq N, Butt MZ
3822 - 3827 Densification of (Na,K)NbO3 piezoelectric ceramics by two-step mixing process
Ishihara S, Kakimoto K, Kagomiya I
3828 - 3834 Synthesis and characterization of multi-lamellar mesostructured hydroxyapatites using a series of fatty acids
Jiang JH, Fan Y, Zhang LR, Yang H, Chen YL, Zhao DZ, Zhang P
3835 - 3839 Magnetic and structural properties of Fe (x) Pt100-x on MgO(110) substrates
Lu W, Fan JW, Wang YX, Yan BA
3840 - 3845 Synthesis of mesoporous silicon directly from silicalite-1 single crystals and its response to thermal diffusion of ZnO clusters
Zhu JA, Liu RB, Xu J, Meng CG
3846 - 3854 Solubility and formation of ternary Widmanstatten precipitates in PbTe in the pseudo-binary PbTe-Bi2Te3 system
Ikeda T, Toussaint MB, Bergum K, Iwanaga S, Snyder GJ
3855 - 3861 Ab initio study of structural, electronic, phase diagram, and optical properties of CdSe (x) Te (1-x) semiconducting alloys
Ouendadji S, Ghemid S, Bouarissa N, Meradji H, Hassan FE
3862 - 3867 Fabrication and thermal conductivity of near-net-shaped diamond/copper composites by pressureless infiltration
Dong YH, He XB, Rafi-ud-din, Xu LA, Qu XH
3868 - 3882 Impact of the electrodeposition chemistry used for TSV filling on the microstructural and thermo-mechanical response of Cu
Okoro C, Labie R, Vanstreels K, Franquet A, Gonzalez M, Vandevelde B, Beyne E, Vandepitte D, Verlinden B
3883 - 3889 Effect of coupling agents on the thermal conductivity of aluminum particle/epoxy resin composites
Zhou WY
3890 - 3898 Nanofibre fabrication in a temperature and humidity controlled environment for improved fibre consistency
Hardick O, Stevens B, Bracewell DG
3899 - 3906 On the behaviour of body-centred cubic metals to one-dimensional shock loading
Millett JCF, Bourne NK, Park NT, Whiteman G, Gray GT
3907 - 3913 Modeling and preparation of a super-oleophobic non-woven fabric
Lee HJ, Willis CR, Stone CA
3914 - 3922 A microscopic view of chemically activated amorphous carbon nanofibers prepared from core/sheath melt-spinning of phenol formaldehyde-based polymer blends
Cheng KK, Hsu TC, Kao LH
3923 - 3927 Effect of ultrasonic vibration during casting on microstructures and properties of 7050 aluminum alloy
Liu HS, Qiao XA, Chen ZH, Jiang RP, Li XQ
3928 - 3934 Investigations on green-emitting, Mn2+: BaAl12O19 phosphors obtained by solution combustion process
Singh V, Chakradhar RPS, Rao JL, Kwak HY
3935 - 3941 Tensile properties of fly ash/polyurea composites
Qiao J, Wu GH
3942 - 3951 Effective manipulation of the microstructure of zeolite film by hydrothermal pretreatment
Liu Y, Li YH, Yang WS
3952 - 3959 Short range order structure of amorphous B4C boron carbide thin films
Bao RQ, Chrisey DB
3960 - 3968 Optical and electronic properties of fluorene/thiophene/benzothiadiazole pseudorandom copolymers for photovoltaic applications
Bonoldi L, Calabrese A, Pellegrino A, Perin N, Po R, Spera S, Tacca A
3969 - 3981 Silicide characterization at alumina-niobium interfaces
McKeown JT, Radmilovic VR, Gronsky R, Glaeser AM
3982 - 3988 Anisotropic physical properties of SC-15 epoxy reinforced with magnetic nanofillers under uniform magnetic field
Malkina O, Mahfuz H, Sorge KD, Rangari VK
3989 - 3999 Development of high performance EMI shielding material from EVA, NBR, and their blends: effect of carbon black structure
Rahaman M, Chaki TK, Khastgir D
4000 - 4004 Lead germanium telluride: a mechanically robust infrared high-index layer
Li B, Xie P, Zhang SY, Liu DQ
4005 - 4012 Two novel propylenedioxythiophene-based copolymers with donor-acceptor structures for organic solar cell materials
Wang Z, Tao F, Xi LY, Meng KG, Zhang W, Li Y, Jiang Q
4013 - 4019 Microstructure, fluidity, and mechanical properties of semi-solid processed ductile iron
Ramadan M, El-Bagoury N, Fathy N, Waly MA, Nofal AA
4020 - 4025 Templated synthesis of mesoporous aluminas by graft copolymer and their CO2 adsorption capacities
Jeon H, Ahn SH, Kim JH, Min YJ, Lee KB
4026 - 4033 Effect of the interphase microstructure on the behavior of carbon fiber/epoxy resin model composite in a thermal environment
Perez-Pacheco E, Moreno-Chulim MV, Valadez-Gonzalez A, Rios-Soberanis CR, Herrera-Franco PJ
4034 - 4045 X-ray line broadening and photoelectrochemical studies on CdSe thin films
Thanikaikarasan S, Shajan XS, Dhanasekaran V, Mahalingam T
4046 - 4052 Catalytic combustion of methane over Pt and PdO-supported CeO2-ZrO2-Bi2O3/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts
Yasuda K, Masui T, Miyamoto T, Imanaka N
4053 - 4057 Effects of addition of potassium chloride and ethylene glycol on nanofluidic behaviors
Lu WY, Kim T, Punyamurtula VK, Han AJ, Qiao Y
4058 - 4070 An investigation of the potential of polypropylene and its blends for use in recyclable high voltage cable insulation systems
Hosier IL, Vaughan AS, Swingler SG
4071 - 4078 Use of l-tyrosine amino acid as biomodifier of Cloisite Na+ for preparation of novel poly(vinyl alcohol)/organoclay bionanocomposites film
Mallakpour S, Madani M
4079 - 4084 A facile process for preparing superhydrophobic films with surface-modified SiO2/nylon 6,6 nanocomposite
Guo YG, Wang QH, Wang TM
4085 - 4091 Two-stage crystallization kinetics equation and nonisothermal crystallization analyses for PTEG and filled PTEG
Xu Y, Shang SM, Huang JA, Wan SC
4092 - 4092 The toughness of epoxy polymers and fibre composites modified with rubber microparticles and silica nanoparticles (vol 45, pg 1193, 2010)
Hsieh TH, Kinloch AJ, Masania K, Lee JS, Taylor AC, Sprenger S