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Journal of Materials Science, Vol.42, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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729 - 746 Mechanism of geopolymerization and factors influencing its development: a review
Khale D, Chaudhary R
747 - 751 Upconversion emissions in Yb3+-Tm3+-doped tellurite glasses excited at 976 nm
Wang GN, Dai SX, Zhang JJ, Yang JH, Jiang ZH
752 - 758 Preparation and electrochemical characteristics of microemulsion-derived Li(Ni, Co)O-2 nanopowders
Lu CH, Wang HC
759 - 762 Thermal residual stresses in particulate composites and its toughening effect
Ling Z, Wu YL
763 - 771 Effect of heat treatment in air on the thermal properties of SiC fibre-reinforced composite. Part 1: a barium osumilite (BMAS) matrix glass ceramic composite
Yilmaz R, Taylor R
772 - 778 Spark plasma sintering of ZrB2-ZrC powder mixtures synthesized by MA-SHS in air
Tsuchida T, Yamamoto S
779 - 783 Microstructure and magnetic properties of Ni1-xZnxFe2O4 synthesized by combustion reaction
Costa ACFM, Morelli MR, Kiminami RHGA
784 - 788 Electrical switching and spectroscopic studies of silver-vanado-phosphate glasses
Eraiah B, Anavekar RV, Asokan S
789 - 793 Prediction of ultrasonic wave velocity in particleboard and fiberboard
Najafi SK, Marasht AA, Ebrahimi G
794 - 800 Mixed manganese spinel oxides: optical properties in the infrared range
Chasserio N, Durand B, Guillemet S, Rousset A
801 - 811 Corrosive attack of glass by a pharmaceutical compound
Iacocca RG, Allgeier M
812 - 816 Dielectric responses in Mg1/3Ta2/3-replaced Pb[(Zn1/3Nb2/3),Ti]O-3 ceramics
Kim JS, Kim NK
817 - 823 Properties of Nb doped Zr-rich PZT ceramics prepared by a heterogenous precipitation method
Yang H, Luo CH, Dong XL, Chen S, Zhang YY, Wang YL
824 - 827 Spectroscopic studies of TeO2-ZnO-Er2O3 glass system
Sahar MR, Sulhadi K, Rohani MS
828 - 833 Effect of lithium additive on the microstructure and electrical responses of 0.9PMN-0.1PT ceramics
Cavalheiro AA, Bruno JC, Zaghete MA, Varela JA
834 - 840 Hot compression and fracture toughness of HSS composed hot strip work rolls
Benazza A, Ziadi A, Serier B, Bouiadjra BB, Boutabout B
841 - 846 Impact fracture toughness of hollow glass bead-filled polypropylene composites
Liang JZ
847 - 853 Grain boundary engineering of 304 austenitic stainless steel by laser surface melting and annealing
Yang S, Wang ZJ, Kokawa H, Sato YS
854 - 866 Thermogravimetric study of high temperature treatment of aspen: effect of treatment parameters on weight loss and mechanical properties
Kocaefe D, Chaudhry B, Poncsak S, Bouazara M, Pichette A
867 - 871 Sol-gel template synthesis of LiV3O8 nanowires
Liu XH, Wang JQ, Zhang JY, Yang SR
872 - 877 Microanalysis of debris formed during electrical discharge machining (EDM)
Khanra AK, Pathak LC, Godkhindi MM
878 - 882 Effect of sintering conditions on resistivity of nanoparticle Mn-Zn ferrite prepared by nitrilotriacetate precursor method
Tangsali RB, Keluskar SH, Naik GK, Budkuley JS
883 - 888 Effect of TiO2 addition on crystallization and machinability of potassium mica and fluorapatite glass ceramics
Akin I, Goller G
889 - 900 Analysis of dislocation mechanisms around indentations through slip step observations
Nibur KA, Akasheh F, Bahr DF
901 - 907 Structure, composition and electrical properties of YSZ films deposited by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
Ramirez EB, Huanosta A, Sebastian JP, Huerta L, Ortiz A, Alonso JC
908 - 913 Study of anodization parameters effects on photoconductivity of porous silicon
Khalili H, Dariani RS, MortezaAli A, Daadmehr V, Robbie K
914 - 922 Effect of Ni loading and reaction temperature on the formation of carbon nanotubes from methane catalytic decomposition over Ni/SiO2
Noda LK, Goncalves NS, Valentini A, Probst LFD, de Almeida RM
923 - 934 MWCNT reinforced polyamide-6,6 films: preparation, characterization and properties
Sengupta R, Ganguly A, Sabharwal S, Chaki TK, Bhowmick AK
935 - 940 Computation of phonon dynamics of Mg70Zn30 metallic glass
Vora AM
941 - 947 Effect of plasma treatment on the microstructure and electrical properties of MIM capacitors with PECVD silicon oxide and silicon nitride
Ho CC, Chiou BS
948 - 957 The impact properties and damage tolerance and of bi-directionally reinforced fiber metal laminates
Wu GC, Yang JM, Hahn HT
958 - 965 The effect of silane coupling agent on the sliding wear behavior of nanometer ZrO2/bismaleimide composites
Yan HX, Ning RC, Liang GZ, Huang Y, Lu TL
966 - 978 Effect of heating mode and temperature on sintering of YAG dispersed 434L ferritic stainless steel
Panda SS, Upadhyaya A, Agrawal D
979 - 982 Cadmium substituted (Bi1.5ZnNb1.5)O-7 dielectric ceramics
Du HL, Yao X
983 - 988 Preparation and characterization of carbon-coated ZnO and CaO powders by pyrolysis of PVA
Ozkal B, Jiang W, Yamamoto O, Fuda K, Nakagawa ZE
989 - 997 Corrosion inhibition of iron by amphoteric surfactants in hydrochloric acid solutions
Mahmoud SS
998 - 1003 A thermo-conductive approach to explain the origin of lamellar twisting in banded spherulites
Raimo M
1004 - 1009 Preparation and properties of silicon oxycarbide fibers
Chen LF, Cai ZH, Zhang L, Lan L, Chen XJ, Zeng J
1010 - 1018 Synthesis of tungsten bronze powder and determination of its composition
Mann M, Shter GE, Reisner GM, Grader GS
1019 - 1025 Effects of short-fiber shape on tensile properties of reinforced rubber
Ryu SR, Lee DJ
1026 - 1030 High mobility organic transistor patterned by the shadow-mask with all structure on a plastic substrate
Lee JW, Ju BK, Jang J, Yoon YS, Kim JK
1031 - 1036 Anode and anodic interface dependent conduction of silver metaphosphate glass
Doi A
1037 - 1041 Sintering effects on structure and dielectric properties of dielectrics CaCu3Ti4O12
Ni WQ, Zheng XH, Yu JC
1042 - 1045 Controllable synthesis of CuS nanotubes and nanobelts using lyotropic liquid crystal templates
Zhu Y, Guo XK, Jin JF, Shen YQ, Guo XF, Ding WP
1046 - 1049 The unit cell expansion of branched polyethylene as detected by Raman spectroscopy: an experimental and simulation approach
Otegui J, Vega JF, Martin S, Cruz V, Flores A, Domingo C, Martinez-Salazar J
1050 - 1053 Meso-porous membrane of noble metal for surface plasmon resonance gas sensors
Numata T, Otani Y, Umeda N
1054 - 1059 Low-temperature solid-state synthesis and phase-controlling studies of CdS nanoparticles
Liu JS, Cao JM, Li ZQ, Ji GB, Deng SG, Zheng MB