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6477 - 6488 Impedance and modulus spectra of the percolation system silicon-polyester resin and their analysis using the two exponent phenomenological percolation equation
Sauti G, McLachlan DS
6489 - 6493 An alternative approach to in situ synthesize single crystalline ZnO nanowires by oxidizing granular zinc film
Liu ZW, Yeo SW, Ong CK
6494 - 6500 Tensile, impact and dielectric properties of three dimensional orthogonal aramid/glass fiber hybrid composites
Yao L, Li WB, Wang N, Li W, Guo X, Qiu YP
6501 - 6509 Crystallization behavior of poly(hydroxybytyrate-co-valerate) in model and bulk PHBV/kenaf fiber composites
Buzarovska A, Bogoeva-Gaceva G, Grozdanov A, Avella M, Gentile G, Errico M
6510 - 6514 Rheological behavior of chitosan derivative/cellulose polyblends from N-methylmorpholine N-oxide/H2O solution
Liu XF, Chen Q, Pan HM
6515 - 6523 C-60 end-functionalized four-armed polymers: synthesis and optical limiting properties
Wu HX, Cao WM, Cai RF, Song YL, Zhao L
6524 - 6531 Effect of glycerol cross-linking and hard segment content on the shape memory property of polyurethane block copolymer
Chun BC, Chong MH, Chung YC
6532 - 6540 On the structure and surface properties of NiO/MgO-La2O3 catalyst: Influence of the support composition and preparation method
Gonzalez-Cortes SL, Aray I, Rodulfo-Baechler SMA, Lugo CA, Del Castillo HL, Loaiza-Gil A, Imbert FE, Figueroa H, Pernia W, Rodriguez A, Delgado O, Casanova R, Mendialdua J, Rueda F
6541 - 6548 Flow through an evolving porous media-compressed foam
von der Schulenburg DAG, Paterson-Beedle M, Macaskie LE, Gladden LF, Johns ML
6549 - 6554 Composition dependence of thermally induced second-harmonic generation in chalcohalide glasses
Guo HT, Zheng XL, Zhao XJ, Gao GJ, Gong YQ, Gu SX
6555 - 6565 Theoretical study of the insulating oxides and nitrides: SiO2, GeO2, Al2O3, Si3N4, and Ge3N4
Sevik C, Bulutay C
6566 - 6571 Electrical conduction properties of Sr-doped Bi-4(SiO4)(3) with the eulytite-type structure
Kitamura N, Amezawa K, Uchimoto Y, Tomii Y, Hanada T
6572 - 6577 Microstructural and textural characterization of a hot-rolled IF steel
Lins JFC, Sandim HRZ, Kestenbach HJ
6578 - 6582 Superplastic behavior of an extruded eutectic NiAl/Cr(Mo) alloy at intermediate strain rate region
Du XG, Wu BL, Lee CJ, Huang JC
6583 - 6589 Morphological control in solvothermal synthesis of titanium oxide
Xie RC, Shang JK
6590 - 6599 Blending properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) and nylon 6-clay nanocomposite blends
Yeh JT, Xu P, Tsai FC
6600 - 6606 Hardness and structural correlation for electroless Ni alloy deposits
Palaniappa M, Seshadri SK
6607 - 6613 Prediction of residual stresses in welds of similar and dissimilar steel weldments
Lee CH, Chang KH
6614 - 6627 Growth of boride layers on the 13% Cr steel surface in a mixture of amorphous boron and KBF4
Dybkov VI
6628 - 6632 Synthesis of MgTiO3 by solid state reaction and characteristics with addition
Zhou XH, Yuan Y, Xiang LC, Huang Y
6633 - 6637 Hydrogen in Zircaloy-4: effects of the neutron irradiation on the hydride formation
Vizcaino P, Banchik AD, Abriata JP
6638 - 6641 Improvement of fatigue strength by using cavitating jets in air and water
Soyama H
6642 - 6650 Impact response of composites after long-term water immersion
Berketis K, Hogg PJ
6651 - 6657 Effect of laser beam welding on fracture toughness of a Ti-6.5Al-2Zr-1Mo-1V alloy sheet
Shi YW, Zhong F, Li XY, Gong SL, Chen L
6658 - 6664 The effect of bonding force on the electrical performance and reliability of NCA joints processed at a lowered temperature
Ma Y, Chan YC
6665 - 6671 Crystallization behaviour and mechanical properties of rapidly solidified Al(87.5)Ni(7)Mm(5)Fe(0.5) amorphous alloy
Sahoo KL, Poddar P, Das G, Kumar BR
6672 - 6683 Homogeneous and heterogeneous melting behavior of bulk and nanometer-sized Cu systems: a numerical study
Manai G, Delogu F
6684 - 6688 Preparation and characterization of morph-genetic C/TiN composites from filter paper
Wang W, Jin ZH, Xue T, Qiao GJ
6689 - 6695 Selective synthesis of brookite, anatase and rutile nanoparticles: thermolysis of TiCl4 in aqueous nitric acid
Cassaignon S, Koelsch M, Jolivet JP
6696 - 6700 Effects of oxygen partial pressure control on the microstructure and PTCR properties of Ho doped BaTiO3
Jo SK, Han YH, Choi KH
6701 - 6707 Fracture behavior and microstructure of steel fiber reinforced cast iron
Simsir M
6708 - 6715 Preparation and characterization of epoxy nanocomposites by using PEO-grafted silica particles as modifier
Lu SR, Wei C, Yu JH, Yang XW, Jiang YM
6716 - 6719 Synthesis of BaMoO4 hollow spheres
Zhao XF, Cheung TLY, Xi YY, Chung KC, Ng DHL, Yu JG
6720 - 6728 Hot corrosion mechanism of tundish plaster with steel slags in continuous casting
Moshtaghioun BM, Monshi A
6729 - 6734 Macro, micro and nanostructure of TiO2 anodised films prepared in a fluorine-containing electrolyte
Jaroenworaluck A, Regonini D, Bowen CR, Stevens R, Allsopp D
6735 - 6741 Observation of carbonaceous mesophase behaviors in phenolated sawdust using polarized light microscopy
Zhou J, Zhao BY, Gan Q, Bin Wang R, Lai YJ, Zhang D, Hu KA
6742 - 6748 Fabrication and properties of thin-shell monolithic piezoelectric ceramic transducers
Alkoy S
6749 - 6754 Thermal conductivity of ceramic particle filled polymer composites and theoretical predictions
He H, Fu RL, Han YH, Shen Y, Song XF
6755 - 6761 Absorption and emission spectral analysis of Pr3+: tellurite glasses
Annapurna K, Chakrabarti R, Buddhudu S
6762 - 6768 Systematic study on the influence of growth parameters on island density exponent, size distribution and scaling behaviour
Shrestha SP, Park CY
6769 - 6778 Wear behavior of TiB2 inoculated 20Cr-3Mo-4C high chromium white cast irons
Yilmaz SO
6779 - 6786 A study on the synthesis and characterisation of nanocrystalline transition metal oxynitrides
Wang YH, Lesterb E, Gregory DH
6787 - 6791 Synthesis and piezoelectric properties of (Na0.5Bi0.5)(0.94)Ba0.06TiO3 ceramics prepared by sol-gel auto-combustion method
Hou JG, Qu YF, Ma WB, Shan D
6792 - 6797 Carbonate binders by "cold sintering" of calcium carbonate
De Silva P, Bucea L, Sirivivatnanon V, Moorehead DR
6798 - 6802 Mechanical properties and microstructure of Al2O3/mullite composite
Zhang FC, Luo HH, Roberts SG
6803 - 6808 Properties of barium-strontium titanate PTCR ceramics sintered on different powder beds
Bomlai P, Milne SJ
6809 - 6818 Solute adsorption and exclusion studies of the structure of never-dried and re-wetted cellulosic fibres
Ibbett RN, Kaenthong S, Phillips DAS, Wilding MA
6819 - 6823 Combustion synthesis and luminescence characteristic of Eu3+-doped barium stannate nanocrystals
Wang SM, Yang ZS, Zhou GJ, Lu MK, Zhou YY, Zhang HP
6824 - 6827 Surfactant-assisted hydrothermal preparation of submicrometer-sized two-dimensional BiFeO3 plates and their photocatalytic activity
Lu XM, Xie JM, Song YZ, Lin JM
6828 - 6836 Temperature dependence of the local Seebeck coefficient near the boundary in touching Cu/Bi-Te/Cu composites
Yamashita O, Odahara H
6837 - 6846 A comparative study of the volume stability of C-S-H (I) and Portland cement paste in aqueous salt solutions
Drame H, Beaudoin JJ, Raki L
6847 - 6853 Thermoelectrical properties and optical third harmonic generation of Gd-doped PbTe
Nouneh K, Plucinski KJ, Bakasse M, Kityk IV
6854 - 6861 Exploring the relationship between ferrite fraction and morphology and the electromagnetic properties of steel
Yin W, Peyton AJ, Strangwood M, Davis CL
6862 - 6865 Effects of hydrogenation and aging on the optical properties in porous Si layers
Oh DH, Lee S, Cho WJ, Kim TW
6866 - 6877 Influence of thermal and mechanical surface modifications induced by laser shock processing on the initiation of corrosion pits in 316L stainless steel
Peyre P, Carboni C, Forget P, Beranger G, Lemaitre C, Stuart D
6878 - 6886 Synthesis of beta silicon carbide powders from biomass gasification residue
Galvagno S, Portofino S, Casciaro G, Casu S, d'Aquino L, Martino M, Russo A, Bezzi G
6887 - 6894 The influence of alloying Fe59Pt41 thin films with Co on their magnetic and microstructural properties
Lai YC, Chang YH, Chen YC, Lin HJ, Chen GJ
6895 - 6900 Stresses in superconductor during oxygenation
Ceniga L
6901 - 6906 Hot deformation behavior of in situ synthesized Ti composite reinforced with 5 vol.% (TiB+TiC) particles
Ma FC, Lu WJ, Qin JN, Zhang D
6907 - 6912 An investigation on the surface properties of lyocell-based carbon fiber with inverse gas chromatography
Peng SJ, Zou QC
6913 - 6916 Effect of size non-uniformity on photoluminescence from ensembles of InAs quantum dots embedded in GaAs
Tang NY
6917 - 6922 Fabrication and characterization of fine-grained barium strontium titanate ceramics by the heterogeneous precipitation method
Mao CL, Dong XL, Zeng T, Wang GS
6923 - 6928 The effect of Fe addition on processing and mechanical properties of reaction infiltrated boron carbide-based composites
Mizrahi I, Raviv A, Dilman H, Aizenshtein M, Dariel MP, Frage N
6929 - 6934 Disordering and the electronic transport behaviors of NbC-Al4C3-C composite
Li D, Ma S, Li WF, Wu B, Zhang ZD
6935 - 6941 Cyclic loading and marine environment effects on the properties of HDPE umbilical cables
Cardenas NO, Machado IF, Goncalves E
6942 - 6945 Synthesis and fluorescence spectrum analysis of CdS nanocrystals
Xu WB, Wang YX, Xu RH, Liang S, Zhang GX, Yin DZ
6946 - 6950 Surface reactivity and electrophoretic deposition of ZrO2-MgO mechanical mixture
Castro RHR, Marcos PJB, Sakamoto EK, Gouvea D
6951 - 6955 Preparation of inorganic-organic pillared montmorillonite using ultrasonic treatment
Guo HM, Jing XY, Zhang LL, Wang J
6956 - 6960 Investigation of PbZr0.4Ti0.6O3 capacitors with room temperature as-grown LaNiO3 electrodes
Liu BT, Li F, Cheng CS, Wu DQ, Yan XB, Bian F, Yan Z, Zhao QX, Zhang XY
6961 - 6964 Synthesis and electrochemical application of carbon nanotubes obtained from hexachloroethane
Shao MW, Li M, Ban HZ, Niu LL, Wang H, Pan SY
6965 - 6971 Physical properties of methyltrimethoxysilane based elastic silica aerogels prepared by the two-stage sol-gel process
Hegde ND, Rao AV
6972 - 6976 Synthesis and electrocatalytic activity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes/Cu-Ag nanocomposites
Xu J, Wei XW, Song XJ, Lu XJ, Ji CC, Ni YH, Zhao GC
6977 - 6981 Shape-selective synthesis of CeO2 via an EDTA-assisted route
Chen GZ, Sun SX, Song XY, Yin ZL, Yu HY, Fan CH, Zhao W
6982 - 6988 Effect of 80 MeV oxygen ion beam irradiation on the properties of CdTe thin films
Sathyamoorthy R, Chandramohan S, Sudhagar P, Kanjilal D, Kabiraj D, Asokan K, Vijayakumar KP
6989 - 6995 Compositional, temperature and frequency dependence of dielectric behaviour of zinc substituted copper- ferri-chromates
Chhantbar MC, Modi KB, Joshi HH
6996 - 7003 Modeling of precipitation hardening in Mg-based alloys
Katsman A, Cohen S, Bamberger M
7004 - 7015 A fatigue-to-creep correlation in air for application to environmental stress cracking of polyethylene
Ayyer R, Hiltner A, Baer E
7016 - 7030 Statistical model for characterizing random microstructure of inclusion-matrix composites
Al-Ostaz A, Diwakar A, Alzebdeh KI
7031 - 7041 Direct assembly process: a novel fabrication technique for large strain ionic polymer transducers
Akle BJ, Bennett MD, Leo DJ, Wiles KB, McGrath JE
7042 - 7045 Efficient up-converted white emission in Er3+, Tm3+ and Yb3+ tridoped NaYF4 powders
Yang X, Xiao S, Ding JW, Yan XH
7046 - 7048 An investigation on the thermodynamic stability of V6Si5
Zhang C, Wang J, Du Y, Zhang WQ
7049 - 7051 The fracture and fatigue behaviour of nano-modified epoxy polymers
Blackman BRK, Kinloch AJ, Lee JS, Taylor AC, Agarwal R, Schueneman G, Sprenger S
7052 - 7055 Effects of Gd doping on the sintering and microwave dielectric properties of BiNbO4 ceramics
Pang Y, Zhong CW, Zhang SR