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ISSN: 0022-2461 (Print) 

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6193 - 6197 Temperature dependence of fractal dimension of grain boundary region in SnO2 based ceramics
Brankovic G, Brankovic Z, Leite DR, Varela JA
6198 - 6206 The interface electronic structure of thiol terminated molecules on cobalt and gold surfaces
Caruso AN, Wang LG, Jaswal SS, Tsymbal EY, Dowben PA
6207 - 6214 A computational study of hcp Ti and Zr stepped surfaces
Pascuet MI, Pasianot RC, Monti AM
6215 - 6220 New approach towards preparation of efficient gas diffusion-type oxygen reduction electrode
Lukaszewicz JP, Imaizumi S, Yuasa M, Shimanoe K, Yamazoe N
6221 - 6227 Importance of oxygen atmosphere to recover the ZnO-based varistors properties
Ramirez MA, Simoes AZ, Bueno PR, Marquez MA, Orlandi MO, Varela JA
6228 - 6236 Thermal expansion behaviour of ultra-high modulus carbon fibre reinforced magnesium composite during thermal cycling
Russell-Stevens M, Todd RI, Papakyriacou M
6237 - 6244 Impact-fatigue behaviour of unidirectional carbon fibre reinforced polyetherimide (PEI) composites
Sinmazcelik T, Arici AA, Gunay V
6245 - 6255 Design and modeling of multiple layered TBC system with high reflectance
Wang DM, Huang X, Patnaik P
6256 - 6259 The effect of Sb and Nb on the electrical conductivity of tin dioxide based ceramics
Leite DR, Mazali IO, Aguiar EC, Las WC, Cilense M
6260 - 6265 Phase formation, sintering behavior and microwave dielectric properties of bismuth and manganese co-doped [(Pb, Ca) La](Fe, Nb)O3+delta solid solution
Hu MZ, Qian J, Gu HS, Hao YD
6266 - 6273 Fatigue crack propagation in microcapsule-toughened epoxy
Brown EN, White SR, Sottos NR
6274 - 6279 Characteristics of Cu/C films on polymer substrates prepared by ECR-MOCVD
Jeon BJ, Lee JK
6280 - 6289 Quasi-static and dynamic compressive behaviour of poly(methyl methacrylate) and polystyrene at temperatures from 293 K to 363 K
Lee SF, Swallowe GM
6290 - 6299 Metallurgical and electrochemical approach of Pb-(2wt.%)Sm and Pb(0.08wt.%)Ca(2wt.%)Sm lead alloys
Maitre A, Vilasi M
6300 - 6304 Sinterable La0.8Sr0.2CrO3 and La0.7Ca0.3CrO3 powders by sucrose combustion synthesis
Prabhakaran K, Lakra J, Beigh MO, Gokhale NM, Sharma SC, Lal R
6305 - 6312 Toward the preparation of a nanocomposite material through surface initiated controlled/"living" radical polymerization of styrene inside the channels of MCM-41 silica
Lenarda M, Chessa G, Moretti E, Polizzi S, Storaro L, Talon A
6313 - 6321 Analysis of cracking of lithium tantalate (LiTaO3) single crystals due to thermal stress
Miyazaki N, Koizumi N
6322 - 6327 Dynamics of absorbed water in model composites of polyamide 6 and carbon fibre evaluated by differential scanning calorimetry
Kawagoe M, Nabata M, Ishisaka A
6328 - 6332 Tensile behavior and deformation mechanisms of bulk ultrafine-grained copper
Xie SJ, Liaw PK, Choo H
6333 - 6338 The influence of TiO2 polymorph, mechanical milling and subsequent sintering on the formation of Ti-substituted spinel-related Li0.5Fe2.5O4
Widatallah HM, Ren XL, Al-Omari IA
6339 - 6346 Titanate coupling agent effects on nonaqueous Co(2)Z ferrite suspensions dispersion
Hsiang HI, Tsai JY
6347 - 6352 Fabrication of Al/AlN composites by in situ reaction
Lee KB, Sim HS, Kwon H
6353 - 6361 Brazing of 422 stainless steel using the AWS classification BNi-2 Braze alloy
Ou CL, Liaw DW, Du YC, Shiue RK
6362 - 6373 Transformation of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) into thin surface films of SiOx by UV/Ozone treatment. Part I: Factors affecting modification
Egitto FD, Matienzo LJ
6374 - 6384 Transformation of poly(dimethylsiloxane) into thin surface films of SiOx by UV/ozone treatment. Part II: segregation and modification of doped polymer blends
Matienzo LJ, Egitto FD
6385 - 6395 The aluminium effect on gel-derived iron silica glasses
da Silva MGF, Valente MA
6396 - 6402 Electrical properties of EVA filled by zinc powder
Subiela JR, Lopez J, Balart R, Garcia-Jareno JJ, Vicente F
6403 - 6408 An investigation of the effect of Ti, Pd and Zr on the dehydriding kinetics of MgH2
Berlouis LEA, Honnor P, Hall PJ, Morris S, Dodd SB
6409 - 6416 Reaction products at brazed interface between Ag-Cu-V filler metal and diamond (111)
Yamazaki T, Suzumura A
6417 - 6424 Experimental investigation of interaction effects in foam-filled thin-walled aluminum tubes
Guden M, Toksoy AK, Kavi H
6425 - 6430 Preparation of high dispersed nickel pastes for thick film electrodes
Im DH, Hyun SH, Park SY, Lee BY, Kim YH
6431 - 6434 Acceleration and retardation of fatigue crack growth rate due to room temperature creep at crack tip in a 304 stainless steel
Zhao J, Mo T, Nie DF, Ren MF, Guo XL, Chen WX
6435 - 6440 Water vapor absorption and proton conductivity of (Ba1-x La-x )(2)In2O5+x
Kakinuma K, Tomita A, Yamamura H, Atake T
6441 - 6452 Analysis of the apparent friction of polymeric surfaces
Lafaye S, Gauthier C, Schirrer R
6453 - 6459 Poly(l-lactide-co-glycolide) biodegradable microfibers and electrospun nanofibers for nerve tissue engineering: an in vitro study
Bini TB, Gao SJ, Wang S, Ramakrishna S
6460 - 6464 Magnetic and electrical properties of lanthanum substituted yttrium iron garnets
Nimbore SR, Shengule DR, Shukla SJ, Bichile GK, Jadhav KM
6465 - 6469 Study the structure stability of NiFe2-xCrxO4 (x=0, 0.08) during H-2/CO2 cycle reaction
Chen LS, Chen SY, Lu GL
6470 - 6475 Synthesis and biodegradability of starch-g-ethyl methacrylate/sodium acrylate/sodium silicate superabsorbing composite
Sahoo PK, Rana PK
6476 - 6478 Morphological evolution of MC carbide in K465 superalloy
Yang JX, Zheng Q, Sun XF, Guan HR, Hu ZQ
6479 - 6480 Comment on the probability indices
Nadarajah S, Kotz S
6481 - 6484 Ultrafast nonresonant third-order optical nonlinearity of the 0.64GeS(2)-0.16Ga(2)S(3)-0.2CsCl chalcohalide glass
Tao HZ, Lin CG, Xiao HY, Wang ZW, Chu SS, Wang SF, Zhao XJ, Gong QH
6485 - 6487 Solid state mixed oxides synthesis under microwave heating (JMSL10627-04)
Bonometti E, Castiglioni M, Lausarot PM
6488 - 6491 The effect of activator concentration on reaction degree and structure formation of alkali-activated ground granulated blast furnace slag
Hilbig H, Buchwald A
6492 - 6496 The photoconductance of a single CdS nanoribbon
Liu YK, Zhou XP, Hou DD, Wu H
6497 - 6500 Low temperature degradation of zirconia under a high strength electric field
Cheng L, Zhao ZB
6501 - 6504 Effect of LTI content on impact fracture property of PLA/PCL/LTI polymer blends
Takayama T, Todo M, Tsuji H, Arakawa K