Journal of Loss Prevention in The Process Industries

Journal of Loss Prevention in The Process Industries, Vol.44 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0950-4230 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Simulation analysis of the use of emergency resources during the emergency response to a major fire
Zhou JF, Reniers G
12 - 23 Three accidents in European dynamite production plants: An attempt to improve the external lessons learning
Ferjencik M, Dechy N
24 - 30 Utilization of regression technique to develop a predictive model for hazard radius from release of typical methane-rich natural gas
Givehchi S, Zohdirad H, Ebadi T
31 - 43 How to successfully implement OHSAS 18001: The Italian case
Bevilacqua M, Ciarapica FE, De Sanctis I
44 - 52 Risk assessment of a compound feed process based on HAZOP analysis and linguistic terms
Fuentes-Bargues JL, Gonzalez-Gaya C, Gonzalez-Cruz MC, Cabrelles-Ramirez V
53 - 61 A 3D numerical study on the effects of obstacles on flame propagation in a cylindrical explosion vessel connected to a vented tube
Luo C, Zanganeh J, Moghtaderi B
62 - 72 Determination of hydrate inhibitor injection rate for flowlines based on Monte Carlo method
Kim J, Noh Y, Chang K, Chang D
73 - 87 Kullback-Leibler distance-based enhanced detection of incipient anomalies
Harrou F, Sun Y, Madakyaru M
88 - 94 The effect of vent size and concentration in vented gasoline-air explosions
Qi S, Du Y, Wang SM, Zhou Y, Li GQ
95 - 111 Resolving inherent safety conflict using quantitative and qualitative technique
Abidin MZ, Rusli R, Buang A, Shariff AM, Khan FI
112 - 118 Perspectives on human factors in a shifting operational environment
Chidambaram P
119 - 124 Effects of turbulent intensity on nano-PMMA flame propagation behaviors
Zhang XY, Yu JL, Sun JH, Gao W
125 - 131 Explosibility, flammability and the thermal decomposition of Bisphenol A, the main component of epoxy resin
Celinski M, Sankowska M
132 - 142 Potential barriers to the competence assessment of Offshore Installation Managers: A hermeneutic perspective
Jennings M
143 - 149 Comparative study on Korean and international chemical control regulations of the physical hazards of sodium cyanide and hydrogen cyanide
Joo SH, Hong S, Kim NJ
150 - 157 Optimization of recertification intervals for PSV based on major accident risk
Okoh P, Haugen S, Vinnem JE
158 - 170 A numerical study on the feasibility and efficiency of point smoke extraction strategies in large cross-section shield tunnel fires using CFD modeling
Zhu HH, Shen Y, Yan ZG, Guo QC, Guo QH
171 - 192 A web-based collection and analysis of process safety incidents
Kannan P, Flechas T, Mendez E, Angarita L, Chaudhari P, Hong YZ, Mannan MS
193 - 203 Availability analysis of safety critical systems using advanced fault tree and stochastic Petri net formalisms
Talebberrouane M, Khan F, Lounis Z
204 - 211 Heat transfer to bodies engulfed in di-tert-butyl peroxide pool fires -Numerical simulations
Siddapureddy S, Wehrstedt KD, Prabhu SV
212 - 222 Method for assigning safety integrity level (SIL) during design of safety instrumented systems (SIS) from database
Wang F, Yang O, Zhang RB, Shi L
223 - 231 Risk management in operations of petrochemical plants: Can better planning prevent major accidents and save money at the same time?
Damnjanovic I, Roed W
232 - 240 Small scale boilover and visualization of hot zone
Kamarudin WNIW, Buang A
241 - 246 Breaking the clay layer: The role of middle management in the management of safety
Rezvani Z, Hudson P
247 - 254 A CFD based model to predict film boiling heat transfer of cryogenic liquids
Ahammad M, Olewski T, Vechot LN, Mannan S
255 - 262 Leak detection and location in gas pipelines by extraction of cross spectrum of single non-dispersive guided wave modes
Li SY, Zhang JJ, Yan D, Wang P, Huang QQ, Zhao XL, Cheng YJ, Zhou QF, Xiang NX, Dong T
263 - 274 Gas explosion analysis of safety gap effect on the innovating FLNG vessel with a cylindrical platform
Li JD, Ma GW, Hao H, Huang YM
275 - 281 A methodology to predict shock overpressure decay in a tunnel produced by a premixed methane/air explosion
Zhang Q, Qin B, Yan H, Lin DC
282 - 298 A review of quantitative risk assessment of onshore pipelines
da Cunha SB
299 - 310 Development of a techno-economic framework for life extension decision making of safety critical installations
Shafiee M, Animah I, Simms N
311 - 322 Estimation of the deflagration index K-st for dust explosions: A review
Fumagalli A, Derudi M, Rota R, Copelli S
323 - 333 Overpressure calculation for unvented partial volume deflagrations
Cocchi G
334 - 346 Experimental determination of dust cloud combustion parameters of alpha-AlH3 powder in its charged and fully discharged states for H-2 storage applications
Khalil YF
347 - 359 Management of risks in natural disasters: A systematic review of the literature on NATECH events
Nascimento KRD, Alencar MH
360 - 368 Numerical investigation of surface conduit parallel gas pipeline explosive based on the TNT equivalent weight method
Guo YB, He LG, Wang DG, Liu SH
369 - 379 The development of a model for the prediction of polymer spontaneous ignition temperatures in high pressure enriched oxygen across a range of pressures and concentrations
Benson CM, Bishop AM, Ingram JM, Phillips R, Nolan PP
380 - 389 Influence of active mitigation barriers on LNG dispersion
Marsegan C, Busini V, Rota R
390 - 396 Effect of microwave irradiation on the propensity for spontaneous combustion of Inner Mongolia lignite
Yuan S, Liu JZ, Zhu JF, Zhou QQ, Wang ZH, Zhou JH, Cen KF
397 - 404 An acoustic emission based multi-level approach to buried gas pipeline leakage localization
Xu CH, Gong P, Xie J, Shi HD, Chen GM, Song GB
405 - 413 Identification of strategies to reduce accidents and losses in drilling industry by comprehensive HSE risk assessment-A case study in Iranian drilling industry
Amir-Heidari P, Maknoon R, Taheri B, Bazyari M
414 - 423 Physics of failure analysis of power section assembly for positive displacement motor
Zhang J, Han CJ, Liang Z
424 - 432 Effect of dust dispersion on particle integrity and explosion hazards
Bagaria P, Zhang JQ, Yang ET, Dastidar A, Mashuga C
433 - 439 Prediction of heat of formation for exo-Dicyclopentadiene
Narayan A, Wang BB, Medina IBN, Mannan MS, Cheng ZD, Wang QS
440 - 452 Development of collision risk indicators for autonomous subsea inspection maintenance and repair
Hegde J, Utne IB, Schjolberg I
453 - 458 Stock market responses to chemical accidents in Japan: An event study
Makino R
459 - 464 Job hazard dynamic assessment for non-routine tasks in gas transmission station
Li WJ, Zhang LB, Liang W
465 - 473 Numerical simulation of thermal runaway and inhibition process on the thermal polymerization of styrene
Jiang JJ, Yang JZ, Jiang JC, Pan Y, Yu Y, Zhou D
474 - 486 Research and development of foamed gel for controlling the spontaneous combustion of coal in coal mine
Wang G, Yan GQ, Zhang XH, Du WZ, Huang QM, Sun LL, Zhang XQ
487 - 494 Evaluation of the pyrophoric risk of sulfide mineral in storage
Kong DP, Liu PX, Ping P, Chen GM
495 - 502 Architecture design and safety research of a double-triple-channel redundant and fault-tolerant system
He WT, Wang XY, Qiu K, Zhu J, Huang WJ
503 - 514 Uncertainty handling in safety instrumented systems according to IEC 61508 and new proposal based on coupling Monte Carlo analysis and fuzzy sets
Innal F, Chebila M, Dutuit Y
515 - 527 Risk assessment in a hypothetical network pipeline in UK transporting carbon dioxide
Vianello C, Mocellin P, Macchietto S, Maschio G
528 - 537 Quantification of the thermal hazard from metallic and organic dust flash fires
Stern MC, Rosen J, Ibarreta A, Ogle R, Myers T
538 - 543 Thermal analysis and dust explosion characteristics of spent coffee grounds and jatropha
Todaka M, Kowhakul W, Masamoto H, Shigematsu M
544 - 550 Dust explosion characteristics of cellulose ethers and cellulose acetates with various degrees of acetylation
Kowhakul W, Shibahara H, Masamoto H, Shigematsu M
551 - 563 Effect of coal-limestone mixtures on dust dispersion behind a moving shock wave
Johnston HG, Chowdhury AY, Mannan MS, Petersen EL
564 - 572 Development of heat transfer and evaporation model of LNG covered by Hi-Ex foam
Ye CL, Hua M, Pan XH, He BL, Jiang JC
573 - 582 Where to begin - A parametric study for vapor barriers at LNG export facilities
Hendrickson B, Marsegan C, Gavelli F
583 - 593 An alternative CFD tool for gas dispersion modelling of heavy gas
Fiates J, Santos RRC, Neto FF, Francesconi AZ, Simoes V, Vianna SSV
594 - 600 Validation of geometry modelling approaches for offshore gas dispersion simulations
Ahmed I, Bengherbia T, Zhvansky R, Ferrara G, Wen JX, Stocks NG
601 - 613 Explosion loading on equipment fiom CFD simulations
Hansen OR, Kjellander MT, Pappas JA
614 - 625 A study of the blast wave shape from elongated VCEs
Geng JH, Thomas K, Baker Q
626 - 632 Optimization of water mist droplet size by using CFD modeling for fire suppressions
Wang Z, Wang WH, Wang QS
633 - 641 A CFD-based approach for gas detectors allocation
Vazquez-Roman R, Diaz-Ovalle C, Quiroz-Perez E, Mannan MS
642 - 652 Building process safety culture at Texas A&M University at Qatar: A case study on experimental research
Olewski T, Ahammad M, Quraishy S, Gan N, Vechot L
653 - 660 Interpersonal relationships among university safety professionals: The impact of a safety department
Wu TC, Lu PC, Yi NW, Chen CH, Yu SC, Chen CT
661 - 670 Critical Mitigation Element methodology: An approach to achieving consistent risk evaluation results
Behie S, Lu Y, Buxton G, Slezak M, Schambach H
671 - 680 Application of human factors evaluation in engineering design and safe operation of dense phase ethylene treaters
Banick WR, Wei CY
681 - 689 Optimal sectioning of hydrocarbon transport pipeline by volume minimization, environmental and social vulnerability assessment
Fontecha JE, Cano NA, Velasco N, Munoz F
690 - 698 Selection of failure frequency and its impact on risk assessment - A case study from plot plan optimisation
Murthy M, Serikova N
699 - 705 QRA considering multi-vessel failure scenarios due to a natural disaster - Lessons from Fukushima
Kim H, Heo G, Jung S
706 - 717 Domino effect frequency assessment: The role of safety barriers
Landucci G, Argenti F, Spadoni G, Cozzani V
718 - 725 Pressure relief sizing of reactive system using DIERS simplified methods and dynamic simulation method
Singh SK, Huh R
726 - 734 A summary and synthesis of procedural regulations and standards-Informing a procedures writer's guide
Peres SC, Quddus N, Kannan P, Ahmed L, Ritchey P, Johnson W, Rahmani S, Mannan MS
735 - 747 Pattern recognition techniques implementation on data from In-Line Inspection (ILI)
Amaya-Gomez R, Sanchez-Silva M, Munoz F
748 - 754 A comprehensive approach to API RP 752 and 753 building siting studies
Marx JD, Ishii BR
755 - 763 A flammability (risk) index for use in transportation of flammable liquids
Raj PK
764 - 769 Comparison of prescriptive and performance-based regulatory regimes in the USA and the UK
Barua S, Gao XD, Mannan MS
771 - 774 Measurements of pressure and flame speed during explosions of CH4/O-2/N-2/CO2 mixtures
Cammarota F, Di Sarli V, Salzano E, Di Benedetto A
775 - 779 Effect of initial temperature on the explosion pressure of various liquid fuels and their blends
Grabarczyk M, Teodorczyk A, Di Sarli V, Di Benedetto A
780 - 790 Geometrical characteristics of externally venting flames: Assessment of fire engineering design correlations using medium-scale compartment-facade fire tests
Asimakopoulou EK, Kolaitis DI, Founti MA