Journal of Loss Prevention in The Process Industries

Journal of Loss Prevention in The Process Industries, Vol.40 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0950-4230 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Cook-off test and numerical simulation of AP/HTPB composite solid propellant
Yang HW, Yu YG, Ye R, Xue XC, Li WF
10 - 16 Extinguishing pool fires with aqueous ferrocene dispersions containing gemini surfactants
Koshiba Y, Ohtani H
17 - 28 Ballistic experiments on the mechanism of protective layer against domino effect caused by projectiles
Sun DL, Jiang JC, Zhang MG, Wang ZR
29 - 42 Analyzing effective factors on leakage-induced hydrogen fires
Mousavi J, Parvini M
43 - 54 Monitoring of down-hole parameters for early kick detection
Nayeem AA, Venkatesan R, Khan F
55 - 66 Scenario-based risk assessment of TENORM waste disposal options in oil and gas industry
ALNabhani K, Khan F, Yang M
67 - 80 A novel chemical product design framework with the integration of safety and health aspects
Ten JY, Hassim MH, Chemmangattuvalappil N, Ng DKS
81 - 81 On BLEVE definition, the significance of superheat limit temperature (T-sl) and LNG BLEVE's
Hemmatian B, Planas E, Casal J
82 - 88 Effect of the vent burst pressure on explosion venting of rich methane-air mixtures in a cylindrical vessel
Guo J, Wang CJ, Li Q, Chen DD
89 - 100 A fuzzy multi criteria risk assessment based on decision matrix technique: A case study for aluminum industry
Gul M, Guneri AF
101 - 111 Flame propagation behaviors of nano- and micro-scale PMMA dust explosions
Zhang XY, Yu JL, Yan XQ, Xie QF, Gao W
112 - 116 Simplified method for estimating the effect of a hydrogen explosion on a nearby pipeline
Bang B, Park HS, Kim JH, Al-Deyab SS, Yarin AL, Yoon SS
117 - 121 Numerical simulation of CO distribution discharged by flame-proof vehicle in underground tunnel of coal mine
Shen J, Zhu HQ, Luo MG, Liu DL
122 - 130 A two step fuzzy model for the assessment and ranking of organizational resilience factors in the process industry
Macuzic I, Tadic D, Aleksic A, Tefanovic M
131 - 138 The explosion characteristics of methane, hydrogen and their mixtures: A computational study
Faghih M, Gou XL, Chen Z
139 - 146 Mechanisms and kinetics studies on the thermal decomposition of micron Poly (methyl methacrylate) and polystyrene
Cheng J, Pan Y, Yao J, Wang XP, Pan F, Jiang JC
147 - 161 Integrated framework for behaviour analysis in a process plant
Panchal D, Kumar D
162 - 173 Process safety indicators, a review of literature
Swuste P, Theunissen J, Schmitz P, Reniers G, Blokland P
174 - 179 Ignition characteristics of metal dusts generated during machining operations in the presence of calcium carbonate
Miao N, Zhong SJ, Yu QB
180 - 187 Measurements of turbulence intensity in the standard 1 m(3) vessel
Dyduch Z, Toman A, Adamus W
188 - 198 Water vapour explosions - A brief review
Eckhoff RK
199 - 206 Thermal runaway criterion for chemical reaction systems: A modified divergence method
Jiang JJ, Jiang JC, Wang ZR, Pan Y
207 - 216 Effects of ignition energy on fire and explosion characteristics of dilute hybrid fuel in ventilation air methane
Ajrash MJ, Zanganeh J, Moghtaderi B
217 - 226 Hazard analysis of failure of natural gas and petroleum gas pipelines
Bariha N, Mishra IM, Srivastava VC
227 - 233 Study on the characteristics of gas explosion affected by induction charged water mist in confined space
Xu YL, Wang LY, Yu MG, Wan SJ, Song ZP, Wang SK
234 - 240 Joint applicability test of software for laboratory assessment and risk analysis
Pluess DN, Meyer T, Masin J, Mikulasek P, Ferjencik M
241 - 247 Thermal history method for identification of autocatalytic decomposition reactions of energetic materials
Wang K, Liu DB, Xu S, Cai GW
248 - 258 Ensuring emergency planning & response meet the minimum Process Safety Management (PSM) standards requirements
Majid NDA, Shariff AM, Loqman SM
259 - 265 Thermal runaway reaction for highly exothermic material in safe storage temperature
Lin CP, Li JS, Tseng JM, Mannan SS
266 - 276 A transportation network assessment tool for hazardous material cargo routing: Weighing exposure health risks, proximity to vulnerable areas, delay costs and trucking expenses
Inanloo B, Tansel B
277 - 284 Quantitative assessment of resilience safety culture using principal components analysis and numerical taxonomy: A case study in a petrochemical plant
Shirali GA, Shekari M, Angali KA
285 - 297 CFD modelling of ventilation optimization for improving mine safety in longwall working faces
Cheng JW, Li SY, Zhang FX, Zhao CC, Yang SQ, Ghosh A
298 - 303 Dust ignition of pure and encapsulated paraffin phase change materials
Boettcher PA, Hu H, Bane SPM, McCarthy M, Sun Y
304 - 316 Gas dispersion risk analysis of safety gap effect on the innovating FLNG vessel with a cylindrical platform
Li JD, Ma GW, Abdel-Jawad M, Huang YM
317 - 328 Methane-coal dust hybrid fuel explosion properties in a large scale cylindrical explosion chamber
Ajrash MJ, Zanganeh J, Moghtaderi B
329 - 333 Fire protection as the underpinning of good process safety programs
Milke J
334 - 347 Kernel PCA-based GLRT for nonlinear fault detection of chemical processes
Mansouri M, Nounou M, Nounou H, Karim N
348 - 356 Maintenance of petroleum process plant systems as a source of major accidents?
Vinnem JE, Haugen S, Okoh P
357 - 364 Thermal decomposition analysis of 1,1-bis(tert-butylperoxy)cyclohexane with sulfuric acid contaminants
Hsueh KH, Chen WC, Chen WT, Shu CM
365 - 377 Amalgamation of anomaly-detection indices for enhanced process monitoring
Harrou F, Sun Y, Khadraoui S
378 - 395 Study of of high-tech process furnace using inherently safer design strategies (IV). Advanced NAND device design and thin film process adjustment
Lu CC, Chang KC, Chen CY
396 - 405 A new standard for predicting lung injury inflicted by Friedlander blast waves
van der Voort MM, Holm KB, Kummer PO, Teland JA, van Doormaal JCAM, Dijkers HPA
406 - 418 Cost effective alternative in meeting the required Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
Satur DJ, Kim J, Bae MK, Kim SY, Lee Y
419 - 432 Computational fluid dynamics simulation of carbon dioxide dispersion in a complex environment
Liu B, Liu X, Lu C, Godbole A, Michal G, Tieu AK
433 - 436 Study of coal oxidation behaviour in re-opened sealed heating
Taraba B, Pavelek Z
437 - 448 Self-ignition in structured packed columns, fundamentals of methodology development
Degenkolbe S, Witt W
449 - 460 Fire and explosion hazard analysis during surface transport of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG): A case study of LPG truck tanker accident in Kannur, Kerala, India
Bariha N, Mishra IM, Srivastava VC
461 - 470 Procedure for assessing hardware safety integrity in legacy systems
Kim GY, Yoo KH, Ko BG, Jang JS
471 - 478 Combining FAP, MAP and correlation analysis for multivariate alarm thresholds optimization in industrial process
Han L, Gao HH, Xu Y, Zhu QX
479 - 495 Internal corrosion hazard assessment of oil & gas pipelines using Bayesian belief network model
Shabarchin O, Tesfamariam S
496 - 501 A dynamic HAZOP case study using the Texas City refinery explosion
Isimite J, Rubini P
502 - 506 A novel bipolar electrostatic ionizer for charged polypropylene granules used in a pneumatic powder transport facility
Choi K, Mogami T, Suzuki T, Yamaguma M
507 - 523 A review on understanding explosions from methane-air mixture
Kundu S, Zanganeh J, Moghtaderi B
524 - 528 Direction of pressure wave propagation during combustion-induced rapid phase transition
Di Benedetto A, Cammarota F, Di Sarli V, Salzano E
529 - 536 Effects of wind barrier design and closed coal storage on spontaneous ignition of coal stockpiles
Kim CJ, Sohn CH
537 - 545 Influence of the elastic behaviour of liquids on transient flow from pressurised containments
Benintendi R
546 - 553 Experimental study on the synergistic inhibition effect of nitrogen and ultrafine water mist on gas explosion in a vented duct
Pei B, Yu MG, Chen LW, Zhu XB, Yang Y
554 - 562 Petri-net based simulation analysis for emergency response to multiple simultaneous large-scale fires
Zhou JF, Reniers G
563 - 577 Simulation of venting and leaks from pressure vessels
Kanes R, Basha A, Vechot LN, Castier M
578 - 590 Historical analysis of US onshore hazardous liquid pipeline accidents triggered by natural hazards
Girgin S, Krausmann E
591 - 602 Investigation of multiple domino scenarios caused by fragments
Sun DL, Jiang JC, Zhang MG, Wang ZR, Zhang YN, Cai LW
603 - 614 A new concept of adjacency for concurrent consideration of economic and safety aspects in design of facility layout problems
Neghabi H, Tari FG
615 - 617 Letter to editors
Essa MI
618 - 619 Response to "Letter to the Editor: Improvements of safety management system in Korean chemical industry after a large chemical accident" Reply
Lee K, Kwon HM, Cho S, Kim J, Moon I