Journal of Food Engineering

Journal of Food Engineering, Vol.169 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0260-8774 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Curcumin-loaded nanoemulsions produced by the emulsion inversion point (EIP) method: An evaluation of process parameters and physicochemical stability
Borrin TR, Georges EL, Moraes ICF, Pinho SC
10 - 17 Development of a novel homogenizer using the vane pump-grinder technology for the production of meat batter
Irmscher SB, Gibis M, Herrmann K, Kohlus R, Weiss J
18 - 26 Cox-Merz rules from phenomenological Kelvin-Voigt and Maxwell models
Vernon-Carter EJ, Avila-de la Rosa G, Carrillo-Navas H, Carrera Y, Alvarez-Ramirez J
27 - 37 Development of rheological and sensory properties of combinations of milk proteins and gelling polysaccharides as potential gelatin replacements in the manufacture of stirred acid milk gels and yogurt
Pang ZH, Deeth H, Prakash S, Bansal N
38 - 43 Removal of Opuntia thorns by pulsed laser ablation: Bromatological and microbiological analysis
Cabrera LP, Reyes TF, Delgado AP, Ornela RE, Caro DAP, de Posada E, Arronte M
44 - 52 Non enzymatic browning during cocoa roasting as affected by processing time and temperature
Sacchetti G, Ioannone F, De Gregorio M, Di Mattia C, Serafini M, Mastrocola D
53 - 60 Biosorption of anthocyanins from grape pomace extracts by waste yeast: kinetic and isotherm studies
Stafussa AP, Maciel GM, Anthero AGD, da Silva MV, Zielinski AAF, Haminiuk CWI
61 - 71 A vehicle routing problem of both refrigerated- and general-type vehicles for perishable food products delivery
Song BD, Ko YD
72 - 78 High pressure processing of barramundi (Lates calcarifer) muscle before freezing: The effects on selected physicochemical properties during frozen storage
Truong BQ, Buckow R, Nguyen MH, Stathopoulos CE
79 - 84 Phase equilibrium diagrams for the system water, inert and solutes from mate (Ilex paraguariensis) leaves at constant temperature and cyclic pressurization
Faggion H, Beninca C, Voll FAP, Zanoelo EF
85 - 90 Potential use of visible reflectance spectra to predict lipid oxidation of rabbit meat
Cifuni GF, Conto M, Failla S
91 - 100 Dielectric properties of dried vegetable powders and their temperature profile during radio frequency heating
Ozturk S, Kong FB, Trabelsi S, Singh RK
101 - 113 Swelling and hydration studies on egg yolk samples via scanning fluid dynamic gauge and gravimetric tests
Perez-Mohedano R, Letzelter N, Bakalis S
114 - 121 Effect of air-dehydration pretreatment before freezing on the electrical impedance characteristics and texture of carrots
Ando Y, Maeda Y, Mizutani K, Wakatsuki N, Hagiwara S, Nabetani H
122 - 130 Application of multivariate accelerated test for the shelf life estimation of fresh-cut lettuce
Derossi A, Mastrandrea L, Amodio ML, de Chiara MLV, Colelli G
131 - 140 Effect of vacuum spray drying on the physicochemical properties, water sorption and glass transition phenomenon of orange juice powder
Islam MZ, Kitamura Y, Yamano Y, Kitamura M
141 - 148 Effect of hyperbaric storage at room temperature on color degradation of strawberry juice
Berrnejo-Prada A, Otero L
149 - 154 Thawing of frozen tuna fish (Thunnus albacares) using still air method combined with a high voltage electrostatic field
Mousakhani-Ganjeh A, Hamdami N, Soltanizadeh N
155 - 164 Application and potential of backscattering imaging techniques in agricultural and food processing - A review
Adebayo SE, Hashim N, Abdan K, Hanafi M
165 - 171 Microstructural and rheological characteristics of dark, milk and white chocolate: A comparative study
Glicerina V, Balestra F, Dalla Rosa M, Romani S
172 - 178 Rheological parameters estimation of non-Newtonian food fluids by finite elements model inversion
Fabbri A, Cevoli C
179 - 188 Effect of O-2 control and monitoring on the nutraceutical properties of extra virgin olive oils
Catania P, Vallone M, Farid A, De Pasquale C
189 - 195 On enhancing the solubility of curcumin by microencapsulation in whey protein isolate via spray drying
Liu WJ, Chen XD, Cheng ZN, Selornulya C
196 - 204 Effects of composition and relative humidity on the functional and storage properties of spray dried model milk emulsions
Li K, Woo MW, Selomulya C
205 - 213 On the use of the Couette Cell technology for large scale production of textured soy-based meat replacers
Krintiras GA, Diaz JG, van der Goot AJ, Stankiewicz AI, Stefanidis GD
214 - 227 Extension rate distribution and impact on bubble size distribution in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluid in a twin screw co-rotating mixer
Rathod ML, Kokini JL
228 - 237 Effects of diverse food processing conditions on the structure and solubility of wheat, barley and rye endosperm dietary fibre
Comino P, Collins H, Lahnstein J, Gidley MJ
238 - 249 Thermodynamic analysis of drying process in a diagonal-batch dryer developed for batch uniformity using potato slices
Amjad W, Hensel O, Munir A, Esper A, Sturm B
250 - 258 Enzyme-assisted subcritical water extraction and characterization of soy protein from heat-denatured meal
Lu W, Chen XW, Wang JM, Yang XQ, Qi JR
259 - 271 Efficient integration of particle analysis in hyperspectral imaging for rapid assessment of oxidative degradation in salmon fillet
Xu JL, Riccioli C, Sun DW
272 - 277 Pre-crack cutting properties of viscoelastic food models
Schuldt S, Boden L, Schneider Y, Rohm H
278 - 283 Production and evaluation of water based powder-liquids and powder-liquid mixing
Slettengren K, Heunemann P, Imbach S, Wethli C, Windhab EJ
284 - 290 Use of Near-Infrared hyperspectral images to identify moldy peanuts
Jiang JB, Qiao XJ, He RY
291 - 297 Multiple spectroscopic approach to elucidate water distribution and water-protein interactions in dry-cured ham after high pressure processing
Rubio-Celorio M, Fulladosa E, Garcia-Gil N, Bertram HC
298 - 308 Heat transport model for the deliquescence kinetics of crystalline ingredients and mixtures
Li N, Taylor LS, Mauer LJ
309 - 320 Three dimensional chemometric analyses of hyperspectral images for beef tenderness forecasting
Naganathan GK, Cluff K, Samal A, Calkins CR, Jones DD, Meyer GE, Subbiah J
321 - 325 Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (LF NMR H-1) to assess the mobility of water during storage of salted fish (Sardinella brasiliensis)
Carneiro CD, Marsico ET, Ribeiro RDR, Conte CA, Mano SB, Augusto CJC, de Jesus EFO
326 - 337 Rheological study of different mashed potato preparations using large amplitude oscillatory shear and confocal microscopy
Joyner HS, Meldrum A