Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry

Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Vol.832 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 1572-6657 (Print) 

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1 - 6 High-efficient preparation and screening of electrocatalysts using a closed bipolar electrode array system
Zhang JD, Hao N, Lu L, Yun S, Zhu XF, Hong K, Feng LD
7 - 23 Photoelectrochemical properties of iron-cobalt WTiO2 nanotube photoanodes for water splitting and photocathodic protection of stainless steel
Momeni MM, Mahvari M, Ghayeb Y
24 - 30 Development of an electrochemical sensor of endocrine disruptor bisphenol A by reduced graphene oxide for incorporation of spherical carbon nanoparticles
Canevari TC, Rossi MV, Alexiou ADP
31 - 39 Simulations of single-phase flow in an up-flow electrochemical reactor with parallel plate electrodes in a serpentine array
Castaneda LF, Nava JL
40 - 47 Microstructure and electrical transport in electrodeposited Bi films
Moral-Vico J, Casan-Pastor N, Camon A, Pobes C, Jaudenes RM, Strichovanec P, Fabrega L
48 - 54 Electrochemical co-deposition of gallium and antimonide from the 1-butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium dicyanamide room temperature ionic liquid
Hsieh YT, Liu YC, Lo NC, Lin WJ, Sun IW
55 - 58 Photomodulation of electrical conductivity of a PCBM-doped free-standing lipid bilayer in buffer solution
Kanomata K, Deguchi T, Ma T, Haseyama T, Miura M, Yamaura D, Tadaki D, Niwano M, Hirano-Iwata A, Hirose F
59 - 68 Chronopotentiometric/chronoamperometric transient analysis of naproxen via electrochemically synthesized nano spinel ZnFe2O4 films
Kanagasabapathy M, Sekar R
69 - 74 The excellent electrochemical performances of ZnMn2O4/Mn2O3: The composite cathode material for potential aqueous zinc ion batteries
Yang SN, Zhang MS, Wu XW, Wu XS, Zeng FH, Li YT, Duan SY, Fan DH, Yang Y, Wu XM
75 - 86 The effect of organic additives for the prevention of copper electrochemical migration
Song SJ, Choi SR, Kim JG
87 - 96 High efficiency supercapacitor derived from biomass based carbon dots and reduced graphene oxide composite
Hoang VC, Nguyen LH, Gomes VG
97 - 104 Sensing performance of a self-powered electrochemical sensor for H2O2 detection based on microbial fuel cell
Liu WF, Yin L, Jin Q, Zhu YM, Zhao J, Zheng LB, Zhou ZH, Zhu B
105 - 111 Capillary electrophoresis becoming an effective tool for explaining inconsistent results of interactions between nonionic polymers and phosphate surfactants
Wu YF, Wang WS, Fang Y, Chen MM, Feng RQ
112 - 120 Using p-Si/BDD anode for the electrochemical oxidation of norfloxacin
da Silva SW, Navarro EMO, Rodrigues MAS, Bernardes AM, Perez-Herranz V
121 - 128 Structural and electrochemical properties of Na2VMn2(PO4)(3)/C as cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries
Liu SH, Chen L, Zhao YM, Wen MM, Lian X
129 - 136 Rational selection of the monomer for molecularly imprinted polymer preparation for selective and sensitive detection of 3-methylindole in water
Yu RP, Zhou HF, Li MY, Song QJ
137 - 141 The initial stage of OH adsorption on Ni(111)
Juarez F, Salmazo D, Savinova ER, Quaino P, Belletti G, Santos E, Schmickler W
142 - 151 Employment of Pd nanoparticles at the structure of poly aminohippuric acid as a nanocomposite for hydrogen peroxide detection
Baghayeri M, Amiri A, Razghandi H
152 - 157 Effect of polyvinyl alcohol/nano-carbon colloid on the electrochemical performance of negative plates of lead acid battery
Yin J, Lin ZQ, Liu DB, Wang C, Lin HB, Zhang WL
158 - 164 Improved direct electron transfer-type bioelectrocatalysis of bilirubin oxidase using thiol-modified gold nanoparticles on mesoporous carbon electrode
Takahashi Y, Kitazumi Y, Shirai O, Kano K
165 - 173 Application of RGO/CNT nanocomposite as cathode material in lithium-air battery
Salehi M, Shariatinia Z, Sadeghi A
174 - 181 Highly dispersed conductive polypyrrole hydrogels as sensitive sensor for simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acid
Wang ML, Cui MZ, Liu WF, Liu XG
182 - 188 Hierarchically structural Ge encapsulated with nitrogen-doped carbon for high performance lithium storage
Chen CR, Xiao TL, Zhang WF, Wang JB, Wei MD
189 - 195 New route for the synthesis of nickel (II) oxide nanostructures and its application as non-enzymatic glucose sensor
Heyser C, Schrebler R, Grez P
196 - 203 Synthesis of Er-doped LiMnPO4/C by a sol-assisted hydrothermal process with superior rate capability
Luo SH, Sun Y, Bao S, Li JZ, Zhang J, Yi TF
204 - 208 A novel electrochemical sensor for determination of morphine in a sub microliter of human urine sample
Aliabadi A, Rounaghi GH
209 - 216 Application of a nickel hydroxide gold nanoparticles screen-printed electrode for impedimetric sensing of glucose in artificial saliva
Rinaldi AL, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Sobral S, Carballo R
217 - 224 An electrochemical biosensor for sensitive detection of nicotine-induced dopamine secreted by PC12 cells
Yang C, Liu MM, Bai FQ, Guo ZZ, Liu H, Zhong GX, Peng HP, Chen W, Lin XH, Lei Y, Liu AL
225 - 232 TiO2/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as efficient ascorbic acid amperometric sensor
Harraz FA, Faisal M, Ismail AA, Al-Sayari SA, Al-Salami AE, Al-Hajry A, Al-Assiri MS
233 - 240 Influence of argon ion beam etching and thermal treatment on polycrystalline and single crystal gold electrodes Au(100) and Au(111)
Ahrens P, Zander M, Hirsch D, Hasse U, Wulff H, Frost F, Scholz F
241 - 246 Defective mesoporous carbon ceramic electrode modified graphene quantum dots as a novel surface-renewable electrode: The application to determination of zolpidem
Dehgan-Reyhan S, Najafi M
247 - 253 Effect of the B2H6/CH4/H-2 ratios on the structure and electrochemical properties of boron-doped diamond electrode in the electrochemical oxidation process of azo dye
Gao XL, Li W, Mei RQ, Zhu CW, Zhou B, Ma L, Wei QP, Liu T
254 - 265 Metallo-phthalocyanines containing thiazole moieties: Synthesis, characterization, electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical properties and sensor applications
Demir F, Yenilmez HY, Koca A, Bayir ZA
266 - 274 Optimized lead carbon composite for enhancing the performance of lead carbon battery under HRPSoC operation
Yin J, Lin N, Lin ZQ, Wang Y, Shi J, Bao JP, Lin HB, Zhang WL
275 - 283 Three-dimensional graphene foam integrated with Ni(OH)(2) nanosheets as a hierarchical structure for non-enzymatic glucose sensing
Mao WW, He HP, Ye ZZ, Huang JY
284 - 292 Avoiding the use of corrosive activator to produce nitrogen-doped hierarchical porous carbon materials for high-performance supercapacitor electrode
Li Q, Mu JH, Zhou J, Zhao Y, Zhuo SP
293 - 302 Experimental and numerical investigation of gas-liquid flow in water electrolysis under magnetic field
Liu HB, Pan LM, Qin QJ, Li PF
303 - 310 Synthesis of BixMoyOz/BiaWbOc nanocomposite by pH tuning with high electrochemical performance
Zhang M, Yu T, Zhu D, Arif M, Yin HF, Liu XH, Chen SM
311 - 320 Chemical and morphological characterization of photoactive SiOx films electrodeposited on Pt substrate
Krywko-Cendrowska A, Marot L, Steiner R, Mathys D, Meyer E, Szklarczyk M
321 - 328 Molecular frameworks of polymerized 3-aminobenzoic acid for chemical modification and electrochemical recognition
Shishkanova TV, Broncova G, Nemeckova Z, Vrkoslav V, Kral V, Matejka P
329 - 335 Electrochemical techniques to detect and quantify Enrofloxacin in presence of highly potential interferences: Assays in Chilean aqueous-soil matrices
Canales C, Peralta E, Antilen M
336 - 342 A highly sensitive electrochemical immunosensor for zearalenone using screen-printed disposable electrodes
Goud KY, Kumar VS, Hayat A, Gobi KV, Song H, Kim KH, Marty JL
343 - 352 Engineering and understanding of synergistic effects in the interfaces of rGO-CNTs/PtPd nanocomposite revealed fast electro-oxidation of methanol
Bin Yousaf A, Imran M, Zaidi SJ, Kasak P
353 - 360 Thickness effects of Ni on the modified boron doped diamond by thermal catalytic etching for non-enzymatic glucose sensing
Long HY, Liu XZ, Xie YN, Hu NX, Deng ZJ, Jiang YL, Wei QP, Yu ZM, Zhang SG
361 - 367 Metal-doped mesoporous silica as sulfur hosts in lithium-sulfur battery with enhanced conductivity and polysulfide adsorption ability
Pan H, Huang XX, Yan X, Liu LM, Xia L, Zhang T
368 - 379 Activated jute carbon paste screen-printed FTO electrodes for nonenzymatic amperometric determination of nitrite
Ahammad AJS, Pal PR, Shah SS, Islam T, Hasan MM, Qasem MAA, Odhikari N, Sarker S, Kim DM, Aziz MA
380 - 384 The enhanced capacitance performance of the modified polypyrrole with the mixture of carbon nanomaterials
Lyu ZH, Wu H, Lu YC, Wu J
385 - 391 Pt nanoparticles supported on nitrogen doped reduced graphene oxide single wall carbon nanotubes as a novel platform for highly sensitive electrochemical sensing of piroxicam
Kong FY, Li RF, Yao L, Wang ZX, Lv WX, Wang W
392 - 398 Fluoroethylene carbonate as an additive in a carbonates-based electrolyte for enhancing the specific capacity of room-temperature sodium-sulfur cell
Zhao XM, Zhu Q, Xu SD, Chen L, Zuo ZJ, Wang XM, Liu SB, Zhang D
399 - 407 Electrochemistry of viologens at polypyrrole doped with sulfonated beta-cyclodextrin
Annibaldi V, Breslin CB
408 - 416 Triallyl phosphite as an electrolyte additive to improve performance at elevated temperature of LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2/graphite cells
Lin YC, Zhang H, Yue XP, Yu L, Fan WZ
417 - 425 Development and kinetic characterization of hierarchical bioelectrocatalytic system utilizing a redox mediator, functionalized carbon nanotubes and an enzyme for glucose oxidation
Radomska M, Rutkowska IA, Kowalewska B, Cox JA, Kulesza PJ
426 - 435 Plasmonic Ag nanowires sensitized ZnO flake-like structures as a potential photoanode material for enhanced visible light water splitting activity
Sreedhar A, Reddy IN, Ta QTH, Namgung G, Noh JS
436 - 443 Influence of Cr doping on the oxygen evolution potential of SnO2/Ti and Sb-SnO2/Ti electrodes
Shao CR, Zhang F, Li X, Zhang JH, Jiang YS, Cheng HY, Zhu KG
444 - 452 Three-dimensional mesoporous hierarchical carbon nanotubes/nickel foam-supported gold nanoparticles as a free-standing sensor for sensitive hydrazine detection
Nguyen DM, Bui QB
453 - 458 Intensification of petroleum elimination in the presence of a surfactant using anodic electrochemical treatment with BDD anode
Escalona-Duran F, Villegas-Guzman P, dos Santos EV, da Silva DR, Martinez-Huitle CA
459 - 466 Preparation of electrolyzed oxidizing water by TiO2 doped IrO2-Ta2O5 electrode with high selectivity and stability for chlorine evolution
Deng L, Liu Y, Zhao G, Chen JH, He SF, Zhu YC, Chai B, Ren ZD
467 - 474 Electrodeposition of Zn from 1-allyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide containing ZnBr2
Li CY, Nishikawa K, Moon J, Kanamura K
475 - 479 Multifunctional porous VN nanowires interlayer as polysulfides barrier for high performance lithium sulfur batteries
Wang P, Zhang ZA, Hong B, Zhang K, Li J, Lai YQ
480 - 485 A new electrochemical paper platform for detection of 8-hydroxyquinoline in cosmetics using a cobalt phthalocyanine-modified screen-printed carbon electrode
Nantaphol S, Jesadabundit W, Chailapakul O, Siangproh W
486 - 492 Electrochemical oxidation of haematoxylin at poly(alanine) modified carbon paste electrode: A cyclic voltammetric study
Harisha KV, Swamy BEK, Ganesh PS, Jayadevappa H
493 - 499 Surface immobilisation of the Krebs type polyoxometalates with silver nanoparticles
Wearen K, Imar S, Ali B, McCormac T