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ISSN: 1572-6657 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Highly sensitive determination of piroxicam using a glassy carbon electrode modified with silver nanoparticles dotted single walled carbon nanotubes-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite
Zhang JW, Li RF, Yao L, Wang ZX, Lv WX, Kong FY, Wang W
9 - 19 Use of plant based analytes for the synthesis of NiO nanoparticles in catalyzing electrochemical H2O2 production
Das RK, Golder AK
20 - 25 Electrochemically mediated ATRP (eATRP) amplification for ultrasensitive detection of glucose
Liu QR, Ma KF, Wen DX, Wang QW, Sun HB, Liu QY, Kong JM
26 - 31 Impregnation of silver in graphite carbon using solid reaction: Electrocatalysis and detection of 4-nitroaniline
Laghrib F, Lahrich S, Farahi A, Bakasse M, El Mhammedi MA
32 - 39 Synergistic effect of pyrrolic N and graphitic N for the enhanced nitrophenol reduction of nitrogen-doped graphene-modified cathode in the bioelectrochemical system
Jiang XB, Shi HF, Shen JY, Han WQ, Sun XY, Li JS, Wang LJ
40 - 46 Biomineralization-mimetic preparation of robust metal-organic frameworks biocomposites film with high enzyme load for electrochemical biosensing
Zhang Q, Zhang L, Dai H, Li ZS, Fu YC, Li YB
47 - 53 Effect of inter-electrode separation in the fabrication of nanoporous alumina by anodization
Michalska-Domanska M, Stepniowski WJ, Salerno M
54 - 60 Facile synthesis of microporous carbons with three-dimensional honeycomb-like porous structure for high performance supercapacitors
Hu X, Xu XH, Zhong RQ, Shang LJ, Ma HT, Wu XL, Jia PY
61 - 66 Development of electrochemical sensor for sensitive determination of oxazepam based on silver-platinum core-shell nanoparticles supported on graphene
Khoshroo A, Hosseinzadeh L, Sobhani-Nasab A, Rahimi-Nasrabadi M, Ehrlich H
67 - 72 Mesoporous MoSe2/C composite as anode material for sodium/lithium ion batteries
Qin FR, Hu HX, Jiang YJ, Zhang K, Fang Z, Lai YQ, Li J
73 - 79 Three-dimensional reticular material NiO/Ni-graphene foam as cathode catalyst for high capacity lithium-oxygen battery
Zhu TJ, Li XY, Zhang Y, Yuan MW, Sun ZM, Ma SL, Li HF, Sun GB
80 - 91 Low temperature synthesis of sponge-like NiV2O6/C composite by calcining Ni-V-based coordination polymer for supercapacitor application
Zhou QF, Gong Y, Lin JH
92 - 97 Synthesis and characterization of poly(N-phenyl succinimide-thiophene) conducting polymer catalyzed by Maghnite-H+
Mahi A, Belbachir M, Ammari A, Meghaber R, Ferrahi MI
98 - 105 Precious metal free Ni/Cu/Mo trimetallic nanocomposite supported on multi-walled carbon nanotubes as highly efficient and durable anode-catalyst for alkaline direct methanol fuel cells
Nazal MK, Olakunle OS, Al-Ahmed A, Merzougui B, Abualkibash A, Sultan A, Bin Yousaf A, Zaidi SJ
106 - 120 Electrodeposition of indium on W and Cu electrodes in the deep eutectic solvent choline chloride-ethylene glycol (1:2)
Barrado E, Garcia S, Rodriguez JA, Castrillejo Y
121 - 127 Effect of surfactant structure on charge storage properties in Co3O4-based electrodes
Marzouki M, Zarrougui R, Ghodbane O
128 - 136 Mesoporous NiPh/carbon fibers nanocomposite for enhanced electrocatalytic oxidation of ethanol
Tammam RH, Touny AH, Abdesalam ME, Saleh MM
137 - 145 Boron-doped Graphene quantum dots modified electrode for electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of hemoglobin
Chen W, Weng WJ, Niu XL, Li XY, Men YL, Sun W, Li GJ, Dong LF
146 - 154 Investigation of the electrochemical behavior of tizanidine on the surface of glassy carbon electrode modified with multi-walled carbon nanotube/titan yellow-doped polypyrrole
Shahrokhian S, Shamloofard M, Salimian R
155 - 160 Electrochemical performance of hybrid-structured LiFe(PO4)(0.5)(BO3)(0.5) cathode material for Li-ion batteries
Sin BC, Singh L, Lee J, Lee Y
161 - 170 Methanol oxidation on Ru/Pd(poly) in alkaline solution
Strbac S, Maksic A, Rakocevic Z
171 - 175 Fabrication of compact disk-based submicroband electrode and its application for Cu2+ detection
Zhu F, Chen HH, Feng WJ, Liu LJ, Liu LM
176 - 183 Copper-1, 3, 5-benzenetricarboxylate framework nanocrystals on polyaniline: Fabrication, characteristics, and electrochemical application for oxygen reduction reaction
Cho K, Shin CY, Leem YJ, Sung MM, Chang J, Han SH
184 - 192 Alumina/graphene/Cu hybrids as highly selective sensor for simultaneous determination of epinephrine, acetaminophen and tryptophan in human urine
Taleb M, Ivanov R, Bereznev S, Kazemi SH, Hussainova I
193 - 202 Preparation and characterization of Fe-Ce co-doped Ti/TiO2 NTs/PbO2 nanocomposite electrodes for efficient electrocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants
Xu M, Mao YL, Song WL, OuYang XM, Hu YH, Wei YJ, Zhu CG, Fang WY, Shao BC, Lu R, Wang FW
203 - 212 Electrochemical polymerization of triphenylamine end-capped dendron: Electrochromic and electrofluorochromic switching behaviors
Santra DC, Nad S, Malik S
213 - 220 One-step deposition of NixCu1-x alloys with both composition gradient and morphology evolution by bipolar electrochemistry
Xu F, Wang H, He XD, Deng N, Li F, Li B, Xie JH, Han SK, He JB
221 - 233 3D nanoporous titania formed by anodization as a promising photoelectrode material
Kapusta-Kolodziej J, Chudecka A, Sulka GD
234 - 244 Kinetics and mechanism of corrosion of mild steel in new types of ionic liquids
Kityk AA, Rublova YD, Kelm A, Malyshev VV, Bannyk NG, Flis-Kabulska I
245 - 252 Ultra-long BiNbO4 nanowires with hierarchical architecture exhibiting reversible lithium storage
Tang GX, Zhu HJ, Yu HX, Cheng X, Zheng RT, Liu TT, Zhang JD, Shui M, Shu J
253 - 260 Dual molecular recognition strategy for highly sensitive electrochemical detection of dopamine based on amplification of DNA-Au bio-bar codes
Liu ZX, Zhou FY, Wu J, Yao Y, Guo YZ, Liao XJ, Gao FL, Qian Y
261 - 268 Dual-functional Fe3O4@N-rGO catalyst as counter electrode with high performance in dye-sensitized solar cells
Wang W, Yao JX, Li G
269 - 277 Predominant electronic conductivity of Li2ZnTi3O8 anode material prepared in nitrogen for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Tang HQ, Zan LX, Tang ZY
278 - 286 Synthesis of binder-free MoSe2 nanoflakes as a new electrode for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Barough V, Iranizad ES, Bayat A, Hemmati K
287 - 295 Zinc acetate activation-enhanced performance of hollow nano silica/carbon composite nanofibers for lithium-sulfur batteries
Li J, Guo Y, Wen P, Zhu JH, Liu ZG, Qiu YJ
296 - 306 Nano-magnetite/ionic liquid crystal modifiers of carbon nanotubes composite electrode for ultrasensitive determination of a new anti-hepatitis C drug in human serum
Atta NF, Ahmed YM, Galal A
307 - 314 Three-dimensionally integrated carbon tubes/MoS2 with reduced graphene oxide foam as a binder-free anode for lithium ion battery
Ma H, Du SL, Tao HC, Li T, Zhang YQ
315 - 321 Preparation of one dimensional silver nanowire/nickel-cobalt layered double hydroxide and its electrocatalysis of glucose
Xu JQ, Qiao XJ, Arsalan M, Cheng N, Cao W, Yue TL, Sheng QL, Zheng JB
322 - 327 Photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic investigation of the oxidative formation of H-2 from a borane-ammonia complex using an organic p-n bilayer comprising a p-type cobalt phthalocyanine and an n-type perylene derivative
Fujine K, Sato Y, Nagai K, Abe T
328 - 334 Electrodeposition of antibacterial Zn-Cu/silver nanoparticle (AgNP) composite coatings from an alkaline solution containing glycine and AgNPs
Silva-Ichante M, Reyes-Vidal Y, Bacame-Valenzuela FJ, Ballesteros JC, Arciga E, Talu S, Mendez-Albores A, Trejo G
335 - 341 Analytical low-current impedance of the cathode side of a PEM fuel cell
Kulikovsky A
342 - 349 Synthesis and characterization of high porous carbon sphere@nickel oxide core-shell nanocomposite for supercapacitor applications
Justin AS, Vickraman P, Reddy BJ
350 - 358 Manioc starch thin film as support of reduced graphene oxide: A novel architecture for electrochemical sensors
Orzari LO, Santos FA, Janegitz BC
359 - 367 Enhanced electrochemical performance of LiNi0.8CO0.1Mn0.1O2 by surface modification with lithium-active MoO3
Huang J, Fang X, Wu Y, Zhou L, Wang Y, Jin YA, Dang W, Wu LP, Rong ZH, Chen X, Tang XC
368 - 377 A novel and sensitive electrogenerated chemiluminescence biosensor for detection of p16(INK4a) gene based on the functional paste-like nanofibers composites-modified screen-printed carbon electrode
Wang XY, Wang YJ, Shan YQ, Jiang M, Jin X, Gong M, Xu J
378 - 387 Identification of four isomers of Dihydroxynaphthalene by using a Briggs-Rauscher oscillating system
Zhang WN, Uddin W, Hu G, Hu L, Fang ZH
388 - 396 Growth and characterization of TiO2 nanotube arrays under dynamic anodization. Photocatalytic activity
Teodorescu-Soare CT, Catrinescu C, Dobromir M, Stoian G, Arvinte A, Luca D
397 - 406 Fabrication of high-intensity electron transfer electrochemiluminescence interface for Hg2+ detection by using reduced graphene oxide-Au nanoparticles nanocomposites and CdS quantum dots
Hu LQ, Liu ZM, Hu YJ, Zhan HJ, Zhu JL, Ge XG
407 - 415 ZnFe2O4/MoS2/rGO composite as an anode for rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries
Jiang LX, Gao W, Jin B, Li H, Li SS, Zhu GR, Jiang Q
416 - 421 Soluble viologen polymers as carbohydrate oxidation catalysts for alkaline carbohydrate fuel cells
Rigby CR, Han H, Bhowmik PK, Bahari M, Chang A, Harb JN, Lewis RS, Watt GD
422 - 428 Carboxyl grafted sulfur-expanded graphite composites as cathodes for lithium-sulfur batteries
Zhao SJ, Li P, Adkins J, Zhu LL, Du FH, Zhou Q, Zheng JW
429 - 436 Non-enzymatic electrochemical hydrogen peroxide detection using MoS2- Interconnected porous carbon heterostructure
Mutyala S, Kinsly J, Sharma GVR, Chinnathambi S, Jayaraman M
437 - 444 Three-dimensional beta-cyclodextrin functionalized graphene aerogels: An enhanced electrochemical sensing platform for quantification of Ponceau 4R
Ma X, Xie Y, Yu YH, Lu LM, Liu GB, Yu YF, Hu CY
445 - 454 Electrochemical behavior of platinum and gold electrodes in the aprotic ionic liquid N,N-Trimethylbutylammonium Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl) imide
Bengio D, Mendes E, Pellet-Rostaing S, Moisy P
455 - 464 Photo-assisted acid-base machine: Battery ensemble to perform work from neutralization reactions
Morais WG, Lima G, Gomes WJAS, Huguenin F
465 - 473 Linear sweep voltammetry with non-triangular waveforms at a microdisc electrode
Uchida Y, Katelhon E, Compton RG
474 - 481 High-performance asymmetric supercapacitor assembled with three-dimensional, coadjacent graphene-like carbon nanosheets and its composite
Zhao J, Li YJ, Huang FG, Zhang HQ, Gong JW, Miao CX, Zhu K, Cheng K, Ye K, Yan J, Cao DX, Wang GL, Zhang XF
482 - 491 Enhanced oxygen evolution activity of Co3-xNixO4 compared to Co3O4 by low Ni doping
Singhal A, Bisht A, Irusta S
492 - 498 Particle-electrode impacts: Evidencing partial versus complete oxidation via variable temperature studies
Little CA, Li XT, Batchelor-McAuley C, Young NP, Compton RG
499 - 504 Ultrasonic assisted coating of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with NiFe-layered double hydroxide for improved electrocatalytic oxygen reduction
Yang YJ, Li WK
505 - 516 Ternary nanostructures of Cr2O3/graphene oxide/conducting polymers for supercapacitor application
Asen P, Shahrokhian S, Zad AI
517 - 526 A stable novel nanostructure of ZnFe2O4 based nanocomposite for improved photoelectrocatalytic and photocatalytic activities
Reddy IN, Reddy CV, Sreedhar A, Shim J, Cho M, Yoo K, Kim D, Gwag JS
527 - 530 The impact of Fe3+ doping on the flexible polythiophene electrodes for supercapacitors
Wu KZ, Zhao JJ, Wu RT, Ruan B, Liu HT, Wu MX
531 - 536 Distinguishing skin cancer cells and normal cells using electrical impedance spectroscopy
Zhang F, Jin TY, Hu QQ, He PG
537 - 544 Magnetron-sputtering MoS2 on carbon paper and its application as interlayer for high-performance lithium sulfur batteries
Li J, Jiang YJ, Qin FR, Fang J, Zhang K, Lai YQ
545 - 552 Facile synthesis of mesoporous NiCo2O4 nanoneedle arrays on three dimensional graphene thin film grown on Ni foam for a high-performance binder-free lithium-ion battery anode
Wang X, Zhang P, Wang T, Yamamoto O, Imanishi N, Wang M
553 - 562 Development of a novel electrochemical sensor based on electropolymerized molecularly imprinted polymer for selective detection of sodium lauryl sulfate in environmental waters and cosmetic products
Motia S, Tudor JA, Popescu LM, Piticescu RM, Bouchikhi B, El Bari N
563 - 572 Facile synthesis of chitosan-based carbon with rich porous structure for supercapacitor with enhanced electrochemical performance
Lin Z, Xiang XT, Peng SJ, Jiang XC, Hou LX
573 - 579 Interfacial characterization and supercapacitive behavior of PEDOT nanotubes modified electrodes
Hryniewicz BM, Winnischofer H, Vidotti M
580 - 587 Electrochemical behaviour and degradation of methyl parathion on platinum electrode
Loucka T, Dosek M, Krizenecka S, Janos P
588 - 592 Development of amperometric biosensors using screen-printed carbon electrodes modified with conducting polymer and nanomaterials for the analysis of ethanol, methanol and their mixtures
Bilgi M, Ayranci E
593 - 600 The effect of N precursors in Fe-N/C type catalysts based on activated silicon carbide derived carbon for oxygen reduction activity at various pH values
Jager R, Kasatkin PE, Hark E, Teppor P, Romann T, Harmas R, Tallo I, Maeorg U, Joost U, Paiste P, Kirsimae K, Lust E
601 - 609 Electrochromic behavior and electrical percolation threshold of carbon nanotube/poly(pyridinium triflate) composites
Pichugov RD, Malyshkina IA, Makhaeva EE
610 - 616 Enzymatic glucose biosensor based on manganese dioxide nanoparticles decorated on graphene nanoribbons
Vukojevic V, Djurdjic S, Ognjanovic M, Fabian M, Samphao A, Kalcher K, Stankovic DM
617 - 623 Magnetite nanoparticles/chitosan-modified glassy carbon electrode for non-enzymatic detection of the endocrine disruptor parathion by cathodic square-wave voltammetry
Piovesan JV, Haddad VF, Pereira DF, Spinelli A
624 - 632 Pt(Cu) catalyst on TiO2 powder support prepared by photodeposition-galvanic replacement method
Dimitrova N, Georgieva J, Sotiropoulos S, Boiadjieva-Scherzer TZ, Valova E, Armyanov S, Steenhaut O, Hubin A, Karashanova D
633 - 637 Bilayer N-doped carbon derived from furfuryl alcohol-wrapped melamine sponge as high-performance supercapacitor
Feng Y, Cao MJ, Yang LY, Zhang XF, Wang YQ, Yu DB, Gu XL, Yao JF
638 - 646 Effect of Sb doping on the transport and electrochemical properties of partially amorphous SnO2 thin films
Ammari A, Trari M, Bellal B, Zebbar N
647 - 655 Development of a highly sensitive and selective molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor for sulfaguanidine detection in honey samples
El Hassani NE, Llobet E, Popescu LM, Ghita M, Bouchikhi B, El Bari N
656 - 662 One-pot synthesis of biochar wrapped Ni/NiO nanobrick composites for supercapacitor applications
Paravannoor A
663 - 671 Study of the self-assembly process of an oligo(ethylene glycol)-thioacetyl substituted theophylline (THEO) on gold substrates
Sanchez-Obrero G, Chavez M, Madueno R, Blazquez M, Pineda T, Lopez-Romero JM, Sarabia F, Hierrezuelo J, Contreras-Caceres R
672 - 677 Dual functional electrochromic and electrofluorochromic network polymer film prepared from two hydrolysable crosslinked siloxane monomers
Li YY, Zhou Y, Jia XT, Chao DM
678 - 687 A novel free-standing CVD graphene platform electrode modified with AuPt hybrid nanoparticles and L-cysteine for the selective determination of epinephrine
He DY, Zhang P, Li SH, Luo HX
688 - 696 Compatibility between lithium difluoro (oxalate) borate-based electrolytes and Li1.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13O2 cathode for lithium-ion batteries
Li SY, Liang YW, Xie J, Ai L, Xie YC, Li CL, Wang C, Cui XL
697 - 712 A fast regression model for the interpretation of electrochemical impedance spectra of Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Campanella S, Bracconi M, Donazzi A
713 - 722 Preparation of reusable nano N-TiO2/graphene/titanium grid sheet for electrosorption-assisted visible light photoelectrocatalytic degradation of a pesticide: Effect of parameters and neural network modeling
Ayoubi-Feiz B, Mashhadizadeh MH, Sheydaei M
723 - 729 A high-performance glucose/oxygen biofuel cell based on multi-walled carbon nanotube films with electrophoretic deposition
Zhong ZY, Qian L, Tan Y, Wang G, Yang L, Hou CT, Liu AH
730 - 736 Poly (glycine) modified carbon paste electrode for simultaneous determination of catechol and hydroquinone: A voltammetric study
Harisha KV, Swamy BEK, Ebenso EE
737 - 746 Microstructural characterization of Cu-Sn-Zn electrodeposits produced potentiostatically from acid baths based on trisodium nitrilotriacetic
de Carvalho MF, Carlos IA
747 - 754 Palladium-Prussian blue nanoparticles; as homogeneous and heterogeneous electrocatalysts
Pandey PC, Singh S, Walcarius A
755 - 764 Metal-organic framework-derived Fe3C@NC nanohybrids as highly-efficient oxygen reduction electrocatalysts in both acidic and basic media
Yang XX, Hu XL, Wang XL, Fu W, He XQ, Asefa T
765 - 772 The electrochemistry of DPPH in three-phase electrode systems for ion transfer and ion association studies
Dharmaraj K, Nasri Z, Kahlert H, Scholz F