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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.592 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 12 Modulating oxygen vacancies on bismuth-molybdate hierarchical hollow microspheres for photocatalytic selective alcohol oxidation with hydrogen peroxide production
Chen C, Qiu GH, Wang T, Zheng ZQ, Huang MT, Li BX
13 - 21 Achieving low-energy consumption water-to-hydrogen conversion via urea electrolysis over a bifunctional electrode of hierarchical cuprous sulfide@nickel selenide nanoarrays
Lv L, Li ZS, Wan HZ, Wang CD
22 - 32 The micro-volume liquid focusing effect in Janus membrane and its biosensing application
Hong X, Wu HM, Zhang XR, Wei CJ, Chen DJ, Huang XJ
33 - 41 Nanocomposite of ultra-small MoO2 embedded in nitrogen-doped carbon: In situ derivation from an organic molybdenum complex and its superior Li-Ion storage performance
Zheng C, Wu WX, Deng QX, Li YF, Wei MD
42 - 50 Nature inspired approach to mimic design for increased specific capacitance as supercapacitor electrodes
Lee KS, Phiri I, Park CW, Kim S, Ko JM
51 - 65 Polypyrrole-functionalized magnetic Bi2MoO6 nanocomposites as a fast, efficient and reusable adsorbent for removal of ketoprofen and indomethacin from aqueous solution
Wang YT, He LY, Dang GY, Li H, Li XL
66 - 76 Highly efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution over NiCo2S4/Mn0.5Cd0.5S: Bulk twinned homojunctions and interfacial heterojunctions
Wang CX, Ma XY, Fu ZY, Hu XY, Fan J, Liu EZ
77 - 86 A graphene assembled porous fiber-based Janus membrane for highly effective solar steam generation
Zhou QX, Li H, Li DD, Wang BB, Wang H, Bai JB, Ma SH, Wang G
87 - 94 One-step in-situ fabrication of carbon nanotube/stainless steel mesh membrane with excellent anti-fouling properties for effective gravity-driven filtration of oil-in-water emulsions
Yin XY, He Y, Li HJ, Ma XY, Zhou L, He T, Li SS
95 - 102 MXenes induced formation of Ni-MOF microbelts for high-performance supercapacitors
Zhang X, Yang SX, Lu W, Lei D, Tian YH, Guo MG, Mi PP, Qu N, Zhao YY
103 - 115 Improving the cycling stability of three-dimensional nanoporous Ge anode by embedding Ag nanoparticles for high-performance lithium-ion battery
Yan YH, Liu Y, Zhang YG, Qin CL, Bakenov Z, Wang ZF
116 - 126 Synthesis of one-for-all type Cu5FeS4 nanocrystals with improved near infrared photothermal and Fenton effects for simultaneous imaging and therapy of tumor
Wang ZJ, Wang Y, Guo HH, Yu N, Ren Q, Jiang Q, Xia JD, Peng C, Zhang HJ, Chen ZG
127 - 134 Rationally embedded zinc oxide nanospheres serving as electron transport channels in bismuth vanadate/zinc oxide heterostructures for improved photoelectrochemical efficiency
Li JL, Jin BJ, Jiao ZB
135 - 144 Reduction of enzymatic degradation of insulin via encapsulation in a lipidic bicontinuous cubic phase
Strachan JB, Dyett BP, Jones NC, Hoffmann SV, Valery C, Conn CE
145 - 155 Three-dimensional flower-like nickel doped cobalt phosphate hydrate microarchitectures for asymmetric supercapacitors
Krishna BNV, Hussain SK, Yu JS
156 - 166 Multidomain drug delivery systems of beta-casein micelles for the local oral co-administration of antiretroviral combinations
Chauhan PS, Ionita IA, Halamish HM, Sosnik A, Danino D
167 - 173 Osmotic evolution of composite liquid marbles
Roy PK, Legchenkova I, Shoval S, Dombrovsky LA, Bormashenko E
174 - 185 A novel detection method for organophosphorus insecticide fenamiphos: Molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor based on core-shell Co3O4@MOF-74 nanocomposite
Karimi-Maleh H, Yola ML, Atar N, Orooji Y, Karimi F, Kumar PS, Rouhi J, Baghayeri M
186 - 194 Novel quaternary oxide semiconductor for the application of gas sensors with long-term stability
Wang C, Zhang YQ, Zhao LJ, Wang CG, Liu FM, Sun XY, Hu XL, Lu GY
195 - 204 Modelling and simulation of field directed linear assembly of aerosol particles
Biswas P, Ghildiyal P, Mulholland GW, Zachariah MR
205 - 214 Co-Ni layered double hydroxides wrapped on leaf-shaped copper oxide hybrids for non-enzymatic detection of glucose
An SY, Shang NZ, Chen BY, Kang YJ, Su M, Wang C, Zhang YF
215 - 226 Temperature-dependence of the static contact angle: A transition state theory approach
Duchemin B, Cazaux G, Gomina M, Breard J
227 - 236 Optimized mesoporous silica nanoparticle-based drug delivery system with removable manganese oxide gatekeeper for controlled delivery of doxorubicin
Miao YL, Feng YC, Bai J, Liu ZY, Zhao XB
237 - 248 Rational design of a cobalt sulfide/bismuth sulfide S-scheme heterojunction for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Li JK, Li M, Jin ZL
249 - 258 Fabrication of multicolor Janus microbeads based on photonic crystals and upconversion nanoparticles
Zhang HB, Huang C, Li NS, Wei J
259 - 270 Zinc sulfide quantum dots/zinc oxide nanospheres/bismuth-enriched bismuth oxyiodides as Z-scheme/type-II tandem heterojunctions for an efficient charge separation and boost solar-driven photocatalytic performance
Wang K, Xing ZP, Du M, Zhang SY, Li ZZ, Yang SL, Pan K, Liao JJ, Zhou W
271 - 278 Determination of the zeta potential of planar solids in nonpolar liquids
Prieve DC, Yezer BA, Xu KY, Khair AS, Schneider JW, Sides PJ
279 - 290 "Self-doping" defect engineering in SnP3@gamma-irradiated hard carbon anode for rechargeable sodium storage
Li N, Wang Y, Liu LS, Shi HT, Liang ST, Xue YL, Xu ZW, Gao P, Hu YL, Deng H
291 - 295 Atomic-resolution study on the interface structure and strain state reversion of the Bi2Sr2CuO6+delta/MgO heterostructure
Zhang J, Wang WZ, Wang N, Wang MG, Qi Y
296 - 309 Insights into the intraparticle morphology of dendritic mesoporous silica nanoparticles from electron tomographic reconstructions
Hochstrasser J, Juere E, Kleitz F, Wang W, Kubel C, Tallarek U
310 - 318 In-situ electrospinning of thymol-loaded polyurethane fibrous membranes for waterproof, breathable, and antibacterial wound dressing application
Yue YP, Gong XB, Jiao WL, Li Y, Yin X, Si Y, Yu JY, Ding B
319 - 328 Controlling the wetting and evaporation dynamics of non-ideal volatile binary solutions
Parimalanathan SK, Dehaeck S, Rednikov A, Colinet P
329 - 341 Evaporating droplets on inclined plant leaves and synthetic surfaces: Experiments and mathematical models
Tredenick EC, Forster WA, Pethiyagoda R, van Leeuwen RM, McCue SW
342 - 348 Carbon dot-polymer nanoporous membrane for recyclable sunlight-sterilized facemasks
Singh S, Shauloff N, Sharma CP, Shimoni R, Arnusch CJ, Jelinek R
349 - 357 Bimetal zeolite imidazolate framework derived Mo0.84Ni0.16-Mo2C@NC nanosphere for overall water splitting in alkaline solution
Li SL, Yang ZX, Liu Z, Ma YP, Gu Y, Zhao L, Zhou QL, Xu WJ
358 - 370 Perdisulfate-assisted advanced oxidation of 2,4-dichlorophenol by bio-inspired iron encapsulated biochar catalyst
Wang YY, Wang L, Zhang YL, Mao XH, Tan WB, Zhang YL, Wang XS, Chang M, Guo RN, Xi BD
371 - 384 Investigating virus-host cell interactions: Comparative binding forces between hepatitis C virus-like particles and host cell receptors in 2D and 3D cell culture models
Collett S, Torresi J, Silveira LE, Truong VK, Christiansen D, Tran BM, Vincan E, Ramsland PA, Elbourne A
385 - 396 Hierarchical ultrathin layered MoS2@NiFe2O4 nanohybrids as a bifunctional catalyst for highly efficient oxygen evolution and organic pollutant degradation
Karpuraranjith M, Chen YF, Wang B, Ramkumar J, Yang DX, Srinivas K, Wang W, Zhang WL, Manigandan R
397 - 404 Atomic force microscopy for the characterisation of pinning effects of seawater micro-droplets in n-decane on a calcite surface
Savulescu GC, Rucker M, Scanziani A, Pini R, Georgiadis A, Luckham PF
405 - 415 One-step pyrolysis synthesis of nitrogen, manganese-codoped porous carbon encapsulated cobalt-iron nanoparticles with superior catalytic activity for oxygen reduction reaction
Sun RM, Yao YQ, Wang AJ, Fang KM, Zhang L, Feng JJ
416 - 429 Aerobic oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural into 2,5-diformylfuran using manganese dioxide with different crystal structures: A comparative study
Lin KYA, Oh WD, Zheng MW, Kwon E, Lee J, Lin JY, Duan XG, Ghanbari F
430 - 439 Photopolymerizable pullulan: Synthesis, self-assembly and inkjet printing
Mugnaini G, Resta C, Poggi G, Bonini M
440 - 447 A simple general descriptor for rational design of graphyne-based bifunctional electrocatalysts toward hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction reactions
Yuan Y, Ma JP, Ai HQ, Kang BT, Lee JY
448 - 454 Flexible S@C-CNTs cathodes with robust mechanical strength via blade-coating for lithium-sulfur batteries
Xie C, Shan H, Song XX, Chen LP, Wang JJ, Shi JW, Hu JH, Zhang JJ, Li XF
455 - 467 MgCo2O4@NiMn layered double hydroxide core-shell nanocomposites on nickel foam as superior electrode for all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors
Liu ZQ, Li AH, Qiu YL, Zhao QY, Zhong YX, Cui L, Yang WR, Razal JM, Barrow CJ, Liu JQ
468 - 484 Effects of ethylene oxide chain length on crystallization of polysorbate 80 and its related compounds
Lind TK, Nilsson EJ, Wyler B, Scherer D, Skansberger T, Morin M, Kocherbitov V, Engblom J
485 - 497 Metformin derived carbon dots: Highly biocompatible fluorescent nanomaterials as mitochondrial targeting and blood-brain barrier penetrating biomarkers
Cilingir EK, Seven ES, Zhou YQ, Walters BM, Mintz KJ, Pandey RR, Wikramanayake AH, Chusuei CC, Vanni S, Graham RM, Leblanc RM
498 - 508 Effect of Na2O and ZnO on the microstructure and properties of laser cladding derived CaO-SiO2 ceramic coatings on titanium alloys
Li HC, Wang DG, Hu C, Dou JH, Yu HJ, Chen CZ