Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.591 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Formation of size-tunable CuI tetrahedra showing small band gap variation and high catalytic performance towards click reactions
Chang CH, Madasu M, Wu MH, Hsieh PL, Huang MH
9 - 19 Hierarchically activated porous carbon derived from zinc-based fluorine containing metal-organic framework as extremely high specific capacitance and rate performance electrode material for advanced supercapacitors
Osman S, Senthil RA, Pan JQ, Chai LL, Sun YZ, Wu YF
20 - 37 In-situ growth of TiO2 imbedded Ti(3)C(2)TA nanosheets to construct PCN/Ti3C2TA MXenes 2D/3D heterojunction for efficient solar driven photocatalytic CO2 reduction towards CO and CH4 production
Tahir M, Tahir B
38 - 51 Nanostructure of a deep eutectic solvent at solid interfaces
Elbourne A, Meftahi N, Greaves TL, McConville CF, Bryant G, Bryant SJ, Christofferson AJ
52 - 57 Predicting coffee ring formation upon drying in droplets of particle suspensions
Hertaeg MJ, Rees-Zimmerman C, Tabor RF, Routh AF, Garnier G
58 - 66 Polymer-induced orientation of nanowires under electric fields
Arenas-Guerrero P, Delgado AV, Ahualli S, Jimenez ML
67 - 75 Synergistically coupling of Fe-doped CoP nanocubes with CoP nanosheet arrays towards enhanced and robust oxygen evolution electrocatalysis
Jiang DL, Xu SJ, Quan B, Liu CC, Lu YK, Zhu JJ, Tian D, Li D
76 - 84 Constructing macroporous C/Co composites with tunable interfacial polarization toward ultra-broadband microwave absorption
Wang L, Du Z, Bai XY, Lin Y
85 - 95 Sulfur-doped graphitic carbon nitride incorporated bismuth oxychloride/Cobalt based type-II heterojunction as a highly stable material for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Vinoth S, Ong WJ, Pandikumar A
96 - 105 Effect of ionic liquids on the fluorescence properties and aggregation of superfolder green fluorescence protein
Han Q, Ryan TM, Rosado CJ, Drummond CJ, Greaves TL
106 - 114 Surface adsorption and solution aggregation of a novel lauroyl-L-carnitine surfactant
Liu HY, Hu XZ, Li ZY, Fa K, Gong HN, Ma K, Liao MR, Li PX, Webster JRP, Petkov JT, Thomas RK, Lu JR
115 - 128 Highly efficient antimicrobial agents based on sulfur-enriched, hydrophilic molybdenum disulfide nano/microparticles and coatings functionalized with palladium nanoparticles
Zalneravicius R, Klimas V, Paskevicius A, Grinciene G, Karpicz R, Jagminas A, Ramanavicius A
129 - 138 Surfactant-free synthesis of monodispersed organosilica particles with pure sulfide-bridged silsesquioxane framework chemistry via extension of St & ouml;ber method
Song YP, Cheng D, Luo JQ, Zhang M, Yang YN
173 - 183 Comb-like structural modification stabilizes polyvinylidene fluoride membranes to realize thermal-regulated sustainable transportation efficiency
Yuan JF, Zhang D, Fu YH, Ni YF, Wang YT, Protsak I, Yang YT, Peng YP, Tan J, Yang JT
290 - 299 The camouflage of graphene oxide by red blood cell membrane with high dispersibility for cancer chemotherapy
Xie M, Deng TT, Li JQ, Shen HJ
300 - 306 Structural transformations of growing thin colloidal crystals in confined space via convective assembly
Hu SM, Nozawa J, Kang KJ, Guo SX, Koizumi H, Wei ZH, Uda S
307 - 313 Insight into the amorphous nickel-iron (oxy)hydroxide catalyst for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Liao HX, Tan PF, Dong R, Jiang M, Hu XY, Lu LL, Wang Y, Liu HQ, Liu Y, Pan J
314 - 325 Facile design of gemini surfactant-like peptide for hydrophobic drug delivery and antimicrobial activity
Peng F, Chen YZ, Liu J, Xing ZH, Fan J, Zhang WS, Qiu F
326 - 333 In situ synthesis of g-C3N4 by glass-assisted annealing route to boost the efficiency of perovskite solar cells
Xie FY, Dong GF, Wu KC, Li YF, Wei MD, Du SW
334 - 342 Green preparation of carbon dots with different surface states simultaneously at room temperature and their sensing applications
Li TZ, Shi W, Shuang E, Mao QX, Chen XW
343 - 351 Green and sustainable method of manufacturing anti-fouling zwitterionic polymers-modified poly(vinyl chloride) ultrafiltration membranes
Xie WC, Tiraferri A, Ji XY, Chen C, Bai YH, Crittenden JC, Liu BC
352 - 362 Tumor microenvironment-responsive, high internal phase Pickering emulsions stabilized by lignin/chitosan oligosaccharide particles for synergistic cancer therapy
Chen K, Qian Y, Wang CY, Yang DJ, Qiu XQ, Binks BP
363 - 372 Development of polymeric films embedded with liquid nanodomains
Abramov E, Garti N
373 - 383 Chemically heterogeneous carbon dots enhanced cholesterol detection by MALDI TOF mass spectrometry
Houdova D, Soto J, Castro R, Rodrigues J, Pino-Gonzalez MS, Petkovic M, Bandosz TJ, Algarra M
384 - 395 3D NiCo-Layered double Hydroxide@Ni nanotube networks as integrated free-standing electrodes for nonenzymatic glucose sensing
Amin KM, Muench F, Kunz U, Ensinger W
396 - 408 Efficient catalytic degradation of toluene at a readily prepared Mn-Cu catalyst: Catalytic performance and reaction pathway
Li JR, Zhang WP, Li C, He C
409 - 417 Effects of ionic liquid on cellulosic nanofiller filled natural rubber bionanocomposites
Yasin S, Hussain M, Zheng Q, Song YH
418 - 428 WO3-based slippery coatings with long-term stability for efficient fog harvesting
Fan HF, Guo ZG
429 - 439 Environmentally friendly, durable and transparent anti-fouling coatings applicable onto various substrates
Dong WR, Li BC, Wei JF, Tian N, Liang WD, Zhang JP
440 - 450 Microfluidics-assisted conjugation of chitosan-coated polymeric
Escareno N, Hassan N, Kogan MJ, Juarez J, Topete A, Daneri-Navarro A
451 - 462 Protecting redesigned supercharged ferritin containers against protease by integration into acid-cleavable polyelectrolyte microgels
Budiarta M, Xu WJ, Schubert L, Meledina M, Meledin A, Woll D, Pich A, Beck T
463 - 473 Tailoring conductive network nanostructures of ZIF-derived cobalt-decorated N-doped graphene/carbon nanotubes for microwave absorption applications
Wang KF, Zhang SZ, Chu WS, Li H, Chen YJ, Chen BQ, Chen BB, Liu HZ
474 - 482 Measurement of effective wetting area at hydrophobic solid?liquid interface
Zhang DJ, Takase S, Nagayama G
483 - 489 Interfacial self-assembly of polysaccharide rods and platelets bridging over capillary lengths
Joshi G, Okeyoshi K, Yusof FAA, Mitsumata T, Okajima MK, Kaneko T
490 - 499 A comprehensive study of the sorption mechanism and thermodynamics of f-element sorption onto K-feldspar
Neumann J, Brinkmann H, Britz S, Lutzenkirchen J, Bok F, Stockmann M, Brendler V, Stumpf T, Schmidt M