Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.590 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Metal-organic frameworks loaded on phosphorus-doped tubular carbon nitride for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production and amine oxidation
Liu JN, Li Q, Xiao XD, Li FX, Zhao C, Sun Q, Qiao PZ, Zhou J, Wu J, Li BY, Bao HL, Jiang BJ
12 - 18 Gelation of amphiphilic janus particles in an apolar medium
Chirinos-Flores D, Sanchez R, Diaz-Leyva P, Kozina A
19 - 27 Defect suppression and photoresponsivity enhancement in methylammonium lead halide perovskites by CdSe/ZnS quantum dots
Vu TKO, Cho IW, Oh J, Lee DU, Ryu MY, Kim EK
28 - 37 Co-immobilization of antioxidant enzymes on titania nanosheets for reduction of oxidative stress in colloid systems
Saringer S, Rouster P, Szilagyi I
38 - 49 Effect of pH and urea on the proteins secondary structure at the water/ air interface and in solution
Guckeisen T, Hosseinpour S, Peukert W
50 - 59 Enhanced ionic conductivity and lithium dendrite suppression of polymer solid electrolytes by alumina nanorods and interfacial graphite modification
Hu XY, Jing MX, Yang H, Liu QY, Chen F, Yuan WY, Kang L, Li DH, Shen XQ
60 - 71 Sunlight mediated enhanced photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanoparticles functionalized CuO-Cu2O nanorods for removal of methylene blue and oxytetracycline hydrochloride
Singh J, Juneja S, Soni RK, Bhattacharya J
72 - 81 Solvent-exchange process in MOF ultrathin films and its effect on CO2 and methanol adsorption
Andres MA, Fontaine P, Goldmann M, Serre C, Roubeau O, Gascon I
82 - 93 Black Trumpet Mushroom-like ZnS incorporated with Cu3P: Noble metal free photocatalyst for superior photocatalytic H-2 production
Rameshbabu R, Ravi P, Pecchi G, Delgado EJ, Mangalaraja RV, Sathish M
94 - 102 Melittin exerts opposing effects on short- and long-range dynamics in bicontinuous microemulsions
Sharma VK, Hayes DG, Urban VS, O'Neill H, Tyagi M, Mamontov E
103 - 113 Self-healing mechanism and bioelectrochemical interface properties of core-shell guanosine-borate hydrogels
Wang H, Xie XQ, Peng Y, Li JJ, Liu CS
114 - 124 Enhanced faradic activity by construction of p-n junction within reduced graphene oxide@cobalt nickel sulfide@nickle cobalt layered double hydroxide composite electrode for charge storage in hybrid supercapacitor
Chang JL, Zang SQ, Liang WF, Wu DP, Lian ZX, Xu F, Jiang K, Gao ZY
125 - 133 Electrospun polymeric nanofiber decorated with sea urchin-like gold nanoparticles as an efficient and stable SERS platform
Sang YQ, Chen X, Zhang L, Li DY, Xu H
134 - 143 Simple and efficient fabrication of multi-stage color-changeable photonic prints as anti-counterfeit labels
Yang DP, Ouyang C, Zhang YQ, Ma DK, Ye YM, Bu DL, Huang SM
144 - 153 Bi-N-V bond: A hole-transfer bridge for high-efficient separation and transfer of carriers
Wang YH, Jiang WJ, Yao W, Liu ZL, Liu Z, Wang YJ, Shi LJ, Gao LZ
154 - 163 Enhanced electrocatalytic activity of PtRu/nitrogen and sulphur co-doped crumbled graphene in acid and alkaline media
Pang LQ, Miao YY, Bhange SN, Barras A, Addad A, Roussel P, Amin MA, Kurungot S, Szunerits S, Boukherroub R
164 - 174 Platinum quantum dots enhance electrocatalytic activity of bamboo-like nitrogen doped carbon nanotubes embedding Co-MnO nanoparticles for methanol/ethanol oxidation
Zhang MM, Song ZX, Wang ZK, Wang A, Zhu GS, Shao SY
175 - 185 Facile d-band tailoring in Sub-10 nm Pd cubes by in-situ grafting on nitrogen-doped graphene for highly efficient organic transformations
Sahoo L, Mondal S, Nayana CB, Gautam UK
186 - 198 Achieving super-broad effective absorption bandwidth with low filler loading for graphene aerogels/raspberry-like CoFe2O4 clusters by N doping
Wang XY, Liao J, Du RX, Wang GH, Tsidaeva N, Wang W
199 - 209 Topological origin of phase separation in hydrated gels
Zhao C, Zhou W, Zhou Q, Wang Z, Sant G, Guo LJ, Bauchy M
210 - 218 Theoretical screening of VSe2 as support for enhanced electrocatalytic performance of transition-metal single atoms
Wang YW, Wan J, Tian W, Hou ZF, Gu X, Wang Y
219 - 225 Stacked Cu2-xSe nanoplates with 2D nanochannels as high performance anode for lithium batteries
Jin RC, Ren CY, Kang HW, Gao SM, Chen SS
226 - 237 Synergistic effects of Fe and Mn dual-doping in Co3S4 ultrathin nanosheets for high-performance hybrid supercapacitors
Lu W, Yang Y, Zhang TY, Ma LKX, Luo XT, Huang CQ, Ning JQ, Zhong YJ, Hu Y
238 - 248 Physicochemical characterization of green sodium oleate-based formulations. Part 1. Structure and rheology
Tatini D, Raudino M, Ambrosi M, Carretti E, Davidovich I, Talmon Y, Ninham BW, Lo Nostro P
249 - 259 Understanding the temperature induced aggregation of silica nanoparticles decorated with temperature-responsive polymers: Can a small step in the chemical structure make a giant leap for a phase transition?
Mansfield EDH, Filippov SK, de la Rosa VR, Cook MT, Grillo I, Hoogenboom R, Williams AC, Khutoryanskiy VV
260 - 267 Micellar formation by soft template electropolymerization in organic solvents
Fradin C, Orange F, Amigoni S, Szczepanski CR, Guittard F, Darmanin T
268 - 276 Mechanistic insights into the formation of polyion complex aggregates from cationic thermoresponsive diblock copolymers
Read E, Lonetti B, Gineste S, Sutton AT, Di Cola E, Castignolles P, Gaborieau M, Mingotaud AF, Destarac M, Marty JD
277 - 289 Nitric oxide releasing halloysite nanotubes for biomedical applications
Ghalei S, Hopkins S, Douglass M, Garren M, Mondal A, Handa H
290 - 300 Assembly of multifunction dyes and heat shock protein 90 inhibitor coupled to bovine serum albumin in nanoparticles for multimodal photodynamic/photothermal/chemo-therapy
Wen ZF, Liu FY, Liu GX, Sun QY, Zhang YH, Muhammad M, Xu YQ, Li HJ, Sun SG
301 - 310 A superhydrophobic coating harvesting mechanical robustness, passive anti-icing and active de-icing performances
Wu BR, Cui X, Jiang HY, Wu N, Peng CY, Hu ZF, Liang XB, Yan YG, Huang J, Li DS
311 - 320 Less is more: Unstable foams clean better than stable foams
Schad T, Preisig N, Blunk D, Piening H, Drenckhan W, Stubenrauch C
321 - 329 The cobalt carbide/bimetallic CoFe phosphide dispersed on carbon nanospheres as advanced bifunctional electrocatalysts for the ORR, OER, and rechargeable Zn-air batteries
Wu YL, Xiao ZX, Jin ZC, Li XY, Chen YL
330 - 340 Mn, N, P-tridoped bamboo-like carbon nanotubes decorated with ultrafine Co2P/FeCo nanoparticles as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst for long-term rechargeable Zn-air battery
Han Z, Feng JJ, Yao YQ, Wang ZG, Zhang L, Wang AJ
341 - 351 Pseudocapacitance multiporous vanadyl phosphate/graphene thin film electrode for high performance electrochemical capacitors
Hu BB, Xu CL, Yu DM, Chen CG
352 - 364 Porous cauliflower-like molybdenum disulfide/cadmium sulfide hybrid micro/nano structure: Enhanced visible light absorption ability and photocatalytic activity
Liu X, Ruan ZH, Zhang L, Li YD, Jiang YQ, Fan JZ, Xu XZ, Du YC, Yuan Y, Lin KF
365 - 374 2D Ti3C2Tx flakes prepared by in-situ HF etchant for simultaneous screening of carbamate pesticides
Sinha A, Ma KX, Zhao HM
375 - 386 Phase diagrams and microstructures of aqueous short alkyl chain polyethylene glycol ether carboxylate and carboxylic acid triblock surfactant solutions
Denk P, El Maangar A, Lal J, Kleber D, Zemb T, Kunz W
387 - 395 Cadmium sulfide/titanate hybrid green light photocatalysis for selective aerobic oxidative homocoupling of amines
Dong XY, Hao HM, Wang NN, Yuan H, Lang XJ
396 - 406 Green synthesis of poly(pyrrole methane) for enhanced adsorption of anionic and cationic dyes from aqueous solution
Ji YJ, Zhang WL, Yang HH, Ma F, Xu FY
407 - 414 In situ growth of Z-scheme CuS/CuSCN heterojunction to passivate surface defects and enhance charge transport
Ning P, Liang JH, Li LH, Chen D, Qin LS, Yao X, Chen HY, Huang YX
415 - 423 2D MoS2 nanoplatelets for fouling resistant membrane surface
Arshad F, Aubry C, Ravaux F, Zou LD
424 - 435 Magnetically recyclable and remarkably efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic hexavalent chromium removal based on plasmonic biochar/bismuth/ferroferric oxide heterojunction
Shen XF, Yang Y, Song BT, Chen F, Xue QQ, Shan SD, Li SJ
436 - 445 Three-dimensional ordered magnetic macroporous metal-organic frameworks for enzyme immobilization
Feng YX, Hu HT, Wang ZC, Du YJ, Zhong L, Zhang CX, Jiang YJ, Jia SR, Cui JD
446 - 457 A pore network modelling approach to investigate the interplay between local and Darcy viscosities during the flow of shear-thinning fluids in porous media
de Castro AR, Goyeau B
458 - 466 Orientation-independent reaction activity monitoring with single particle and data analytics
Zhou J, Pan ZY, Liu H, Gao PF, Huang CZ
467 - 475 Multi-reflection-enhanced electromagnetic interference shielding performance of conductive nanocomposite coatings on fabrics
Lan CT, Zou LH, Wang N, Qiu YP, Ma Y
476 - 486 Hierarchical N,P co-doped graphene aerogels framework assembling vertically grown CoMn-LDH nanosheets as efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for rechargeable Zinc-air battery
Zhang GQ, Xing JY, Zhao YY, Yang FL
487 - 494 Structured liquids with interfacial robust assemblies of a nonionic crystalline surfactant
Hata Y, Yoneda S, Tanaka S, Sawada T, Serizawa T
495 - 505 Tetracycline removal from aqueous solution using zirconium-based metal-organic frameworks (Zr-MOFs) with different pore size and topology: Adsorption isotherm, kinetic and mechanism studies
Xia J, Gao YX, Yu G
506 - 517 Heads or tails: Nanostructure and molecular orientations in organised erucamide surface layers
Gubala D, Fox LJ, Harniman R, Hussain H, Robles E, Chen M, Briscoe WH
518 - 526 Interfacial heterojunction construction by introducing Pd into W18O49 nanowires to promote the visible light-driven photocatalytic degradation of environmental organic pollutants
Li P, Zhuang ZH, Zhang ZW, Guo JH, Fang ZY, Chen W
527 - 538 Lifshitz theory of wetting films at three phase coexistence: The case of ice nucleation on Silver Iodide (AgI)
Luengo-Marquez J, MacDowell LG
539 - 547 Selective electrosorption of Ca2+ by MXene cathodes coupled with NiAl-LMO anodes through ion intercalation
Sun JQ, Mu Q, Wang TY, Qi J, Hu CZ
548 - 560 Facile preparation of novel nickel sulfide modified KNbO3 heterojunction composite and its enhanced performance in photocatalytic nitrogen fixation
Zhang WQ, Xing PX, Zhang JY, Chen L, Yang JY, Hu X, Zhao LH, Wu Y, He YM
561 - 570 Facile synthesis of nickel/carbon nanotubes hybrid derived from metal organic framework as a lightweight, strong and efficient microwave absorber
Qiu Y, Yang HB, Wen B, Ma L, Lin Y
571 - 579 Central-collapsed structure of CoFeAl layered double hydroxides and its photocatalytic performance
Yang JS, Li C, Liang DR, Liu Y, Li ZS, Wang HY, Huang HH, Xia CF, Zhao H, Liu YY, Zhang Q, Meng ZL
580 - 590 Hierarchical goethite nanoparticle and tin dioxide quantum dot anchored on reduced graphene oxide for long life and high rate lithium-ion storage
Tan QK, Bao SC, Kong XL, Zheng X, Xu ZG, Hu YX, Liu XH, Wang C, Xu BH
591 - 600 Effect of morphology and phase engineering of MoS2 on electrochemical properties of carbon nanotube/polyaniline@MoS2 composites
Dai JG, Lv Y, Zhang JT, Zhang DD, Xie HM, Guo CL, Zhu AQ, Xu YT, Fan MZ, Yuan CH, Dai LZ
601 - 613 Adsorption of two beta-blocker pollutants on modified montmorillonite with environment-friendly cationic surfactant containing amide group: Batch adsorption experiments and Multiwfn wave function analysis
Zhang HL, Ma JZ, Shi MX, Xia MZ, Wang FY, Fu CL
614 - 621 Anchoring nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots on nickel carbonate hydroxide nanosheets for hybrid supercapacitor applications
Ji ZY, Ma DW, Dai WY, Liu K, Shen XP, Zhu GX, Nie YJ, Pasang D, Yuan AH
622 - 631 Controllable synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon containing Co and Co3Fe7 nanoparticles as effective catalysts for electrochemical oxygen conversion
Luo XD, Ma H, Ren H, Zou XH, Wang Y, Li X, Shen ZF, Wang YG, Cui LF
632 - 640 Hierarchical fabrication of hollow Co2P nanocages coated with ZnIn2S4 thin layer: Highly efficient noble-metal-free photocatalyst for hydrogen evolution
Zhang Q, Wang XH, Zhang JH, Li LF, Gu HJ, Dai WL
641 - 651 Ni@ZrO2 yolk-shell catalyst for CO2 methane reforming: Effect of Ni@SiO2 size as the hard-template
Lim ZY, Tu JL, Xu YJ, Chen BM