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1 - 12 Combined strategy of blending and surface modification as an effective route to prepare antifouling ultrafiltration membranes
Mu YF, Feng H, Wang SD, Zhang SL, Luan JS, Zhang M, Yu ZX, Wang GB
13 - 24 Size-controllable synthesis of Zn2GeO4 hollow rods supported on reduced graphene oxide as high-capacity anode for lithium-ion batteries
Chen Y, Ji ZY, Shen XP, Chen HY, Qi Y, Yuan AH, Qiu JX, Li BL
25 - 33 Mesoporous CdxZn1-xS with abundant surface defects for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen production
Gao LJ, Chen L, Ren JT, Weng CC, Tian WW, Yuan ZY
34 - 44 Gold nanoparticle-guarded large-pore mesoporous silica nanocomposites for delivery and controlled release of cytochrome c
Guo C, Zhang YM, Li YC, Zhang LB, Jiang H, Tao J, Zhu JT
45 - 55 pH - Responsive colloidal carriers assembled from beta-lactoglobulin and Epsilon poly-L-lysine for oral drug delivery
Pujara N, Giri R, Wong KY, Qu Z, Rewatkar P, Moniruzzaman M, Begun J, Ross BP, McGuckin M, Popat A
56 - 64 Silicon oxide-protected nickel nanoparticles as biomass-derived catalysts for urea electro-oxidation
Yuan MJ, Guo XT, Li N, Pang H
65 - 76 Interplay between interfacial behaviour, cell structure and shear enables biphasic lipid extraction from whole diatom cells (Navicula sp.)
Yatipanthalawa B, Li W, Hill DRA, Trifunovic Z, Ashokkumar M, Scales PJ, Martin GJO
77 - 84 Effect of prenucleation clusters arising from liquid-liquid phase transition on nucleation in a one-component charged colloidal suspension
Liu JN, Shen T, Zhang S
85 - 95 Synthetic ionizable aminolipids induce a pH dependent inverse hexagonal to bicontinuous cubic lyotropic liquid crystalline phase transition in monoolein nanoparticles
Rajesh S, Zhai JL, Drummond CJ, Tran N
96 - 109 Pickering emulsions stabilized by thermoresponsive oligo(ethylene glycol)-based microgels: Effect of temperature-sensitivity on emulsion stability
Tatry MC, Galanopoulo P, Waldmann L, Lapeyre V, Garrigue P, Schmitt V, Ravaine V
110 - 126 A dual thermoresponsive and antifouling zwitterionic microgel with pH triggered fluorescent "on -off" core
Banerjee SL, Saha P, Ganguly R, Bhattacharya K, Kalita U, Pich A, Singha NK
127 - 134 Dual anions engineering on nickel cobalt-based catalyst for optimal hydrogen evolution electrocatalysis
Sun Q, Tong Y, Chen PZ, Chen L, Xi FN, Liu JY, Dong XP
135 - 146 Facile one-pot synthesis of Co coordination polymer spheres doped macroporous carbon and its application for electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose
Meng TJ, Shang NZ, Zhao JN, Su M, Wang C, Zhang YF
147 - 156 Sulfur vacancies and morphology dependent sodium storage properties of MoS2-x and its sodiation/desodiation mechanism
Meng AL, Huang TQ, Li HY, Cheng H, Lin YS, Zhao J, Li ZJ
157 - 165 Magnetic spin exchange interaction in SmCo5/Co nanocomposite magnet for large energy product
Kim CW, Kim IH, Kang YS
166 - 172 Contact line relaxation of sessile drops on PDMS surfaces: A methodological perspective
Ibanez-Ibanez PF, Ruiz-Cabello FJM, Cabrerizo-Vilchez MA, Rodriguez-Valverde MA
173 - 178 Interfacial behavior of Lactate Oxidase at Air-Subphase interface
Ferreira M, Sharma SK, Paudyal S, Leblanc RM
179 - 186 A step-by-step synergistic stripping approach toward ultra-thin porous g-C3N4 nanosheets with high conduction band position for photocatalystic CO2 reduction
Yang B, Zhao JJ, Yang WD, Sun XY, Wang RJ, Jia X
187 - 197 Tension gradient-driven oil/water interface rapid particle self-assembly and its application in microdroplet motion control
Li X, Feng D, Chen L, Weng D, Chen CL, Wang JD
198 - 207 Architectural Cu2O@CuO mesocrystals as superior catalyst for trichlorosilane synthesis
Yang ZB, Kang T, Ji YJ, Li J, Zhu YX, Liu HZ, Jiang XY, Zhong ZY, Su FB
208 - 216 Mn3O4 anchored polypyrrole nanotubes as an efficient sulfur host for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Wen GY, Sui YL, Zhang XP, Li JP, Zhang ZW, Zhong SK, Tang SB, Wu L
217 - 228 Efficient removal of various coexisting organic pollutants in water based on beta-cyclodextrin polymer modified flower-like Fe3O4 particles
Chen DF, Shen Y, Wang SJ, Chen XP, Cao XR, Wang ZN, Li YM
229 - 241 In vitro solubilization of fat-soluble vitamins in structurally defined mixed intestinal assemblies
El Aoud A, Reboul E, Dupont A, Meriadec C, Artzner F, Marze S
242 - 251 Porosity-induced mechanically robust superhydrophobicity by the sintering and silanization of hydrophilic porous diatomaceous earth
Nguyen HH, Tieu AK, Tran BH, Wan SH, Zhu HT, Pham ST
252 - 263 Controllable synthesis of spherical carbon particles transition from dense to hollow structure derived from Kraft lignin
Cao KLA, Rahmatika AM, Kitamoto Y, Nguyen MTT, Ogi T
264 - 274 Superelastic and ultralight electrospun carbon nanofiber/MXene hybrid aerogels with anisotropic microchannels for pressure sensing and energy storage
Qin LY, Yang DZ, Zhang M, Zhao TY, Luo Z, Yu ZZ
275 - 285 A strategy of heterogeneous polyurethane-based sponge for water purification: Combination of superhydrophobicity and photocatalysis to conduct oil/water separation and dyes degradation
Sui SY, Quan HF, Hu YK, Hou MM, Guo SQ
286 - 297 Evaluation of the repartition of the particles in Pickering emulsions in relation with their rheological properties
Velandia SF, Marchal P, Lemaitre C, Sadtler V, Roques-Carmes T
298 - 307 Degradation of organic dyes by peroxymonosulfate activated with water-stable iron-based metal organic frameworks
Xiao ZY, Li Y, Fan L, Wang YX, Li L
308 - 317 Organic molecule confinement reaction for preparation of the Sn nanoparticles@graphene anode materials in Lithium-ion battery
Ding SK, Cheng W, Zhang LM, Du GH, Hao XD, Nie GJ, Xu BS, Zhang M, Su QM, Serra CA
318 - 326 Tannic acid speeds up the setting of mineral trioxide aggregate cements and improves its surface and bulk properties
Kharouf N, Zghal J, Addiego F, Gabelout M, Jmal H, Haikel Y, Bahlouli N, Ball V
327 - 335 Liquid-like polymer-based self-cleaning coating for effective prevention of liquid foods contaminations
Yang CD, Wu QN, Zhong LY, Lyu CL, He G, Yang C, Li XL, Huang XS, Hu N, Chen MW, Hang T, Xie X
336 - 346 rGO/Bi2WO6 composite as a highly efficient and stable visible-light photocatalyst for norfloxacin degradation in aqueous environment
Zhao YY, Liang XH, Hu XY, Fan J
347 - 355 Wettability of cellulose surfaces under the influence of an external electric field
Karna NK, Wohlert J, Liden A, Mattsson T, Theliander H
356 - 366 Dynamics of long-term protein aggregation on low-fouling surfaces
Hedayati M, Krapf D, Kipper MJ
367 - 377 Modifying the crystallization of amorphous magnesium-calcium phosphate nanoparticles with proteins from Moringa oleifera seeds
Gelli R, Tonelli M, Ridi F, Bonini M, Kwaambwa HM, Rennie AR, Baglioni P
378 - 387 Emulsions stabilized by highly hydrophilic TiO2 nanoparticles via van der Waals attraction
Wang J, Sun YJ, Yu MY, Lu XH, Komarneni S, Yang C
388 - 400 Chitin nanofibers improve the stability and functional performance of Pickering emulsions formed from colloidal zein
Sun GG, Liu XK, McClements DJ, Liu SL, Li B, Li Y
401 - 410 Porous metal-graphene oxide nanocomposite sensors with high ammonia detectability
Ghule BG, Shinde NM, Raut SD, Shaikh SF, Al-Enizi AM, Kim KH, Mane RS
411 - 423 Wetting dynamics of nanoliter water droplets in nanoporous media
Pan B, Clarkson CR, Atwa M, Debuhr C, Ghanizadeh A, Birss VI
424 - 437 Adsorption of organic molecules on carbon surfaces: Experimental data and molecular dynamics simulation considering multiple protonation states
Wagner R, Bag S, Trunzer T, Fraga-Garcia P, Wenzel W, Berensmeier S, Franzreb M
438 - 452 Bioactive three-dimensional silk composite in vitro tumoroid model for high throughput screening of anticancer drugs
Arora D, Bhunia BK, Janani G, Mandal BB
453 - 461 On the importance of the linking chemistry for the PEGylation of mesoporous silica nanoparticles
von Baeckmann C, Kahlig H, Linden M, Kleitz F
462 - 471 Rational construction of hierarchical Co@C@NPC nanocomposites derived from bimetallic hybrid ZIFs/biomass for boosting the microwave absorption
Wang Y, Di XC, Lu Z, Wu XM
472 - 473 Deep eutectic solvent-assisted in-situ synthesis of nanosheet-packed Ni3S2 porous spheres on Ni foam for high-performance supercapacitors (vol 583, pg 594, 2021)
Chen L, Zeng JR, Guo MW, Xue RC, Deng RR, Zhang QB
474 - 485 Synergistic catalysis within core-shell Fe3O4@SiO2 functionalized with triethylene glycol (TEG)-imidazolium ionic liquid and tetramethylpiperidine N-oxyl (TEMPO) boosting selective aerobic oxidation of alcohols
Karimi B, Ghaffari B, Vali H
486 - 499 Constructing dense and hydrophilic forward osmosis membrane by cross-linking reaction of graphene quantum dots with monomers for enhanced selectivity and stability
Xu ZW, Li P, Li N, Wang W, Guo CS, Shan MJ, Qian XM
500 - 510 Encapsulation and sedimentation of nanomaterials through complex coacervation
Gonzalez-Monje P, Garcia AA, Ruiz-Molina D, Roscini C
511 - 524 Engineering of amine-based binding chemistry on functionalized graphene oxide/alginate hybrids for simultaneous and efficient removal of trace heavy metals: Towards drinking water
Majdoub M, Amedlous A, Anfar Z, Jada A, El Alem N
525 - 531 Flame-retardant ethylene vinyl acetate composite materials by combining additions of aluminum hydroxide and melamine cyanurate: Preparation and characteristic evaluations
Xu SY, Li JX, Ye QF, Shen LG, Lin HJ
532 - 544 Regular Charge reversal self-emulsifying drug delivery systems: A comparative study among various phosphorylated surfactants
Akkus-Dagdeviren ZB, Wolf JD, Kurpiers M, Shahzadi I, Steinbring C, Bernkop-Schnurch A
545 - 555 Ultrathin h-BN/Bi2MoO6 heterojunction with synergetic effect for visible-light photocatalytic tetracycline degradation
Du Z, Feng L, Guo ZL, Yan TQ, Hu Q, Lin J, Huang Y, Tang CC, Fang Y
556 - 567 Designing scalable elastomeric anti-fouling coatings: Shear strain dissipation via interfacial cavitation
Mohseni M, Dijvejin ZA, Golovin K
568 - 577 Structural and viscoelastic properties of floating monolayers of a pectinolytic enzyme and their influence on the catalytic properties
Rodrigues RT, Siqueira JR, Caseli L
578 - 586 Metal selectivity and effects of co-existing ions on the removal of Cd, Cu, Ni, and Cr by ZIF-8-EGCG nanoparticles
Wen J, Hu XH
587 - 596 Pickering emulsion-embedded hierarchical solid-liquid hydrogel spheres for static and flow photocatalysis
Lan YL, Yu M, He DQ, Wang YM, Meng QB, Huang HW, Zhang Y, Ma TY, Song XM
597 - 604 Analytical description of colloid behavior in single fractures under irreversible deposition
Yosri A, Dickson-Anderson S, Siam A, El-Dakhakhni W
605 - 615 Theory of shock electrodialysis I: Water dissociation and electrosmotic vortices
Tian HH, Alkhadra MA, Bazant MZ
616 - 621 Theory of shock electrodialysis II: Mechanisms of selective ion removal
Tian HH, Alkhadra MA, Bazant MZ