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1 - 8 Enhanced catalytic activity of MXene for nitrogen electoreduction reaction by carbon doping
Li HY, Wei SQ, Wang HX, Cai QH, Zhao JX
9 - 18 Zwitterionic modified electrostatic flocking surfaces for diatoms and mussels resistance
Xu XY, Wang K, Guo H, Sun GH, Chen RR, Yu J, Liu JY, Lin CG, Wang J
19 - 30 Highly efficient activation of peroxymonosulfate by Co3O4/Bi2WO6 p-n heterojunction composites for the degradation of ciprofloxacin under visible light irradiation
Sun J, Shen CH, Guo J, Guo H, Yin YF, Xu XJ, Fei ZH, Liu ZT, Wen XJ
31 - 39 Insight into interface charge regulation through the change of the electrolyte temperature toward enhancing photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Zhang Q, Ning XM, Fan YP, Yin D, Zhao HH, Zhang Z, Du PY, Lu XQ
40 - 49 A facile one-pot synthesis of microgels and nanogels of laminarin for biomedical applications
Can M, Sahiner N
50 - 61 Construction of sustainable and multifunctional polyester fabrics via an efficiently and eco-friendly spray-drying layer-by-layer strategy
Liu GY, Wang ZH, Bao BW, Ouyang ZJ, Du CX, Liu F, Wang W, Yu D
62 - 69 Electrochemically active hydroquinone-based redox mediator for flexible energy storage system with improved charge storing ability
Choi H, Kim MC, Park Y, Lee S, Ahn W, Hong J, Sohn JI, Jang AR, Lee YW
70 - 83 Interfacial behavior of polar and nonpolar frozen/unfrozen liquids interacting with hydrophilic and hydrophobic nanosilicas alone and in blends
Turov VV, Gun'ko VM, Krupska TV, Borysenko MV, Kartel MT
84 - 93 In situ construction of hierarchical polyaniline/SnS2@carbon nanotubes on carbon fibers for high-performance supercapacitors
Zhang Z, Feng L, Jing PP, Hou XJ, Suo GQ, Ye XH, Zhang L, Yang YL, Zhai CX
94 - 100 Electrokinetic behavior of a pH-regulated dielectric cylindrical nanopore
Yen WK, Hsu JP
101 - 109 Stabilization of surface-bound antibodies for ELISA based on a reversable zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 coating
Kang L, Smith S, Wang CZ
110 - 121 Facile synthesis of the Z-scheme graphite-like carbon nitride/silver/silver phosphate nanocomposite for photocatalytic oxidative removal of nitric oxides under visible light
Li GJ, Guo J, Hu YY, Wang YN, Wang JB, Zhang SL, Zhong Q
122 - 137 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of gaseous toluene and liquidus tetracycline by anatase/rutile titanium dioxide with heterophase junction derived from materials of Institut Lavoisier-125(Ti): Degradation pathway and mechanism studies
Zhang XD, Chen JF, Jiang ST, Zhang XL, Bi FK, Yang Y, Wang YX, Wang Z
138 - 146 Understanding the role of soft linkers in designing hepatzine-based polymeric frameworks as heterogeneous (photo)catalyst
Kumar S, Battula VR, Sharma N, Samanta S, Kailasam K
147 - 156 Construction of two-dimensional bimetal (Fe-Ti) oxide/carbon/MXene architecture from titanium carbide MXene for ultrahigh-rate lithium-ion storage
Wan LJ, Chua DHC, Sun HC, Chen L, Wang K, Lu T, Pan LK
157 - 163 Designing the shape of supraparticles by controlling the apparent contact angle and contact line friction of droplets
Kim J, Hwang H, Butt HJ, Wooh S
164 - 174 Self-healable castor oil-based waterborne polyurethane/MXene film with outstanding electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness and excellent shape memory performance
Lu JY, Zhang Y, Tao YJ, Wang BB, Cheng WH, Jie GX, Song L, Hu Y
175 - 183 A fluorine-free superhydrophobic silicone rubber surface has excellent self-cleaning and bouncing properties
Wang GF, Li AL, Li KS, Zhao YH, Ma YW, He Q
184 - 195 Carbon-based 0D/1D/2D assembly with desired structures and defect states as non-metal bifunctional electrocatalyst for zinc-air battery
Wang BN, Zhao P, Feng JG, Chen D, Huang Y, Sui LN, Dong HZ, Ma S, Dong LF, Yu LY
196 - 208 Sulfobetaine-based polydisulfides with tunable upper critical solution temperature (UCST) in water alcohols mixture, depolymerization kinetics and surface wettability
Kollar J, Popelka A, Tkac J, Zabka M, Mosnacek J, Kasak P
209 - 220 Microplotter printing of planar solid electrolytes in the CeO2-Y2O3 system
Simonenko TL, Simonenko NP, Gorobtsov PY, Vlasov IS, Solovey VR, Shelaev AV, Simonenko EP, Glumov OV, Melnikova NA, Kozodaev MG, Markeev AM, Lizunova AA, Volkov IA, Sevastyanov VG, Kuznetsov NT
221 - 231 Switching the solubility of electroactive ionic liquids for designing high energy supercapacitor and low potential biosensor
Benjamin M, Manoj D, Karnan M, Saravanakumar D, Thenmozhi K, Ariga K, Sathish M, Senthilkumar S
232 - 241 Associative structures formed from cellulose nanofibrils and nanochitins are pH-responsive and exhibit tunable rheology
Facchine EG, Bai L, Rojas OJ, Khan SA
242 - 247 Electrochemical nitrogen fixation via bimetallic Sn-Ti sites on defective titanium oxide catalysts
Cao N, Wei ZX, Xu J, Luo J, Guan AX, Al-Enizi AM, Ma JM, Zheng GF
248 - 256 Iron, manganese co-doped Ni3S2 nanoflowers in situ assembled by ultrathin nanosheets as a robust electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Duan JJ, Han Z, Zhang RL, Feng JJ, Zhang L, Zhang QL, Wang AJ
257 - 268 Aqueous phase behavior of the PEO-containing non-ionic surfactant C12E6: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Guruge AG, Warren DB, Benameur H, Pouton CW, Chalmers DK
269 - 282 Fabrication, characterization and photoelectrochemical properties of CdS/CdSe nanofilm co-sensitized ZnO nanorod arrays on Zn foil substrate
Li CL, Chen SR, Gao XX, Zhang W, Wang YF
283 - 294 Facile synthesis of CeO2/carbonate doped Bi2O2CO3 Z-scheme heterojunction for improved visible-light photocatalytic performance: Photodegradation of tetracycline and photocatalytic mechanism
Lai C, Xu FH, Zhang MM, Li BS, Liu SY, Yi H, Li L, Qin L, Liu XG, Fu YK, An N, Yang HL, Huo XQ, Yang XF, Yan HC
295 - 304 A highly elastic, Room-temperature repairable and recyclable conductive hydrogel for stretchable electronics
Wang HF, Lu JM, Huang HY, Fang SL, Zubair M, Peng ZC
305 - 314 Plasmonic metal-organic framework nanocomposites enabled by degenerately doped molybdenum oxides
Khan MW, Zhang BY, Xu K, Mohiuddin M, Jannat A, Haque F, Alkathiri T, Pillai N, Wang YC, Reza SZ, Li J, Mulet X, Babarao R, Mahmood N, Ou JZ
315 - 325 Effect of humic acid on CO2-wettability in sandstone formation
Ali M, Awan FUR, Ali M, Al-Yaseri A, Arif M, Sanchez-Roman M, Keshavarz A, Iglauer S
326 - 335 Tailoring and visualising pore openings in gelatin-based hydrogel foams
Dehli F, Southan A, Drenckhan W, Stubenrauch C
336 - 345 Ethylenediamine-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of NiCo2O4 absorber with controlled morphology and excellent absorbing performance
Chang Q, Liang HS, Shi B, Li XL, Zhang YT, Zhang LM, Wu HJ
346 - 356 Engineering zinc ferrite nanoparticles in a hierarchical graphene and carbon nanotube framework for improved lithium-ion storage
Bao SC, Tan QK, Kong XL, Wang C, Chen YY, Wang C, Xu BH
357 - 368 S-scheme bismuth vanadate and carbon nitride integrating with dual-functional bismuth nanoparticles toward co-efficiently removal formaldehyde under full spectrum light
Song MT, Wu YH, Du CF, Su YG
369 - 377 Scalable and low-cost fabrication of hydrophobic PVDF/WS2 porous membrane for highly efficient solar steam generation
Wei N, Li ZK, Li Q, Yang EQ, Xu RQ, Song XJ, Sun JQ, Dou C, Tian J, Cui HZ
378 - 383 Hierarchical WSe2 nanoflower as a cathode material for rechargeable Mg-ion batteries
Xu J, Wei ZN, Zhang SK, Wang XX, Wang YH, He MY, Huang KJ
384 - 392 Metal-organic interface engineering for coupling palladium nanocrystals over functionalized graphene as an advanced electrocatalyst of methanol and ethanol oxidation
Li SW, Ma SZ, Zhang YX, Zhao LM, Yang HL, Jin RF
393 - 400 Giant improvement of performances of perovskite solar cells via component engineering
Wei QB, Chang DP, Ye ZW, Li X, Zan LX, Gao LJ, Fu F, Yang D
401 - 417 Measuring particle size distribution and mass concentration of nanoplastics and microplastics: addressing some analytical challenges in the sub-micron size range
Caputo F, Vogel R, Savage J, Vella G, Law A, Della Camera G, Hannon G, Peacock B, Mehn D, Ponti J, Geiss O, Aubert D, Prina-Mello A, Calzolai L
418 - 426 Multi-responsive organo- and hydrogelation based on the supramolecular assembly of fluorocarbon- and hydrocarbon-containing hybrid surfactants
Saito N, Itoyama S, Kondo Y
427 - 435 Influence of surfactants on a pre-adsorbed cationic layer: Removal and modification
Allen FJ, Truscott CL, Welbourn RJL, Clarke SM
436 - 445 Reversible filtration redox of methylene blue in dimethylsulfoxide by manganese oxide loaded carbonaceous nanofibrous membrane through Fenton-like oxidation
Wang Y, Wang JQ, Li GL, Geng XL, Hu TP, Liu F
446 - 455 Interaction mechanisms of polyphosphoric acid and nano clay in bituminous composites
Shariati S, Mousavi M, Hung A, Fini EH
456 - 468 The role of hydrophobicity in supramolecular polymer/surfactant catalysts: An understandable model for enzymatic catalysis
Costa PFA, de Abreu R, Fontana AB, Fiedler HD, Kirby AJ, Quina FH, Nome F, Gerola AP
469 - 475 Na+-functionalized carbon dots with aggregation-induced and enhanced cyan emission
Tao YF, Lin J, Wang DY, Wang YH
476 - 484 In situ electrochemical redox tuning of Pd-Co hybrid electrocatalysts for high-performance methanol oxidation: Strong metal-support interaction
Lei H, Zhang QB
485 - 493 Entropy drives the adsorption of xyloglucan to cellulose surfaces-A molecular dynamics study
Kishani S, Benselfelt T, Wagberg L, Wohlert J
494 - 500 Excitons competition regulation via organic cation-site and halogen-site co-halogenation of (X-p-PEA)(2)Pb(Cl/Br)(4) perovskites
Ma LL, Zhou CY, Zhang HY, Sun Y, Wang BB, Feng X, Chu Y, Wu ZB, Wang C, Zhao GJ
501 - 509 Methyl-grafted silica nanoparticle stabilized water-in-oil Pickering emulsions with low-temperature stability
Fan Z, Zhang L, Di WW, Li KC, Li GR, Sun DJ
510 - 521 Magnetically steerable iron oxides-manganese dioxide core-shell micromotors for organic and microplastic removals
Ye H, Wang Y, Liu XJ, Xu DD, Yuan H, Sun HQ, Wang SB, Ma X
522 - 530 Temperature- and composition-dependent conformational transitions of amphipathic peptide-phospholipid nanodiscs
Anada C, Ikeda K, Egawa A, Fujiwara T, Nakao H, Nakano M
531 - 546 Regular Elucidating the pH influence on pulsed electric fields-induced self-assembly of chitosan-zein-poly(vinyl alcohol)-polyethylene glycol nanostructured composites
Giteru SG, Ali MA, Oey I
547 - 556 MOF-derived synthesis of MnS/In2S3 p-n heterojunctions with hierarchical structures for efficient photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Tan J, Yu MS, Cai ZZ, Lou XD, Wang J, Li ZQ
557 - 570 Composition engineering of ZIF-derived cobalt phosphide/cobalt monoxide heterostructures for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Gayathri S, Arunkumar P, Saha D, Han JH
571 - 579 Coupling between wetting dynamics, Marangoni vortices, and localized hot cells in drops of volatile binary solutions
Jabal MA, Homede E, Zigelman A, Manor O
580 - 588 Supramolecular tripeptide self-assembly initiated at the surface of coacervates by polyelectrolyte exchange
Criado-Gonzalez M, Wagner D, Iqbal MH, Ontani A, Carvalho A, Schmutz M, Schlenoff JB, Schaaf P, Jierry L, Boulmedais F
589 - 601 Study of solvent variation on controlled synthesis of different nanostructured NiCo2O4 thin films for supercapacitive application
Dhavale SB, Patil VL, Beknalkar SA, Teli AM, Patil AH, Patil AP, Shin JC, Patil PS
602 - 610 Large amplitude oscillatory rheology of silica and cellulose nanocrystals filled natural rubber compounds
Yasin S, Hussain M, Zheng Q, Song YH
611 - 618 Regular Article Enhanced cargo loading of electrically powered metallo-dielectric pollen bearing multiple dielectrophoretic traps
Park S, Finkelman L, Yossifon G
619 - 626 Carbonized cotton fiber supported flexible organic lithium ion battery cathodes (vol 572, pg 1, 2020)
Wang B, Wang H, Chen WX, Wu PF, Bu LH, Zhang L, Wan LZ
627 - 636 Ultrafine Ni nanoparticles anchored on carbon nanofibers as highly efficient bifunctional air electrodes for flexible solid-state zinc-air batteries
Liu GQ, Xia X, Zhao CJ, Zhang X, Zhang WX
637 - 645 Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide supported nickel-cobalt-layered double hydroxide nanosheets for supercapacitors
Zhang LY, Cai PF, Wei ZH, Liu T, Yu JG, Al-Ghamdi AA, Wageh S
646 - 656 Iron-Palladium magnetic nanoparticles for decolorizing rhodamine B and scavenging reactive oxygen species
Kwon J, Mao X, Lee HA, Oh S, Tufa LT, Choi JY, Kim JE, Kim CY, Kim JG, Hwang DY, Lee J
657 - 669 Insight into the rapid sodium storage mechanism of the fiber-like oxygen-doped hierarchical porous biomass derived hard carbon
Chen C, Huang Y, Meng ZY, Zhang JX, Lu MW, Liu PB, Li TH
670 - 679 Interfacial modification and band modulation for dramatically boosted photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Du XJ, Hu JD, Liu AJ, Cao YL
680 - 691 Emulsions containing optimum cow milk fat and canola oil mixtures replicate the lipid self-assembly of human breast milk during digestion
Clulow AJ, Abu Bakar SYB, Salim M, Nowell CJ, Hawley A, Boyd BJ
692 - 704 Fe(II) interaction with cement phases: Method development, wet chemical studies and X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Mancini A, Wieland E, Geng G, Lothenbach B, Wehrli B, Dahn R
705 - 712 Impact of carbon pores size on ionic liquid based-supercapacitor performance
Suarez L, Barranco V, Centeno TA
713 - 724 Fabrication of stable high-performance urchin-like CeO2/ZnO@Au hierarchical heterojunction photocatalyst for water remediation
Huang LS, Bao DY, Jiang XQ, Li JH, Zhang LX, Sun XS
725 - 736 A graphene oxide Cookbook: Exploring chemical and colloidal properties as a function of synthesis parameters
An SY, Zeng QQ, Li WL, Fortner J
737 - 748 A surface-engineering-assisted method to synthesize recycled silicon-based anodes with a uniform carbon shell-protective layer for lithium-ion batteries
Shi J, Jiang XS, Sun JF, Ban BY, Li JW, Chen J
749 - 760 Synthesis of a new ion-imprinted polymer for selective Cr(VI) adsorption from aqueous solutions effectively and rapidly
Kong ZY, Du YJ, Wei JF, Zhang H, Fan LW
761 - 766 Nitrene-functionalized ruthenium nanoparticles: Spectral evidence for the conjugated ruthenium-nitrene pi bonds and the impact on the catalytic activity
Huang L, Zhang FQ, Sun WM, Kang XW
767 - 775 Enzymatic hydrolysis of monoacylglycerols and their cyclopropanated derivatives: Molecular structure and nanostructure determine the rate of digestion
Manni LS, Duss M, Assenza S, Boyd BJ, Landau EM, Fong WK
776 - 786 Activation of persulfate by nanoscale zero-valent iron loaded porous graphitized biochar for the removal of 17 beta-estradiol: Synthesis, performance and mechanism
Ding JL, Xu WH, Liu SB, Liu YG, Tan XF, Li X, Li ZW, Zhang P, Du L, Li MF
787 - 794 Au-Pd nanoparticles immobilized on TiO2 nanosheet as an active and durable catalyst for solvent-free selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol
Wang Z, Feng JJ, Li XL, Oh RN, Shi DD, Akdim O, Xia M, Zhao L, Huang XY, Zhang GJ
795 - 803 Facile synthesis of strontium ferrite nanorods/graphene composites as advanced electrode materials for supercapacitors
Fu M, Zhang ZH, Zhu ZT, Zhuang QR, Chen W, Yu H, Liu QY
804 - 812 Template-free fabrication of 1D core-shell MoO2@MoS2/nitrogen-doped carbon nanorods for enhanced lithium/sodium-ion storage
Yang WJ, Han LJ, Liu XJ, Hong L, Wei MD
813 - 825 Interfacial and defect polarization in MXene-like laminated spinel for electromagnetic wave absorption application
Chen G, Zhang LM, Fan XM, Wu HJ
826 - 837 Heterojunction interface of zinc oxide and zinc sulfide promoting reactive molecules activation and carrier separation toward efficient photocatalysis
Guo ZY, Huo WC, Cao T, Liu XY, Ren S, Yang J, Ding H, Chen K, Dong F, Zhang YX
838 - 846 Intermediate excited state suppression and upconversion enhancement of Er3+ ions by carbon-doping boosting photocarrier separation in bismuth oxychloride nanosheets
Han JJ, Xiao TZ, Wang JJ, Liu T, Li YJ, Peng YH, Yin ZY, Qiu JB, Yang ZW, Song ZG
847 - 856 V2O5/vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes as negative electrode for asymmetric supercapacitor in neutral aqueous electrolyte
Sun G, Ren H, Shi ZT, Zhang L, Wang Z, Zhan K, Yan Y, Yang JH, Zhao B