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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.587 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Fabrication of floating colloidal crystal monolayers by convective deposition
Guo Y, Kegel WK
14 - 23 The role of microparticles on the shape and surface tension of static bubbles
Wang H, Brito-Parada PR
24 - 38 A modeling approach for quantitative assessment of interfacial interaction between two rough particles in colloidal systems
Lu DW, Fatehi P
39 - 46 Improving water oxidation performance by implementing heterointerfaces between ceria and metal-oxide nanoparticles
Albu Z, Alzaid F, AlQahtani S, Al Abass N, Alenazey F, Allehyani I, AlOtaibi B
47 - 55 Metallic skeleton promoted two-phase durable icephobic layers
Wang J, Wu MJ, Liu JP, Xu F, Hussain T, Scotchford C, Hou XH
56 - 63 In-situ growth of MnCo2O4 hollow spheres on nickel foam as pseudocapacitive electrodes for supercapacitors
Zhu ZT, Gao F, Zhang ZH, Zhuang QR, Liu QY, Yu H, Fu M
64 - 78 It's what's on the inside that counts: Techniques for investigating the uptake and recycling of nanoparticles and proteins in cells
FitzGerald LI, Johnston APR
79 - 89 Self-supported Ni3Se2@NiFe layered double hydroxide bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water splitting
Hu J, Zhu SL, Liang YQ, Wu SL, Li ZY, Luo SY, Cui ZD
90 - 100 Analysis of the structure, loading and activity of six antimicrobial peptides encapsulated in cubic phase lipid nanoparticles
Meikle TG, Dharmadana D, Hoffmann SV, Jones NC, Drummond CJ, Conn CE
101 - 109 Hand-ground fullerene-nanodiamond composite for photosensitized water treatment and photodynamic cancer therapy
Lee H, Lee JS, Moor KJ, Kim HI, Kim SR, Gim G, Lee J, Kim HH, Fahmy TM, Kim JH, Lee C
110 - 120 Nitrogen vacancy induced in situ g-C3N4 p-n homojunction for boosting visible light-driven hydrogen evolution
Liao YW, Wang GH, Wang J, Wang K, Yan SD, Su YR
121 - 130 N-rich porous organic polymers based on Schiff base reaction for CO2 capture and mercury(II) adsorption
Sang YF, Cao YW, Wang LZ, Yan W, Chen TW, Huang JH, Liu YN
131 - 140 Holmium phosphate nanoparticles as negative contrast agents for high-field magnetic resonance imaging: Synthesis, magnetic relaxivity study and in vivo evaluation
Gomez-Gonzalez E, Caro C, Martinez-Gutierrez D, Garcia-Martin ML, Ocana M, Becerro AI
141 - 149 Walnut kernel-like iron-cobalt-nickel sulfide nanosheets directly grown on nickel foam: A binder-free electrocatalyst for high-efficiency oxygen evolution reaction
Zhang RL, Duan JJ, Feng JJ, Mei LP, Zhang QL, Wang AJ
150 - 161 Modulating the biological function of protein by tailoring the adsorption orientation on nanoparticles
Jain A, Trindade GF, Hicks JM, Potts JC, Rahman R, Hague RJM, Amabilino DB, Perez-Garcia L, Rawson FJ
162 - 172 Moulding of micropatterned nanocellulose films and their application in fluid handling
Browne C, Garnier G, Batchelor W
173 - 182 Computer simulation of zwitterionic polymer brush grafted silica nanoparticles to modify polyvinylidene fluoride membrane
Chen TL, Wu FH, Chen Z, Huo JH, Zhao Y, Zhang LZ, Zhou J
183 - 191 Pine dendritic bismuth vanadate loaded on reduced graphene oxide for detection of low concentration triethylamine
Bai SL, Sun LX, Sun JH, Han JY, Zhang KW, Li QQ, Luo RX, Li DQ, Chen A
192 - 201 Dual-carbon coupled Co5.47N composites for capacitive lithium-ion storage
Qian XK, Wang H, Wang RR, Zhang LL, Li MM, Zhou YN, Wu RB
202 - 213 Synergistic multiple active species for catalytic self-cleaning membrane degradation of persistent pollutants by activating peroxymonosulfate
Ye J, Li CX, Wang LL, Wang Y, Dai JD
214 - 228 Ion transfer channel network formed by flower and rod shape crystals of hair hydrolysate in poly(vinyl alcohol) matrix and its application as anion exchange membrane in fuel cells
Gaur SS, Dhar P, Wani KM, Srivastava M, Sakurai S, Kumar A, Katiyar V
229 - 239 Competitive extraction of Li, Na, K, Mg and Ca ions from acidified aqueous solutions into chloroform layer containing diluted alkyl phosphates
El-Eswed BI, Sunjuk M, Ghuneim R, Al-Degs YS, Al Rimawi M, Albawarshi Y
240 - 251 Formation of alginate microspheres prepared by optimized microfluidics parameters for high encapsulation of bioactive molecules
Aguilar LMC, Duchi S, Onofrillo C, O'Connell CD, Di Bella C, Moulton SE
252 - 259 Effect of core and surface area toward hydrogen gas sensing performance using Pd@ZnO core-shell nanoparticles
Nguyen TTD, Dao DV, Kim DS, Lee HJ, Oh SY, Lee IH, Yu YT
260 - 270 Hierarchical NiCo2Se4 nanoneedles/nanosheets with N-doped 3D porous graphene architecture as free-standing anode for superior sodium ion batteries
Zhou CC, Zhang PL, Liu JZ, Zhou JJ, Wang WW, Li K, Wu J, Lei YC, Chen LY
271 - 278 Preparation of porous biochar based on pharmaceutical sludge activated by NaOH and its application in the adsorption of tetracycline
Liu HD, Xu GR, Li GB
279 - 289 Polyphosphate coatings: A promising strategy to overcome the polycation dilemma
Le NMN, Steinbring C, Le-Vinh B, Jalil A, Matuszczak B, Bernkop-Schnurch A
290 - 301 Boosting electrochemical performance of activated carbon by tuning effective pores and synergistic effects of active species
Bai PY, Liu WQ, Yang CC, Wei SL, Xu L
302 - 310 Novel synthesis of hierarchical NiGa2O4@MnO2 core-shell hetero-nanostructured nanowall arrays on carbon cloth for high-performance all-solid-state asymmetrical supercapacitors
Li H, Qi FY, Yang F, Sun ZP
311 - 323 Taking a closer look: A molecular-dynamics investigation of microscopic and apparent dynamic contact angles
Fernandez-Toledano JC, Blake TD, De Coninck J
324 - 333 Solvothermal synthesis of carbonate-type layered double hydroxide monolayer nanosheets: Solvent selection based on characteristic parameter matching criterion
Yu WY, Du N, Hou WG
334 - 346 Facile synthesis of easily separated and reusable silver nanoparticles/aminated alkaline lignin composite and its catalytic ability
Pang YX, Chen ZS, Zhao RB, Yi CH, Qiu XQ, Qian Y, Lou HM
347 - 357 Self-assembly of a short amphiphile in water controlled by superchaotropic polyoxometalates: H4SiW12O40 vs. H3PW12O40
Schmid P, Buchecker T, Khoshsima A, Touraud D, Diat O, Kunz W, Pfitzner A, Bauduin P
358 - 366 Cu-MOF chemodynamic nanoplatform via modulating glutathione and H2O2 in tumor microenvironment for amplified cancer therapy
Tian HL, Zhang MZ, Jin GX, Jiang Y, Luan YX
367 - 375 In situ one-pot synthesis of Sn/lignite-based porous carbon composite for enhanced lithium storage
Zhu JS, Zhang ZQ, Ding XB, Cao JP, Hu GZ
376 - 384 Yellow emission carbon dots for highly selective and sensitive OFF-ON sensing of ferric and pyrophosphate ions in living cells
Du JY, Yang Y, Shao TL, Qi SQ, Zhang P, Zhuo SJ, Zhu CQ
385 - 392 Electronic modulation of oxygen evolution on metal doped NiFe layered double hydroxides
Liu XM, Fan X, Huang H, Lin HP, Gao JZ
393 - 401 Effect of salts on size and morphology of extruded dimethyldioctadecylammonium bromide or chloride vesicle for polymeric nanocapsules synthesis via templating emulsion polymerization
Rusli W, van Herk A
402 - 416 Self-grown oxygen vacancies-rich CeO2/BiOBr Z-scheme heterojunction decorated with rGO as charge transfer channel for enhanced photocatalytic oxidation of elemental mercury
Jia T, Wu J, Xiao YX, Liu QZ, Wu Q, Qi YF, Qi XM
417 - 428 Exploration of the natural waxes-tuned crystallization behavior, droplet shape and rheology properties of O/W emulsions
Liu CH, Zheng ZJ, Xi C, Liu YF
429 - 436 Ultimate jumping of coalesced droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces
Yuan ZP, Gao SH, Hu ZF, Dai LY, Hou HM, Chu FQ, Wu XM
437 - 445 Colloidal and polymeric contributions to the yielding of dense microgel suspensions
Lara-Pena MA, Licea-Claverie A, Zapata-Gonzalez I, Laurati M
446 - 456 Boosting the electrocatalytic activity of Pd/C by Cu alloying: Insight on Pd/Cu composition and reaction pathway
Goswami C, Saikia H, Borah BJ, Kalita MJ, Tada K, Tanaka S, Bharali P
457 - 466 Coaxial nanofibers of nickel/gadolinium oxide/nickel oxide as highly effective electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
El-Maghrabi HH, Nada AA, Bekheet MF, Roualdes S, Riedel W, Iatsunskyi I, Coy E, Gurlo A, Bechelany M
467 - 478 Highly dispersed titania-supported iron oxide catalysts for efficient heterogeneous photo-Fenton oxidation: Influencing factors, synergistic effects and mechanism insight
Zhang YD, Wu L, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Wang H, Wang XN, Chen XD, Wu ZX
479 - 488 Heterogeneous Fenton-like surface properties of oxygenated graphitic carbon nitride
Oliveira WL, Ferreira MA, Mourao HAJL, Pires MJM, Ferreira V, Gorgulho HF, Cipriano DF, Freitas JCC, Mastelaro VR, Nascimento OR, Ferreira DEC, Fioravante FR, Pereira MC, de Mesquita JP
489 - 498 Nitrogen and sulfur co-doped vanadium carbide MXene for highly reversible lithium-ion storage
Zhang YJ, Li JL, Gong ZW, Xie JP, Lu T, Pan LK
499 - 509 Design of polymeric core-shell carriers for combination therapies
Silva DM, Liu R, Goncalves AF, da Costa A, Gomes AC, Machado R, Vongsvivut J, Tobin MJ, Sencadas V
510 - 521 Spontaneous Formation of Double Emulsions at Particle-Laden Interfaces
Bazazi P, Hejazi SH
522 - 537 Morphology of bile salts micelles and mixed micelles with lipolysis products, from scattering techniques and atomistic simulations
Pabois O, Ziolek RM, Lorenz CD, Prevost S, Mahmoudi N, Skoda MWA, Welbourn RJL, Valero M, Harvey RD, Grundy MML, Wilde PJ, Grillo I, Gerelli Y, Dreiss CA
538 - 549 In situ preparation of g-C3N4 nanosheet/FeOCl: Achievement and promoted photocatalytic nitrogen fixation activity
Nguyen VH, Mousavi M, Ghasemi JB, Le QV, Delbari SA, Asl MS, Shokouhimehr M, Mohammadi M, Azizian-Kalandaragh Y, Namini AS
550 - 560 Bioinspired construction of light-harvesting antenna via hierarchically co-assembling approach
Xiu Y, Zhang DX, Xu LY, Li J, Chen YT, Xia YQ, Cao MW, Wang SJ
561 - 573 Facile synthesis of the three-dimensional flower-like ZnFe2O4@MoS2 composite with heterogeneous interfaces as a high-efficiency absorber
Wang Y, Di XC, Fu YQ, Wu XM, Cao JT
574 - 580 Solvent accommodation effect on dispersibility of metal oxide nanoparticle with chemisorbed organic shell
Tomai T, Tajima N, Kimura M, Yoko A, Seong G, Adschiri T
581 - 589 Atomic-level tungsten doping triggered low overpotential for electrocatalytic water splitting
Jin MM, Li JW, Gao JC, Liu WL, Han J, Liu HM, Zhan D, Lai LF
590 - 596 Propelling electrochemical kinetics of transition metal oxide for high-rate lithium-ion battery through in situ deoxidation
Peng J, Zhang WC, Zheng MT, Hu H, Xiao Y, Liu YL, Liang YR
597 - 612 Supramolecular architecture of a multi-component biomimetic lipid barrier formulation
Ahmadi D, Ledder R, Mahmoudi N, Li PX, Tellam J, Robinson D, Heenan RK, Smith P, Lorenz CD, Barlow DJ, Lawrence MJ
613 - 621 A homogeneous Cu-based polyoxometalate coupled with mesoporous TiO2 for efficient photocatalytic H-2 production
Ma KW, Dong YJ, Zhang MY, Xu CJ, Ding Y
622 - 632 Titanium niobate (Ti2Nb10O29) anchored on nitrogen-doped carbon foams as flexible and self-supported anode for high-performance lithium ion batteries
Shi SH, Wang GL, Wan GP, Tang YL, Zhao GQ, Deng Z, Chai JL, Wei C, Wang GZ
633 - 643 BiOBr/Ag/AgBr heterojunctions decorated carbon fiber cloth with broad-spectral photoresponse as filter-membrane-shaped photocatalyst for the efficient purification of flowing wastewater
Liu T, Zhang Y, Shi Z, Cao W, Zhang LS, Liu JS, Chen ZG
644 - 649 Independent co-delivery of model actives with different degrees of hydrophilicity from oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions stabilised by solid lipid particles via a Pickering mechanism: a-proof-of-principle study
Sakellari GI, Zafeiri I, Pawlik A, Kurukji D, Taylor P, Norton IT, Spyropoulos F
650 - 660 Flower-like nanosheets directly grown on Co foil as efficient bifunctional catalysts for overall water splitting
Zhang WX, Liu MS, Liang H, Cui L, Yang WR, Razal JM, Liu JQ
661 - 671 Facile immobilization of graphene nanosheets onto PBO fibers via MOF-mediated coagulation strategy: Multifunctional interface with self-healing and ultraviolet-resistance performance
Shao Q, Lu F, Yu L, Xu XR, Huang XH, Huang YD, Hu Z
672 - 682 Spreading and receding of oil droplets on silanized glass surfaces in water: Role of three-phase contact line flow direction in spontaneous displacement
Li R, Lu Y, Manica R
683 - 692 Bifunctional cyclomatrix polyphosphazene-based hybrid with abundant decorating groups: Synthesis and application as efficient electrochemical Pb(II) probe and methylene blue absorbent
Ding S, Shi W, Zhang KS, Xie ZF
693 - 702 Aluminum-doping-based method for the improvement of the cycle life of cobalt-nickel hydroxides for nickel-zinc batteries
Zhu XQ, Wu YT, Lu YZ, Sun YY, Wu Q, Pang YJ, Shen ZH, Chen H
703 - 714 Three-dimensional macroporous wood-based selective separation membranes decorated with well-designed Nd(III)-imprinted domains: A high-efficiency recovery system for rare earth element
Wu YL, Lin RX, Ma FG, Xing WD, Pan JM
715 - 726 Core-shell cadmium sulphide @ silver sulphide nanowires surface architecture: Design towards photoelectrochemical solar cells
Mendhe AC, Majumder S, Nair N, Sankapal BR
727 - 735 Influence of arabinoxylan on the drying of cellulose nanocrystals suspension: From coffee ring to Maltese cross pattern and application to enzymatic detection
Talantikite M, Leray N, Durand S, Moreau C, Cathala B
736 - 742 Immobilization of palladium silver nanoparticles on NH2-functional metal-organic framework for fast dehydrogenation of formic acid
Han J, Zhang ZJ, Hao ZR, Li GC, Liu T
743 - 754 Probing mesoporous character, desulfurization capability and kinetic mechanism of synergistic stabilizing sorbent CaxCuyMnzOi/MAS-9 in hot coal gas
Liu Q, Liu BS, Liu QZ, Guo ST, Wu XY
755 - 766 Engineering the interface in graphene oxide/epoxy composites using bio-based epoxy-graphene oxide nanomaterial to achieve superior anticorrosion performance
Wu H, Cheng L, Liu CB, Lan XJ, Zhao HC
767 - 779 Household arsenic contaminated water treatment employing iron oxide/ bamboo biochar composite: An approach to technology transfer
Alchouron J, Navarathna C, Rodrigo PM, Snyder A, Chludil HD, Vega AS, Bosi G, Perez F, Mohan D, Pittman CU, Mlsna TE
780 - 788 N/B-co-doped ordered mesoporous carbon spheres by ionothermal strategy for enhancing supercapacitor performance
Du J, Zhang Y, Lv HJ, Chen AB
789 - 796 Where are those lipid nano rings?
Endter LJ, Risselada HJ
797 - 809 Highly stable and thermo-responsive gel foams by synergistically combining glycyrrhizic acid nanofibrils and cellulose nanocrystals
Su EY, Li Q, Xu MY, Yuan Y, Wan ZL, Yang XQ, Binks BP
810 - 819 Reinforced atomically dispersed Fe-N-C catalysts derived from petroleum asphalt for oxygen reduction reaction
Zhao QS, Tan XJ, Ma TW, Cao FL, Xia ZZ, Liu H, Ning H, Li ZT, Hu H, Wu MB
820 - 830 In situ construction bismuth oxycarbonate/bismuth oxybromide Z-scheme heterojunction for efficient photocatalytic removal of tetracycline and ciprofloxacin
Yan XM, Ji QJ, Wang C, Xu JX, Wang L
831 - 844 Construction of cerium oxide nanoparticles immobilized on the surface of zinc vanadate nanoflowers for accelerated photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline under visible light irradiation
Luo J, Chen JY, Chen XT, Ning XM, Zhan L, Zhou XS
845 - 854 Hydrated vanadium pentoxide/reduced graphene oxide-polyvinyl alcohol (V2O5 center dot nH(2)O/rGO-PVA) film as a binder-free electrode for solid-state Zn-ion batteries
Sun JJ, Zhang YF, Liu YY, Jiang HM, Dong XY, Hu T, Meng CG
855 - 863 P-doped cobalt carbonate hydroxide@NiMoO4 double-shelled hierarchical nanoarrays anchored on nickel foam as a bi-functional electrode for energy storage and conversion
Zhu ZN, Tian W, Lv XB, Wang FF, Hu ZF, Ma K, Wang CH, Yang T, Ji JY
864 - 875 A coupled continuum-statistical model to predict interfacial deformation under an external field
Chaudhuri J, Bandyopadhyay D
876 - 882 Hierarchically porous hydrangea-like In2S3/In2O3 heterostructures for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Liu ML, Li P, Wang SJ, Liu YM, Zhang JQ, Chen L, Wang JM, Liu YS, Shen Q, Qu P, Sun HQ
883 - 890 Friction energy harvesting on bismuth tungstate catalyst for tribocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants
Wu MX, Lei H, Chen JY, Dong XP