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1 - 10 Sandwich-structured graphene hollow spheres limited Mn2SnO4/SnO2 heterostructures as anode materials for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Zhuang H, Han MR, Ma WC, Ou YH, Jiang Y, Li WR, Liu XY, Zhao B, Zhang JJ
11 - 19 Coral-like CoMoO4 hierarchical structure uniformly encapsulated by graphene-like N-doped carbon network as an anode for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Li LX, Dong GS, Zhao H, Xu YM, Zhang XF, Cheng XL, Gao S, Huo LH
20 - 29 Polylysine-modified MXene nanosheets with highly loaded glucose oxidase as cascade nanoreactor for glucose decomposition and electrochemical sensing
Wu MY, Zhang Q, Fang YY, Deng C, Zhou FZ, Zhang Y, Wang XD, Tang Y, Wang YJ
30 - 38 Modulation of the interfacial architecture enhancing the efficiency and energy density of ferroelectric nanocomposites via the irradiation method
Zhong JM, Li WY, Qian J, Fu C, Chu HY, Xu JJ, Ran XH, Nie W
39 - 46 Effect of electron-phonon interaction and valence band edge shift for carrier-type reversal in layered ZnS/rGO nanocomposites
Natarajan V, Kumar PN, Ahmad M, Sharma JP, Chaudhary AK, Sharma PK
47 - 55 Binder-free Cu-supported Ag nanowires for aqueous rechargeable silver-zinc batteries with ultrahigh areal capacity
Zhang YZ, Li X, Cheng Y, Tan WH, Huang XT
56 - 66 Effect of water activity on the functional, colloidal, physical, and microstructural properties of infant formula powder
Nugroho RWN, Outinen M, Toikkanen O, Heino A, Sawada D, Rojas OJ
67 - 74 Plasmon mediated spectrally selective and sensitivity-enhanced uncooled near-infrared detector
Guo QQ, Wu XY, Duan XX, He S, Pang W, Wang YY
75 - 83 Surface engineering of mesoporous anatase titanium dioxide nanotubes for rapid spatial charge separation on horizontal-vertical dimensions and efficient solar-driven photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Yang WT, Li MX, Pan K, Guo LP, Wu JX, Li ZJ, Yang F, Lin K, Zhou W
84 - 94 Efficient hydrogen production at a rationally designed MoSe2@Co3O4 p-n heterojunction
Li HY, Hao XQ, Gong HM, Jin ZL, Zhao TS
95 - 102 Surface activation towards manganese dioxide nanosheet arrays via plasma engineering as cathode and anode for efficient water splitting
Wang PC, Yan YT, Cao J, Feng JC, Qi JL
103 - 109 Induced self-enhanced electrochemiluminescence aptamer sensor for 17 beta-estradiol detection based on nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots as Ru(dcbpy)(3)(2+) coreactant: What role of intermolecular hydrogen bonds play in the system?
Liu XH, Li LB, Luo LJ, Bi XY, Yan H, Li X, You TY
110 - 119 A universal strategy to improve interfacial kinetics of solid supercapacitors used in high temperature
Li LB, Lu N, Jiang D, Chen ZQ, Zhang W, Zheng WT, Zhu XB, Wang GB
120 - 134 Electrically conductive cotton fabric coatings developed by silica sol-gel precursors doped with surfactant-aided dispersion of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes fillers in organic solvent-free aqueous solution
Trovato V, Teblum E, Kostikov Y, Pedrana A, Re V, Nessim GD, Rosace G
135 - 141 Homoepitaxial growth of ZnO nanostructures from bulk ZnO
Jang H, Zhao C, Kong X, Song J, Ding F, Cho S
142 - 151 Effects of beverage carbonation on lubrication mechanisms and mouthfeel
Vladescu SC, Bozorgi S, Hu ST, Baier SK, Myant C, Carpenter G, Reddyhoff T
152 - 162 Facile preparation of composite flame retardantbased on conjugated microporous polymer hollow spheres
Wu SJ, Zhu ZQ, Liu C, Su YN, Wang F, Bai W, Sun HX, Liang WD, Li A
163 - 177 Characterization of a nitric oxide (NO) donor molecule and cerium oxide nanoparticle (CNP) interactions and their synergistic antimicrobial potential for biomedical applications
Estes LM, Singha P, Singh S, Sakthivel TS, Garren M, Devine R, Brisbois EJ, Seal S, Handa H
178 - 189 Investigation of catalytic self-cleaning process of multiple active species decorated macroporous PVDF membranes through peroxymonosulfate activation
Ye J, Dai JD, Wang LL, Li CX, Yan YS, Yang GY
190 - 199 What happens when pesticides are solubilised in binary ionic/zwitterionic-nonionic mixed micelles?
Hu XZ, Gong HN, Hollowell P, Liao MR, Li ZY, Ruane S, Liu HY, Pambou E, Mahmoudi N, Dalgliesh RM, Padia F, Bell G, Lu JR
200 - 207 Hierarchical defective palladium-silver alloy nanosheets for ethanol electrooxidation
Meng XM, Ouyang YR, Wu HJ, Huang HW, Wang FQ, Wang S, Jiang MC, Zhang LY
208 - 218 Controlling the heterogeneous interfaces of S, Co co-doped porous carbon nanosheets for enhancing the electromagnetic wave absorption
Wen B, Yang HB, Lin Y, Ma L, Qiu Y, Hu FF
219 - 232 Hierarchical self-supporting sugar gourd-shape MOF-derived NiCo2O4 hollow nanocages@SiC nanowires for high-performance flexible hybrid supercapacitors
Yin XM, Li HJ, Yuan RM, Lu JH
233 - 242 Integrated fast-mass transfer and high Ti-sites utilization into hybrid amphiphilic TS@PMO catalyst towards efficient solvent-free methyl oleate epoxidation
Wei Y, Li G, Wang C, Guo HC
243 - 256 Improving photocatalytic activity by construction of immobilized Z-scheme CdS/Au/TiO2 nanobelt photocatalyst for eliminating norfloxacin from water
Li JY, Xia Z, Ma D, Liu GC, Song NN, Xiang D, Xin YJ, Zhang GD, Chen QH
257 - 268 Coalescence and spreading of drops on liquid pools
Kulkarni V, Lolla VY, Tamvada SR, Shirdade N, Anand S
269 - 278 One-step synthesis of functional metal organic framework composite for the highly efficient adsorption of tylosin from water
Cheng GH, Yang C, Wang XY, Zhao J, Yang ZG, Yu WN, Wang PY, Li X, Zhu GF
279 - 291 Liquid-repellent and self-repairing lubricant-grafted surfaces constructed by thiol-ene click chemistry using activated hollow silica as the lubricant reservoir
Yu MN, Liu MM, Zhang LP, Li M, Hou YY, Wang D, Fu SH
292 - 304 Competitive specific ion effects in mixed salt solutions on a thermoresponsive polymer brush
Robertson H, Johnson EC, Gresham IJ, Prescott SW, Nelson A, Wanless EJ, Webber GB
305 - 314 Microstructural and rheological investigation of upcycled metal-organic frameworks stabilized Pickering emulsions
Lorignon F, Gossard A, Carboni M, Meyer D
315 - 325 Interaction of low salinity surfactant nanofluids with carbonate surfaces and molecular level dynamics at fluid-fluid interface at ScCO2 loading
Jha NK, Ivanova A, Lebedev M, Barifcani A, Cheremisin A, Iglauer S, Sangwai JS, Sarmadivaleh M
326 - 334 Room-temperature preparation of TiO2/graphene composite photoanodes for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Cao DP, Wang AC, Yu XH, Yin HM, Zhang JB, Mi BX, Gao ZQ
335 - 348 Synergistic interaction of Z-scheme 2D/3D g-C3N4/BiOI heterojunction and porous PVDF membrane for greatly improving the photodegradation efficiency of tetracycline
Cui YH, Yang LL, Zheng J, Wang ZK, Li BR, Yan Y, Meng MJ
349 - 361 Microwave-assisted ultrafast in-situ growth of N-doped carbon quantum dots on multiwalled carbon nanotubes as an efficient electrocatalyst for photovoltaics
Ali M, Riaz R, Anjum AS, Sun KC, Li H, Ahn S, Jeong SH, Ko MJ
362 - 370 Developing improved electrolytes for aqueous zinc-ion batteries to achieve excellent cyclability and antifreezing ability
Wang AR, Zhou WJ, Huang AX, Chen MF, Tian QH, Chen JZ
371 - 380 Coaxial spinning fabricated high nitrogen-doped porous carbon walnut anchored on carbon fibers as anodic material with boosted lithium storage performance
Tong FL, Guo JX, Pan YL, Liu HBA, Lv Y, Wu XY, Jia DZ, Zhao XJ, Hou SC
381 - 390 Petal-like metal-organic framework stabilized Si@C with long cycle life and excellent kinetics
Yang HN, Ji SJ, Yin JP, Feng W, Kong WQ, Wen ZS
391 - 403 pH-dependent reversibly activatable cell-penetrating peptides improve the antitumor effect of artemisinin-loaded liposomes
Yu YL, Zu C, He DS, Li YN, Chen QY, Chen Q, Wang HM, Wang RJ, Chaurasiya B, Zaro JL, Wang YR, Tu JS, Sun CM
404 - 411 Ultrasound sonochemical synthesis of amorphous Sb2S3-graphene composites for sodium-ion batteries
Zhao WJ, Li MJ, Qi YB, Tao YJ, Shi ZP, Liu YJ, Cheng JP
412 - 422 ZnO-assisted synthesis of lignin-based ultra-fine microporous carbon nanofibers for supercapacitors
Ma C, Wu LQ, Dirican M, Cheng H, Li JJ, Song Y, Shi JL, Zhang XW
423 - 432 Effect of ionic liquid assisted hydrothermal carbonization on the properties and gasification reactivity of hydrochar derived from eucalyptus
Huang ZY, Shi LB, Muhammad Y, Li LS
433 - 444 MOF-derived cluster-shaped magnetic nanocomposite with hierarchical pores as an efficient and regenerative adsorbent for chlortetracycline removal
Fan SY, Qu YF, Yao LX, Ren JH, Luque R, He ZL, Bai CH
445 - 456 Synthesis of polymer nanoparticles via electrohydrodynamic emulsification-mediated self-assembly
Lee KH, Ireland M, Miller BL, Wyslouzil BE, Winter JO
457 - 468 High-efficiency and wide-bandwidth microwave absorbers based on MoS2-coated carbon fiber
Zhang WD, Zhang X, Zhu Q, Zheng Y, Liotta LF, Wu HJ
469 - 478 Y Directed self-propulsion of droplets on surfaces absent of gradients for cargo transport
Hu SW, Chen KY, Sheng YJ, Tsao HK
479 - 490 Synthesis of 3D flower-like ZnO/ZnCo2O4 composites with the heterogeneous interface for excellent electromagnetic wave absorption properties
Wang JW, Wang BB, Wang Z, Chen L, Gao CH, Xu BH, Jia ZR, Wu GL
491 - 497 Regular Rational design of Cu3PdN nanocrystals for selective electroreduction of carbon dioxide to formic acid
Jia JC, Hao XK, Chang Y, Jia ML, Wen ZH
498 - 504 Salt melt synthesis of Chlorella-derived nitrogen-doped porous carbon with atomically dispersed CoN4 sites for efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Wu DY, Hu JW, Zhu C, Zhang JW, Jing HY, Hao C, Shi YT
505 - 513 Fe doped amorphous single layered vanadyl phosphate nanosheets as highly efficient electrocatalyst for water oxidation
Wei QH, Tan XL, Zhang JF, Yang LP, Cao LX, Dong BH
514 - 527 Influence of sodium-modified Ni/SiO2 catalysts on the tunable selectivity of CO2 hydrogenation: Effect of the CH4 selectivity, reaction pathway and mechanism on the catalytic reaction
Wu HC, Chen TC, Wu JH, Pao CW, Chen CS
528 - 537 Highly selective and active Cu-In2O3/C nanocomposite for electrocatalytic reduction of CO2 to CO
Ye YZ, Liu Y, Li ZS, Zou XH, Wu H, Lin S
538 - 550 Multicomponent Co9S8@MoS2 nanohybrids as a novel trifunctional electrocatalyst for efficient methanol electrooxidation and overall water splitting
He LH, Huang SJ, Liu YK, Wang MH, Cui BB, Wu SD, Liu JM, Zhang ZH, Du M
551 - 562 Efficient degradation of bisphenol A via peroxydisulfate activation using in-situ N-doped carbon nanoparticles: Structure-function relationship and reaction mechanism
Yin HY, Yang Q, Yao FB, Pi ZJ, Zhong Y, He L, Hou KJ, Fu J, Chen SJ, Tao ZT, Wang DB, Li XM
563 - 575 Effect mechanism of copper ions on photocatalytic activity of TiO2/graphene oxide composites for phenol-4-sulfonic acid photodegradation
Shen JH, Li MM, Chu LF, Guo CX, Guo YJ, Guo YP
576 - 587 Rationally constructing of a novel 2D/2D WO3/Pt/g-C3N4 Schottky-Ohmic junction towards efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen evolution and mechanism insight
Qin YY, Lu J, Meng FY, Lin XY, Feng YH, Yan YS, Meng MJ
588 - 595 Intersurfactant H-bonds between head groups of n-dodecyl-beta-D-maltoside at the air-water interface
Kanduc M, Schneck E, Stubenrauch C
596 - 596 Unexpected conformational behavior of poly(poly (ethylene glycol) methacrylate)-poly(propylene carbonate)-poly(poly (ethylene glycol) methacrylate) (PPEGMA-PPC-PPEGMA) amphiphilic block copolymers in micellar solution and at the air-water interface (vol 566, pg 304, 2020)
Lee J, Pan J, Chun J, Won YY
597 - 600 Proposing an unbiased oxygen reduction reaction onset potential determination by using a Savitzky-Golay differentiation procedure
de Falco G, Florent M, De Rosa A, Bandosz TJ
601 - 612 Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) nanosheets-based hydrogels with light-triggered self-healing property for flexible sensors
Xu WY, Wang W, Chen SM, Zhang R, Wang YX, Zhang Q, Yuwen LH, Yang WJ, Wang LH
613 - 620 Constructing 1T/2H MoS2 nanosheets/3D carbon foam for high-performance electromagnetic wave absorption
Lyu LF, Wang FL, Li B, Zhang X, Qiao J, Yang YF, Liu JR
621 - 629 Trimetallic Zeolitic imidazolite framework-derived Co nanoparticles@CoFe-nitrogen-doped porous carbon as bifunctional electrocatalysts for Zn-air battery
Hao R, Chen JJ, Wang ZY, Huang YP, Liu PG, Yan J, Liu KY, Liu C, Lu ZG
630 - 639 Highly conductive Co3Se4 embedded in N-doped 3D interconnected carbonaceous network for enhanced lithium and sodium storage
Liu BK, Cao JM, Li JZ, Li L, Chen D, Zhang SQ, Cai D, Han W
640 - 646 Voltage-assisted SILAR deposition of CdSe quantum dots to construct a high performance of ZnS/CdSe/ZnS quantum dot-sensitized solar cells
Jin BB, Kong SY, Zhang GQ, Chen XQ, Ni HS, Zhang F, Wang DJ, Zeng JH
647 - 654 Dynamic contact angle measurements on lubricant infused surfaces
Kim D, Lee M, Kim JH, Lee J
655 - 662 Surface modification of zero-valent iron nanoparticles with beta-cyclodextrin for 4-nitrophenol conversion
Krawczyk K, Waclawek S, Silvestri D, Padil VVT, Rezanka M, Cernik M, Jaroniec M
663 - 672 Selenizing CoMoO4 nanoparticles within electrospun carbon nanofibers towards enhanced sodium storage performance
Li F, Xiao FP, Yao TH, Zhu L, Liu T, Lu HY, Qian RF, Liu Y, Han XG, Wang HK
673 - 682 Overcoming the paracetamol dose challenge with wrinkled mesoporous carbon spheres
Goscianska J, Olejnik A, Ejsmont A, Galarda A, Wuttke S
683 - 691 Nitrogen and fluorine co-doped green fluorescence carbon dots as a label-free probe for determination of cytochrome c in serum and temperature sensing
Zhu JT, Chu HY, Shen JW, Wang CZ, Wei YM
692 - 707 Construction of few-layered black phosphorus/graphite-like carbon nitride binary hybrid nanostructure for reducing the fire hazards of epoxy resin
Ren XY, Zou B, Zhou YF, Zhao ZX, Qiu SL, Song L
708 - 718 Hierarchical Ag3PO4@ZnIn2S4 nanoscoparium: An innovative Z-scheme photocatalyst for highly efficient and predictable tetracycline degradation
Zhang SQ, Zhang ZF, Li B, Dai WL, Si YM, Yang LX, Luo SL
719 - 729 Ultra-small molybdenum sulfide nanodot-coupled graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets: Trifunctional ammonium tetrathiomolybdate-assisted synthesis and high photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Wu XH, Zhong W, Ma HQ, Hong XK, Fan JJ, Yu HG
730 - 740 Revealing the unique process of alloying reaction in Ni-Co-Sb/C nanosphere anode for high-performance lithium storage
Wang L, Zhu LM, Zhang WF, Ding GC, Yang G, Xie LL, Cao XY
741 - 747 Performance analysis of hydrated Zr(IV) oxide nanoparticle-impregnated anion exchange resin for selective phosphate removal
Bui TH, Hong SP, Kim C, Yoon J
748 - 757 The pivotal role of defects in fabrication of polymeric carbon nitride homojunctions with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Deng QH, Li HP, Ba GM, Huo TT, Hou WG
758 - 765 Strong piezocatalysis in barium titanate/carbon hybrid nanocomposites for dye wastewater decomposition
Chen L, Jia YM, Zhao JH, Ma JP, Wu Z, Yuan GL, Cui XZ
766 - 777 Effect of non-ionic surfactants on the adsorption of polycyclic aromatic compounds at water/oil interface: A molecular simulation study
Sun XY, Zeng HB, Tang T
778 - 784 In situ synthesis of a novel Mn3O4/g-C3N4 p-n heterostructure photocatalyst for water splitting
Li YY, Zhu SL, Kong XC, Liang YQ, Li ZY, Wu SL, Chang CT, Luo SY, Cui ZD
785 - 796 Superior photoelectrocatalytic performance of ternary structural BiVO4/GQD/g-C3N4 heterojunction
Samsudin MFR, Ullah H, Tahir AA, Li XH, Ng YH, Sufian S
797 - 806 Three-dimensional hierarchical core-shell CuCo2O4@Co(OH)(2) nanoflakes as high-performance electrode materials for flexible supercapacitors
Chen F, Ji YJ, Ren FY, Tan SF, Wang ZQ
807 - 818 Metal and bimetallic nanoparticles: Flow synthesis, bioactivity and toxicity
Dlugosz O, Sochocka M, Ochnik M, Banach M
819 - 829 Exploring the electrosorption selectivity and recovery of indium ions with capacitive deionization in acidic solution
Shen YY, Wu SW, Hou CH
830 - 835 Predicting the size of salt-containing aqueous Na-AOT reverse micellar water-in-oil microemulsions with consideration for specific ion effects
Ridley RE, Fathi-Kelly H, Kelly JP, Vasquez VR, Graeve OA
836 - 846 Manganese-cerium composite oxide pyrolyzed from metal organic framework supporting palladium nanoparticles for efficient toluene oxidation
Ri SH, Bi FK, Guan AL, Zhang XD
847 - 854 Single-strand DNA-nanorod conjugates - tunable anisotropic colloids for on-demand self-assembly
Sutter E, Zhang B, Sutter P
855 - 865 Homogenously dispersed ultrasmall niobium(V) oxide nanoparticles enabling improved ionic conductivity and interfacial compatibility of composite polymer electrolyte
Tian LY, Li A, Huang QQ, Zhang YY, Long DH
866 - 875 Quantification of ordering in active light driven colloids
Frenkel M, Arya P, Bormashenko E, Santer S
876 - 890 alpha-Sulfo alkyl ester surfactants: Impact of changing the alkyl chain length on the adsorption, mixing properties and response to electrolytes of the tetradecanoate
Wang Z, Li PX, Ma K, Chen Y, Yan ZF, Penfold J, Thomas RK, Campana M, Webster JRP, Li ZX, Neil JH, Xu H, Petkov J, Roberts DW