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1 - 11 Reducing anionic surfactant adsorption using polyacrylate as sacrificial agent investigated by QCM-D
Liu ZL, Hedayati P, Ghatkesar MK, Sun WC, Onay H, Groenendijk D, van Wunnik J, Sudholter EJR
12 - 19 Orientated VSe2 nanoparticles anchored on N-doped hollow carbon sphere for high-stable aqueous energy application
Xu J, Zhang SK, Wei ZN, Yan WR, Wei XJ, Huang KJ
20 - 29 In situ modification of cobalt on MXene/TiO2 as composite photocatalyst for efficient nitrogen fixation
Gao WG, Li XM, Luo SJ, Luo ZL, Zhang X, Huang R, Luo M
30 - 42 In situ synthesis of nitrogen site activated cobalt sulfide@N, S dual-doped carbon composite for a high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor
Liu HM, Yao ZX, Liu YS, Diao YX, Hu GX, Zhang QF, Li Z
43 - 50 N, O co-doped chlorella-based biomass carbon modified separator for lithium-sulfur battery with high capacity and long cycle performance
Li Q, Liu YP, Yang LW, Wang Y, Liu YH, Chen YX, Guo XD, Wu ZG, Zhong BH
51 - 60 Ultrafast Li+ diffusion kinetics enhanced by cross-stacked nanosheets loaded with Co3O4@NiO nanoparticles: Constructing superstructure to enhance Li-ion half/full batteries
Deng QX, Wang MQ, Peng ZL, Liu ZT, Fan HS, Zhang YF
61 - 71 Promotional effect of Mn-doping on the catalytic performance of NiO sheets for the selective oxidation of styrene
Liu JY, Wang HY, Ye RF, Jian PM, Wang LX
72 - 84 Anion exchange and successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction-assisted coating of BiVO4 with Bi2S3 to produce nanostructured photoanode for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
Majumder S, Quang ND, Kim C, Kim D
85 - 94 Controllable synthesis of a hollow core-shell Co-Fe layered double hydroxide derived from Co-MOF and its application in capacitive deionization
Li Z, Mao SD, Yang Y, Sun Z, Zhao R
95 - 107 Green synthesis of boron and nitrogen co-doped TiO2 with rich B-N motifs as Lewis acid-base couples for the effective artificial CO2 photoreduction under simulated sunlight
Wu DP, Guo J, Wang HJ, Zhang XL, Yang YG, Yang C, Gao ZY, Wang ZC, Jiang K
108 - 117 Integrating Ru-modulated CoP nanosheets binary co-catalyst with 2D g-C3N4 nanosheets for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity
Meng SC, An PF, Chen LJ, Sun SC, Xie ZK, Chen M, Jiang DL
118 - 125 Time-resolved investigation of mesoporous silica microsphere formation using in situ heating optical microscopy
Fijneman AJ, Heinrichs JMJJ, van Leuken SHM, de With G, Friedrich H
126 - 137 Zeta potential changing nanoemulsions based on a simple zwitterion
Sharifi F, Jahangiri M, Nazir I, Asim MH, Ebrahimnejad P, Hupfauf A, Gust R, Bernkop-Schnurch A
138 - 147 One-dimensional zinc-manganate oxide hollow nanostructures with enhanced supercapacitor performance
Yun HG, Zhou XJ, Zhu HR, Zhang MY
148 - 157 Congener-dependent conformations of isolated rhamnolipids at the vacuum-water interface: A molecular dynamics simulation
Euston SR, Banat IM, Salek K
158 - 166 Enhanced flux and fouling resistance forward osmosis membrane based on a hydrogel/MOF hybrid selective layer
Fu WY, Chen JH, Li CY, Jiang LC, Qiu M, Li X, Wang YG, Cui LF
167 - 177 Visible-light photocatalytic activity enhancement of red phosphorus dispersed on the exfoliated kaolin for pollutant degradation and hydrogen evolution
Guo CC, Du H, Ma YH, Qi KZ, Zhu EQ, Su Z, Huojiaaihemaiti M, Wang X
178 - 183 Tail unsaturation tailors the thermodynamics and rheology of a self-assembled sugar-based surfactant
Larsson J, Leung AE, Lang C, Wu BH, Wahlgren M, Nylander T, Ulvenlund S, Sanchez-Fernandez A
184 - 194 Fast-dissolving antibacterial nanofibers of cyclodextrin/antibiotic inclusion complexes for oral drug delivery
Topuz F, Kilic ME, Durgun E, Szekely G
195 - 204 Probing the response of poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels to solutions of various salts using etalons
Carvalho WSP, Lee C, Zhang YN, Czarnecki A, Serpe MJ
205 - 216 Destabilization mechanism of (W-1+W-2 )/O reverse Janus emulsions
Jin HM, Ge LL, Li X, Guo R
217 - 228 A novel materials manganese cadmium sulfide/cobalt nitride for efficiently photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Gong HM, Hao XQ, Li HY, Jin ZL
229 - 236 High throughput acoustic microfluidic mixer controls self-assembly of protein nanoparticles with tuneable sizes
Pourabed A, Younas T, Liu C, Shanbhag BK, He LZ, Alan T
237 - 249 Multiple-stimuli-responsiveness and conformational inversion of smart supramolecular nanoparticles assembled from spin labeled amphiphilic random copolymers
Uddin MA, Yu HJ, Wang L, Naveed KUR, Ul Amin B, Mehmood S, Haq F, Nazir A, Lin TF, Chen X, Ni ZP
250 - 257 Self-assembly and viscosity changes of binary surfactant solutions: A molecular dynamics study
Zhou J, Ranjith PG
258 - 266 Boosting oxygen evolution through phase and electronic modulation of highly dispersed tungsten carbide with nickel doping
Lu SL, Wu JJ, Hu HY, Pan XX, Hu ZB, Li HN, Zhu H, Duan F, Du ML
267 - 275 Facile synthesis by laser ablation in liquid of nonequilibrium cobalt-silver nanoparticles with magnetic and plasmonic properties
Guadagnini A, Agnoli S, Badocco D, Pastore P, Coral D, van Raap MBF, Forrer D, Amendola V
276 - 286 Cytosine-Co assemblies derived CoNx rich Co-NCNT as efficient trifunctional electrocatalyst
Wang Y, Yu HH, Zhu LK, Shi ZQ, Wang RW, Zhang ZT, Qiu SL
287 - 301 Insight into anti-corrosion nature of Betel leaves water extracts as the novel and eco-friendly inhibitors
Tan BC, He JH, Zhang ST, Xu CL, Chen SJ, Liu HY, Li WP
302 - 311 Enhanced catalytic oxidation of VOCs over porous Mn-based mullite synthesized by in-situ dismutation
Liu RY, Zhou B, Liu LZ, Zhang Y, Chen Y, Zhang QL, Yang ML, Hu LP, Wang M, Tang YF
312 - 319 Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-grafted gold nanoparticles at the vapor/water interface
Minier S, Kim HJ, Zaugg J, Mallapragada SK, Vaknin D, Wang WJ
320 - 327 A generalized examination of capillary force balance at contact line: On rough surfaces or in two-liquid systems
Fan JC, De Coninck J, Wu HA, Wang FC
328 - 336 Chickpea derived Co nanocrystal encapsulated in 3D nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon: Pressure cooking synthetic strategy and its application in lithium-sulfur batteries
Faheem M, Li WL, Ahmad N, Yang L, Tufail MK, Zhou YD, Zhou L, Chen RJ, Yang W
337 - 346 Molecular dynamics simulation of the adsorption of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) on smectite clay
Willemsen JAR, Bourg IC
347 - 354 Hydrated vanadium pentoxide/reduced graphene oxide composite cathode material for high-rate lithium ion batteries
Zhang YJ, Yuan XY, Lu T, Gong ZW, Pan LK, Guo SW
355 - 367 Effective corrosion inhibition of mild steel by eco-friendly thiourea functionalized glucosamine derivatives in acidic solution
Zhang QH, Hou BS, Li YY, Zhu GY, Liu HF, Zhang GA
368 - 375 Ultrasmall Pd and PtPd nanoparticles for highly efficient catalysis directed by predesigned Morchella-inspired encapsulation
Li SL, Li L, Wen XW, Yang XQ, Shi XL, Qu Q
376 - 385 Peptide discs as precursors of biologically relevant supported lipid bilayers
Luchini A, Sebastiani F, Tidemand FG, Batchu KC, Campana M, Fragneto G, Cardenas M, Arleth L
386 - 399 Toward green flotation: Interaction of a sophorolipid biosurfactant with a copper sulfide
Dhar P, Havskjold H, Thornhill M, Roelants S, Soetaert W, Kota HR, Chernyshova I
400 - 407 Rapid removal of organic pollutants by a novel persulfate/brochantite system: Mechanism and implication
Dong WY, Cai T, Liu YT, Wang LL, Chen H, Zeng WG, Li J, Li WL
408 - 419 Multichain adsorption at fluid interfaces: Amphiphilic homopolymers vs copolymers
Glagoleva AA, Vasilevskaya VV
420 - 432 Mussel-inspired adhesive and conductive hydrogel with tunable mechanical properties for wearable strain sensors
Zhang XY, Chen JS, He JM, Bai YP, Zeng HB
433 - 443 Lysozyme conformational changes with ionic liquids: Spectroscopic, small angle x-ray scattering and crystallographic study
Han Q, Smith KM, Darmanin C, Ryan TM, Drummond CJ, Greaves TL
444 - 451 Stability evolution of ultrafine Ag nanoparticles prepared by laser ablation in liquids
Chen Q, Ye YX, Liu J, Wu SL, Li PF, Liang CH
452 - 458 Solvents-dependent selective fabrication of face-centered cubic and hexagonal close-packed structured ruthenium nanoparticles during liquid-phase laser ablation
Pang BB, Ma Y, Tian ZF, Liu J, Wu SL, Teng DY, Li PF, Liang CH
459 - 469 Construction of Bi2S3-BiOBr nanosheets on TiO2 NTA as the effective photocatalysts: Pollutant removal, photoelectric conversion and hydrogen generation
Jia Y, Liu PB, Wang QY, Wu Y, Cao DD, Qiao QA
470 - 479 Internal electric field induced S-scheme heterojunction MoS2/CoAl LDH for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Tao JN, Yu XH, Liu QQ, Liu GW, Tang H
480 - 489 Controlled morphology and dimensionality evolution of NiPd bimetallic nanostructures
Maize M, El-Boraey HA, Ayad MI, Holmes JD, Collins G
490 - 504 Micro-patterned membranes prepared via modified phase inversion: Effect of modified interface on water fluxes and organic fouling
Ilyas A, Gebreyohannes AY, Qian J, Reynaerts D, Kuhn S, Vankelecom IFJ
505 - 518 Facile synthesis of NiO@Ni(OH)(2)-alpha-MoO3 nanocomposite for enhanced solid-state symmetric supercapacitor application
Manibalan G, Govindaraj Y, Yesuraj J, Kuppusami P, Murugadoss G, Murugavel R, Kumar MR
519 - 537 Functional facet isotype junction and semiconductor/r-GO minor Schottky barrier tailored In2S3@r-GO@(040/110)-BiVO4 ternary hybrid
Baral B, Paramanik L, Parida K
538 - 548 Facile synthesis of nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide/nickel ferrite hybrid nanocomposites with superior electromagnetic wave absorption performance in the X-band
Shu RW, Zhao CL, Zhang JB, Liu WJ, Cao X, Li YF, Liu SH
549 - 559 Highly active and efficient Cu-based hydrotalcite-like structured materials as reusable heterogeneous catalysts used for transcarbonation reaction
Kumar P, Korosec RC, Stangar UL
560 - 573 Facile synthesis and characterization of a novel 1,2,4,5-benzene tetracarboxylic acid doped polyaniline@zinc phosphate nanocomposite for highly efficient removal of hazardous hexavalent chromium ions from water
Hsini A, Naciri Y, Benafqir M, Ajmal Z, Aarab N, Laabd M, Navio JA, Puga F, Boukherroub R, Bakiz B, Albourine A
574 - 582 Li2O-2B(2)O(3) coating decorated Li4Ti5O12 anode for enhanced rate capability and cycling stability in lithium-ion batteries
Zhu TY, Yu CP, Li Y, Cai R, Cui JW, Zheng HM, Chen D, Zhang Y, Wu YC, Wang Y
583 - 595 Ionic strength controls long-term cell-surface interactions - A QCM-D study of S. cerevisiae adhesion, retention and detachment
Yongabi D, Jooken S, Givanoudi S, Khorshid M, Deschaume O, Bartic C, Losada-Perez P, Wubbenhorst M, Wagner P
596 - 604 Controllable magnetic field aligned sepiolite nanowires for high ionic conductivity and high safety PEO solid polymer electrolytes
Han LF, Wang JL, Mu XW, Wu T, Liao C, Wu N, Xing WY, Song L, Kan YC, Hu Y
605 - 613 Co-Cr mixed spinel oxide nanodots anchored on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes as catalytic electrode for hydrogen peroxide sensing
Wu HX, Xiao K, Ouyang T, Wang Z, Chen YB, Li N, Liu ZQ
614 - 626 Hyperbranched molecules having multiple functional groups as effective corrosion inhibitors for Al alloys in aqueous NaCl
Ren XL, Xu SY, Gu XX, Tan BC, Hao JY, Feng L, Ren WH, Gao F, Zhang ST, Xiao YR, Huang L
627 - 639 Pickering emulsion approach for fabrication of waterborne cross-linkable polydimethylsiloxane coatings with high mechanical performance
Li P, Wang S, Zhou SX
640 - 648 Thermal removal of partial nitrogen atoms in N-doped graphene for enhanced catalytic oxidation
Zhao Y, Wu D, Chen Y, Li Y, Fan XB, Zhang FB, Zhang GL, Peng WC
649 - 659 Understanding the interaction between heteroatom-doped carbon matrix and Sb2S3 for efficient sodium-ion battery anodes
Jaramillo-Quintero OA, Barrera-Peralta RV, El Hachimi AG, Guillen-Lopez A, Perez O, Reguera E, Rincon ME, Muniz J
660 - 667 N and Sn Co-Doped hematite photoanodes for efficient solar water oxidation
Jiao TT, Lu C, Feng K, Deng JJ, Long D, Zhong J
668 - 675 Flexible-templated imprinting for fluorine-free, omniphobic plastics with re-entrant structures
Zhao XX, Park DS, Choi J, Park S, Soper SA, Murphy MC
676 - 683 Biosynthesis of AgNPs onto the urea-based periodic mesoporous organosilica (Ag(x)NPs/Ur-PMO) for antibacterial and cell viability assay
Hasanzadeh A, Gholipour B, Rostamnia S, Eftekhari A, Tanomand A, Valizadeh AK, Khaksar S, Khalilov R
684 - 693 Efficient interfacial charge transfer of 2D/2D porous carbon nitride/bismuth oxychloride step-scheme heterojunction for boosted solar-driven CO2 reduction
Huo Y, Zhang JF, Wang ZL, Dai K, Pan CS, Liang CH
694 - 704 n-p Heterojunction of TiO2-NiO core-shell structure for efficient hydrogen generation and lignin photoreforming
Zhao H, Li CF, Liu LY, Palma B, Hu ZY, Renneckar S, Larter S, Li Y, Kibria MG, Hu JG, Su BL
705 - 715 Highly efficient Co3O4/CeO2 heterostructure as anode for lithium-ion batteries
Kang Y, Zhang YH, Shi Q, Shi HW, Xue DF, Shi FN
716 - 728 Highly hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene particle immobilization via polydopamine anchor layer on nitric oxide releasing polymer for biomedical applications
Mondal A, Devine R, Estes L, Manuel J, Singha P, Mancha J, Palmer M, Handa H
729 - 739 Effects of crystal structure and plane orientation on lithium and nickel co-doped spinel lithium manganese oxide for long cycle life lithium-ion batteries
Liu HL, Li M, Xiang MW, Guo JM, Bai HL, Bai W, Liu XF
740 - 749 Density functional theory study on a nitrogen-rich carbon nitride material C3N5 as photocatalyst for CO2 reduction to C1 and C2 products
Wang YL, Pham TN, Tian Y, Morikawa Y, Yan LK
750 - 763 Hybrid supercapacitors constructed from double-shelled cobalt-zinc sulfide/copper oxide nanoarrays and ferrous sulfide/graphene oxide nanostructures
Shahi M, Hekmat F, Shahrokhian S
764 - 777 Enriched oxygen vacancies of Cu2O/SnS2/SnO2 heterostructure for enhanced photocatalytic reduction of CO2 by water and nitrogen fixation
Ojha N, Bajpai A, Kumar S
778 - 786 The changing structure by component: Biomass-based porous carbon for high-performance supercapacitors
Tan ZX, Yang JW, Liang YR, Zheng MT, Hu H, Dong HW, Liu YL, Xiao Y
787 - 799 Bi-functional hydrogen and coordination bonding surfactant: A novel and promising collector for improving the separation of calcium minerals
Zhang WJ, Feng ZT, Yang YH, Sun W, Pooley S, Cao J, Gao ZY
800 - 807 One-dimensional nitrogen-doped carbon frameworks embedded with zinc-cobalt nanoparticles for efficient overall water splitting
Deng YY, Liu HD, Wei XJ, Ding LL, Jiang FH, Cao XQ, Zhou QF, Xiang M, Bai JR, Gu HW
808 - 819 Salt-tolerance of alkyl-glyceryl ether carboxylates hydrotropes and surfactants. Dramatic effect of the methylation of the glyceryl spacer
Illous E, Doblinger S, Pipolo S, Ontiveros JF, Lebeuf R, Aubry JM
820 - 820 Discusses charge carrier transfer in photocatalysis, including thermodynamic and kinetic aspects, theoretical considerations, intrinsic traps in charge carrier transfer, interparticle/interphase charge transfer, and modeling (vol 31, pg ch 4, 2020)
Hubbard A
820 - 820 Describes hierarchical porous photocatalysts, with emphasis on inherent advantages, design, fabrication, surface modification, and applications (vol 31, pg ch 3, 2020)
Hubbard A
820 - 820 Introduces the theory of adsorption equilibria and adsorption kinetics at photocatalyst surfaces, and the mechanistic processes of photocatalysis (vol 31, pg ch 2, 2020)
Hubbard A
820 - 820 Surface Science of Photocatalysis (vol , 2020)
Hubbard A
820 - 820 Presents strategies for improving the performance of solar-to-fuel conversion by photocatalytic systems (vol 31, pg ch 15, 2020)
Cao SW, Yu JG
820 - 820 Reviews silver-based visible-light-responsive photocatalysts (vol 31, pg ch 13, 2020)
Cheng HF, Wang P, Wang ZY, Liu YY, Huang BB
820 - 820 Summarizes the surface modification and applications of graphene-based materials (vol 31, pg ch 14, 2020)
Han C, Xu YJ
820 - 820 Discusses the influence of metallic and non-metallic doping of ZnO-based photocatalysts (vol 31, pg ch 9, 2020)
Kumar SG, Kavitha R, Sushma C
820 - 820 Important CdS-based photocatalysts (vol 31, pg ch 10, 2020)
Li Q, Li X, Yu JG
820 - 820 Discusses the fabrication, performance and applications of photocatalysts based on Bi2WO6 and the influences of morphology (vol 31, pg ch 12, 2020)
Li WL, Zhu YF
820 - 820 Describes the design, fabrication, characterization and applications of direct Z-scheme photocatalysts (vol 31, pg ch 6, 2020)
Low JX, Yu JG, Jiang CJ
820 - 820 Reviews the fundamentals and various examples of surface heterojunction photocatalysts (vol 31, pg ch 5, 2020)
Meng AY, Yu JG
820 - 820 Describes composite photocatalysts in which ZnO is coupled with C-60, carbon nanotubes or graphene (vol 31, pg ch 8, 2020)
Qi KZ, Yu JG
820 - 820 Reviews the use of metal-organic frameworks materials and composites for photocatalysis (vol 31, pg ch 17, 2020)
Qin YH, Hao MM, Li ZH
820 - 820 Preparations and mechanisms of bismuth(oxide/carbonate/halide)-based photocatalysts, and their applications for photodegradation of environmental pollutants (vol 31, pg ch 11, 2020)
Wang H, Sun YJ, Dong F
820 - 820 Reviews TiO2 nanotube photocatalysts which involve site-selective surface decoration (vol 31, pg ch 7, 2020)
Zhou XM, Schmuki P
820 - 820 Summarizes first-principles theoretical analysis of g-C3N4 composite materials (vol 31, pg ch 16, 2020)
Zhu BC, Zhang LY, Yu JG