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1 - 10 Constructing conductive titanium carbide nanosheet (MXene) network on polyurethane/polyacrylonitrile fibre framework for flexible strain sensor
Jia ZX, Li ZJ, Ma SF, Zhang WQ, Chen YJ, Luo YF, Jia DM, Zhong BC, Razal JM, Wang XG, Kong LX
11 - 18 SERS-active linear barcodes by microfluidic-assisted patterning
Pekdemir S, Ipekci HH, Serhatlioglu M, Elbuken C, Onses MS
19 - 33 Composition effects on photooxidative membrane destabilization by TiO2 nanoparticles
Haffner SM, Parra-Ortiz E, Skoda MWA, Saerbeck T, Browning KL, Malmsten M
34 - 44 Effective cytocompatible nanovectors based on serine-derived gemini surfactants and monoolein for small interfering RNA delivery
Costa C, Oliveira IS, Silva JPN, Silva SG, Botelho C, do Vale MLC, Oliveira MECDR, Gomes AC, Marques EF
45 - 56 Spatial pattern and surface-specificity of particle and microorganism deposition and attachment: Modeling, analytic solution and experimental test
Leontev A, Bar-On R, Bass M, Juric M, Schmetz C, Freger V
57 - 66 PEDOT:PSS nano-particles in aqueous media: A comparative experimental and molecular dynamics study of particle size, morphology and z-potential
Jain K, Mehandzhiyski AY, Zozoulenko I, Wagberg L
67 - 79 Synergistic effects of zinc oxide coupled copper hexacyanoferrate nanocomposite: Robust visible-light driven dye degradation
Rachna, Rani M, Shanker U
80 - 91 Constructing and optimizing hollow ZnxFe3-xO4@polyaniline composites as high-performance microwave absorbers
Shang Q, Feng HX, Liu JP, Lian Q, Feng ZY, Chen NL, Qiu JH, Wu HJ
92 - 102 Multiple modulations of supramolecular assemblies from a natural triterpenoid-tailored bipyridinium amphiphile
Gao YX, Zhao KF, Yu X, Li ZL, Wu TY, Zhang CH, Du FP, Hu J
103 - 113 In-situ probing of electrochemical dissolution and surface properties of chalcopyrite with implications for the dissolution kinetics and passivation mechanism
Wang JY, Xie L, Han LB, Wang XG, Wang JM, Zeng HB
114 - 124 Adsorption enhanced the oxidase-mimicking catalytic activity of octahedral-shape Mn3O4 nanoparticles as a novel colorimetric chemosensor for ultrasensitive and selective detection of arsenic
Wang JJ, Tao H, Lu TT, Wu YE
125 - 133 Construction of hierarchical 2D/2D Ti3C2/MoS2 nanocomposites for high-efficiency solar steam generation
Xu RQ, Wei N, Li ZK, Song XJ, Li Q, Sun KY, Yang EQ, Gong LK, Sui YL, Tian J, Wang X, Zhao MG, Cui HZ
134 - 144 Linking polymer hydrophobicity and molecular interactions to rheology and tribology in phospholipid-containing complex gels
Farias BV, Haeri F, Khan SA
145 - 153 Fabrication of industrial-level polymer photonic crystal films at ambient temperature Based on uniform core/shell colloidal particles
Li HT, Wu P, Zhao GW, Guo J, Wang CC
154 - 163 Hierarchical porous boron nitride with boron vacancies for improved adsorption performance to antibiotics
Chao YH, Tang BC, Luo J, Wu PW, Tao DJ, Chang HH, Chu XZ, Huang Y, Li HP, Zhu WS
164 - 173 Graphene oxide-silver nanocomposites embedded nanofiber core-spun yarns for durable antibacterial textiles
Yu W, Li X, He JX, Chen YK, Qi LY, Yuan PP, Ou KK, Liu F, Zhou YM, Qin XH
174 - 181 Enhanced N-2 photofixation activity of flower-like BiOCl by in situ Fe(III) doped as an activation center
Shen ZF, Li FF, Lu JR, Wang ZD, Li R, Zhang XC, Zhang CM, Wang YW, Wang YF, Lv ZP, Liu JX, Fan CM
182 - 192 Lu modified ZnO/CNTs composite: A promising photocatalyst for hydrogen evolution under visible light illumination
Ahmad I, Akhtar MS, Ahmed E, Ahmad M, Naz MY
193 - 203 Catalytic combustion of acetonitrile over CuCeOx-HZSM-5 composite catalysts with different mass ratios: The synergism between oxidation and hydrolysis reactions
Zhang YY, Wang YX, Liu Y, Ying QJ, Wu ZB
204 - 215 CoS2 engulfed ultra-thin S-doped g-C3N4 and its enhanced electrochemical performance in hybrid asymmetric supercapacitor
Vinoth S, Subramani K, Ong WJ, Sathish M, Pandikumar A
216 - 224 Modulating transparency and colour of cellulose nanocrystal composite films by varying polymer molecular weight
Lin MQ, Raghuwanshi VS, Browne C, Simon GP, Garnier G
225 - 235 Antifouling and antibacterial behavior of membranes containing quaternary ammonium and zwitterionic polymers
Zhu MM, Fang Y, Chen YC, Lei YQ, Fang LF, Zhu BK, Matsuyama H
236 - 245 Magnetic nanoparticle decorated anodic alumina nanotubes for fluorescent detection of cathepsin B
Domagalski JT, Xifre-Perez E, Tabrizi MA, Ferre-Borrull J, Marsal LF
246 - 252 A novel strategy for improving performance of lithium-oxygen batteries
Dong HY, Wang YW, Tang PP, Wang H, Li K, Yin YH, Yang ST
253 - 262 In situ investigating the size-dependent scattering signatures and sensing sensitivity of single silver nanocube through a multi-model approach
Pan ZY, Zhou J, Zou HY, Li YF, Gao PF, Huang CZ
263 - 274 Transition metal-containing nitrogen-doped nanocarbon catalysts derived from 5-methylresorcinol for anion exchange membrane fuel cell application
Kisand K, Sarapuu A, Danilian D, Kikas A, Kisand V, Rahn M, Treshchalov A, Kaarik M, Merisalu M, Paiste P, Aruvali J, Leis J, Sammelselg V, Holdcroft S, Tammeveski K
275 - 280 Elastocapillary interactions of thermoresponsive microgels across the volume phase transition temperatures
Chen SS, Yong X
281 - 294 J-like aggregation of a cationic polythiophene with hydrogen-bonding capabilities due to 1,4-dioxane: Solution excitation spectra and fluorescence, morphology and surface free energy of films
Dominguez SE, Vuolle A, Butler-Hallissey C, Aaritalo T, Damlin P, Kvarnstrom C
295 - 309 Interface driven energy-filtering and phonon scattering of polyaniline incorporated ultrathin layered molybdenum disulphide nanosheets for promising thermoelectric performance
Abinaya R, Archana J, Harish S, Navaneethan M, Muthamizhchelvan C, Ponnusamy S, Udono H, Sugahara R, Hayakawa Y, Shimomura M
310 - 319 Effect of laminin, polylysine and cell medium components on the attachment of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells to cellulose nanofibrils analyzed by surface plasmon resonance
Zhang X, Viitala T, Harjumaki R, Kartal-Hodzic A, Valle-Delgado JJ, Osterberg M
320 - 331 Novel 2D/2D g-C3N4/Bi4NbO8Cl nano-composite for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of oxytetracycline under visible LED light irradiation
Majumdar A, Ghosh U, Pal A
332 - 343 Ni2P QDs decorated in the multi-shelled CaTiO3 cube for creating inter-shelled channel active sites to boost photocatalytic performance
Song N, Jiang EH, Liu XT, Zuo Y, Che GB, Liu CB, Yan YS, Dong HJ
344 - 353 Effect of Arthrospira platensis microalgae protein purification on emulsification mechanism and efficiency
Bocker L, Bertsch P, Wenner D, Teixeira S, Bergfreund J, Eder S, Fischer P, Mathys A
354 - 359 Cobalt-based zeolitic imidazolate frameworks modified separator as efficient polysulfide adsorbent for high performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Wang JF, Li J
360 - 371 Hydroxyl groups on cellulose nanocrystal surfaces form nucleation points for silver nanoparticles of varying shapes and sizes
Musino D, Rivard C, Landrot G, Novales B, Rabilloud T, Capron I
372 - 381 Dual carbon decorated germanium-carbon composite as a stable anode for sodium/potassium-ion batteries
Liu RP, Luo FQ, Zeng LX, Liu JB, Xu LH, He XT, Xu QX, Huang BQ, Qian QR, Wei MD, Chen QH
382 - 394 FeNi nanoparticles embedded reduced graphene/nitrogen-doped carbon composites towards the ultra-wideband electromagnetic wave absorption
Zhang HX, Shi C, Jia ZR, Liu XH, Xu BH, Zhang DD, Wu GL
395 - 402 Tuning the electrowetting behavior of quantum dot nanofluids
Tohgha UN, Watson AM, Godman NP
403 - 410 How different freezing morphologies of impacting droplets form
Fang WZ, Zhu FQ, Tao WQ, Yang C
411 - 417 Adsorption of proteins to fluid interfaces: Role of the hydrophobic subphase
Bergfreund J, Bertsch P, Fischer P
418 - 428 MoO2 coated few layers of MoS2 and FeS2 nanoflower decorated S-doped graphene interoverlapped network for high-energy asymmetric supercapacitor
Zhang MM, Song ZX, Liu H, Wang A, Shao SY
429 - 438 Adsorption of non-ionic surfactant and monoclonal antibody on siliconized surface studied by neutron reflectometry
Zhang ZH, Woys AM, Hong KL, Grapentin C, Khan TA, Zarraga IE, Wagner NJ, Liu Y
439 - 448 In situ confinement pyrolysis of ZIF-67 nanocrystals on hollow carbon spheres towards efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction
Zhong L, Zhou H, Li RF, Bian T, Wang S, Yuan AH
449 - 455 Hydroxyl ion stabilization of bulk nanobubbles resulting from microbubble shrinkage
Satpute PA, Earthman JC
456 - 463 Colloidal stability of cellulose nanocrystals in aqueous solutions containing monovalent, divalent, and trivalent inorganic salts
Cao TC, Elimelech M
464 - 473 Biomimetic design and synthesis of visible-light-driven g-C3N4 nanotube @polydopamine/NiCo-layered double hydroxides composite photocatalysts for improved photocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity
Meng FY, Qin YY, Lu J, Lin XY, Meng MJ, Sun G, Yan YS
474 - 483 Ultrathin MXene "bridge" to accelerate charge transfer in ultrathin metal-free 0D/2D black phosphorus/g-C3N4 heterojunction toward photocatalytic hydrogen production
Song T, Hou LQ, Long B, Ali A, Deng GJ
484 - 494 A novel hydrogel with self-healing property and bactericidal activity
Wu YX, Wang JH, Li L, Fei X, Xu LQ, Wang Y, Tian J, Li Y
495 - 504 Highly sensitive and flexible pressure sensor based on two-dimensional MoSe2 nanosheets for online wrist pulse monitoring
Pataniya PM, Bhakhar SA, Tannarana M, Zankat C, Patel V, Solanki GK, Patel KD, Jha PK, Late DJ, Sumesh CK
505 - 519 Insight into the effect of particle size distribution differences on the antibacterial activity of carbon dots
Sun BH, Wu F, Zhang QC, Chu XH, Wang ZX, Huang XR, Li J, Yao C, Zhou NL, Shen J
520 - 527 Fractional structured molybdenum oxide catalyst as counter electrodes of all-solid-state fiber dye-sensitized solar cells
Utomo DS, Kim JH, Lee D, Park J, Kang YC, Kim YH, Choi JW, Song M
528 - 538 Droplet shape control using microfluidics and designer biosurfactants
Gao Y, Zhao CX, Sainsbury F
539 - 550 Enhanced photodynamic inactivation for Gram-negative bacteria by branched polyethylenimine-containing nanoparticles under visible light irradiation
Wang Q, Zhang DD, Feng J, Sun TL, Li CL, Xie XB, Shi QS
551 - 560 In-situ observation of reactive wettability alteration using algorithm-improved confocal Raman microscopy
Nair S, Gao J, Otto C, Duits MHG, Mugele F
561 - 581 Analytical modeling of micelle growth. 4. Molecular thermodynamics of wormlike micelles from ionic surfactants: Theory vs. experiment
Danov KD, Kralchevsky PA, Stanimirova RD, Stoyanov SD, Cook JL, Stott IP
582 - 591 pn-Heterojunction of the SWCNT/ZnO nanocomposite for temperature dependent reaction with hydrogen
Chinh ND, Haneul Y, Hieu NM, Hung NM, Quang ND, Kim C, Kim D
592 - 601 Well-defined poly(ethylene glycol) polymers as non-conventional reactive tracers of colloidal transport in porous media
Ritschel T, Lehmann K, Brunzel M, Vitz J, Nischang I, Schubert US, Totsche KU
602 - 609 Facile preparation of polydimethylsiloxane/carbon nanotubes modified melamine solar evaporators for efficient steam generation and desalination
Li QW, Zhao X, Li LX, Hu T, Yang YF, Zhang JP
610 - 621 Molecular dynamics simulations of the colloidal interaction between smectite clay nanoparticles in liquid water
Shen XY, Bourg IC
622 - 633 Marangoni circulation in evaporating droplets in the presence of soluble surfactants
van Gaalen RT, Diddens C, Wijshoff HMA, Kuerten JGM
634 - 646 Effects of feed composition on the fouling on cation-exchange membranes desalinating polymer-flooding produced water
Sosa-Fernandez PA, Miedema SJ, Bruning H, Leermakers FAM, Post JW, Rijnaarts HHM
647 - 659 Diatom-inspired self-assembly for silica thin sheets of perpendicular nanochannels
Yeh YQ, Su CJ, Wang CA, Lai YC, Tang CY, Di ZY, Frielinghaus H, Su AC, Jeng US, Mou CY
660 - 668 A comparison between the structures of reconstituted salivary pellicles and oral mucin (MUC5B) films
Boyd H, Gonzalez-Martinez JF, Welbourn RJL, Gutfreund P, Klechikov A, Robertsson C, Wickstrom C, Arnebrant T, Barker R, Sotres J
669 - 683 Polyelectrolyte complex templated synthesis of monodisperse, sub-100 nm porous silica nanoparticles for cancer targeted and stimuli-responsive drug delivery
Newham G, Mathew RK, Wurdak H, Evans SD, Ong ZY
684 - 697 Solidification of self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS): Impact on storage stability of a therapeutic protein
Friedl JD, Jorgensen AM, Le-Vinh B, Braun DE, Tribus M, Bernkop-Schnurch A
698 - 705 Perovskite-type CaMnO3 anode material for highly efficient and stable lithium ion storage
Chang LM, Li JH, Le ZY, Nie P, Guo Y, Wang HR, Xu TH, Xue XX
706 - 713 Tubules, beads, discs and junctions - Morphologies and dynamics of dispersed multilamellar lipid phases in excess water
Bhatia T
714 - 722 Topochemically synthesized MoS2 nanosheets: A high performance electrode for wide-temperature tolerant aqueous supercapacitors
Kesavan D, Mariappan VK, Pazhamalai P, Krishnamoorthy K, Kim SJ
723 - 728 Development of dark-field dynamic light scattering microscopy and its application: Tracking dynamics of particles in condensed slurries spreading on planar/nonplanar substrates
Shiraishi M, Urashima S, Morisaku T, Takahashi R, Matsuo K, Yui H
729 - 737 Synthesis of raspberry-like antimony-platinum (SbPt) nanoparticles as highly active electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
Chan CY, Chang CH, Tuan HY
738 - 748 The growth and shrinkage of water droplets at the oil-solid interface
Zhang R, Liao W, Wang YP, Wang Y, Wilson DI, Clarke SM, Yang ZQ
749 - 759 Co3O4 nanocube-decorated nitrogen-doped carbon foam as an enhanced 3-dimensional hierarchical catalyst for activating Oxone to degrade sulfosalicylic acid
Lin XR, Kwon E, Hung C, Huang CW, Oh WD, Lin KYA
760 - 769 Cost-effective and efficient water and urea oxidation catalysis using nickel-iron oxyhydroxide nanosheets synthesized by an ultrafast method
Babar P, Patil K, Lee DM, Karade V, Gour K, Pawar S, Kim JH
770 - 778 Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of mixed calcium magnesium oxide (CaMgO2) nanoflakes for photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue
Karuppusamy I, Samuel MS, Selvarajan E, Shanmugam S, Kumar PSM, Brindhadevi K, Pugazhendhi A
779 - 788 Self-assembly of TiO2/Fe3O4/SiO2 microbeads: A green approach to produce magnetic photocatalysts
Brossault DFF, McCoy TM, Routh AF
789 - 794 Thermally-driven gold@poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) core-shell nanotransporters for molecular extraction
Zhang C, Deng FF, Xiong WQ, Wang XJ, Yuan SJ, Ding T
795 - 803 A soft template approach to various porous nanostructures from conjugated carbazole-based monomers
Fradin C, Guittard F, Darmanin T
804 - 815 E-cigarette aerosol collection using converging and straight tubing Sections: Physical mechanisms
Hilpert M, Ilievski V, Hsu SY, Rule AM, Olmedo P, Drazer G
816 - 826 Graphene nanosheets homogeneously incorporated in polyurethane sponge for the elimination of water-soluble organic dyes
Manabe S, Kiliyankil VA, Takiguchi S, Kumashiro T, Fugetsu B, Sakata I
827 - 837 Simple and effective synthesis of zinc ferrite nanoparticle immobilized by reduced graphene oxide as anode for lithium-ion batteries
Xu BH, Yu LB, Zhao X, Wang HR, Wang C, Zhang LY, Wu GL
838 - 865 Renaissance of Stober method for synthesis of colloidal particles: New developments and opportunities
Ghimire PP, Jaroniec M
866 - 874 Two birds with one stone: Porous poly(ionic liquids) membrane with high efficiency for the separation of amino acids mixture and its antibacterial properties
Liu LL, Xiong SH, Zeng LB, Cai CY, Li FF, Tan ZJ
875 - 884 Boosting potassium-ion storage in large-diameter carbon nanotubes/MoP hybrid
Wang ZD, Gao WK, Ding CJ, Qi HY, Kang SF, Cui LF
885 - 899 High performance of the A-Mn2O3 nanocatalyst for persulfate activation: Degradation process of organic contaminants via singlet oxygen
Khan A, Zhang KK, Sun P, Pan HH, Cheng Y, Zhang YR
900 - 906 Enhancing lithium ion diffusion kinetic in hierarchical lithium titanate@erbium oxide from coating to doping via facile one-step co-precipitation
Liu ZJ, Zhang Y, Huang YD, Wang XC, Ding J, Guo Y, Tang XC