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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.583 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Ordered Self-supporting NiV LDHs@P-Nickel foam Nano-array as High-Performance supercapacitor electrode
Wang GR, Jin ZL, Guo QJ
13 - 23 Effects of different "rigid-flexible" structures of carbon fibers surface on the interfacial microstructure and mechanical properties of carbon fiber/epoxy resin composites
Feng PF, Song GJ, Li XR, Xu H, Xu LY, Lv DD, Zhu X, Huang YD, Ma LC
24 - 32 Dissymmetric interface design of SnO2/TiO2 side-by-side bi-component nanofibers as photoanodes for dye sensitized solar cells: Facilitated electron transport and enhanced carrier separation
Wei K, Gu XY, Chen EZ, Wang YQ, Dai Z, Zhu ZR, Kang SQ, Wang AC, Gao XP, Sun GZ, Pan XJ, Zhou JY, Xie EQ
33 - 39 Nanomagnetic structure of composite films with cubic array distribution of FeNi nanoparticles
Liu SY, Li GJ, Ma YH, Wang JH, Wang Q
40 - 49 Evaluation of different potassium salts as activators for hierarchically porous carbons and their applications in CO2 adsorption
Cui HM, Xu JG, Shi JS, You SY, Zhang C, Yan NF, Liu YW, Chen GH
50 - 57 Design of a ratiometric fluorescence sensor based on metal organic frameworks and Ru(bpy)(3)(2+)-doped silica composites for 17 beta-Estradiol detection
Sha HF, Yan B
58 - 70 Ultrathin Z-scheme 2D/2D N-doped HTiNbO5 nanosheets/g-C3N4 porous composites for efficient photocatalytic degradation and H-2 generation under visible light
Liu C, Han ZT, Feng Y, Dai HL, Zhao YF, Han N, Zhang QF, Zou ZG
71 - 79 Tuning morphology, composition and oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalytic performance of manganese oxide particles fabricated by gamma-radiation induced synthesis
Li ZF, Yang Y, Relefors A, Kong XY, Siso GM, Wickman B, Kiros Y, Soroka IL
80 - 88 Microwave-mediated fabrication of silver nanoparticles incorporated lignin-based composites with enhanced antibacterial activity via electrostatic capture effect
Wang YL, Li ZX, Yang DJ, Qiu XQ, Xie YX, Zhang X
89 - 99 Luminescence investigation of red-emitting Sr2MgMoO6:Eu3+ phosphor for visualization of latent fingerprint
Wang Y, Ke YE, Chen SS, Luo JM, Shu S, Gao J, Deng B, Yu RJ
100 - 112 beta-Cyclodextrin functionalized SBA-15 via amide linkage as a super adsorbent for rapid removal of methyl blue
Li DL, Chai KG, Yao XD, Zhou LQ, Wu KY, Huang ZH, Yan JT, Qin XZ, Wei W, Ji HB
113 - 127 Realizing the synergistic effect of electronic modulation over graphitic carbon nitride for highly efficient photodegradation of bisphenol A and 2-mercaptobenzothiazole: Mechanism, degradation pathway and density functional theory calculation
Jing LQ, He MQ, Xie M, Song YH, Wei W, Xu YG, Xu H, Li HM
128 - 138 N,N-dimethylformamide assisted facile hydrothermal synthesis of boehmite microspheres for highly effective removal of Congo red from water
Zhou JP, Cai WQ, Yang ZC, Xia Q, Chen JW, Fan JJ, Du CH
139 - 148 Synthesis of nitrogen and sulfur doped graphene on graphite foam for electro-catalytic phenol degradation and water splitting
Guo XM, Duan XG, Ji JY, Fan XB, Li Y, Zhang FB, Zhang GL, Zhu YA, Peng WC, Wang SB
149 - 156 Hollow C@SnS2/SnS nanocomposites: High efficient oxygen evolution reaction catalysts
Jiang MW, Han T, Zhang XJ
157 - 165 Green and facile fabrication of porous titanium dioxide as efficient sulfur host for advanced lithium-sulfur batteries: An air oxidation strategy
Zhang XQ, Yuan W, Yang Y, Yang SZ, Wang C, Yuan YH, Wu YP, Kang WQ, Tang Y
166 - 177 Dendritic organosilica nanospheres with large mesopores as multi-guests vehicle for photoacoustic/ultrasound imaging-guided photodynamic therapy
Huang YT, Shen KW, Si YS, Shan C, Guo HC, Chen M, Wu LM
178 - 187 Highly efficient inverted polymer solar cells by using solution processed MgO/ZnO composite interfacial layers
Huang S, Kang BN, Duan L, Zhang DD
188 - 195 Mechanical design of brush coating technology for the alignment of one-dimension nanomaterials
Li LP, Yang TH, Wang K, Fan HW, Hou CY, Zhang QH, Li YG, Yu H, Wang HZ
196 - 203 Fabrication of layered Fe2P-Cd0.5Zn0.5 S nanoparticles with a reverse heterojunction for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Liang ZB, Dong XF
204 - 213 Enhanced luminescence through interface energy transfer in hierarchical heterogeneous nanocomposites and application in white LEDs
Gao GY, Li YN, Yu WJ, Wang GF, Zhu PF, Qin WP, Wang DS
214 - 221 Assembly and mechanical response of amphiphilic Janus nanosheets at oil-water interfaces
Yin TH, Yang ZH, Zhang FF, Lin MQ, Zhang J, Dong ZX
222 - 233 Study of the aggregation behavior of Janus particles by coupling experiments and Brownian dynamics simulations
Lebdioua K, Cerbelaud M, Aimable A, Videcoq A
234 - 242 Control of peptide hydrogel formation and stability via heating treatment
Li Q, Zhang G, Wu YF, Wang YF, Liang YY, Yang X, Qi W, Su RX, He ZM
243 - 254 Facile fabrication of core-shell structured Ni(OH)(2)/Ni(PO3)(2) composite via one-step electrodeposition for high performance asymmetric supercapacitor
Hao JY, Zou XF, Feng L, Li WP, Xiang B, Hu Q, Liang XY, Wu QB
255 - 266 High potential and robust ternary LaFeO3/CdS/carbon quantum dots nanocomposite for photocatalytic H-2 evolution under sunlight illumination
Manchala S, Gandamalla A, Vempuluru NR, Venkatakrishnan SM, Shanker V
267 - 278 Filamentous anti-influenza agents wrapping around viruses
Chung J, Jung Y, Hong C, Kim S, Moon S, Kwak EA, Hwang BJ, Park SH, Seong BL, Kweon DH, Chung WJ
279 - 287 Enhanced removal of pefloxacin from aqueous solution by adsorption and Fenton-like oxidation using NH2-MIL-88B
Ma HJ, Yu B, Wang QP, Owens G, Chen ZL
288 - 298 3D CNTs/graphene network conductive substrate supported MOFs-derived CoZnNiS nanosheet arrays for ultra-high volumetric/gravimetric energy density hybrid supercapacitor
Liu Y, Xin N, Yang QJ, Shi WD
299 - 309 Two-for-one strategy: Three-dimensional porous Fe-doped Co3O4 cathode and N-doped carbon anode derived from a single bimetallic metal-organic framework for enhanced hybrid supercapacitor
Cheng L, Zhang QS, Xu M, Zhai QC, Zhang CL
310 - 320 Facile preparation of Ni nanoparticle embedded on mesoporous carbon nanorods for non-enzymatic glucose detection
Jia HX, Shang NZ, Feng Y, Ye HM, Zhao JN, Wang H, Wang C, Zhang YF
321 - 330 Design and synthesis of NiCo/Co4S3@C hybrid material with tunable and efficient electromagnetic absorption
Hou TQ, Jia ZR, He SQ, Su Y, Zhang XD, Xu BH, Liu XH, Wu GL
331 - 339 pH-Dependent surface charge at the interfaces between aluminum gallium nitride (AlGaN) and aqueous solution revealed by surfactant adsorption
Wang JN, Zhang X, Li H, Wang C, Li HR, Keller S, Mishra UK, Nener BD, Parish G, Atkin R
340 - 350 Study on a quartz crystal microbalance sensor based on chitosan-functionalized mesoporous silica for humidity detection
Qi PJ, Xu ZW, Zhou TT, Zhang T, Zhao HR
351 - 361 A mass-producible integrative structure Pt alloy oxygen reduction catalyst synthesized with atomically dispersive metal-organic framework precursors
Zhao Q, Wang C, Wang HF, Wang JL
362 - 370 Engineered heat dissipation and current distribution boron nitride-graphene layer coated on polypropylene separator for high performance lithium metal battery
Rodriguez JR, Kim PJ, Kim K, Qi ZM, Wang HY, Pol VG
371 - 375 Atomic Fe & FeP nanoparticles synergistically facilitate oxygen reduction reaction of hollow carbon hybrids
Yang WX, Liu XJ, Lv H, Jia JB
376 - 384 Thermally stable surfactant-free ceria nanocubes in silica aerogel
Caddeo F, Casu A, Loche D, Morgan LM, Mountjoy G, O'Regan C, Casula MF, Hayama S, Corrias A, Falqui A
385 - 393 Gradient stretching to produce variable aspect ratio colloidal ellipsoids
Trevenen S, Beltramo PJ
394 - 403 One-step fabrication of oxygen vacancy-enriched Fe@Ti/C composite for highly efficient degradation of organic pollutants through persulfate activation
Xie RZ, Jiang YB, Armutlulu A, Shen ZY, Lai B, Wang H
404 - 413 Viscoelastic characterization of the crosslinking of beta-lactoglobulin on emulsion drops via microcapsule compression and interfacial dilational and shear rheology
Biviano MD, Boni LJ, Berry JD, Fischer P, Dagastine RR
414 - 424 Friction at nanopillared polymer surfaces beyond Amontons' laws: Stick-slip amplitude coefficient (SSAC) and multiparametric nanotribological properties
Ishak MI, Dobryden I, Claesson PM, Briscoe WH, Su B
425 - 434 Worm-like gold nanowires assembled carbon nanofibers-CVD graphene hybrid as sensitive and selective sensor for nitrite detection
Le HT, Tran DT, Kim NH, Lee JH
435 - 447 Protonated g-C3N4 cooperated with Co-MOF doped with Sm to construct 2D/2D heterojunction for integrated dye-sensitized photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Zhao S, Xu J, Mao M, Li LJ, Li XH
448 - 458 Slip transition in dynamic wetting for a generalized Navier boundary condition
Rougier V, Cellier J, Gomina M, Breard J
459 - 469 Adsorption of rapeseed proteins at oil/water interfaces. Janus-like napins dominate the interface
Ntone E, van Wesel T, Sagis LMC, Meinders M, Bitter JH, Nikiforidis CV
470 - 486 Temperature and pH dual-stimuli-responsive phase-change microcapsules for multipurpose applications in smart drug delivery
Wang S, Liu H, Wu DZ, Wang XD
487 - 498 Studying the preparation, electrochemical performance testing, comparison and application of a cost-effective flexible graphene working electrode
Kongkaew S, Kanatharana P, Thavarungkul P, Limbut W
499 - 509 Photocatalytic nitrogen fixation: Oxygen vacancy modified novel micro-nanosheet structure Bi2O2CO3 with band gap engineering
Feng YL, Zhang ZS, Zhao K, Lin SL, Li H, Gao X
510 - 521 Design of Ti3C2Tx/TiO2/PANI multi-layer composites for excellent electromagnetic wave absorption performance
Gao XR, Wang BB, Wang KK, Xu S, Liu SP, Liu XH, Jia ZR, Wu GL
522 - 534 Foams of vegetable oils containing long-chain triglycerides
Liu Y, Binks BP
535 - 543 Nitrogen-enriched carbon nanofibers with tunable semi-ionic C-F bonds as a stable long cycle anode for sodium-ion batteries
Yan XM, Liang ST, Shi HT, Hu YL, Liu LY, Xu ZW
544 - 552 Quinone-mediated dissimilatory iron reduction of hematite: Interfacial reactions on exposed {001} and {100} facets
Hu SW, Wu YD, Shi ZQ, Li FB, Liu TX
553 - 562 Monolayer wall nanotubes self-assembled from short peptide bolaamphiphiles
Zhao YR, Hu XZ, Zhang LM, Wang D, King SM, Rogers SE, Wang JQ, Lu JR, Xu H
563 - 570 Analyzing microalgal biofilm structures formed under different light conditions by evaluating cell-cell interactions
Yuan H, Wang Y, Lai ZJ, Zhang XR, Jiang ZY, Zhang XX
571 - 578 Cellulose-based Ni-decorated graphene magnetic film for electromagnetic interference shielding
Han GJ, Ma ZG, Zhou B, He CG, Wang B, Feng YZ, Ma JM, Sun L, Liu CT
579 - 585 1T-Phase MoS2 with large layer spacing supported on carbon cloth for high-performance Na+ storage
Wang LN, Wu X, Wang FT, Chen X, Xu J, Huang KJ
586 - 593 Dynamic emulsion droplets enabled by interfacial assembly of azobenzene-functionalized nanoparticles under light and magnetic field
Ji GB, Yang F, Yang YZ, Wei JJ, Yang ZJ
594 - 604 Deep eutectic solvent-assisted in-situ synthesis of nanosheet-packed Ni3S2 porous spheres on Ni foam for high-performance supercapacitors
Chen L, Zeng JR, Guo MW, Xue RC, Deng RR, Zhang QB
605 - 613 Encapsulation of cuprous/cobalt sites in metal organic framework for enhanced C2H4/C2H6 separation
Xu CL, Yang ZF, Shi L, Yin Y, Lu M, Liu MX, Yuan AH, Wu H, Ren XM, Wang SB, Sun HQ
614 - 625 A Janus cobalt nanoparticles and molybdenum carbide decorated N-doped carbon for high-performance overall water splitting
Liu GP, Wang KK, Wang L, Wang B, Lin ZX, Chen X, Hua YJ, Zhu WS, Li HM, Xia JX
626 - 641 Hydrogen generation and hydrogenation reactions efficiently mediated by a thin film of reduced graphene oxide-grafted with carboxymethyl chitosan and Ag nanoparticles
Quadrado RFN, Fajardo AR
642 - 651 Addressing the electrostatic component of protons binding to aquatic nanoparticles beyond the Non-Ideal Competitive Adsorption (NICA)-Donnan level: Theory and application to analysis of proton titration data for humic matter
Pinheiro JP, Rotureau E, Duval JFL
652 - 660 Copper niobate nanowires immobilized on reduced graphene oxide nanosheets as rate capability anode for lithium ion capacitor
Zhang HN, Zhang X, Li HP, Gao YY, Yan J, Zhu K, Ye K, Cheng K, Wang GL, Cao DX
661 - 671 Approach of fermi level and electron-trap level in cadmium sulfide nanorods via molybdenum doping with enhanced carrier separation for boosted photocatalytic hydrogen production
Guo CF, Tian KF, Wang L, Liang F, Wang FF, Chen DL, Ning JQ, Zhong YJ, Hu Y
672 - 682 Dispersed liquid crystals as pH-adjustable antimicrobial peptide nanocarriers
Gontsarik M, Yaghmur A, Salentinig S
683 - 691 Colloidal monolayers with cell-like tessellations via interface assisted evaporative assembly
Mayarani M, Basavaraj MG, Satapathy DK
692 - 703 Adsorption mechanisms of fatty acids on fluorite unraveled by infrared spectroscopy and first-principles calculations
Foucaud Y, Laine J, Filippov LO, Barres O, Kim WJ, Filippova IV, Pastore M, Lebegue S, Badawi M
704 - 713 Sequential adsorption and interfacial displacement in emulsions stabilized with plant-dairy protein blends
Hinderink EBA, Sagis L, Schroen K, Berton-Carabin CC
714 - 721 General and facile syntheses of hybridized deformable hollow mesoporous organosilica nanocapsules for drug delivery
Zhang JJ, Lu N, Weng LX, Feng ZH, Tao J, Su XD, Yu RF, Shi WH, Qiu Q, Teng ZG, Wang LH
722 - 733 Tailoring NiCoAl layered double hydroxide nanosheets for assembly of high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Meng ZH, Yan W, Zou MY, Miao H, Ma FX, Patil AB, Yu R, Liu XY, Lin NB
734 - 745 Alpha-MnO2 nanofibers/nitrogen and sulfur-co-doped reduced graphene oxide for 4.5 V quasi-solid state supercapacitors using ionic liquid-based polymer electrolyte
Poochai C, Sriprachuabwong C, Sodtipinta J, Lohitkarn J, Pasakon P, Primpray V, Maeboonruan N, Lomas T, Wisitsoraat A, Tuantranont A