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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.582 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Construction of three-dimensional interleaved protein hetero-superlattices in solution by cooperative electrostatic and aromatic stacking interactions
Chen H, Liu Y, Zhang T, Zhao GH
12 - 21 Highly conductive graphene/carbon black screen printing inks for flexible electronics
Liu LX, Shen ZG, Zhang XJ, Ma H
22 - 29 Drastically inhibited nZVI-Fenton oxidation of organic pollutants by cysteine: Multiple roles in the nZVI/O-2/hv system
Xue C, Peng YM, Chen AW, Peng L, Luo S
30 - 40 Highly efficient photothermal conversion capric acid phase change microcapsule: Silicon carbide modified melamine urea formaldehyde
Wang XG, Zhang CY, Wang K, Huang YQ, Chen ZF
41 - 50 Movement of air bubbles under various liquids using bioinspired conical surfaces
Gurera D, Bhushan B
51 - 59 Impact of carbonate-based electrolytes on the electrochemical activity of carbon-coated Na3V2(PO4)(2)F-3 cathode in full-cell assembly with hard carbon anode
Subramanyan K, Lee YS, Aravindan V
60 - 69 Melamine-based polymer networks enabled N, O, S Co-doped defect-rich hierarchically porous carbon nanobelts for stable and long-cycle Li-ion and Li-Se batteries
Dong WD, Yu WB, Xia FJ, Chen LD, Zhang YJ, Tan HG, Wu L, Hu ZY, Mohamed HSH, Liu J, Deng Z, Li Y, Chen LH, Su BL
70 - 80 Surface hydroxyl groups functionalized graphite carbon nitride for high efficient removal of diquat dibromide from water
Liang X, Fan JM, Liang D, Xu Y, Zhi YQ, Hu HP, Qiu XQ
81 - 89 A pickering emulsion stabilized by chlorella microalgae as an eco-friendly extrusion-based 3D printing ink processable under ambient conditions
Kwak C, Ryu SY, Park H, Lim S, Yang J, Kim J, Kim JH, Lee J
90 - 101 Facile preparation of N-doped activated carbon produced from rice husk for CO2 capture
He S, Chen GY, Xiao H, Shi GB, Ruan CC, Ma YS, Dai HM, Yuan BH, Chen XF, Yang XB
102 - 111 Electrically controllable cargo delivery with dextran-rich droplets
Li MQ, Li DQ
112 - 123 Multifunctional cotton non-woven fabrics coated with silver nanoparticles and polymers for antibacterial, superhydrophobic and high performance microwave shielding
Gao YN, Wang Y, Yue TN, Weng YX, Wang M
124 - 136 Metal-organic frameworks as template for synthesis of Mn3+/Mn4+ mixed valence manganese cobaltites electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction
Lourenco AA, Silva VD, da Silva RB, Silva UC, Chesman C, Salvador C, Simoes TA, Macedo DA, da Silva FF
137 - 148 PANI/BaFe12O19@Halloysite ternary composites as novel microwave absorbent
Chen ZH, Mu DW, Liu TH, He ZL, Zhang Y, Yang HM, Ouyang J
149 - 158 Laponite/poly(2-methyl-2-oxazoline) hydrogels: Interplay between local structure and rheological behaviour
Le Coeur C, Lorthioir C, Feoktystov A, Wu B, Volet G, Amiel C
159 - 166 Calcium-chloride-assisted approach towards green and sustainable synthesis of hierarchical porous carbon microspheres for high-performance supercapacitive energy storage
Yuan G, Guan KX, Hu H, Lei BF, Xiao Y, Dong HW, Liang YR, Liu YL, Zheng MT
167 - 176 Highly energetic impact of H-2 and O-2 nanobubbles on Pt surface
Uvarov IV, Shlepakov PS, Postnikov AV, Svetovoy VB
177 - 186 Three-dimensional network-like structure formed by silicon coated carbon nanotubes for enhanced microwave absorption
Yue LQ, Zhong B, Xia L, Zhang T, Yu YL, Huang XX
187 - 200 An ultra-stretchable glycerol-ionic hybrid hydrogel with reversible gelid adhesion
Yan YG, Huang J, Qiu XY, Cui X, Xu SL, Wu XW, Yao P, Huang CZ
201 - 211 Phase separation and collapse in almost density matched depletion induced colloidal gels in presence and absence of air bubbles: An MRI imaging study
Thompson ES, Declercq M, Saveyn P, Guida V, Robles ESJ, Britton MM
212 - 226 Dual defects and build-in electric field mediated direct Z-scheme W18O49/g-C3N4-x heterojunction for photocatalytic NO removal and organic pollutant degradation
Wang M, Tan GQ, Dang MY, Wang Y, Zhang BX, Ren HJ, Lv L, Xia A
227 - 235 Film thickness limits of a buckling-based method to determine mechanical properties of polymer coatings
Niinivaara E, Desmaisons J, Dufresne A, Bras J, Cranston ED
236 - 245 In-situ self-assembled hollow urchins F-Co-MOF on rGO as advanced anodes for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries
Wei RP, Dong YT, Zhang YY, Zhang R, Al-Tahan MA, Zhang JM
246 - 253 Surface-modified nanoerythrosomes for potential optical imaging diagnostics
Fornasier M, Porcheddu A, Casu A, Raghavan SR, Jonsson P, Schillen K, Murgia S
254 - 269 Ta2O5-incorporated in photoinduced electrocatalyst of TiO2-RuO2 decorated by PPy-NrGO nanocomposite for boosting overall water splitting
Rasouli H, Hosseini MG, Hosseini MM
270 - 282 Strong and thermostable hydrothermal carbon coated 3D needled carbon fiber reinforced silicon-boron carbonitride composites with broadband and tunable high-performance microwave absorption
Yang LY, Yin LH, Hong CQ, Dong S, Liu C, Zhang XH
283 - 290 Determination of contact angles for three-phase flow in porous media using an energy balance
Blunt MJ, Alhosani A, Lin QY, Scanziani A, Bijeljic B
291 - 300 Facile preparation of recyclable magnetic Ni@filter paper composite materials for efficient photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange
Zeng QQ, Liu Y, Shen LG, Lin HJ, Yu WM, Xu YC, Li RJ, Huang LL
301 - 311 Durable fire retardant, superhydrophobic, abrasive resistant and air/UV stable coatings
Wang XY, Lu Y, Zhang QR, Wang KL, Carmalt CJ, Parkin IP, Zhang ZJ, Zhang X
312 - 321 Synergistic effect of microwave heating and hydrothermal methods on synthesized Ni2CoS4/GO for ultrahigh capacity supercapacitors
Tang Z, Tang SH, Li Q, Wei ZW, Zhou TL
322 - 332 Morphologically controlled cobalt oxide nanoparticles for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Paul B, Bhanja P, Sharma S, Yamauchi Y, Alothman ZA, Wang ZL, Bal R, Bhaumik A
333 - 341 Controllable synthesis of patchy particles with tunable geometry and orthogonal chemistry
Chang FQ, Ouhajji S, Townsend A, Lacina KS, van Ravensteijn BGP, Kegel WK
342 - 352 Development of a nanostructured film based on samarium (III)/polydopamine on the steel surface with superior anti-corrosion and water-repellency properties
Bahremand F, Shahrabi T, Ramezanzadeh B
353 - 363 Morphology, gelation and cytotoxicity evaluation of D-alpha-Tocopheryl polyethylene glycol succinate (TPGS) - Tetronic mixed micelles
Puig-Rigall J, Blanco-Prieto MJ, Radulescu A, Dreiss CA, Gonzalez-Gaitano G
364 - 375 Zwitterion-functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles for enhancing oral delivery of protein drugs by overcoming multiple gastrointestinal barriers
Gao YK, He Y, Zhang HT, Zhang YX, Gao TB, Wang JH, Wang SL
376 - 386 Enhanced ionic conductivity in poly(vinylidene fluoride) electrospun separator membranes blended with different ionic liquids for lithium ion batteries
Barbosa JC, Correia DM, Goncalves R, Bermudez VD, Silva MM, Lanceros-Mendez S, Costa CM
387 - 395 Stretchable, tough and elastic nanofibrous hydrogels with dermis-mimicking network structure
Lu XY, Cao LT, Yin X, Si Y, Yu JY, Ding B
396 - 404 Carbon nanotube boosting electrocatalytic oxygen evolution of NiFe-polyphenol coordination catalyst through donor-acceptor modulation
Huang HY, Zhao J, Liu R
405 - 411 Mixing concentrated sulfuric acid and diethylenetriamine at room temperature: A rapid and facile approach to synthesize fluorescent carbon polymer hollow spheres as peroxidase mimics
Zhang HY, Liu S
412 - 427 Visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of ofloxacin (OFL) antibiotic and Rhodamine B (RhB) dye by solvothermally grown ZnO/Bi2MoO6 heterojunction
Chankhanittha T, Nanan S
428 - 438 Synthesis of a new thiophenol-thiophene polymer for the removal of mercury from wastewater and liquid hydrocarbons
Albakri MA, Saleh TA, Mankour Y, Garrison TF, Al Hamouz OCS
439 - 445 Control of nanostructures through pH-dependent self-assembly of nanoplatelets
Chang J, Shao HZ, Liu B, Manica R, Li Z, Liu QX, Xu ZH
447 - 458 Enhanced electrochemical and capacitive deionization performance of metal organic framework/holey graphene composite electrodes
Feng JW, Liu L, Meng QH
459 - 466 Antimony nanocrystals self-encapsulated within bio-oil derived carbon for ultra-stable sodium storage
Qin B, Jia HN, Cai YF, Li MN, Qi J, Cao J, Feng JC
467 - 477 Aqueous adsorption of sulfamethoxazole on an N-doped zeolite beta-templated carbon
Ahmed I, Adhikary KK, Kim K, Ahn WS
478 - 487 How does the addition of shape distinct gold nanoparticles influence on the conformational transition of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)?
Yadav R, Kumar S, Narang P, Venkatesu P
488 - 495 A novel noble-metal-free Mo2C-In2S3 heterojunction photocatalyst with efficient charge separation for enhanced photocatalytic H-2 evolution under visible light
Ma XH, Ren CJ, Li HD, Liu XT, Li XY, Han K, Li WJ, Zhan YF, Khan A, Chang ZD, Sun CY, Zhou HL
496 - 505 Self-floating black phosphorous nanosheets as a carry-on solar vapor generator
Li ZX, Cai W, Wang X, Hu Y, Gui Z
506 - 514 Flexible and transparent composite nanofibre membrane that was fabricated via a "green" electrospinning method for efficient particulate matter 2.5 capture
Cui JX, Lu T, Li FH, Wang YL, Lei JD, Ma WJ, Zou Y, Huang CB
515 - 525 Dielectric behavior of Fe3N@C composites with green synthesis and their remarkable electromagnetic wave absorption performance
Zhou XF, Wang BB, Jia ZR, Zhang XD, Liu XH, Wang KK, Xu BH, Wu GL
526 - 534 Highly compacted TiO2/C micospheres via in-situ surface-confined intergrowth with ultra-long life for reversible Na-ion storage
Yin JP, Yang HN, Kong WQ, Man JZ, Zhou ZY, Feng W, Sun JC, Wen ZS
535 - 542 Fabrication of Co(Ni)-P surface bonding states on core-shell Co(OH)(2)@P-NiCo-LDH towards electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
Song N, Hong SH, Xiao MY, Zuo Y, Jiang EH, Li CM, Dong HJ
543 - 551 Fiber-in-tube and particle-in-tube hierarchical nanostructures enable high energy density of MnO2-based asymmetric supercapacitors
Nie GD, Luan YX, Kou ZK, Jiang JM, Zhang ZY, Yang N, Wang J, Long YZ
552 - 560 Construction of carbon nanorods supported hydrothermal carbon and carbon fiber from waste biomass straw for high strength supercapacitor
Fang C, Hu P, Dong S, Cheng Y, Zhang DY, Zhang XH
561 - 568 Rod-like MnO2 boost Pd/reduced graphene oxide nanocatalyst for ethylene glycol electrooxidation
Ren FF, Chen XR, Xing R, Du YK
569 - 580 Potassium promoted macro-mesoporous Co3O4-La0.88Sr0.12CoO3-delta nanotubes with large surface area: A high-performance catalyst for soot removal
Fang F, Feng NJ, Zhao P, Wan H, Guan GF
581 - 590 Remarkable differences between copper-based sulfides and iron-based sulfides for the adsorption of high concentrations of gaseous elemental mercury: Mechanisms, kinetics, and significance
Hu QX, Wang C, Geng Y, Zhang XF, Mei J, Yang SJ
591 - 597 Activating the hydrogen evolution activity of Pt electrode via synergistic interaction with NiS2
Li K, Xu J, Chen C, Xie ZZ, Liu D, Qu DY, Tang HL, Wei Q, Deng QB, Li JS, Hu N
598 - 609 Activation of peroxymonosulfate by iron-biochar composites: Comparison of nanoscale Fe with single-atom Fe
Li ZQ, Li K, Ma SL, Dang BJ, Li Y, Fu HC, Du J, Meng QX
610 - 618 Ethanol-induced coacervation in aqueous gelatin solution for constructing nanospheres and networks: Morphology, dynamics and thermal sensitivity
Pei Y, Zheng YR, Li ZJ, Liu J, Zheng XJ, Tang KY, Kaplan DL
619 - 630 Dopamine-modified poly(styrene) nanospheres as new high-speed adsorbents for copper-ions having enhanced smoke-toxicity-suppression and flame-retardancy
Jin ZY, Xiao YL, Xu ZM, Zhang ZX, Wang HJ, Mu XW, Gui Z
631 - 637 Facile synthesis of anionic porous organic polymer for ethylene purification
Jiang LC, Wang PY, Wang YJ, Wang YG, Li X, Xia QN, Ren H
638 - 646 Synthesis and surface activity of photoresponsive hybrid surfactants containing both fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon chains
Saito N, Itoyama S, Takahashi R, Takahashi Y, Kondo Y
647 - 657 Ultrathin 2D Ti3C2 MXene Co-catalyst anchored on porous g-C3N4 for enhanced photocatalytic CO2 reduction under visible-light irradiation
Hu JM, Ding J, Zhong Q
658 - 668 Plasmon expedited response time and enhanced response in gold nanoparticles-decorated zinc oxide nanowire-based nitrogen dioxide gas sensor at room temperature
Kim DW, Park KH, Lee SH, Fabrega C, Prades JD, Jang JW
669 - 677 The intriguing role of rhamnolipids on plasma membrane remodelling: From lipid rafts to membrane budding
Come B, Donato M, Potenza LF, Mariani P, Itri R, Spinozzi F
678 - 700 Towards bio-compatible magnetic nanoparticles: Immune-related effects, in-vitro internalization, and in-vivo bio-distribution of zwitterionic ferrite nanoparticles with unexpected renal clearance
Ferretti AM, Usseglio S, Mondini S, Drago C, La Mattina R, Chini B, Verderio C, Leonzino M, Cagnoli C, Joshi P, Boraschi D, Italiani P, Li Y, Swartzwelter BJ, Sironi L, Gelosa P, Castiglioni L, Guerrini U, Ponti A
701 - 710 Simple fabrication of bimetallic platinum-rhodium alloyed nano-multipods: A highly effective and recyclable catalyst for reduction of 4-nitrophenol and rhodamine B
Yan Q, Wang XY, Feng JJ, Mei LP, Wang AJ
711 - 719 Preparation of ultrasmall nanogels by facile emulsion-free photopolymerization at 532 nm
Wang XY, Peng YY, Pena J, Xing JF
720 - 731 Plasmonic quaternary heteronanostructures (HNSs) for improved solar light utilization, spatial charge separation, and stability in photocatalytic hydrogen production
Mandari KK, Son N, Kim YS, Kang M
732 - 740 Colorimetric sensing of dopamine in beef meat using copper sulfide encapsulated within bovine serum albumin functionalized with copper phosphate (CuS-BSA-Cu-3(PO4)(2)) nanoparticles
Swaidan A, Barras A, Addad A, Tahon JF, Toufaily J, Hamieh T, Szunerits S, Boukherroub R
741 - 751 Electrokinetic behavior of bullet-shaped nanopores modified by functional groups: Influence of finite thicknessy-20 of modified layer
Wu CT, Hsu JP
752 - 763 Cadmium sulfide quantum dots/dodecahedral polyoxometalates/oxygen-doped mesoporous graphite carbon nitride with Z-scheme and Type-II as tandem heterojunctions for boosting visible-light-driven photocatalytic performance
Qiu YL, Xing ZP, Guo MJ, Zhao TY, Wang Y, Chen P, Li ZZ, Pan K, Zhou W
764 - 772 Supported lysozyme for improved antimicrobial surface protection
Beaussart A, Retourney C, Quiles F, Morais RD, Gaiani C, Fierobe HP, El-Kirat-Chatel S
773 - 781 In situ monitoring of the formation of lipidic non-lamellar liquid crystalline depot formulations in synovial fluid
Yaghmur A, Rappolt M, Jonassen ALU, Schmitt M, Larsen SW
782 - 792 Development of vertically aligned trimetallic Mg-Ni-Co oxide grass-like nanostructure for high-performance energy storage applications
Hussain I, Lamiel C, Qin N, Gu S, Li YX, Wu SL, Huang XN, Zhang KL
793 - 802 Beyond structural models for the mode of action: How natural antimicrobial peptides affect lipid transport
Nielsen JE, Bjornestad VA, Pipich V, Jenssen H, Lund R
803 - 814 Fe-modified Co-2(OH)(3)Cl microspheres for highly efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Wang W, Zhong YL, Zhang XY, Zhu SN, Tao YR, Zhang YX, Zhu HS, Zhang YF, Wu XC, Hong G
815 - 824 Internal liquid crystal structures in nanocarriers containing drug hydrophobic ion pairs dictate drug release
Ristroph K, Salim M, Wilson BK, Clulow AJ, Boyd BJ, Prud'homme RK
825 - 833 White-light-emitting hydrogels with self-healing properties and adjustable emission colors
Zhang YDY, Ding ZY, Liu Y, Zhang YP, Jiang SM
834 - 841 Emulsion templating: Unexpected morphology of monodisperse macroporous polymers
Koch L, Botsch S, Stubenrauch C
842 - 851 Benzoate anions-intercalated cobalt-nickel layered hydroxide nanobelts as high-performance electrode materials for aqueous hybrid supercapacitors
Li Y, Luo ZY, Qin HZ, Liang SF, Chen LY, Wang HY, Zhao CL, Chen SW
852 - 858 Facile construction of uniform ultramicropores in porous carbon for advanced sodium-ion battery
Yu PF, Zhang WC, Yang YH, Zheng MT, Hu H, Xiao Y, Liu YL, Liang YR
859 - 873 Nucleation and growth of cholesteric collagen tactoids: A time-series statistical analysis based on integration of direct numerical simulation (DNS) and long short-term memory recurrent neural network (LSTM-RNN)
Khadem SA, Rey AD
874 - 882 TiO2 quantum dots confined in 3D carbon framework for outstanding surface lithium storage with improved kinetics
Yin JP, Yu JY, Shi XR, Kong WQ, Zhou ZY, Man JZ, Sun JC, Wen ZS
883 - 893 Impact of DAA/water composition on PFSA ionomer conformation
Hoffmann E, Fischer D, Thoma M, Damm C, Lobaz V, Zhigunov A, Peukert W
894 - 905 Tuning the surface using palladium based metallosurfactant for hydrogen evolution reaction
Kaushik P, Kaur G, Chaudhary GR, Batra U
906 - 917 A structurally diverse library of glycerol monooleate/oleic acid non-lamellar liquid crystalline nanodispersions stabilized with nonionic methoxypoly(ethylene glycol) (mPEG)-lipids showing variable complement activation properties
Helvig SY, Woythe L, Pham S, Bor G, Andersen H, Moghimi SM, Yaghmur A
918 - 931 Papaya leaves extract as a novel eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor for Cu in H2SO4 medium
Tan BC, Xiang B, Zhang ST, Qiang YJ, Xu LH, Chen SJ, He JH
932 - 939 Low-operating temperature quasi-solid-state potassium-ion battery based on commercial materials
Du GY, Tao ML, Liu DY, Aslam MK, Qi YR, Jiang J, Li YT, Bao SJ, Xu MW
940 - 949 Hierarchically porous carbon derived from potassium-citrate-loaded poplar catkin for high performance supercapacitors
Luo XD, Li SL, Xu HY, Zou XH, Wang Y, Cheng J, Li X, Shen ZF, Wang YG, Cui LF
950 - 960 Aerogels from copper (II)-cellulose nanofibers and carbon nanotubes as absorbents for the elimination of toxic gases from air
Kiliyankil VA, Fugetsu B, Sakata I, Wang ZP, Endo M
961 - 968 Boosting photocatalytic degradation of antibiotic wastewater by synergy effect of heterojunction and phosphorus doping
Zhou J, Ding J, Wan H, Guan GF
969 - 976 Construction of CoP@C embedded into N/S-co-doped porous carbon sheets for superior lithium and sodium storage
Su H, Zhang Y, Liu XF, Fu FB, Ma JR, Li K, Zhang WB, Zhang JM, Li D
977 - 990 Enhancing ORR/OER active sites through lattice distortion of Fe-enriched FeNi 3 intermetallic nanoparticles doped N-doped carbon for high-performance rechargeable Zn-air battery
Chen K, Kim S, Rajendiran R, Prabakar K, Li GZ, Shi ZC, Jeong CY, Kang J, Li OL
991 - 1002 Multifunctional-imprinted nanocomposite membranes with thermo-responsive biocompatibility for selective/controllable recognition and separation application
Yan M, Wu YL, Zhang KC, Lin RX, Jia SH, Lu J, Xing WD
1003 - 1011 Combined chemo-photothermal treatment of three-dimensional head and neck squamous cell carcinomas by gold nano-architectures
Mapanao AK, Santi M, Voliani V
1012 - 1020 Surface-tension-induced double emulsion drops via phase separation of polymeric fluid confined in micromolds for capsule templates
Jeong SG, Choi Y, Nam JO, Lee CS, Choi CH
1021 - 1032 A pi-pi stacking perylene imide/Bi2WO6 hybrid with dual transfer approach for enhanced photocatalytic degradation
Han J, Deng YN, Li NJ, Chen DY, Xu QF, Li H, He JH, Lu JM
1033 - 1040 Reconstruction of pH-universal atomic Fe-N-C catalysts towards oxygen reduction reaction
Chen Z, Zhao DY, Chen C, Xu Y, Sun CL, Zhao KN, Khan MA, Ye DX, Zhao HB, Fang JH, Sun XA, Zhang JJ
1041 - 1057 Design strategy and interface chemistry of ageing stable AZO films as high quality transparent conducting oxide
Borah J, Sarma BK
1058 - 1066 Photocatalytic degradation of bisphenol A using titanium dioxide@nanodiamond composites under UV light illumination
Hunge YM, Yadav AA, Khan S, Takagi K, Suzuki N, Teshima K, Terashima C, Fujishima A
1067 - 1074 The microstructure of Carbopol in water under static and flow conditions and its effect on the yield stress
Graziano R, Preziosi V, Uva D, Tomaiuolo G, Mohebbi B, Claussen J, Guido S
1075 - 1084 Visible light and temperature dual-responsive microgels by crosslinking of spiropyran modified prepolymers
Hu CL, Xu WJ, Conrads CM, Wu JN, Pich A
1085 - 1098 A miniaturized radial Langmuir trough for simultaneous dilatational deformation and interfacial microscopy
Kale SK, Cope AJ, Goggin DM, Samaniuk JR
1099 - 1106 Efficient tuning the electronic structure of N-doped Ti-based MXene to enhance hydrogen evolution reaction
Han MN, Yang J, Jiang JT, Jing RW, Ren SJ, Yan C
1107 - 1115 Turning waste into treasure: Reuse of contaminant-laden adsorbents (Cr(VI)-Fe3O4/C) as anodes with high potassium-storage capacity
Ma J, Liu CT
1116 - 1127 Pure and mixed aqueous micellar solutions of Sodium Dodecyl sulfate (SDS) and Dimethyldodecyl Amine Oxide (DDAO): Role of temperature and composition
Khodaparast S, Sharratt WN, Tyagi G, Dalgliesh RM, Robles ESJ, Cabral JT
1128 - 1135 Development of dispersible radioluminescent silicate nanoparticles through a sacrificial layer approach
Zhang E, Bandera Y, Dickey A, Foulger I, Kolis JW, Foulger SH
1136 - 1148 Scanty graphene-driven phase control and heteroatom functionalization of ZIF-67-derived CoP-draped N-doped carbon/graphene as a hybrid electrode for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor
Gayathri S, Arunkumar P, Han JH
1149 - 1157 Preventing the release of copper chlorophyllin from crop spray deposits on hydrophobic surfaces
Wang FY, Ckurshumova W, Liu J, Fefer M, Pelton RH
1158 - 1178 Bending elastic modulus of a polymer -doped lyotropic lamellar phase
Meklesh V, Kekicheff P
1179 - 1190 Green synthesis of reusable super-paramagnetic diatomite for aqueous nickel (II) removal
Wu S, Wang CZ, Jin YQ, Zhou GZ, Zhang LY, Yu PP, Sun LG
1191 - 1202 An amphiphilic aggregate-induced emission polyurethane probe for in situ actin observation in living cells
Niu YQ, Zhang BK, Galluzzi M
1203 - 1212 Filtration and removal of liquid polymers from water (polymer/water separation) by use of the underwater superpolymphobic mesh produced with a femtosecond laser
Yong JL, Bai X, Yang Q, Hou X, Chen F
1213 - 1222 Retracting interphasial stored Li+ ions by transition metal/metal carbide nanoparticles for enhanced Li+ ion storage capacity
Garapati MS, Sundara R
1223 - 1230 Investigating the property of water driven lead-free stable inorganic halide double perovskites
Ghosh S, Nim GK, Bansal P, Kar P
1231 - 1242 Using an added liquid to suppress drying defects in hard particle coatings
Fischer SB, Koos E
1243 - 1250 Synthesis of hybrid colloidal nanoparticles for a generic approach to 3D electrostatic directed assembly: Application to anti-counterfeiting
Platel R, Vaure L, Palleau E, Raffy S, Guerin F, Lagarde D, Cours R, Marcelot C, Warot-Fonrose B, Nayral C, Delpech F, Ressier L
1251 - 1256 Viscoelastic liquid bridge breakup and liquid transfer between two surfaces
Chen H, Ponce-Torres A, Montanero JM, Amirfazli A
1257 - 1265 Multi-role graphitic carbon nitride-derived highly porous iron/nitrogen co-doped carbon nanosheets for highly efficient oxygen reduction catalyst
Zhang L, Qin YH, Yang L, Wang CW
1266 - 1266 Advanced Low-Cost Separation Techniques in Interface Science
Hubbard A