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1 - 10 Thio linkage between CdS quantum dots and UiO-66-type MOFs as an effective transfer bridge of charge carriers boosting visible-light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen production
Mao SM, Zou YJ, Sun GT, Zeng LZ, Wang ZY, Ma DD, Guo Y, Cheng YH, Wang C, Shi JW
11 - 20 Nickel cobalt manganese ternary carbonate hydroxide nanoflakes branched on cobalt carbonate hydroxide nanowire arrays as novel electrode material for supercapacitors with outstanding performance
Zhong YX, Cao XY, Liu Y, Cui L, Liu JQ
21 - 30 Emission-tunable probes using terbium(III)-doped self-activated luminescent hydroxyapatite for in vitro bioimaging
Wang CF, Jeong KJ, Kim J, Kang SW, Kang J, Han IH, Lee IW, Oh SJ, Lee J
31 - 43 Functional metal-organic framework-based nanocarriers for accurate magnetic resonance imaging and effective eradication of breast tumor and lung metastasis
Meng ZH, Huang HB, Huang D, Zhang F, Mi P
44 - 55 Template-mediated self-assembly of magnetite-gold nanoparticle superstructures at the water-oil interface of AOT reverse microemulsions
Martin RF, Prietzel C, Koetz J
56 - 65 Controlled synthesis of a high-performance alpha-NiS/Ni3S4 hybrid by a binary synergy of sulfur sources for supercapacitor
Hu Q, Zhang ST, Chen F, Li WP, Hao JY, Liang XY, Xiang B, Chen C, Zou XF
66 - 75 Structure-tunable Mn3O4-Fe3O4@C hybrids for high-performance supercapacitor
Hu B, Wang YB, Shang XH, Xu KB, Yang JM, Huang MH, Liu JY
76 - 83 Ti3+ doped V2O5/TiO2 catalyst for efficient selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
Zhao W, Zhang K, Wu LC, Wang Q, Shang DH, Zhong Q
84 - 95 A rational route towards dual wave-transparent type of carbonyl iron@SiO2@heterogeneous state polypyrrole@paraffin composites for electromagnetic wave absorption application
Zhang N, Wang Y, Chen PZ, Chen WX
96 - 101 When a pH-triggered nanopatterned shape transition drives the wettability of a hierarchically self-organized film: A bio-inspired effect of "sea Anemone"
Marcasuzaa P, Save M, Gerard P, Billon L
102 - 111 Insights into the behavior of ethylene oxide-1,2-epoxybutane diblock copolymers in water as a function of temperature and the presence of colloidal silica
Beshah K, Campbell R, Dan F, Daugs E, DeFelippis J, Gu J, Wasserman E, Young WO
112 - 125 Tungsten carbide@graphene nanoflakes: Preparation, characterization and electrochemical activity for capacitive deionization technology
Al-Enizi AM, Hameed RMA, El-Halwany MM, Bakrey M, Shaikh SF, Yousef A
126 - 134 Nitrogen-doped carbon supported ZnO as highly stable heterogeneous catalysts for transesterification synthesis of ethyl methyl carbonate
Sun H, Li H, Chang XY, Miao SS, Yuan XL, Zhang WX, Jia MJ
135 - 147 Interfacial dilatational rheology as a bridge to connect amphiphilic heterografted bottlebrush copolymer architecture to emulsifying efficiency
Hsieh TL, Martinez MR, Garoff S, Matyjaszewski K, Tilton RD
148 - 158 Facile construction for new core-shell Z-scheme photocatalyst GO/AgI/Bi2O3 with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Xie X, Wang SB, Zhang YJ, Ding J, Liu YG, Yan QS, Lu SY, Li BJ, Liu YS, Cai Q
159 - 166 Defective ultra-thin two-dimensional g-C3N4 photocatalyst for enhanced photocatalytic H-2 evolution activity
Han CC, Su PF, Tan BH, Ma XG, Lv H, Huang CY, Wang P, Tong ZF, Li G, Huang YZ, Liu ZF
167 - 176 Amine-promoted Ru-1/Fe3O4 encapsulated in hollow periodic mesoporousorganosilica sphere as a highly selective and stable catalyst for aqueous levulinic acid hydrogenation
Yang Y, Yang F, Wang H, Zhou B, Hao SJ
177 - 184 Shaping of gallate-based metal-organic frameworks for adsorption separation of ethylene from acetylene and ethane
Wu KY, Guo LD, Zhang ZG, Yang QW, Yang YW, Ren QL, Bao ZB
185 - 194 Biomimetic core-shell silica nanoparticles using a dual-functional peptide
Tengjisi, Hui Y, Yang GZ, Fu CK, Liu Y, Zhao CX
195 - 204 Heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate by cobalt-doped MIL-53 (Al) for efficient tetracycline degradation in water: Coexistence of radical and non-radical reactions
Liu F, Cao J, Yang ZH, Xiong WP, Xu ZY, Song PP, Jia MY, Sun SW, Zhang YR, Zhong XX
205 - 217 Anatase versus Triphasic TiO2: Near-identical synthesis and comparative structure-sensitive photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue and 4-chlorophenol
Balapure A, Ganesan R
218 - 225 Binding mechanism of a de novo coiled coil complex elucidated from surface forces measurements
Shrestha BR, Liberelle B, Murschel F, Purisima EO, Sulea T, De Crescenzo G, Banquy X
226 - 237 Pickering emulsions based on food byproducts: A comprehensive study of soluble and insoluble contents
Huc-Mathis D, Almeida G, Michon C
238 - 250 One-step green fabrication of hierarchically porous hollow carbon nanospheres (HCNSs) from raw biomass: Formation mechanisms and supercapacitor applications
He D, Gao Y, Wang ZP, Yao YC, Wu L, Zhang J, Huang ZH, Wang MX
251 - 261 Self-assembled nanoparticle-coated interfaces: Capillary pressure, shell formation and buckling
Liu Q, Sun Z, Santamarina JC
262 - 275 Analytical modeling of micelle growth. 3. Electrostatic free energy of ionic wormlike micelles - Effects of activity coefficients and spatially confined electric double layers
Danov KD, Kralchevsky PA, Stoyanov SD, Cook JL, Stott IP
276 - 291 Oxygen vacancy mediated single unit cell Bi2WO6 by Ti doping for ameliorated photocatalytic performance
Arif M, Zhang M, Mao Y, Bu QX, Ali A, Qin Z, Muhmood T, Shahnoor, Liu XH, Zhou BJ, Chen SM
292 - 298 Complex by design: Hydrotrope-induced micellar growth in deep eutectic solvents
Sanchez-Fernandez A, Leung AE, Kelley EG, Jackson AJ
299 - 306 Solvent-free nanoalumina loaded nanocellulose aerogel for efficient oil and organic solvent adsorption
Zhou XM, Fu QG, Liu H, Gu HB, Guo ZH
307 - 313 A high-performance rechargeable Mg2+/Li+ hybrid battery using CNT@TiO2 nanocables as the cathode
Zhu CX, Tang YK, Liu L, Sheng R, Li XH, Gao Y, NuLi YN
314 - 322 Conductive polyaniline hydrogel enhanced methane production from anaerobic wastewater treatment
Zhou N, Wang T, Chen SH, Hu Q, Cheng X, Sun DZ, Vupputuri S, Qiu B, Liu H, Guo ZH
323 - 333 Dual mode electrochemical-photoelectrochemical sensing platform for hydrogen sulfide detection based on the inhibition effect of titanium dioxide/bismuth tungstate/silver heterojunction
Xu H, Shang HY, Liu QY, Wang C, Di JW, Chen CY, Jin LJ, Du YK
334 - 349 Evaporation mediated translation and encapsulation of an aqueous droplet atop a viscoelastic liquid film
Subramanian SG, Nair S, DasGupta S
350 - 361 Synergic removal of tetracycline using hydrophilic three-dimensional nitrogen-doped porous carbon embedded with copper oxide nanoparticles by coupling adsorption and photocatalytic oxidation processes
Su YP, Li S, Jiang GM, Zheng ZQ, Wang C, Zhao SY, Cui DL, Liu Y, Zhang BP, Zhang ZT
362 - 373 N-doped graphitic carbon shell-encapsulated FeCo alloy derived from metal-polyphenol network and melamine sponge for oxygen reduction, oxygen evolution, and hydrogen evolution reactions in alkaline media
Liu H, Yang DH, Wang XY, Zhang JW, Han BH
374 - 384 Perovskite nanoparticles@N-doped carbon nanofibers as robust and efficient oxygen electrocatalysts for Zn-air batteries
Lin HQ, Xie J, Zhang ZB, Wang SF, Chen DJ
385 - 395 In situ quantitative determination of the intermolecular attraction between amines and a graphene surface using atomic force microscopy
Zhang YY, Zhu XY, Li X, Chen BL
396 - 402 Selective fluoride removal in capacitive deionization by reduced graphene oxide/hydroxyapatite composite electrode
Park G, Hong SP, Lee C, Lee J, Yoon J
403 - 416 Interactions of anticancer drugs doxorubicin and idarubicin with lipid monolayers: New insight into the composition, structure and morphology
Matyszewska D, Nazaruk E, Campbell RA
417 - 426 Contact angle as a powerful tool in anisotropic colloid synthesis
Kamp M, de Nijs B, Baumberg JJ, Scherman OA
427 - 441 Understanding the high performance of an iron-antimony binary metal oxide catalyst in selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxide with ammonia and its tolerance of water/sulfur dioxide
Jia XX, Liu H, Zhang Y, Chen W, Tong Q, Piao GX, Sun CZ, Dong L
442 - 454 Development of hydrophobic polyurethane/castor oil biocomposites with agroindustrial residues for sorption of oils and organic solvents
Amorim FV, Padilha RJR, Vinhas GM, Luiz MR, de Souza NC, de Almeida YMB
455 - 464 Rational design of cobalt-nickel double hydroxides for flexible asymmetric supercapacitor with improved electrochemical performance
Wu YT, Chen H, Lu YZ, Yang J, Zhu XQ, Zheng Y, Lou GB, Wu YT, Wu Q, Shen ZH, Pan ZH
465 - 474 Synthesis of merit-combined antimony tetroxide nanoflowers/reduced graphene oxide to synergistically boost real-time detection of nitric oxide released from living cells for high sensitivity
Deng XR, Zou Z, Zhang YH, Gao JC, Liang TT, Lu ZS, Li CM
475 - 484 In-situ growth of core-shell ZnFe2O4 @ porous hollow carbon microspheres as an efficient microwave absorber
Chai L, Wang YQ, Zhou NF, Du Y, Zeng XD, Zhou SY, He QC, Wu GL
485 - 495 Ag nanoparticles-decorated CoAl-layered double hydroxide flower-like hollow microspheres for enhanced energy storage performance
Liu YF, Yu CC, Che HW, Guo ZC, Mu JB, Zhang XL, Liu AF
496 - 503 Drops retracting while forming a rim
Tadmor R, Multanen V, Stern Y, Ben Yakir Y
504 - 513 Three-dimensional self-floating foam composite impregnated with porous carbon and polyaniline for solar steam generation
Wang K, Cheng ZF, Li PF, Zheng YW, Liu Z, Cui L, Xu JT, Liu JQ
514 - 522 Rational design of alpha-Fe2O3 nanocubes supported BiVO4 Z-scheme photocatalyst for photocatalytic degradation of antibiotic under visible light
Ma CC, Lee J, Kim Y, Seo WC, Jung H, Yang W
523 - 532 Dual-template strategy for electrocatalyst of cobalt nanoparticles encapsulated in nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes for oxygen reduction reaction
Liu F, Zhang XQ, Zhang XL, Wang LL, Liu MM, Zhang JJ
533 - 544 Bioflocculants from wastewater: Insights into adsorption affinity, flocculation mechanisms and mixed particle flocculation based on biopolymer size-fractionation
Ajao V, Fokkink R, Leermakers F, Bruning H, Rijnaarts H, Temmink H
545 - 551 Sandwiched nets for efficient direction-independent fog collection
Li JQ, Li W, Han X, Wang LQ
552 - 565 Polyacrylonitrile@metal organic frameworks composite-derived heteroatoms doped carbon@encapsulated cobalt sulfide as superb sodium ion batteries anode
Wang JL, Wu N, Han LF, Liao C, Mu XW, Kan YC, Hu Y
566 - 575 PEGylating poly(p-phenylene vinylene)-based bioimaging nanoprobes
Peters M, Desta D, Seneca S, Reekmans G, Adriaensens P, Noben JP, Hellings N, Junkers T, Ethirajan A
576 - 585 Electrochemical sensing platform for naphthol isomers based on in situ growth of ZIF-8 on reduced graphene oxide by a reaction-diffusion technique
Li KL, Kang JX, Zhan TR, Cao W, Liu X, Gao HT, Si CD, She XL
586 - 594 A facile strategy to achieve monodispersity and stability of pigment TiO2 particles in low viscosity systems
Shen XY, Sun XY, Liu J, Hang JZ, Jin LJ, Shi LY
595 - 607 Mass and charge transport in highly mesostructured polyelectrolyte/electroactive-surfactant multilayer films
Piccinini E, Gonzalez GA, Azzaroni O, Battaglini F
608 - 618 MOF derived multi-metal oxides anchored N, P-doped carbon matrix as efficient and durable electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Zhang XJ, Chen YF, Chen ML, Yu B, Wang B, Wang XQ, Zhang WL, Yang DX
619 - 626 Nitrogen-rich g-C3N4@AgPd Mott-Schottky heterojunction boosts photocatalytic hydrogen production from water and tandem reduction of NO3- and NO2-
Liu XY, Liu H, Wang YJ, Yang WW, Yu YS
627 - 634 Elastic plastic fracture mechanics investigation of toughness of wet colloidal particulate materials: Influence of saturation
Franks GV, Sesso ML, Lam M, Lu Y, Xu LQ
635 - 643 Aqueous Ni-rich-cathode dispersions processed with phosphoric acid for lithium-ion batteries with ultra-thick electrodes
Kukay A, Sahore R, Parejiya A, Hawley WB, Li JL, Wood DL
644 - 655 Green earth pigments dispersions: Water dynamics at the interfaces
Fanost A, Jaber M, de Viguerie L, Korb JP, Levitz PE, Michot LJ, Meriguet G, Rollet AL
656 - 668 Effect of surface chemistry of silica nanoparticles on contact angle of oil on calcite surfaces in concentrated brine with divalent ions
Alzobaidi S, Wu PK, Da C, Zhang X, Hackbarth J, Angeles T, Rabat-Torki NJ, MacAuliffe S, Panja S, Johnston KP
669 - 681 Building polymer-like clusters from colloidal particles with isotropic interactions, in aqueous solution
Haddadi S, Skepo M, Jannasch P, Manner S, Forsman J
682 - 689 The effect of alginate composition on adsorption to calcium carbonate surfaces
Browning KL, Stocker IN, Gutfreund P, Clarke SM
690 - 697 Revisiting the supplementary relationship of dynamic contact angles measured by sessile-droplet and captive-bubble methods: Role of surface roughness
Sarkar S, Roy T, Roy A, Moitra S, Ganguly R, Megaridis CM
698 - 708 Confined Gaussian-distributed electromagnetic field of tin(II) chloride-sensitized surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) optical fiber probe: From localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) to waveguide propagation
Long YT, Li H, Du ZJ, Geng MM, Liu ZR
709 - 718 NiO nanoparticles decorated hexagonal Nickel-based metal-organic framework: Self-template synthesis and its application in electrochemical energy storage
Li N, Li Y, Li Q, Zhao Y, Liu CS, Pang H
719 - 728 Oxygen-deficient bismuth molybdate nanocatalysts: Synergistic effects in boosting photocatalytic oxidative coupling of benzylamine and mechanistic insight
Phasayavan W, Japa M, Pornsuwan S, Tantraviwat D, Kielar F, Golovko VB, Jungsuttiwong S, Inceesungvorn B
729 - 740 Evaporation-driven self-assembly of binary and ternary colloidal polymer nanocomposites for abrasion resistant applications
Tinkler JD, Scacchi A, Kothari HR, Tulliver H, Argaiz M, Archer AJ, Martin-Fabiani I
741 - 750 Caesium adsorption on a zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF-8) functionalized by ferrocyanide
Le QTN, Cho K
751 - 763 Lowering the onset potential of Zr-doped hematite nanocoral photoanodes by Al co-doping and surface modification with electrodeposited Co-Pi
Jeong IK, Mahadik MA, Hwang JB, Chae WS, Choi SH, Jang JS
764 - 773 Confinement of ultrasmall CoFe2O4 nanoparticles in hierarchical ZnIn2S4 microspheres with enhanced interfacial charge separation for photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Li CX, Che HN, Huo PW, Yan YS, Liu CB, Dong HJ
774 - 782 Facile synthesis of nanoflower-like phosphorus-doped Ni3S2/CoFe2O4 arrays on nickel foam as a superior electrocatalyst for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Duan JJ, Zhang RL, Feng JJ, Zhang L, Zhang QL, Wang AJ
783 - 793 In situ-derived carbon nanotube-decorated nitrogen-doped carbon-coated nickel hybrids from MOF/melamine for efficient electromagnetic wave absorption
Qiu Y, Yang HB, Ma L, Lin Y, Zong HW, Wen B, Bai XY, Wang MQ
794 - 805 Thermodynamics of micellization of nonionic surfactants - The effect of incorporating CO2 moieties into the head group
Spiering VJ, Lutzki J, Gradzielski M
806 - 815 Microstructure-driven self-assembly and rheological properties of multi-responsive soft microgel suspensions
Dieuzy E, Aguirre G, Auguste S, Chougrani K, Alard V, Billon L, Derail C
816 - 825 The nature of self-assembled octadecylphosphonic acid (ODPA) layers on copper substrates
Zhao WJ, Gothelid M, Hosseinpour S, Johansson MB, Li G, Leygraf C, Johnson CM
826 - 835 Molecular design of dye-TiO2 assemblies for green light-induced photocatalytic selective aerobic oxidation of amines
Li X, Hao HM, Lang XJ
836 - 846 Phosphatidylcholine-depleted lecithin: A clean-label low-HLB emulsifier to replace PGPR in w/o and w/o/w emulsions
Balcaen M, Steyls J, Schoeppe A, Nelis V, Van der Meeren P
847 - 859 Towards thermoneutral hydrogen evolution reaction using noble metal free molybdenum ditelluride/graphene nanocomposites
Sarwar S, Ali A, Liu ZQ, Li JH, Uprety S, Lee H, Wang RG, Park M, Bozack MJ, Adamczyk AJ, Zhang XY
860 - 873 Tailoring surface morphology of heterostructured iron-based Fenton catalyst for highly improved catalytic activity
Liang SX, Zhang QY, Jia Z, Zhang WC, Wang WM, Zhang LC
874 - 883 Unexpected thermo-responsiveness of bisurea-functionalized hydrophilic polymers in water
Mellot G, Guigner JM, Jestin J, Bouteiller L, Stoffelbach F, Rieger J
884 - 894 Lip balm drying promotes virus attachment: Characterization of lip balm coatings and XDLVO modeling
Wang XH, Sengur-Tasdemir R, Koyuncu I, Tarabara VV
895 - 904 Molecular structure of maltoside surfactants controls micelle formation and rheological behavior
Larsson J, Sanchez-Fernandez A, Leung AE, Schweins R, Wu BH, Nylander T, Ulvenlund S, Wahlgren M
905 - 918 Tissue paper-derived porous carbon encapsulated transition metal nanoparticles as advanced non-precious catalysts: Carbon-shell influence on the electrocatalytic behaviour
Ahsan MA, Santiago ARP, Sanad MF, Weller JM, Fernandez-Delgado O, Barrera LA, Maturano-Rojas V, Alvarado-Tenorio B, Chan CK, Noveron JC
919 - 927 Ruthenium tris(2,2 '-bipyridyl) complex encapsulated in nanosized faujasite zeolite as intracellular localization tracer
Komaty S, Ozcelik H, Zaarour M, Ferre A, Valable S, Mintova S
928 - 938 A colloid chemistry route for the preparation of hierarchically ordered mesoporous layered double hydroxides using surfactants as sacrificial templates
Varga G, Somosi Z, Konya Z, Kukovecz A, Palinko I, Szilagyi I
939 - 953 Efficient hydro-finishing of polyalfaolefin based lubricants under mild reaction condition using Pd on ligands decorated halloysite
Tabrizi M, Sadjadi S, Pareras G, Nekoomanesh-Haghighi M, Bahri-Laleh N, Poater A
954 - 963 Role of cationic head-group in cytotoxicity of ionic liquids: Probing changes in bilayer architecture using solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Kaur N, Fischer M, Kumar S, Gahlay GK, Scheidt HA, Mithu VS
964 - 978 Sintering- and oxidation-resistant ultrasmall Cu(I)/(II) oxides supported on defect-rich mesoporous alumina microspheres boosting catalytic ozonation
Chen H, Fang CX, Gao XM, Jiang GY, Wang XN, Sun SP, Wu WD, Wu ZX
979 - 989 Nickel hydroxide nanoparticles decorated napthalene sulfonic acid-doped polyaniline nanotubes as efficient catalysts for nitroarene reduction
Sypu VS, Bhaumik M, Raju K, Maity A