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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.580 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Enhancing H-2 evolution and molecular oxygen activation via dye sensitized BiOBr0.9I0.1 under visible light
Han LP, Lv YW, Li B, Wen H, Huang HW, Guo YX, Lin Z
11 - 20 Binder- free iridium based electrocatalysts: Facile preparation, high activity and outstanding stability for hydrogen evolution reaction in acidic medium
Akbayrak M, Onal AM
21 - 29 Embedding amorphous lithium vanadate into carbon nanofibers by electrospinning as a high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Liu T, Yao TH, Li L, Zhu L, Wang JK, Li F, Wang HK
30 - 48 One-pot synthesis of natural amine-modified biocompatible carbon quantum dots with antibacterial activity
Gagic M, Kociova S, Smerkova K, Michalkova H, Setka M, Svec P, Pribyl J, Masilko J, Balkova R, Heger Z, Richtera L, Adam V, Milosavljevic V
49 - 55 Partial substitution of magnesium in lanthanum manganite perovskite for nitric oxide oxidation: The effect of substitution sites
Zeng YQ, Wang YN, Zhang SL, Zhong Q
56 - 67 Multilayer assemblies of cellulose nanocrystal - polyvinyl alcohol films featuring excellent physical integrity and multi-functional properties
Ogunsona EO, Mekonnen TH
68 - 76 Facile electrostatic assembly of Si@MXene superstructures for enhanced lithium-ion storage
Yang Q, Wang ZL, Xia Y, Wu GH, Chen C, Wang J, Rao PG, Dong AG
77 - 87 High performance aqueous supercapacitor based on nitrogen-doped coal-based activated carbon electrode materials
Dong D, Zhang YS, Xiao Y, Wang T, Wang JW, Romero CE, Pan WP
88 - 98 Rapid conversion from common precursors to carbon dots in large scale: Spectral controls, optical sensing, cellular imaging and LEDs application
Qiao GX, Chen G, Wen Q, Liu WQ, Gao JW, Yu ZQ, Wang QM
99 - 107 Facile synthesis of porous iridium-palladium-plumbum wire-like nanonetworks with boosted catalytic performance for hydrogen evolution reaction
Zhang RL, Duan JJ, Mei LP, Feng JJ, Yuan PX, Wang AJ
108 - 125 Adsorption behavior and corrosion inhibitive characteristics of newly synthesized cyano-benzylidene xanthenes on copper/sodium hydroxide interface: Electrochemical, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and theoretical studies
Khalifa ME, El Azab IH, Gobouri AA, Mersal GAM, Alharthi S, Saracoglu M, Kandemirli F, Ryl J, Amin MA
126 - 134 Facile synthesis of N, S-codoped honeycomb-like C/Ni3S2 composites for broadband microwave absorption with low filler mass loading
Wang L, Bai XY, Zhao T, Lin Y
135 - 145 Between two and three dimensions: Crystal structures in a slit pore
Fomin YD
146 - 159 A sustainable dynamic redox reaction passive film for long-term anti-corrosion of carbon steel surface
Fan WH, Wang HY, Wang CJ, Liu ZJ, Li KK, Zhu YJ
160 - 170 Defect-rich honeycomb-like nickel cobalt sulfides on graphene through rapid microwave-induced synthesis for ultrahigh rate supercapacitors
Zhao FL, Xie D, Huang WX, Song XR, Sial MAZG, Wu HL, Deng F, Zhang Q, Zou JZ, Zeng XR
171 - 179 Highly selective enrichment of radioactive cesium from solution by using zinc hexacyanoferrate(III)-functionalized magnetic bentonite
Yang SB, Liao SK, Ren XM, Li Y, Ma YY, Zhang ZH
180 - 191 Nanodiamond-stabilized Pickering emulsions: Microstructure and rheology
Farias BV, Brown D, Hearn A, Nunn N, Shenderova O, Khan SA
192 - 210 Encryption and authentication of security patterns by ecofriendly multi-color photoluminescent inks containing oxazolidine-functionalized nanoparticles
Abdollahi A, Roghani-Mamaqani H, Salami-Kalajahi M, Razavi B
211 - 222 One-step, low-cost, mussel-inspired green method to prepare superhydrophobic nanostructured surfaces having durability, efficiency, and wide applicability
Zhang J, Zhao JG, Qu WS, Li XY, Wang ZX
223 - 233 Soft and hard templates assisted synthesis mesoporous CuO/g-C(3)N(4 )heterostructures for highly enhanced and accelerated Hg(II) photoreduction under visible light
Kadi MW, Mohamed RM, Ismail AA, Bahnemann DW
234 - 244 Enhanced phosphate removal by using La-Zr binary metal oxide nanoparticles confined in millimeter-sized anion exchanger
Du Y, Wang X, Nie GZ, Xu LJ, Hu Y
245 - 255 Pb(II) adsorption from aqueous solution by nutshells, green adsorbent: Adsorption studies, regeneration studies, scale-up design, its effect on biological indicator and MLR modeling
Das A, Bar N, Das SK
256 - 263 Synergistic effect of electrostatic and coordination interactions for adsorption removal of cephalexin from water using a zirconium-based metal-organic framework
Zhao YJ, Zhao HF, Zhao XD, Qu YX, Liu DH
264 - 274 Molecular engineering of thixotropic, sprayable fluids with yield stress using associating polysaccharides
Lin YJ, Horner J, Illie B, Lynch ML, Furst EM, Wagner NJ
275 - 285 Role of initial precursors on the liquid-crystalline phase behavior of synthetic aluminogermanate imogolite nanotubes
Paineau E, Rouziere S, Monet G, Diogo CC, Morfin I, Launois P
286 - 297 Cubosomes stabilized by a polyphosphoester-analog of Pluronic F127 with reduced cytotoxicity
Fornasier M, Biffi S, Bortot B, Macor P, Manhart A, Wurm FR, Murgia S
298 - 307 Controllable fabrication of NiV2O6 nanosphere as a high-performance flexible all-solid-state electrode material for supercapacitors
Li YY, Sun H, Yang YX, Cao YL, Zhou WY, Chai H
308 - 317 Control of viscosity in biopharmaceutical protein formulations
Zidar M, Rozman P, Belko-Parkel K, Ravnik M
318 - 331 Amorphous cobalt boride nanosheets anchored surface-functionalized carbon nanofiber: An bifunctional and efficient catalyst for electrochemical sensing and oxygen evolution reaction
Sukanya R, Chen SM
332 - 344 An extensive case study on the dispersion parameters of HI-assisted reduced graphene oxide and its graphene oxide precursor
Anagnostou K, Stylianakis MM, Atsalakis G, Kosmidis DM, Skouras A, Stavrou IJ, Petridis K, Kymakis E
345 - 353 Ammonium thiocyanate functionalized graphene oxide-supported nanoscale zero-valent iron for adsorption and reduction of Cr(VI)
Wang YY, Zhao DL, Feng SJ, Chen Y, Xie R
354 - 364 Oil-in-oil pickering emulsions stabilized by diblock copolymer nanoparticles
Rymaruk MJ, Cunningham VJ, Brown SL, Williams CN, Armes SP
365 - 376 Camouflaged, activatable and therapeutic tandem bionanoreactors for breast cancer theranosis
Chauhan K, Sengar P, Juarez-Moreno K, Hirata GA, Vazquez-Duhalt R
377 - 388 In-situ preparation of molybdenum trioxide-silver composites for the improved photothermal catalytic performance of cyclohexane oxidation
Wang XY, Feng Z, Liu JC, Huang ZL, Zhang JH, Mai JJ, Fang YX
389 - 398 Study of a composite solid electrolyte made from a new pyrrolidone-containing polymer and LLZTO
Zhang Q, Liu K, Liu K, Li JP, Ma CJ, Zhou L, Du YP
399 - 406 Real-time monitoring of oil-induced micellar transitions in viscoelastic surfactants by small-angle X-ray scattering
Fogang LT, Solling TI, Pedersen JS, Kamal MS, Sultan AS
407 - 418 Improved photovoltaic performance in nano TiO2 based dye sensitized solar cells: Effect of TiCl4 treatment and Sr doping
Rajamanickam N, Ramachandran K
419 - 428 Assembling patchy plasmonic nanoparticles with aggregation-dependent antibacterial activity
Brasili F, Capocefalo A, Palmieri D, Capitani F, Chiessi E, Paradossi G, Bordi F, Domenici F
429 - 438 BiSb@Bi2O3/SbOx encapsulated in porous carbon as anode materials for sodium/potassium-ion batteries with a high pseudocapacitive contribution
Wang ZY, Duan CQ, Wang D, Dong KZ, Luo SH, Liu YG, Wang Q, Zhang YH, Hao AM
439 - 448 Kinetics of the thermal response of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide co methacrylic acid) hydrogel microparticles under different environmental stimuli: A time-lapse NMR study
Martinez-Moro M, Jenczyk J, Giussi JM, Jurga S, Moya SE
449 - 459 Degradable double hydrophilic block copolymers and tripartite polyionic complex micelles thereof for small interfering ribonucleic acids (siRNA) delivery
El Jundi A, Morille M, Bettache N, Bethry A, Berthelot J, Salvador J, Hunger S, Bakkour Y, Belamie E, Nottelet B
460 - 469 Scalable synthesis of Fe3N nanoparticles within N-doped carbon frameworks as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Xue N, Liu J, Wang PY, Wang CY, Li S, Zhu H, Yin J
470 - 479 One-step synthesis of Mn-doped MIL-53(Fe) for synergistically enhanced generation of sulfate radicals towards tetracycline degradation
Yu J, Cao J, Yang ZH, Xiong WP, Xu ZY, Song PP, Jia MY, Sun SW, Zhang YR, Zhu J
480 - 492 Interfacial and emulsion characterisation of chemically modified polysaccharides through a multiscale approach
Wei Y, Xie YP, Cai ZX, Guo YL, Wu M, Wang PG, Li RQ, Zhang HB
493 - 502 Synthesis of multilamellar walls vesicles polyelectrolyte-surfactant complexes from pH-stimulated phase transition using microbial biosurfactants
Seyrig C, Le Griel P, Cowieson N, Perez J, Baccile N
503 - 514 Review on heterogeneous photocatalytic disinfection of waterborne, airborne, and foodborne viruses: Can we win against pathogenic viruses?
Habibi-Yangjeh A, Asadzadeh-Khaneghah S, Feizpoor S, Rouhi A
515 - 527 One-step fabrication of multifunctional high internal phase pickering emulsion gels solely stabilized by a softer globular protein nanoparticle: S-Ovalbumin
Xu YT, Yang T, Liu LL, Tang CH
528 - 539 Double-shell zinc manganate hollow microspheres embedded in carbon networks as cathode materials for high-performance aqueous zinc-ion batteries
Wang ST, Zhang SP, Chen XR, Yuan GH, Wang BB, Bai JT, Wang H, Wang G
540 - 549 Enhancement of bisphenol A degradation by accelerating the Fe(III)/Fe(II) cycle in graphene oxide modified Fe(III)/peroxymonosulfate system under visible light irradiation
Cheng F, Zhou P, Huo XW, Liu Y, Liu YX, Zhang YL
550 - 560 Three dimensional flower-like magnetic polyethyleneimine@MoS2 composites for highly efficient removal of Cr(VI) and Pb(II) ions
Sun CW, Song G, Chen LL, Ren XM, Chen CL
561 - 572 Macromolecular design of folic acid functionalized amylopectin-albumin core-shell nanogels for improved physiological stability and colon cancer cell targeted delivery of curcumin
Borah PK, Das AS, Mukhopadhyay R, Sarkar A, Duary RK
573 - 582 A highly colorimetric photonic film composed of non-close-packed melanin-like colloidal arrays
Liu PM, Liu XJ, Ji MH, Gu HW, Zhou CM, Lei L, Lu J, Wu XM, Zhu TT, Yang JJ
583 - 591 Photoelectrochemical immunosensor for sensitive detection of alpha-fetoprotein based on a graphene honeycomb film
Wu YL, Su H, Yang JF, Wang ZY, Li DG, Sun H, Guo XY, Yin SY
592 - 600 Interpretation of interfacial interactions between lenticular particles
Choi KH, Lee D, Park BJ
601 - 613 Facile strategy of hollow polyaniline nanotubes supported on Ti3C2-MXene nanosheets for High-performance symmetric supercapacitors
Wu WL, Wang CW, Zhao CH, Wei D, Zhu JF, Xu YL
614 - 622 Oxalate-derived porous prismatic nickel/nickel oxide nanocomposites toward lithium-ion battery
Du M, Li Q, Pang H
623 - 629 Precise tuning of heteroatom positions in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons for electrocatalytic nitrogen fixation
Gu ZX, Chen YJ, Wei ZX, Qian LP, Al-Enizi AM, Ma JM, Zhou G, Zheng GF
630 - 637 Displacement of interfacially-bound monoglyceride crystals in water-in-oil emulsions by a non-ionic surfactant
El-Aooiti M, de Vries A, Rousseau D
638 - 644 Non-tubular-biomass-derived nitrogen-doped carbon microtubes for ultrahigh-area-capacity lithium-ion batteries
Yuan G, Zhang WC, Li HM, Xie YJ, Hu H, Xiao Y, Liang YR, Liu YL, Liu WR, Zheng MT
645 - 659 Evident phase separation and surface segregation of hydrophobic moieties at the copolymer surface using atomic force microscopy and SFG spectroscopy
Cimatu KLA, Premadasa UI, Ambagaspitiya TD, Adhikari NM, Jang JH
660 - 668 Stability of magnetic LDH composites used for phosphate recovery
Lu CY, Kim TH, Bendix J, Abdelmoula M, Ruby C, Nielsen UG, Hansen HCB
669 - 680 In-situ construction of ternary Ti3C2 MXene@TiO2/ZnIn2S4 composites for highly efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Huang KL, Li CH, Meng XC
681 - 689 Smart soft photonic dressing toward fast drug release and visualized self-monitoring
Liu WZ, Bao LJ, Liu B, Liu R, Li L, Wu ZY
690 - 699 Modulation of substrate van der Waals forces using varying thicknesses of polymer overlayers
Wang HF, Evans D, Voelcker NH, Griesser HJ, Meagher L
700 - 708 PolyHIPE foams from pristine graphene: Strong, porous, and electrically conductive materials templated by a 2D surfactant
Brown EEB, Woltornist SJ, Adamson DH
709 - 719 Semi-permeable vesicles produced by microfluidics to tune the phase behaviour of encapsulated macromolecules
Cochereau R, Renard D, Nous C, Boire A
720 - 729 Designing vertically aligned porous NiCo2O4@MnMoO4 Core@Shell nanostructures for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Singh A, Ojha AK
730 - 739 Synergistic lubrication performance by incommensurately stacked ZnO-decorated reduced graphene oxide/MoS2 heterostructure
Chouhan A, Sarkar TK, Kumari S, Vemuluri S, Khatri OP
740 - 752 Anticorrosion effect of a green sustainable inhibitor on mild steel in hydrochloric acid
Berrissoul A, Loukili E, Mechbal N, Benhiba F, Guenbour A, Dikici B, Zarrouk A, Dafali A
753 - 767 Fabricating acid-sensitive controlled PAA@Ag/AgCl/CN photocatalyst with reversible photocatalytic activity transformation
Sun LL, Yin SK, Shen D, Zhou YJ, Li JZ, Li X, Wang HQ, Huo PW, Yan YS
768 - 775 Hydrothermal formation of controllable hexagonal holes and Er2O3/Er2O3-RGO particles on silicon wafers toward superhydrophobic surfaces
Peng C, Wu RX, Yang YHN, Li C, Lin YX, Chen S, Kuai ZY, Li L
776 - 784 The shape and dynamics of deformations of viscoelastic fluids by water droplets
Seo D, Chen SY, Lee DW, Schrader AM, Ahn K, Page S, Koenig PH, Gizaw Y, Israelachvili JN
785 - 793 Redox responsive paclitaxel dimer for programmed drug release and selectively killing cancer cells
Xia R, Pei Q, Wang J, Wang ZF, Hu XL, Xie ZG
794 - 802 Co/FeC core-nitrogen doped hollow carbon shell structure with tunable shell-thickness for oxygen evolution reaction
Zhang Q, Fu MX, Ning GY, Sun YN, Wang HY, Fan XY, Lu HJ, Zhang YF, Wang H
803 - 813 FeOx/MnOy modified oxidized carbon nanotubes as peroxymonosulfate activator for organic pollutants degradation
Tian X, Xiao L
814 - 821 Plasma-induced defect engineering: Boosted the reverse water gas shift reaction performance with electron trap
Yang JM, Zhu XW, Yu Q, Zhou GL, Li QD, Wang CT, Hua YJ, She YB, Xu H, Li HM
822 - 833 Polymer brush-grafted ZnO-modified cotton for efficient oil/water separation with abrasion/acid/alkali resistance and temperature "switch" property
Zhang JY, Raza S, Wang P, Wen H, Zhu ZY, Huang W, Mohamed IMA, Liu CK
834 - 849 Improved accuracy in multicomponent surface complexation models using surface-sensitive analytical techniques: Adsorption of arsenic onto a TiO2/Fe2O3 multifunctional sorbent
Bullen JC, Kenney JPL, Fearn S, Kafizas A, Skinner S, Weiss DJ
850 - 862 Conformationally tuned antibacterial oligomers target the peptidoglycan of Gram-positive bacteria
Christofferson AJ, Elbourne A, Cheeseman S, Shi Y, Rolland M, Cozzolino D, Chapman J, McConville CF, Crawford RJ, Wang PY, Truong NP, Anastasaki A, Truong VK