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1 - 11 NiFe-coordinated zeolitic imidazolate framework derived trifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water-splitting and zinc-air batteries
Zhang P, Zhan TR, Rong HQ, Feng YY, Wen YH, Zhao JK, Wang L, Liu XE, Hou WG
12 - 20 A novel cobalt and nitrogen co-doped mesoporous hollow carbon hemisphere as high-efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Meng TJ, Nsabimana A, Liu ZY, Jia HX, An SY, Wang H, Zhang YF
21 - 27 Multipodal mesoporous silica hollow spheres: Branched hierarchical nanostructure by region-selective self-assembly
Liu XF, Wang HJ, Li TD, Zheng HZ, Xu YT, Chen JB, Wang JG
28 - 36 Fabrication of mechanical robust keratin film by mesoscopic molecular network reconstruction and its performance for dye removal
Song KL, Qian XN, Zhu XJ, Li XY, Hong XH
37 - 49 Synergistic effects of octahedral TiO2-MIL-101(Cr) with two heterojunctions for enhancing visible-light photocatalytic degradation of liquid tetracycline and gaseous toluene
Chen JF, Zhang XD, Shi XY, Bi FK, Yang Y, Wang YX
50 - 60 ZnO@ZnS nanorod-array coated titanium: Good to fibroblasts but bad to bacteria
Luo QM, Cao HL, Wang LY, Ma XH, Liu XY
61 - 70 Rosin-based chiral wormlike Micelles: Rheological behavior and its application in preparing ultrasmall gold nanoparticles
Yan TT, Song BL, Du DL, Cui ZG, Pei XM
71 - 81 Core-shell nanowires of NiCo2O4@alpha-Co(OH)(2) on Ni foam with enhanced performances for supercapacitors
Wang WD, Zhang PP, Gao SQ, Wang BQ, Wang XC, Li M, Liu F, Cheng JP
82 - 95 Formulation of spinel based inkjet inks for protective layer coatings in SOFC interconnects
Pandiyan S, El-Kharouf A, Steinberger-Wilckens R
96 - 108 Carbon dots derived from flax straw for highly sensitive and selective detections of cobalt, chromium, and ascorbic acid
Hu GK, Ge L, Li YY, Mukhtar M, Shen B, Yang DS, Li JG
109 - 118 Coordination polymer-derived cobalt-embedded and N/S-doped carbon nanosheet with a hexagonal core-shell nanostructure as an efficient catalyst for activation of oxone in water
Tuan DD, Oh WD, Ghanbari F, Lisak G, Tong SP, Lin KYA
119 - 127 Polyaniline as interface layers promoting the in-situ growth of zeolite imidazole skeleton on regenerated cellulose aerogel for efficient removal of tetracycline
Liu Q, Yu HH, Zeng FM, Li X, Sun J, Hu XL, Pan QQ, Li C, Lin H, Su ZM
128 - 139 Directly probing surfactant adsorption on nanoscopic trenches and pillars
Hamon JJ, Tabor RF, Striolo A, Grady BP
140 - 151 Highly chelating stellate mesoporous silica nanoparticles for specific iron removal from biological media
Duenas-Ramirez P, Bertagnolli C, Muller R, Sartori K, Boos A, Elhabiri M, Begin-Colin S, Mertz D
152 - 161 Enhanced corrosion resistance and adhesion of epoxy coating by two-dimensional graphite-like g-C3N4 nanosheets
Yan H, Li JX, Zhang M, Zhao Y, Feng Y, Zhang Y
162 - 176 Breakdown of electroneutrality in nanopores
Levy A, de Souza JP, Bazant MZ
177 - 185 Fabrication of nitrogen defect mediated direct Z scheme g-C3Nx/Bi2WO6 hybrid with enhanced photocatalytic properties
Gao YP, Liu SJ, Wang YS, Zhao PC, Li KX, He JX, Liu SQ
186 - 194 Colloidal polymer-coated Zn-doped iron oxide nanoparticles with high relaxivity and specific absorption rate for efficient magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic hyperthermia
Das P, Salvioni L, Malatesta M, Vurro F, Mannucci S, Gerosa M, Rizzuto MA, Tullio C, Degrassi A, Colombo M, Ferretti AM, Ponti A, Calderan L, Prosperi D
195 - 204 Room temperature and aqueous synthesis of bimetallic ZIF derived CoNi layered double hydroxides and their applications in asymmetric supercapacitors
Tahir MU, Arshad H, Zhang H, Hou ZY, Wang JD, Yang C, Su XT
205 - 211 One-step controllable synthesis of amino-modification siloxene for enhanced solar water-splitting
Zhou LP, Wang Y, Xu XL, Lei WS, Huang JY, Chen LX, Zhu LP, Ye ZZ
212 - 220 Self-pinning of silica suspension droplets on hydrophobic surfaces
Yang KC, Wang C, Hu TY, Lin HP, Cho KH, Chen LJ
221 - 232 Boosting styrene epoxidation via CoMn2O4 microspheres with unique porous yolk-shell architecture and synergistic intermetallic interaction
Liu JY, Meng R, Wang HY, Jian PM
233 - 242 Insight into light-driven antibacterial cotton fabrics decorated by in situ growth strategy
Nie XL, Wu SL, Mensah A, Wang QQ, Huang FL, Li DW, Wei QF
243 - 249 Molecular exchange in spherical diblock copolymer colloids synthesised by polymerisation-induced self-assembly
Smith GN, Grillo I, Hallett JE
250 - 257 Facile synthesis of platinum-rhodium alloy nanodendrites as an advanced electrocatalyst for ethylene glycol oxidation and hydrogen evolution reactions
Xie YX, Cen SY, Ma YT, Chen HY, Wang AJ, Feng JJ
258 - 268 Modification of pyrogenic carbons for phosphate sorption through binding of a cationic polymer
Wang ZY, Bakshi S, Li CY, Parikh SJ, Hsieh HS, Pignatello JJ
269 - 281 Heterogeneous Fenton-like magnetic nanosphere coated with vanadium oxide quantum dots for enhanced organic dyes decolorization
Zhang M, Niu YS, Xu YH
282 - 289 Nitrogen-doped carbon dots anchored NiO/Co3O4 ultrathin nanosheets as advanced cathodes for hybrid supercapacitors
Ji ZY, Liu K, Li N, Zhang HY, Dai WY, Shen XP, Zhu GX, Kong LR, Yuan AH
290 - 296 Controllable syngas production on gold nanowires/nickel foam electrode in non-aqueous system
Yang G, Xu WC, Tian KY, Su DM, Xu JF, Chen HY, Zhang YH
297 - 306 Novel Z-scheme W18O49/CeO2 heterojunction for improved photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Shen CH, Wen XJ, Fei ZH, Liu ZT, Mu QM
307 - 314 Graphene quantum dots as full-color and stimulus responsive fluorescence ink for information encryption
Zhao JW, Zheng YY, Pang YY, Chen J, Zhang ZY, Xi FN, Chen P
315 - 329 Towards understanding corrosion inhibition of sulfonate/carboxylate functionalized ionic liquids: An experimental and theoretical study
Cao SY, Liu D, Ding H, Lu H, Gui JZ
330 - 339 Experimental and theoretical studies of sodium acetyldithiocarbamate for the removal of Cu2+ and Ni2+ from aqueous solution
Ding XP, Li M, Yang WZ, Zhang KG, Zuo ZS, Chen Y, Yin XS, Liu Y
340 - 346 Strongly coupling of amorphous/crystalline reduced FeOOH/alpha-Ni(OH)(2) heterostructure for extremely efficient water oxidation at ultra-high current density
Cheng XD, Yuan JX, Cao JH, Lei CJ, Yang B, Li ZJ, Zhang XW, Yuan C, Lei LC, Hou Y
347 - 356 Hierarchical porous carbon derived from jujube fruits as sustainable and ultrahigh capacitance material for advanced supercapacitors
Yang V, Senthil RA, Pan JQ, Kumar TR, Sun YZ, Liu XG
357 - 368 Forming amorphous calcium carbonate within hydrogels by enzyme-induced mineralization in the presence of N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine
Milovanovic M, Unruh MT, Brandt V, Tiller JC
369 - 378 Re-entrant swelling and redissolution of polyelectrolytes arises from an increased electrostatic decay length at high salt concentrations
Liu GM, Parsons D, Craig VSJ
379 - 390 Hexaarylbiimidazoles(HABI)-functionalized lyotropic liquid crystalline systems as visible light-responsive materials
Jia SY, Graham B, Capuano B, Tan A, Hawley A, Boyd B
391 - 400 (Fe,N-codoped carbon nanotube)/(Fe-based nanoparticle) nanohybrid derived from Fe-doped g-C3N4: A superior catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Zhang YP, Jiang RB, Wang ZK, Xue YZ, Sun J, Guo YJ
401 - 411 Exploring precision polymers to fine-tune magnetic resonance imaging properties of iron oxide nanoparticles
King AM, Bray C, Hall SCL, Bear JC, Bogart LK, Perrier S, Davies GL
412 - 424 A bifunctional beta-MnO2 mesh for expeditious and ambient degradation of dyes in activation of peroxymonosulfate (PMS) and simultaneous oil removal from water
Liu YN, Qu RX, Li XY, Wei Y, Feng L
425 - 430 Comparison of interfacial bridging carbon materials for effective carbon-based perovskite solar cells
Gao LG, Hu JJ, Meng FN, Zhou Y, Li Y, Wei GY, Ma TL
431 - 447 In-situ green topotactic synthesis of a novel Z-scheme Ag@AgVO3/BiVO4 heterostructure with highly enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Ju P, Wang Y, Sun Y, Zhang D
448 - 454 Preparation of low-load Au-Pd alloy decorated carbon fibers binder-free cathode for Li-O-2 battery
Li K, Dong HY, Wang YW, Yin YH, Yang ST
455 - 462 One-step exfoliation of polymeric C3N4 by atmospheric oxygen doping for photocatalytic persulfate activation
Tang QW, An XQ, Zhou J, Lan HC, Liu HJ, Qu JH
463 - 469 Tuning wall thickness of TiO2 microtubes for an enhanced photocatalytic activity with thickness-dependent charge separation efficiency
Zou XX, Yang YL, Chen HJ, Shi XL, Suo GQ, Ye XH, Zhang L, Hou XJ, Feng L, Chen ZG
470 - 478 Dynamic wetting of solid-liquid-liquid system by molecular kinetic theory
Tian WB, Wu KL, Chen ZX, Lei ZD, Gao YL, Chen ZL, Liu YS, Hou YN, Zhu QY, Li J
479 - 488 Superlubrication obtained with mixtures of hydrated ions and polyethylene glycol solutions in the mixed and hydrodynamic lubrication regimes
Han TY, Yi S, Zhang CH, Li JJ, Chen XC, Luo JB, Banquy X
489 - 507 Exploring the confinement of polymer nanolayers into ordered mesoporous silica using advanced gas physisorption
Guillet-Nicolas R, Wainer M, Marcoux L, Thommes M, Kleitz F
508 - 519 Magneto-mechanical actuation of barium-hexaferrite nanoplatelets for the disruption of phospholipid membranes
Gorsak T, Drab M, Krizaj D, Jeran M, Genova J, Kralj S, Lisjak D, Kralj-Iglic V, Iglic A, Makovec D
520 - 530 High performance flexible hybrid supercapacitors based on nickel hydroxide deposited on copper oxide supported by copper foam for a sunlight-powered rechargeable energy storage system
Li M, Addad A, Roussel P, Szunerits S, Boukherroub R
531 - 540 A robust stimuli responsive Eu3+- Metalo organic hydrogel and xerogel emitting white light
Panja A, Bairi P, Halder D, Das S, Nandi AK
541 - 550 Understanding of the role of dilution on evaporative deposition patterns of blood droplets over hydrophilic and hydrophobic substrates
Iqbal R, Shen AQ, Sen AK
551 - 561 Poloxamer/sodium cholate co-formulation for micellar encapsulation of doxorubicin with high efficiency for intracellular delivery: An in-vitro bioavailability study
Tasca E, Andreozzi P, Del Giudice A, Galantini L, Schillen K, Giuliani AM, Ramirez MD, Moya SE, Giustini M
562 - 572 Improved permeability and antifouling properties of polyvinyl chloride ultrafiltration membrane via blending sulfonated polysulfone
Xie YX, Wang KK, Yu WH, Cui MB, Shen YJ, Wang XY, Fang LF, Zhu BK
573 - 581 Nanoplatelet interactions in the presence of multivalent ions: The effect of overcharging and stability
Jansson M, Belic D, Forsman J, Skepo M
582 - 597 Enhanced magnetic heating efficiency at acidic pH for magnetic nanoemulsions stabilized with a weak polyelectrolyte
Ranoo S, Lahiri BB, Nandy M, Philip J
598 - 606 Electrochemical hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions from a cobalt-porphyrin-based covalent organic polymer
Wang AJ, Cheng LX, Zhao W, Shen XL, Zhu WH
607 - 618 Preparation of CoS2 supported flower-like NiFe layered double hydroxides nanospheres for high-performance supercapacitors
Tian JM, Zhang AT, Liu R, Huang WG, Yuan Z, Zheng RK, Wei D, Liu JQ
619 - 627 Ag-Pi/BiVO4 heterojunction with efficient interface carrier transport for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Gao Y, Li X, Hu J, Fan WQ, Wang FG, Xu DB, Ding JR, Bai HY, Shi WD
628 - 636 Ultra-stable aqueous foams induced by interfacial co-assembly of highly hydrophobic particles and hydrophilic polymer
Sheng YF, Lin KT, Binks BP, Ngai T
637 - 644 Ionic liquid derived Fe, N, B co-doped bamboo-like carbon nanotubes as an efficient oxygen reduction catalyst
Wang YC, Liu YS, Yang HF, Liu Y, Wu KH, Yang GC
645 - 653 Formulation of polyphthalaldehyde microcapsules for immediate UV-light triggered release
Eriksson V, Trojer MA, Vavra S, Hulander M, Nordstierna L
654 - 666 Design and evaluation a kind of functional biomaterial for bone tissue engineering: Selenium/mesoporous bioactive glass nanospheres
Hu M, Fang J, Zhang Y, Wang X, Zhong WX, Zhou ZF
667 - 679 Sealed pre-carbonization to regulate the porosity and heteroatom sites of biomass derived carbons for lithium-sulfur batteries
Wu DP, Chen JL, Zhang WC, Liu WD, Li JZ, Cao K, Gao ZY, Xu F, Jiang K
680 - 698 Synthesis of bioactive glass-based coating by plasma electrolytic oxidation: Untangling a new deposition pathway toward titanium implant surfaces
Costa RC, Souza JGS, Cordeiro JM, Bertolini M, de Avila ED, Landers R, Rangel EC, Fortulan CA, Retamal-Valdes B, da Cruz NC, Feres M, Barao VAR
699 - 706 In-situ synthesis of Fe7S8 nanocrystals decorated on N, S-codoped carbon nanotubes as anode material for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Zhang XJ, Gao XY, Li JF, Hong K, Wu L, Xu SG, Zhang KL, Liu CZ, Rao ZH
707 - 713 Interface engineering in CeO2 (111) facets decorated with CdSe quantum dots for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Ma YJ, Ou PF, Wang ZY, Zhu AQ, Lu LL, Zhang YH, Zeng WX, Song J, Pan J
714 - 722 Insights into the formation of an emissive CdTe-quantum-dots/cellulose hybrid film
Algarra M, Cuevas AL, de Yuso MVM, Benavente J
723 - 732 Synthesis of a zinc ferrite effectively encapsulated by reduced graphene oxide composite anode material for high-rate lithium ion storage
Tan QK, Wang C, Cao YD, Liu XH, Cao HJ, Wu GL, Xu BH
733 - 740 High efficiency electromagnetic wave absorber derived from transition metal layered double hydroxides
Zhao ZH, Kou KC, Zhang LM, Wu HJ
741 - 753 Smart coatings embedded with polydopamine-decorated layer-by-layer assembled SnO2 nanocontainers for the corrosion protection of 304 stainless steels
Chen ZH, Yang WZ, Chen Y, Yin XS, Liu Y
754 - 765 Controlled growth of AgI nanoparticles on hollow WO3 hierarchical structures to act as Z-scheme photocatalyst for visible-light photocatalysis
Zhi LH, Zhang SY, Xu YY, Tu JB, Li M, Hu DC, Liu JC
766 - 777 Targeted reclaiming cationic dyes from dyeing wastewater with a dithiocarbamate-functionalized material through selective adsorption and efficient desorption
Liu Y, Zhao YF, Cheng W, Zhang T
778 - 785 Structure elucidation of silica-based core-shell microencapsulated drugs for topical applications by cryogenic scanning electron microscopy
Erlich M, Arie T, Koifman N, Talmon Y
786 - 793 Mechanical reinforcement of polymer colloidal crystals by supercritical fluids
Babacic V, Varghese J, Coy E, Kang E, Pochylski M, Gapinski J, Fytas G, Graczykowski B
794 - 804 Effect of particle surface corrugation on colloidal interactions
Kamarainen T, Tardy BL, Nikkhah SJ, Batys P, Sammalkorpi M, Rojas OJ
805 - 814 Heat-treatment-induced development of the crystalline structure and chemical stoichiometry of a CuxS counter electrode, and the influence on performance of quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells
Deng JP, Zhang PC, Li L, Gou YC, Fang JF, Lei YL, Song XH, Yang Z
815 - 822 Judicious fabrication of bifunctionalized graphene oxide/MnFe2O4 magnetic nanohybrids for enhanced removal of Pb(II) from water
Dai K, Liu GY, Xu WB, Deng ZZ, Wu YT, Zhao CW, Zhang ZJ
823 - 831 ZIF-derived ZnO/Sb composite scaffolded on carbon framework for Ni-Zn batteries
Zhao WY, Liu ZQ, Zhong CL, Shen ZH, Jin X, Zhang HG
832 - 841 N-self-doped porous carbon derived from animal-heart as an electrocatalyst for efficient reduction of oxygen
Yang BY, Gao JP, Xie MH, Zuo SS, Kang HY, Sun Y, Xu XY, Wang W, Gao CJ, Liu Y, Yan J
842 - 852 Encapsulating polyaniline within porous MIL-101 for high-performance corrosion protection
Ren BH, Li YQ, Meng DL, Li JJ, Gao SY, Cao R
853 - 861 Fabrication of MoS(2)QDs/ZnO nanosheet 0D/2D heterojunction photocatalysts for organic dyes and gaseous heavy metal removal
Gang RQ, Xu L, Xia Y, Cai J, Zhang LB, Wang SX, Li R
862 - 871 Self-assembly of carbon nanotube/graphitic-like flake/BiOBr nanocomposite with 1D/2D/3D heterojunctions for enhanced photocatalytic activity
Tie WW, Du ZY, Yue HW, Bhattacharyya SS, Zheng Z, He WW, Lee SH
872 - 877 Facile polyol-triggered anatase-rutile heterophase TiO2-x nanoparticles for enhancing photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Xiong JY, Zhang MM, Cheng G
878 - 887 Rheology of protein-stabilised emulsion gels envisioned as composite networks 1-Comparison of pure droplet gels and protein gels
Roullet M, Clegg PS, Frith WJ
888 - 897 The evaporation of surfactant-laden droplets: A comparison between contact line models
van Gaalen RT, Diddens C, Wijshoff HMA, Kuerten JGM
898 - 908 Role of surfactants in spontaneous displacement of high viscosity oil droplets from solid surfaces in aqueous solutions
Li R, Manica R, Lu Y, Xu ZH