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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.578 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 9 Regular Hierarchical CoP@Ni(OH)(2)center dot 0.75H(2)O core-shell nanosheet arrays on carbon cloth for high-performance supercapacitors
Liu WJ, Zhu FF, Liu Y, Shi WD
10 - 23 Efficient multifunctional electrocatalyst based on 2D semiconductive bimetallic metal-organic framework toward non-Pt methanol oxidation and overall water splitting
Cui BB, Wang CB, Huang SJ, He LH, Zhang S, Zhang ZH, Du M
24 - 36 Colloidal stability mechanism of copper nanomaterials modified by bis (2-ethylhexyl) phosphate dispersed in polyalphaolefin oil as green nanolubricants
Ali MKA, Hou XJ
37 - 46 Unusual Pd nanoparticle dispersion in microenvironment for p-nitrophenol and methylene blue catalytic reduction
Subhan F, Aslam S, Yan ZF, Yaseen M
47 - 57 Microfluidic-directed self-assembly of liposomes: Role of interdigitation
Lim SWZ, Wong YS, Czarny B, Venkatraman S
58 - 68 NiCo2O4 nanosheets decorated on one-dimensional ZnFe2O4@SiO2@C nanochains with high-performance microwave absorption
Ma ML, Li WT, Tong ZY, Ma Y, Bi YX, Liao ZJ, Zhou J, Wu GL, Li MX, Yue JW, Song XY, Zhang XY
69 - 76 Size-dependent behavior and failure of young's equation for wetting of two-component nanodroplets
Cheng YT, Chu KC, Tsao HK, Sheng YJ
77 - 88 Pore opening and breathing transitions in metal-organic frameworks: Coupling adsorption and deformation
Formalik F, Neimark AV, Rogacka J, Firlej L, Kuchta B
89 - 95 Nano-engineering of prussian blue analogues to core-shell architectures: Enhanced catalytic activity for zinc-air battery
Najam T, Wang M, Javed MS, Ibraheem S, Song ZQ, Ahmed MM, Rehman AU, Cai XK, Shah SSA
96 - 105 Boosting the capacitive property of nickel cobalt aluminum layered double hydroxide in neutral electrolyte
Deng LJ, Qin XW, Qiao WL, Gu YZ
106 - 115 Characterization of wetting using topological principles
Sun CH, McClure JE, Mostaghimi P, Herring AL, Meisenheimer DE, Wildenschild D, Berg S, Armstrong RT
116 - 123 Detecting zeta potential of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) in electrolyte solutions with atomic force microscope
Liu ZJ, Song YX, Li DQ
124 - 134 The tetracyclines removal by MgAl layered double oxide in the presence of phosphate or nitrate: Behaviors and mechanism exploration
Zhang P, He T, Chen H, Li P, Xiang MX, Ding NS, Deng SG
135 - 145 Interfacial ion specificity modulates hydrophobic interaction
Cui X, Liu J, Xie L, Huang J, Zeng HB
146 - 154 Femtosecond laser preparing patternable liquid-metal-repellent surface for flexible electronics
Zhang JZ, Zhang KY, Yong JL, Yang Q, He YN, Zhang CJ, Hou X, Chen F
155 - 163 Copper//terbium dual metal organic frameworks incorporated side-by-side electrospun nanofibrous membrane: A novel tactics for an efficient adsorption of particulate matter and luminescence property
Lee M, Ojha GP, Oh HJ, Kim T, Kim HY
164 - 170 Construction of an ultrasensitive electrochemical sensing platform for microRNA-21 based on interface impedance spectroscopy
Meng TJ, Zhao D, Ye HM, Feng Y, Wang H, Zhang YF
171 - 183 Covalently and ionically, dually crosslinked chitosan nanoparticles block quorum sensing and affect bacterial cell growth on a cell-density dependent manner
Vila-Sanjurjo C, Hembach L, Netzer J, Remunan-Lopez C, Vila-Sanjurjo A, Goycoolea FM
184 - 194 Biomass-derived carbon boosted catalytic properties of tungsten-based nanohybrids for accelerating the triiodide reduction in dye-sensitized solar cells
Li JW, Yun SN, Han F, Si YM, Arshad A, Zhang YW, Chidambaram B, Zafar N, Qiao XY
195 - 206 Polyacrylonitrile/polyimide composite sub-micro fibrous membranes for precise filtration of PM0.26 pollutants
Zhou MJ, Hu M, Quan ZZ, Zhang HN, Qin XH, Wang RW, Yu JY
207 - 217 Droplet impact on cylindrical surfaces: Effects of surface wettability, initial impact velocity, and cylinder size
Wang YL, Wang YX, Wang SR
218 - 228 Self-assembly of multifunctional hydrogels with polyoxometalates helical arrays using nematic peptide liquid crystal template
Zhang G, Zhang JX, Wang YF, Wu YF, Li Q, Liang YY, Qi W, Rao HJ, Su RX, He ZM
229 - 241 Enhanced catalytic activity of oxygenated VOC deep oxidation on highly active in-situ generated GdMn2O5/GdMnO3 catalysts
Guo MM, Li K, Zhang HB, Min X, Hu XF, Guo WM, Jia JP, Sun TH
242 - 253 Micro- and macroscopically structured zwitterionic polymers with ultralow fouling property
Zhang D, Ren BP, Zhang YX, Liu YL, Chen H, Xiao SW, Chang Y, Yang JT, Zheng J
254 - 261 Regulation of light-harvesting antenna based on silver ion-enhanced emission of dye-doped coordination polymer nanoparticles
Pu F, Qu SR, Qiu H, Zhang L
262 - 272 Durable superamphiphobic coatings with high static and dynamic repellency towards liquids with low surface tension and high viscosity
Zhu Q, Li BC, Li SB, Luo G, Zheng BH, Zhang JP
273 - 280 Transformation of Fe-B@Fe into Fe-B@Ni for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Li YX, Yang TY, Li H, Tong RJ, Peng SQ, Han X
281 - 289 Effect of gangliosides on structure and integrity of polyethylene glycol (PEG)-stabilized liposomes
Grad P, Gedda L, Edwards K
290 - 303 Selective adsorption of a high-performance depressant onto dolomite causing effective flotation separation of magnesite from dolomite
Yang B, Wang DH, Cao SH, Yin WZ, Xue JW, Zhu ZL, Fu YF, Yao J
304 - 314 Bio-inspired porous helical carbon fibers with ultrahigh specific surface area for super-efficient removal of sulfamethoxazole from water
Wang W, Saeed A, He JY, Wang ZJ, Zhan DY, Li ZX, Wang CM, Sun YF, Tao F, Xu WH
315 - 325 Environmentally stable, photochromic and thermotropic organohydrogels for low cost on-demand optical devices
Zhang Z, Guo LX, Zhang XL, Hao JC
326 - 337 Fabrication and high photoelectrocatalytic activity of scaly BiOBr nanosheet arrays
Ling YL, Dai YZ, Zhou JH
338 - 345 A new approach to construct and modulate G-quadruplex by cationic surfactant
Li XY, Huang ZH, Li SM, Song AX, Hao JC, Liu HG
346 - 357 Bead-like cobalt nanoparticles coated with dielectric SiO2 and carbon shells for high-performance microwave absorber
Wang BL, Liao HY, Xie XB, Wu Q, Liu T
358 - 365 Impact of Kapitza resistance on the stability and efficiency of photoacoustic conversion from gold nanorods
Cavigli L, Milanesi A, Khlebtsov BN, Centi S, Ratto F, Khlebtsov NG, Pini R
366 - 378 Electronic coupling between molybdenum disulfide and gold nanoparticles to enhance the peroxidase activity for the colorimetric immunoassays of hydrogen peroxide and cancer cells
Sun HH, Gao Y, Hu NRS, Zhang YX, Guo CS, Gao GG, Ma Z, Ivanovich KI, Qiu YF
379 - 389 Solid-state photochromism of spironaphthoxazine loaded microcapsules with photo-patterning and thermo-regulating features
Raeesi M, Alinejad Z, Hamrang V, Mahdavian AR
390 - 401 Effect of Ni content in PdNi/C anode catalysts on power and methanol co-generation in alkaline direct methane fuel cell type
Santos MCL, Godoi CM, Kang HS, de Souza RFB, Ramos AS, Antolini E, Neto AO
402 - 411 Conjugate Polymer-clothed TiO2@V2O5 nanobelts and their enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance in water remediation
Liu JD, Zhou SY, Gu PY, Zhang TY, Chen DY, Li NJ, Xu QF, Lu JM
412 - 421 Nacre-biomimetic graphene oxide paper intercalated by phytic acid and its ultrafast fire-alarm application
Chen GQ, Yuan BH, Wang Y, Chen XF, Huang CY, Shang S, Tao HJ, Liu J, Sun WK, Yang P, Shi GB
422 - 430 Structural mechanism of reactivation with steam of pitch-based activated carbon fibers
Yoshikawa Y, Teshima K, Futamura R, Tanaka H, Neimark AV, Kaneko K
431 - 440 Investigation on various photo-generated carrier transfer processes of SnS2/g-C3N4 heterojunction photocatalysts for hydrogen evolution
Zhang R, Bi LL, Wang DJ, Lin YH, Zou XX, Xie TF, Li ZH
441 - 451 Nanoparticle assembly under block copolymer confinement: The effect of nanoparticle size and confinement strength
Horechyy A, Paturej J, Nandan B, Jehnichen D, Gobel M, Reuter U, Sommer JU, Stamm M
452 - 460 A cycling robust network binder for high performance Si-based negative electrodes for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang JH, Wang N, Zhang W, Fang S, Yu ZL, Shi BM, Yang JY
461 - 470 Efficient catalytic ozonation of diclofenac by three-dimensional iron (Fe)-doped SBA-16 mesoporous structures
Tong XY, Li ZD, Chen WR, Wang J, Li XK, Mu JX, Tang YM, Li LS
471 - 483 Rayleigh and Rayleigh-Debye-Gans light scattering intensities and spetroturbidimetry of dispersions of unilamellar vesicles and multilamellar liposomes
Hsieh AH, Corti DS, Franses EI
484 - 490 A green approach for tunable fluorescent and superhydrophobic monodisperse polysilsesquioxane spheres
Zhang DQ, Yi JM, Zhong BC, Ma WS, Peng XH, Yang DJ
491 - 499 Coffee grounds derived N enriched microporous activated carbons: Efficient adsorbent for post-combustion CO2 capture and conversion
Wang HF, Li XH, Cui ZY, Fu ZR, Yang LJ, Liu GH, Li MH
500 - 509 Green and facile synthesis of cobalt-based metal-organic frameworks for the efficient removal of Congo red from aqueous solution
Guo XL, Kong LJ, Ruan Y, Diao ZH, Shih KM, Su MH, Hou LA, Chen DY
510 - 521 The influence of cation incorporation and leaching in the properties of Mn-doped nanoparticles for biomedical applications
Garcia-Soriano D, Amaro R, Lafuente-Gomez N, Milan-Rois P, Somoza A, Navio C, Herranz F, Gutierrez L, Salas G
522 - 532 Induced fusion and aggregation of bacterial outer membrane vesicles: Experimental and theoretical analysis
Gnopo YMD, Misra A, Hsu HL, DeLisa MP, Daniel S, Putnam D
533 - 546 Vinyltriethoxysilane-functionalized starch nanocrystals as Pickering stabilizer in emulsion polymerization of acrylic monomers. Application in nanocomposites and pressure-sensitive adhesives
Ben Ayed E, Magnin A, Putaux JL, Boufi S
547 - 554 Room-temperature chemical synthesis of 3-D dandelion-type nickel chloride (NiCl2@NiF) supercapattery nanostructured materials
Shinde NM, Shinde PV, Yun JM, Mane RS, Kim KH
555 - 564 Potentiostatic electrodeposition of Ni-Se-Cu on nickel foam as an electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Gao Y, Wu YH, He HW, Tan WY
565 - 573 Ultrafine, self-crimp, and electret nano-wool for low-resistance and high-efficiency protective filter media against PM0.3
Li YY, Cao LT, Yin X, Si Y, Yu JY, Ding B
574 - 583 Enhanced light utilization efficiency and fast charge transfer for excellent CO2 photoreduction activity by constructing defect structures in carbon nitride
Song XH, Zhang XY, Li X, Che HN, Huo PW, Ma CC, Yan YS, Yang GY
584 - 597 Shuffled lipidation pattern and degree of lipidation determines the membrane interaction behavior of a linear cationic membrane-active peptide
Hedegaard SF, Bruhn DS, Khandelia H, Cardenas M, Nielsen HM
598 - 607 Polyacrylamide/Alginate double-network tough hydrogels for intraoral ultrasound imaging
Yi JQ, Nguyen KCT, Wang WD, Yang WS, Pan MF, Lou E, Major PW, Le LH, Zeng HB
608 - 618 Antagonistic mixing in micelles of amphiphilic polyoxometalates and hexaethylene glycol monododecyl ether
Di AD, Schmitt J, Ma K, Silva MA, Elstone NS, Mahmoudi N, Li PX, Washington A, Wang Z, Errington RJ, Edler KJ
619 - 628 Fat mimicking compounds as grease thickeners in Poly(ethylene glycol)/water: Adopting the solution from history
Shetty P, Mu LW, Shi YJ
629 - 640 Visualizing in-situ emulsification in porous media during surfactant flooding: A microfluidic study
Zhao XZ, Feng YJ, Liao GZ, Liu WD
641 - 649 A highly active Ni-based anode material for urea electrocatalysis by a modified sol-gel method
Tran MH, Park BJ, Yoon HH
650 - 659 Corn stalk-based activated carbon synthesized by a novel activation method for high-performance adsorption of hexavalent chromium in aqueous solutions
Zhao JM, Yu LH, Ma HX, Zhou F, Yang KY, Wu G
660 - 667 How the capillarity and ink-air flow govern the performance of a fountain pen
Nikolov A, Murad S, Wasan D, Wu PK
668 - 676 Coupling interface structure in NixS/Cu5FeS4 hybrid with enhanced electrocatalytic activity for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction
Yuan F, Liu Y, Ma P, Wang S, Yang GX, Qin JH, Luo YT, Luo SC, Ma JT
677 - 684 Ultrathin nickel manganese nanosheets with rich oxygen-vacancy as a durability electrode for aqueous Ni//Zn batteries
Liang XY, Zou XF, Ren XL, Xiang B, Li WP, Chen F, Hao JY, Hu Q, Feng L
685 - 697 Effect of the microstructure of n-butyl acrylate/N-isopropylacrylamide copolymers on their thermo-responsiveness, self-organization and gel properties in water
Yin F, Behra JS, Beija M, Brulet A, Fitremann J, Payre B, Gineste S, Destarac M, Lauth-de Viguerie N, Marty JD
698 - 709 Blade-like structure of graphene oxide sheets decorated with cuprous oxide and silicon carbide nanocomposites as bactericidal materials
Selim MS, Mo PJ, Hao ZF, Fatthallah NA, Chen X
710 - 716 Template method for fabricating Co and Ni nanoparticles/porous channels carbon for solid-state sodium-sulfur battery
Ma QR, Du GY, Zhong W, Du WY, Bao SJ, Xu MW, Li CM
717 - 725 Hydrothermal conversion of waste cartons into a magnetic carbon-iron composite for use as an efficient and recyclable dye adsorbent
Wu Y, Yang XT, Fang X, Cheng XR, Hu AY, Lin LF, Yu CP
726 - 737 Development of CuAg/Cu2O nanoparticles on carbon nitride surface for methanol oxidation and selective conversion of carbon dioxide into formate
Nazir R, Kumar A, Saad MAS, Ali S
738 - 748 Self-organized spreading of droplets to fluid toroids
Kumar S, Ghosh A, Chaudhuri J, Timung S, Dasmahapatra AK, Bandyopadhyay D
749 - 757 Tuning the softness of poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) nanocomposite hydrogels through the addition of PEG coated nanoparticles
Toledo L, Palacio DA, Urbano BF
758 - 767 In vitro analysis of the trajectories of adhesive microbubbles approaching endothelial cells
Cerroni B, Riva FR, Oddo L, Domenici F, Tortorella E, Toumia Y, Brasili F, Paradossi G
768 - 778 Further insights into release mechanisms from nano-emulsions, assessed by a simple fluorescence-based method
Wang XY, Collot M, Omran Z, Vandamme TF, Klymchenko A, Anton N
779 - 787 Integration of photo-induced biocidal and hydrophilic antifouling functions on nanofibrous membranes with demonstrated reduction of biofilm formation
Ma Y, Zhang Z, Nitin N, Sun G
788 - 795 Nitrogen defects-rich porous graphitic carbon nitride for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zeng QD, Wang X, Jin ML, Akinoglu EM, Zhou GF, Shui LL
796 - 804 3D Rosa centifolia-like CeO2 encapsulated with N-doped carbon as an enhanced electrocatalyst for Zn-air batteries
Kang YM, Wang W, Li JM, Mi YJ, Gong HY, Lei ZQ
805 - 813 FeNi alloy nanoparticles embedded in electrospun nitrogen-doped carbon fibers for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Zhang YN, Hou XB, Li X, Li DW, Huang FL, Wei QF
814 - 824 Viability of basic heterogeneous nucleation studies with thermally diffusive condensation particle counters
de la Mora JF
825 - 825 Cuprous ion (Cu+) doping induced surface/interface engineering for enhancing the CO2 photoreduction capability of W18O49 nanowires (vol 572, pg 306, 2020)
Zhang MM, Cheng G, Wei Y, Wen ZP, Chen R, Xiong JY, Li WJ, Han C, Li Z