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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.577 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 11 In situ growth of CdS quantum dots on phosphorus-doped carbon nitride hollow tubes as active 0D/1D heterostructures for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Liang Q, Zhang CJ, Xu S, Zhou M, Zhou YT, Li ZY
12 - 18 Enhanced electrochemical behaviors of carbon felt electrode using redox-active electrolyte for all-solid-state supercapacitors
Chen L, Wu C, Qin W, Wang XY, Jia CK
19 - 28 Electronic structure-dependent formaldehyde gas sensing performance of the In2O3/Co3O4 core/shell hierarchical heterostructure sensors
Cao J, Zhang NR, Wang SM, Zhang HM
29 - 37 Construction of ultra-stable trinickel disulphide (Ni3S2)/polyaniline (PANI) electrodes based on carbon fibers for high performance flexible asymmetric supercapacitors
Wang L, Bo ML, Guo ZC, Li HH, Huang ZK, Che HW, Feng ZH, Wang YM, Mu JB
38 - 47 Highly efficient solution exfoliation of few-layer molybdenum disulfide nanosheets for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Wang HY, Li SY, Wan Q, Su X, Song T, Wang XB, Wang JJ
48 - 53 Porous carbon microspheres with highly graphitized structure for potassium-ion storage
Choi SH, Baucom J, Li XR, Shen L, Seong YH, Han IS, Choi YJ, Ko YN, Kim HJ, Lu YF
54 - 65 Enhanced BiFeO3/Bi2Fe4O9/H2O2 heterogeneous system for sulfamethoxazole decontamination: System optimization and degradation pathways
Hu ZT, Liu JW, Zhao J, Ding Y, Jin ZY, Chen JH, Dai QZ, Pan BJ, Chen Z, Chen JM
66 - 74 Synthesis of carbon quantum dot-poly lactic-co-glycolic acid hybrid nanoparticles for chemo-photothermal therapy against bacterial biofilms
Huang Z, Zhou TC, Yuan Y, Klodziska SN, Zheng T, Sternberg C, Nielsen HM, Sun Y, Wan F
75 - 85 Fabrication of rGO and g-C(3)N(4 )co-modified TiO2 nanotube arrays photoelectrodes with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Zhang B, Ma XH, Ma J, Zhou YM, Liu GC, Ma D, Deng ZH, Luo MM, Xin YJ
86 - 91 Hollow I-Cu2MoS4 nanocubes coupled with an ether-based electrolyte for highly reversible lithium storage
Ren J, Ren RP, Lv YK
92 - 100 Nanoscale characterization of PEGylated phospholipid coatings formed by spray drying on silica microparticles
An JX, Forchheimer D, Savmarker J, Brulls M, Frenning G
101 - 108 Increasing the heteroatoms doping percentages of graphene by porous engineering for enhanced electrocatalytic activities
Li XT, Xu YS, Li Y, Fan XB, Zhang GL, Zhang FB, Peng WC
109 - 114 Oxygen vacancies enhanced cooperative electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide and nitrite ions to urea
Cao N, Quan YL, Guan AX, Yang C, Ji YL, Zhang LJ, Zheng GF
115 - 126 Ostensibly phosphatized NiAl LDHs nanoflowers with remarkable charge storage property for asymmetric supercapacitors
Wang GR, Jin ZL, Zhang WX
127 - 162 Frontiers in nanotribology: Magnetic storage, bio/nanotechnology, cosmetics, and bioinspiration
Bhushan B
163 - 172 Mechanochemical synthesis of three-component graphene oxide/ordered mesoporous carbon/metal-organic framework composites
Szczesniak B, Phuriragpitikhon J, Choma J, Jaroniec M
173 - 180 Spectral induced polarization of clay-oxide hybrid particles
Schwartz N, Levy L, Carmeli B, Radian A
181 - 190 Ultrathin dodecyl-sulfate-intercalated Mg-Al layered double hydroxide nanosheets with high adsorption capability for dye pollution
Lei SQ, Wang SN, Gao BX, Zhan YL, Zhao QC, Jin SS, Song GX, Lyu XC, Zhang YH, Tang Y
191 - 198 Reverse micelle chromatography for evaluation of partition of organic solutes to micellar pseudophases
Sakai H, Harada M, Okada T
199 - 206 Encapsulation of emulsion droplets and nanoparticles in nanofibers as sustainable approach for their transport and storage
Srikamut C, Thongchaivetcharat K, Phakkeeree T, Crespy D
207 - 216 One-step fabrication of multi-scaled, inter-connected hierarchical fibrous membranes for directional moisture transport
Babar AA, Zhao XL, Wang XF, Yu JY, Ding B
217 - 232 Alkali metal-modified C-FDU-15: Highly efficient adsorbents for adsorption of NO and O-2 at low temperatures
Wu RP, Ye Q, Wu K, Cheng SY, Kang TF, Dai HX
233 - 241 Dramatic enhancement of photocatalytic H-2 evolution over hydrolyzed MOF-5 coupled Zn0.2Cd0.8S heterojunction
Cui LF, Zou XH, Liu YN, Li X, Jiang LC, Li CY, Yang LQ, Yu MJ, Wang YG
242 - 255 Fabrication of magnetic tubular fiber with multi-layer heterostructure and its microwave absorbing properties
Wu F, Liu P, Wang JQ, Shah T, Ahmad M, Zhang QY, Zhang BL
256 - 264 Modifying the Zn anode with carbon black coating and nanofibrillated cellulose binder: A strategy to realize dendrite-free Zn-MnO2 batteries
Wang AR, Zhou WJ, Huang AX, Chen MF, Chen JZ, Tian QH, Xu JL
265 - 278 Bifunctional and binder-free S-doped Ni-P nanospheres electrocatalyst fabricated by pulse electrochemical deposition method for overall water splitting
Ashraf MA, Yang YF, Zhang DQ, Pham BT
279 - 289 The improved photoresponse properties of self-powered NiO/ZnO heterojunction arrays UV photodetectors with designed tunable Fermi level of ZnO
Wei CT, Xu JP, Shi SB, Bu YC, Cao R, Chen J, Xiang JJ, Zhang XS, Li L
290 - 299 Effective promoting piezocatalytic property of zinc oxide for degradation of organic pollutants and insight into piezocatalytic mechanism
Ning XE, Hao AZ, Cao YL, Hu JD, Xie J, Jia DZ
300 - 310 Tannic acid modified graphene/CNT three-dimensional conductive network for preparing high-performance transparent flexible heaters
Wang T, Jing LC, Zhu QX, Ethiraj AS, Fan XW, Liu H, Tian Y, Zhu ZR, Meng ZL, Geng HZ
311 - 318 Self-healing and self-cleaning clear coating
Khan A, Huang K, Sarwar MG, Cheng K, Li Z, Tuhin MO, Rabnawaz M
319 - 328 Teaching old precursors new tricks: Fast room temperature synthesis of surfactant-free colloidal platinum nanoparticles
Quinson J, Mathiesen JK, Schroder J, Dworzak A, Bizzotto F, Zana A, Simonsen SB, Kuhn LT, Oezaslan M, Jensen KMO, Arenz M
329 - 336 Synthesis of three-dimensional Sn@Ti3C2 by layer-by-layer self-assembly for high-performance lithium-ion storage
Wang ZL, Bai JR, Xu HY, Chen G, Kang SF, Li X
337 - 344 The pinch-off dynamics of bubbles coated by microparticles
Wang H, Brito-Parada PR
345 - 354 Self-assembled reduced graphene oxide nanoflakes assisted by post-sonication boosted electrical performance in gold interdigitated microelectrodes
Taniselass S, Arshad MKM, Gopinath SCB, Ramli MM
355 - 367 Highly improved soot combustion performance over synergetic MnxCe1-xO2 solid solutions within mesoporous nanosheets
Wang JG, Yang SF, Sun HH, Qiu JQ, Men Y
368 - 378 Ultrathin hetero-nanosheets assembled hollow Ni-Co-P/C for hybrid supercapacitors with enhanced rate capability and cyclic stability
Dang T, Zhang GQ, Li QG, Cao ZY, Zhang GH, Duan HG
379 - 387 Contrallable synthesis of peony-like porous Mn-CoP nanorod electrocatalyst for highly efficient hydrogen evolution in acid and alkaline
Xu SR, Yu X, Liu X, Teng CL, Du YS, Wu Q
388 - 396 Role of molecular chirality and solvents in directing the self-assembly of peptide into an ultra-pH-sensitive hydrogel
Zhang G, Zhang LW, Rao HJ, Wang YF, Li Q, Qi W, Yang XJ, Su RX, He ZM
397 - 405 Fabrication and characterization of ternary sepiolite/g-C3N4/Pd composites for improvement of photocatalytic degradation of ciprofloxacin under visible light irradiation
Chuaicham C, Pawar RR, Karthikeyan S, Ohtani B, Sasaki K
406 - 418 Platelet-like particles improve fibrin network properties in a hemophilic model of provisional matrix structural defects
Nandi S, Sommerville L, Nellenbach K, Mihalko E, Erb M, Freytes DO, Hoffman M, Monroe D, Brown AC
419 - 430 Activation of persulfate by graphitized biochar for sulfamethoxazole removal: The roles of graphitic carbon structure and carbonyl group
Du L, Xu WH, Liu SB, Li X, Huang DL, Tan XF, Liu YG
431 - 440 Universal scaling of adsorption of nonionic surfactants on carbonates using cloud point temperatures
Das S, Katiyar A, Rohilla N, Nguyen Q, Bonnecaze RT
441 - 449 Cu NPs-embedded cross-linked microporous 3D reduced graphene hydrogels as photocatalyst for hydrogen evolution
Wu D, Liu HY, Chen JX, Liu WX, Histand G, Wang TT
450 - 458 All in one plasma process: From the preparation of S-C composite cathode to alleviation of polysulfide shuttle in Li-S batteries
He M, Zhou HP, Zhang ZD, Feng TT, Yang J, Xu ZQ, Zhang S, Liao JX, Wu MQ
459 - 470 Synthesis of EDTA-bridged CdS/g-C3N4 heterostructure photocatalyst with enhanced performance for photoredox reactions
Xiao Y, Wang T, Qiu GH, Zhang K, Xue CG, Li BX
471 - 480 Coupled influences of particle shape, surface property and flow hydrodynamics on rod-shaped colloid transport in porous media
Ma HL, Bolster C, Johnson WP, Li K, Pazmino E, Camacho KM, Anselmo AC, Mitragotri S
481 - 493 NiCo2O4 nanosheets sheathed SiC@CNTs core-shell nanowires for high-performance flexible hybrid supercapacitors
Yin XM, Li HJ, Han LY, Yuan RM, Lu JH
494 - 502 A new silicon oxycarbide based gas diffusion layer for zinc-air batteries
Moni P, Deschamps A, Schumacher D, Rezwan K, Wilhelm M
503 - 511 Insight into the interfacial stability and reaction mechanism between gaseous mercury and chalcogen-based sorbents in SO2-containing flue gas
Hong QY, Xu HM, Liao Y, Huang WJ, Qu Z, Yan NQ
512 - 522 In-situ formation of carboxylate species on TiO2 nanosheets for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance
Li JN, Zhang QC, Liu JM, Yu MR, Ma HY, Yang JC, Ye S, Reina TR, Liu J
523 - 529 The extent of counterion dissociation at the interface of cationic diblock copolymer nanoparticles in non-polar solvents
Smith GN, van Meurs S, Armes SP
530 - 541 Contact angles and movement of air bubbles on bioinspired conical surfaces
Gurera D, Bhushan B
III - III Dr. Josip Kratohvil Obituary
Malmsten M, Bandosz T, Berti D, Boyd B, Eastoe J, Hubbard A, Lopez-Quintela A, Lu M, Wang SB, Zheng GF