Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.576 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Hemocompatible magnetic particles with broad-spectrum bacteria capture capability for blood purification
Shi ZQ, Jin LQ, He C, Li YP, Jiang CJ, Wang H, Zhang J, Wang JX, Zhao WF, Zhao CS
10 - 20 Exploration of different adsorption performance and mechanisms of core-shell Fe3O4@Ce-Zr oxide composites for Cr(VI) and Sb(III)
Yu GD, Fu FL
21 - 33 Multi-shelled hollow cube CaTiO3 decorated with Bi12O17Cl2 towards enhancing photocatalytic performance under the visible light
Jiang EH, Yang LL, Song N, Zhang XX, Liu CB, Dong HJ
34 - 46 Construction of PDDA functionalized black phosphorus nanosheets/BiOI Z-scheme photocatalyst with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Jing RS, Yang JS, Li ST, Zhao SF, Wang PF, Liu YY, Liu AJ, Meng ZL, Huang HW, Zhang ZL, Zhang Q
47 - 58 Correlating inter-particle forces and particle shape to shear-induced aggregation/fragmentation and rheology for dilute anisotropic particle suspensions: A complementary study via capillary rheometry and in-situ small and ultra-small angle X-ray scattering
Krzysko AJ, Nakouzi E, Zhang X, Graham TR, Rosso KM, Schenter GK, Ilavsky J, Kuzmenko I, Frith MG, Ivory CF, Clark SB, Weston JS, Weigandt KM, De Yoreo JJ, Chun J, Anovitz LM
59 - 67 Mesoporous reduction state cobalt species-doped silica nanospheres: An efficient Fenton-like catalyst for dual-pathway degradation of organic pollutants
Zhang XJ, Liang JR, Sun Y, Zhang FG, Li CW, Hu C, Lyu L
68 - 78 Mussel-inspired triblock functional protein coating with endothelial cell selectivity for endothelialization
Zheng WW, Liu M, Qi HS, Wen CY, Zhang C, Mi JL, Zhou X, Zhang L, Fan DD
79 - 89 Improving the adsorption potential of chitosan for heavy metal ions using aromatic ring-rich derivatives
Shahraki S, Delarami HS, Khosravi F, Nejat R
90 - 98 Electrostatic assisted fabrication and dissociation of multi-component proteinosomes
Cai YQ, Yu QY, Zhao HY
99 - 108 Evaluation of methods using topology and integral geometry to assess wettability
Blunt MJ, Akai T, Bijeljic B
109 - 118 Construction of gel-like swollen-layer on Polyacrylonitrile Surface and Its Swelling Behavior and Uranium Adsorption Properties
Ju PH, Guo H, Bai JW, Liu Q, Zhang HS, Liu JY, Yu J, Chen RR, Wang J
119 - 126 Necklace-like ferroferric oxide (Fe3O4) nanoparticle/carbon nanofibril aerogels with enhanced lithium storage by carbonization of ferric alginate
Liu Y, Chen JS, Liu ZK, Xu HY, Shi ZQ, Yang QL, Hu GH, Xiong CX
127 - 138 Evaporation of squeezed water droplets between two parallel hydrophobic/superhydrophobic surfaces
He XK, Cheng JT, Collier CP, Srijanto BR, Briggs DP
139 - 146 Zinc, sulfur and nitrogen co-doped carbon from sodium chloride/zinc chloride-assisted pyrolysis of thiourea/sucrose for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction in both acidic and alkaline media
Cao QC, Ding XB, Li F, Qin YH, Wang CW
147 - 157 Grafted nanocellulose and alkaline nanoparticles for the strengthening and deacidification of cellulosic artworks
Xu Q, Poggi G, Resta C, Baglioni M, Baglioni P
158 - 175 Aminated cellulose as a versatile adsorbent for batch removal of As(V) and Cu(II) from mono- and multicomponent aqueous solutions
Pereira AR, Soares LC, Teodoro FS, Elias MMC, Ferreira GMD, Savedra RML, Siqueira MF, Martineau-Corcos C, da Silva LHM, Prim D, Gurgel LVA
176 - 185 N-doped carbon encapsulated CoMoO4 nanorods as long-cycle life anode for sodium-ion batteries
Huang XQ, Zhang WB, Zhou CJ, Yang LC, Wang H, Gao QS, Zhu M
186 - 194 Ion specific effects on aqueous phase separation of responsive copolymers for sustainable membranes
Nielen WM, Willott JD, Esguerra ZM, de Vos WM
195 - 202 In situ investigation of particle clustering dynamics in colloidal assemblies using fluorescence microscopy
Suh YJ, Gowda H, Won YJ
203 - 216 Highly dispersed copper cobalt oxide nanoclusters decorated carbon nitride with efficient heterogeneous interfaces for enhanced H-2 evolution
Xue WH, Chang WX, Hu XY, Fan J, Bai X, Liu EZ
217 - 229 Are hydrogen supramolecular structures being suppressed upon nanoscale confinement? The case of monohydroxy alcohols
Talik A, Tarnacka M, Geppert-Rybczynska M, Hachula B, Bernat R, Chrzanowska A, Kaminski K, Paluch M
230 - 240 Self-regenerated silk fibroin with controlled crystallinity for the reinforcement of silk
Chelazzi D, Badillo-Sanchez D, Giorgi R, Cincinelli A, Baglioni P
241 - 251 Toxicity and cellular uptake of lipid nanoparticles of different structure and composition
Strachan JB, Dyett BP, Nasa Z, Valery C, Conn CE
252 - 263 Polymeric-nanofluids stabilized emulsions: Interfacial versus bulk rheology
Kamkar M, Bazazi P, Kannan A, Suja VC, Hejazi SH, Fuller GG, Sundararaj U
264 - 279 In suit constructing 2D/1D MgIn2S4/CdS heterojunction system with enhanced photocatalytic activity towards treatment of wastewater and H-2 production
Liu HY, Niu CG, Guo H, Liang C, Huang DW, Zhang L, Yang YY, Li L
280 - 290 Evaporation versus imbibition in a porous medium
Van Engeland C, Haut B, Spreutels L, Sobac B
291 - 301 Acid etching followed by hydrothermal preparation of nanosized Bi2O4/Bi2O3 p-n junction as highly efficient visible-light photocatalyst for organic pollutants removal
Li CY, Ma YY, Zheng SZ, Hu CY, Qin F, Wei L, Zhang CQ, Duo SW, Hu QH
302 - 312 One-pot fabrication of antibacterial beta-cyclodextrin-based nanoparticles and their superfast, broad-spectrum adsorption towards pollutants
Liu YL, Jia J, Gao TT, Wang XL, Yu JY, Wu DQ, Li FX
313 - 321 In situ growth of ZIF-67 on ultrathin CoAl layered double hydroxide nanosheets for electrochemical sensing toward naphthol isomers
Wang RX, Zhang P, Zhan TR, Yu XJ, Wen YH, Liu XE, Gao HT, Wang P, She XL
322 - 329 Spherical probes for simultaneous measurement of rotational and translational diffusion in 3 dimensions
Ilhan B, Schoppink JJ, Mugele F, Duits MHG
330 - 344 Experimental and computational investigations on the anti-corrosive and adsorption behavior of 7-N,N '-dialkyaminomethyl-8-Hydroxyquinolines on C40E steel surface in acidic medium
El Faydy M, Benhiba F, About H, Kerroum Y, Guenbour A, Lakhrissi B, Warad I, Verma C, Sherif ESM, Ebenso EE, Zarrouk A
345 - 355 Vortex in liquid films from concentrated surfactant solutions containing micelles and colloidal particles
Basheva ES, Kralchevsky PA, Danov KD, Stanimirova RD, Shaw N, Petkov JT
356 - 363 Metal-organic frameworks as protective matrices for peptide therapeutics
Liu J, Guo ZY, Kordanovski M, Kaltbeitzel J, Zhang H, Cao ZB, Gu Z, Wich PR, Lord M, Liang K
364 - 375 Ultra-sensitive and selective p-xylene gas sensor at low operating temperature utilizing Zn doped CuO nanoplatelets: Insignificant vestiges of oxygen vacancies
Mnethu O, Nkosi SS, Kortidis I, Motaung DE, Kroon RE, Swart HC, Ntsasa NG, Tshilongo J, Moyo T
376 - 384 Control over electroless plating of silver on silica nanoparticles with sodium citrate
Chen JE, Wang QF, Shull KR, Richards JJ
385 - 393 Enhanced photocatalytic destruction of pollutants by surface W vacancies in V-W-Bi2WO6 under visible light
Wang ZQ, Zhang LL, Zhang X, Hu C, Wang L, Shi BY, Cao XZ
394 - 403 Stable yolk-structured catalysts towards aqueous levulinic acid hydrogenation within a single Ru nanoparticle anchored inside the mesoporous shell of hollow carbon spheres
Yang Y, Zhang SY, Gu L, Shao S, Li W, Zeng DH, Yang F, Hao SJ
404 - 411 A separator based on natural illite/smectite clay for highly stable lithium-sulfur batteries
Wang WK, Yang YF, Luo HM, Li SB, Zhang JP
412 - 425 Direct conjugation of distinct carbon dots as Lego-like building blocks for the assembly of versatile drug nanocarriers
Zhou YQ, Mintz KJ, Cheng L, Chen JY, Ferreira BCLB, Hettiarachchi SD, Liyanage PY, Seven ES, Miloserdov N, Pandey RR, Quiroga B, Blackwelder PL, Chusuei CC, Li SH, Peng ZL, Leblanc RM
426 - 434 Z-scheme photocatalytic NO removal on a 2D/2D iodine doped BiOIO3/g-C3N4 under visible-light irradiation
Wang BB, Chen DY, Li NJ, Xu QF, Li H, He JH, Lu JM
435 - 443 Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) impurities drastically impact the outcome of nanoparticle syntheses
El Amri N, Roger K
444 - 456 Facile fabrication of sepiolite functionalized composites with tunable dielectric properties and their superior microwave absorption performance
Shang Q, Feng HX, Feng ZY, Chen NL, Tan L, Qiu JH, Wu HJ
457 - 467 S-nitrosothiol-terminated Pluronic F127: Influence of microstructure on nitric oxide release
Picheth GF, da Silva LCE, Giglio LP, Plivelic TS, de Oliveira MG
468 - 475 Improving electrochemical performances of Lithium-rich oxide by cooperatively doping Cr and coating Li3PO4 as cathode material for Lithium-ion batteries
Tai ZG, Zhu W, Shi M, Xin YF, Guo SW, Wu YF, Chen YZ, Liu YN
476 - 485 Three-dimensional nanoflower-like hierarchical array of multifunctional copper cobaltate electrode as efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction and energy storage application
Yadav AA, Hunge YM, Kulkarni SB, Terashima C, Kang SW
486 - 495 Using energy balance to determine pore-scale wettability
Akai T, Lin QY, Bijeljic B, Blunt MJ
496 - 504 The positive effect of Ca2+ on cryptomelane-type octahedral molecular sieve (K-OMS-2) catalysts for chlorobenzene combustion
Chen JK, Wang WL, Zhai SY, Sun PF, Wu ZB
505 - 513 Electrolyte additive induced fast-charge/slow-discharge process: Potassium ferricyanide and potassium persulfate for CoO-based supercapacitors
Han XX, Jiang T, Chen X, Jiang DM, Xie K, Jiang YH, Wang YQ