Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.575 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 15 Shape inducer-free polygonal angle platinum nanoparticles in graphene oxide as oxygen reduction catalyst derived from gamma irradiation
Wang W, Zhao XM, Shi HT, Liu LS, Deng H, Xu ZW, Tian F, Miao XR
16 - 23 Solvent-free engineering of Fe-0/Fe3C nanoparticles encased in nitrogen-doped carbon nanoshell materials for highly efficient removal of uranyl ions from acidic solution
Zhu KR, Song G, Ren XM, Chen CL
24 - 34 Enzyme-like electrocatalysis from 2D gold nanograss-nanocube assemblies
Dervisevic M, Shi QQ, Alba M, Prieto-Simon B, Cheng WL, Voelcker NH
35 - 41 Manufacture and properties of composite liquid marbles
Roy PK, Binks BP, Bormashenko E, Legchenkova I, Fujii S, Shoval S
42 - 53 Synthesis of polyvalent ion reaction of MoS2/CoS2-RGO anode materials for high-performance sodium-ion batteries and sodium-ion capacitors
Liu J, Xu YG, Kong LB
54 - 60 pi-pi stacking-directed self-assembly of nanoplatelets into diversified three-dimensional superparticles for high surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Li N, Zhang MY, Zha YC, Cao YZ, Ma Y
61 - 68 Sulfur-doped CoP@ Nitrogen-doped porous carbon hollow tube as an advanced anode with excellent cycling stability for sodium-ion batteries
Chang QQ, Jin YH, Jia M, Yuan Q, Zhao CC, Jia MQ
69 - 77 An advanced hollow bimetallic carbide/nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube for efficient catalysis of oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution reaction
Feng XG, Bo XJ, Guo LP
78 - 87 A new kind of filter paper comprising ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires and double metal oxide nanosheets for high-performance dye separation
Zhang QQ, Zhu YJ, Wu J, Shao YT, Dong LY
88 - 95 Responsive Janus and Cerberus emulsions via temperature-induced phase separation in aqueous polymer mixtures
Pavlovic M, Antonietti M, Schmidt BVKJ, Zeininger L
96 - 107 Nickel and cobalt metal-organic-frameworks-derived hollow microspheres porous carbon assembled from nanorods and nanospheres for outstanding supercapacitors
Zhou P, Wan JF, Wang XR, Xu K, Gong YG, Chen LN
108 - 118 Facile synthesis of 3D hierarchical micro-/nanostructures in capillaries for efficient capture of circulating tumor cells
Wu ZH, Zhao D, Zhang YH, Huang LL, Huang H, Guo QQ, Zhang W, Hou CY, Wang HZ, Zhang QH, Duan YR, Li YG
119 - 129 Contribution of resonance energy transfer to the luminescence quenching of upconversion nanoparticles with graphene oxide
Mendez-Gonzalez D, Calderon OG, Melle S, Gonzalez-Izquierdo J, Banares L, Lopez-Diaz D, Velazquez MM, Lopez-Cabarcos E, Rubio-Retama J, Laurenti M
130 - 139 Synthesis of porous carbon embedded with NiCo/CoNiO2 hybrids composites for excellent electromagnetic wave absorption performance
Zhou XF, Jia ZR, Feng AL, Qu SL, Wang XN, Liu XH, Wang BB, Wu GL
140 - 149 A self-healing superamphiphobic coating for efficient corrosion protection of magnesium alloy
Zhao X, Wei JF, Li BC, Li SB, Tian N, Jing LY, Zhang JP
150 - 157 Low-cost urchin-like silicon-based anode with superior conductivity for lithium storage applications
Guan P, Zhang W, Li CY, Han N, Wang XC, Li QF, Song GJ, Peng Z, Li JJ, Zhang L, Zhu XY
158 - 167 Achieving cadmium selenide-decorated zinc ferrite@titanium dioxide hollow core/shell nanospheres with improved light trapping and charge generation for photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Liu H, Chen YJ, Li HL, Jiang HY, Tian GH
168 - 176 Hydrogen peroxide-induced growth of hierarchical Ni3S2 nanorod/sheet arrays for high performance supercapacitors
Chen X, Jiang DM, Li HY, Xie K, Jiang YH, Wang YQ
177 - 182 Hollow N-doped bimetal carbon spheres with superior ORR catalytic performance for microbial fuel cells
Wang HQ, Wei LL, Liu JT, Shen JQ
183 - 193 Synthesis of BiOBr/Ag3PO4 heterojunctions on carbon-fiber cloth as filter-membrane-shaped photocatalyst for treating the flowing antibiotic wastewater
Shi Z, Zhang Y, Liu T, Cao W, Zhang LS, Li MQ, Chen ZG
194 - 205 Adsorption of organic and inorganic arsenic from aqueous solutions using MgAl-LDH with incorporated nitroprusside
Borges GA, Ferreira GMD, Siqueira KPF, Dias A, Navarro KON, Silva SJBE, Rodrigues GD, Mageste AB
206 - 219 Novel zero-valent Co-Fe encapsulated in nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanocomposites derived from CoFe2O4@ZIF-67 for boosting 4-chlorophenol removal via coupling peroxymonosulfate
Zhou YB, Zhang YL, Hu XM
220 - 230 Tailored multifunctional hybrid cathode substrate configured with carbon nanotube-modified polar Co(PO3)(2)/CoP nanoparticles embedded nitrogen-doped porous-shell carbon polyhedron for high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Song ZC, Lu XL, Li XY, Jiang N, Huo Y, Zheng QJ, Lin DM
231 - 244 Three-dimensional adsorbent with pH induced superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic transformation for oil recycle and adsorbent regeneration
Tang L, Wang G, Zeng ZX, Shen LL, Zhu LJ, Zhang YX, Xue QJ
245 - 253 How does substrate hydrophobicity affect the morphological features of reconstituted wax films and their interactions with nonionic surfactant and pesticide?
Hu XZ, Pambou E, Gong HN, Liao MR, Hollowell P, Liu HY, Wang WM, Bawn C, Cooper J, Campana M, Ma K, Li PX, Webster JRP, Padia F, Bell G, Lu JR
254 - 264 Highly efficient and mild electrochemical degradation of bentazon by nano-diamond doped PbO2 anode with reduced Ti nanotube as the interlayer
Liu YJ, Sun T, Su Q, Tang YZ, Xu X, Akram M, Jiang B
265 - 273 A Z-scheme Fe2O3/g-C3N4 heterojunction for carbon dioxide to hydrocarbon fuel under visible illuminance
Duan BR, Mei L
274 - 285 Monte Carlo Aggregation Code (MCAC) Part 2: Application to soot agglomeration, highlighting the importance of primary particles
Moran J, Yon J, Poux A, Corbin F, Ouf FX, Simeon A
286 - 297 Bactericidal surfaces prepared by femtosecond laser patterning and layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte coating
Chen C, Enrico A, Pettersson T, Ek M, Herland A, Niklaus F, Stemme G, Wagberg L
298 - 305 Surfactant-laden bubble dynamics under porous polymer films
Kannan A, Hristov P, Li J, Zawala J, Gao P, Fuller GG
306 - 316 Synthesis of zinc sulfide/copper sulfide/porous carbonized cotton nanocomposites for flexible supercapacitor and recyclable photocatalysis with high performance
Zhai SX, Fan ZZ, Jin KL, Zhou M, Zhao H, Zhao YP, Ge FY, Li XY, Cai ZS
317 - 325 Polyamide-amine-epichlorohydrin (PAE) induced TiO2 nanoparticles assembly in cellulose network
Raghuwanshi VS, Garusinghe UM, Batchelor W, Garnier G
326 - 336 Hansen solubility parameters obtained via molecular dynamics simulations as a route to predict siloxane surfactant adsorption
Faasen DP, Jarray A, Zandvliet HJW, Kooij ES, Kwiecinski W
337 - 346 How do ions contribute to brine-hydrophobic hydrocarbon Interfaces? An in silico study
Badizad MH, Koleini MM, Hartkamp R, Ayatollahi S, Ghazanfari MH
347 - 355 Shape-controlled synthesis of Ni-based metal-organic frameworks with albizia flower-like spheres@nanosheets structure for high performance supercapacitors
Zhang X, Qu N, Yang SX, Fan QY, Lei D, Liu AM, Chen X
356 - 366 Multilevel mineral-coated imprinted nanocomposite membranes for template-dependent recognition and separation: A well-designed strategy with PDA/CaCO3-based loading structure
Wu YL, Xing WD, Yan JZ, Cui JY, Ma FG, Gao J, Lu J, Yu C, Yan M
367 - 376 Adsorption of Pb(II) by tourmaline-montmorillonite composite in aqueous phase
Chen YN, Wang S, Li YP, Liu YH, Chen YR, Wu YX, Zhang JC, Li H, Peng Z, Xu R, Zeng ZP
377 - 387 High rate capable and high energy supercapacitor performance of reduced graphene oxide/Al(OH)(3)/polyaniline nanocomposite
Viswanathan A, Acharya MG, Shetty AN
388 - 398 Embedded polyzwitterionic brush-modified nanofibrous membrane through subsurface-initiated polymerization for highly efficient and durable oil/water separation
Li L, Xiang YY, Yang WF, Liu ZL, Cai MR, Ma ZF, Wei QB, Pei XW, Yu B, Zhou F
399 - 405 Spontaneous transport of air bubbles on bioinspired superhydrophilic triangular patterns
Feng W, Bhushan B
406 - 415 Solvent-free synthesis of N-doped nanoporous carbon materials as durable high-performance pH-universal ORR catalysts
Yu LJ, Yang CC, Zhang WD, Liu WQ, Wang HF, Qi JW, Xu L
416 - 424 Adsorption dynamics of polymeric nanoparticles at an air-water interface with addition of surfactants
Tian C, Feng J, Prud'homme RK
425 - 432 Engineering 3D hierarchical thorn-like PtPdNiCu alloyed nanotripods with enhanced performances for methanol and ethanol electrooxidation
Feng YG, Niu HJ, Mei LP, Feng JJ, Fang KM, Wang AJ
433 - 442 Electrospun, flexible and reusable nanofiber mat of graphitic carbon nitride: Photocatalytic reduction of hexavalent chromium
Saha D, Hoinkis TJ, Van Bramer SE
443 - 451 Ti3C2 MXene modified g-C3N4 with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance for NO purification
Li JL, Zhang Q, Zou YZ, Cao YH, Cui W, Dong F, Zhou Y
452 - 463 Synthesis of low surface energy thin film of polyepichlorohydrin-triazole-ols
Chen YH, Chen GH, Lee DJ
464 - 471 Molecular insight into the interfacial chemical functionalities regulating heterogeneous calcium-arsenate nucleation
Zhai H, Bernstein R, Nir O, Wang LJ
472 - 479 Thermodynamic stability condition can judge whether a nanoparticle dispersion can be considered a solution in a single phase
Shimizu S, Matubayasi N
480 - 488 Functional macroporous amphoteric polyelectrolyte monoliths with tunable structures and properties through emulsion-templated synthesis
Jurjevec S, Zagar E, Kovacic S
489 - 498 Pickering particles as interfacial reservoirs of antioxidants
Schroder A, Laguerre M, Sprakel J, Schroen K, Berton-Carabin CC