Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.573 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Electrospun Nb2O5 nanorods/microporous multichannel carbon nanofiber film anode for Na+ ion capacitors with good performance
She LN, Zhang F, Jia CY, Kang LP, Li Q, He XX, Sun J, Lei ZB, Liu ZH
11 - 20 Effect of Pd loading on ZrO2 support resulting from pyrolysis of UiO-66: Application to CO oxidation
Bi FK, Zhang XD, Xiang S, Wang YY
21 - 30 Selective adsorption of organic pigments on inorganically modified mesoporous biochar and its mechanism based on molecular structure
Lin RY, Liang ZJ, Yang C, Zhao ZW, Cui FY
31 - 44 Fabrication of organic-inorganic hybrid materials on metal surface for optimizing electrochemical performance
Al Zoubi W, Yoon DK, Kim YG, Ko YG
45 - 54 Construction of mesoporous carbon microsphere/polyaniline composites as high performance pseudocapacitive electrodes
Mu GJ, Ma C, Liu XJ, Qiao WM, Wang JT, Ling LC
55 - 61 A novel self-supported structure of Ce-UiO-66/TNF in a redox electrolyte with high supercapacitive performance
Yang J, Chen LS, Li WW, Chen GR, Wang LZ, Zhao S
62 - 70 One-pot synthesis of polymer-reinforced silica aerogels from high internal phase emulsion templates
Wang Q, Yu H, Zhang ZY, Zhao YL, Wang HT
71 - 77 Zinc ions modified InP quantum dots for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from hydrogen sulfide
Yu S, Xie ZH, Ran MX, Wu F, Zhong YQ, Dan M, Zhou Y
78 - 86 Solution-processed p-type nanocrystalline CoO films for inverted mixed perovskite solar cells
Li B, Rui YC, Xu JL, Wang YQ, Yang JX, Zhang QH, Muller-Buschbaum P
87 - 95 Revisiting thioflavin T (ThT) fluorescence as a marker of protein fibrillation - The prominent role of electrostatic interactions
Arad E, Green H, Jelinek R, Rapaport H
96 - 104 Coral-like carbon-wrapped NiCo alloys derived by emulsion aggregation strategy for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Zhang XL, Ding KX, Weng BC, Liu SJ, Jin W, Ji XB, Hu JG
105 - 114 Fast room-temperature self-healing siloxane elastomer for healable stretchable electronics
Zhao LW, Yin Y, Jiang B, Guo ZH, Qu CY, Huang YD
115 - 122 Facile synthesis of novel three-dimensional Bi2S3 nanocrystals capped by polyvinyl pyrrolidone to enhance photocatalytic properties under visible light
Shen HF, Shao ZW, Zhao QF, Jin MR, Shen C, Deng M, Zhong GL, Huang F, Zhu HY, Chen F, Luo ZM
123 - 134 Exploring the gel phase of cationic glycylalanylglycine in ethanol/water. II. Spectroscopic, kinetic and thermodynamic studies
DiGuiseppi DM, Thursch L, Alvarez NJ, Schweitzer-Stenner R
135 - 149 W/O Pickering emulsion preparation using a batch rotor-stator mixer - Influence on rheology, drop size distribution and filtration behavior
Kempin MV, Kraume M, Drews A
150 - 157 Bismuth activated succulent-like binary metal sulfide heterostructure as a binder-free electrocatalyst for enhanced oxygen evolution reaction
Wang S, Xue WD, Fang Y, Li YQ, Yan LL, Wang WJ, Zhao R
158 - 164 PVA/Pt/N-TiO2/SrTiO3 porous films with adjustable pore size for hydrogen production under simulated sunlight
Lee JT, Wey MY
165 - 175 On the importance of the crystalline surface structure on the catalytic activity and stability of tailored unsupported cobalt nanoparticles for the solvent-free acceptor-less alcohol dehydrogenation
Viola A, Peron J, Giraud M, Sicard L, Chevillot-Biraud A, Decorse P, Nowak S, Beaunier P, Lang P, Piquemal JY
176 - 192 Modulating the release of pharmaceuticals from lipid cubic phases using a lipase inhibitor
Dully M, Brasnett C, Djeghader A, Seddon A, Neilan J, Murray D, Butler J, Soulimane T, Hudson SP
193 - 203 Imprinting isolated single iron atoms onto mesoporous silica by templating with metallosurfactants
Berro Y, Gueddida S, Bouizi Y, Bellouard C, Bendeif EE, Gansmuller A, Celzard A, Fierro V, Ihiawakrim D, Ersen O, Kassir M, Hassan FE, Lebegue S, Badawi M, Canilho N, Pasc A
204 - 214 Shedding light on membrane-templated clustering of gold nanoparticles
Montis C, Caselli L, Valle F, Zendrini A, Carla F, Schweins R, Maccarini M, Bergese P, Berti D
215 - 222 Novel strategy for enhancing the color intensity of beta-Carotene: Enriching onto the oil-water interface
Gao ZM, Wu BX, Hu B, Cui SH, Ku LQ, Zhang K, Nishinari K, Phillips GO, Fang YP
223 - 231 Co0.85Se@N-doped reduced graphene oxide hybrid polyhedron-in-polyhedron structure assembled from metal-organic framework with enhanced performance for Li-ion storage
Wang CH, Zhang B, Ou X, Xia HF, Cao L, Ming L, Zhang JF
232 - 240 Boron and nitrogen co-doped double-layered mesopore-rich hollow carbon microspheres as high-performance electrodes for supercapacitors
Yuan WF, Liu JL, Yi WJ, Liang L, Zhu YR, Chen XH
241 - 249 Carbon dots with concentration-modulated fluorescence: Aggregation-induced multicolor emission
Su Y, Xie ZG, Zheng M
250 - 262 Tuning CO2-induced reversible redispersion or irreversible destabilisation for latex separation
Mu M, Yuan R, Zhang GH, Wu DG, Quan HP, Han PH, Feng YJ
263 - 277 A novel intratumoral pH/redox-dual-responsive nanoplatform for cancer MR imaging and therapy
Wan LH, Chen ZY, Deng Y, Liao T, Kuang Y, Liu J, Duan JL, Xu ZQ, Jiang BB, Li C
278 - 286 Design of a nanoprobe for high field magnetic resonance imaging, dual energy X-ray computed tomography and luminescent imaging
Gonzalez-Mancebo D, Becerro AI, Corral A, Garcia-Embid S, Balcerzyk M, Garcia-Martin ML, de la Fuente JM, Ocana M
287 - 298 Glucose enhanced the oxidation performance of iron-manganese binary oxides: Structure and mechanism of removing tetracycline
Chen YN, Zeng ZP, Li YP, Liu YH, Chen YR, Wu YX, Zhang JC, Li H, Xu R, Wang S, Peng Z
299 - 306 Ni and Zn co-substituted Co(CO3)(0.5)OH self-assembled flowers array for asymmetric supercapacitors
Gu H, Zhong Q, Zeng YQ, Zhang SL, Bu YF
307 - 316 Interfacial energy driven distinctive pattern formation during the drying of blood droplets
Mukhopadhyay M, Ray R, Ayushman M, Sood P, Bhattacharyya M, Sarkar D, DasGupta S
317 - 327 A facile, fast, and low-cost method for fabrication of micro/nano-textured superhydrophobic surfaces
Esmaeili AR, Mir N, Mohammadi R
328 - 335 Microporous polyimides with high surface area and CO2 selectivity fabricated from cross-linkable linear polyimides
Song NN, Ma TN, Wang TJ, Li ZH, Yao HY, Guan SW
336 - 347 Elucidating the predominant role of crystal disorders in hierarchical photocatalysts governing their charge carrier separation and associated activity in photocatalytic water treatment
Khan M, Kumar A, He JH, Lo IMC
348 - 359 A flow velocity dependence of dynamic surface tension in Plateau borders of foam
Clarke C, Spyropoulos F, Norton IT
360 - 369 Enhanced proton conductivity of metal organic framework at low humidity by improvement in water retention
Du JR, Yu GL, Lin HM, Jie PF, Zhang F, Qu FY, Wen C, Feng L, Liang XQ
370 - 375 Liquid-liquid coffee-ring effect
Poulichet V, Morel M, Rudiuk S, Baigl D
376 - 383 Oxygen reduction to hydrogen peroxide on oxidized nanocarbon: Identification and quantification of active sites
Lu XY, Wang D, Wu KH, Guo XL, Qi W
384 - 395 Soluble hydrophobin mutants produced in Escherichia coli can self-assemble at various interfaces
Cheng YY, Wang B, Wang YY, Zhang HY, Liu C, Yang L, Chen ZZ, Wang YN, Yang HT, Wang ZF
396 - 408 Alternative lithium-ion battery using biomass-derived carbons as environmentally sustainable anode
Hernandez-Rentero C, Marangon V, Olivares-Marin M, Gomez-Serrano V, Caballero A, Morales J, Hassoun J