Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.571 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Compositional and morphological engineering of in-situ-grown Ag nanoparticles on Cu substrate for enhancing oxygen reduction reaction activity: A novel electrochemical redox tuning approach
Lei H, Siwal SS, Zhang XY, Zhang QB
13 - 20 Possibility of non-Fickian mixing at concentration interface between stratified suspensions
Mori M, Tai T, Nishimura K, Harada S, Yamamoto Y
21 - 29 Effects of prepolymerization on surface molecularly imprinted polymer for rapid separation and analysis of sulfonamides in water
Fan YM, Zeng GL, Ma XG
30 - 37 Rhodium/graphitic-carbon-nitride composite electrocatalyst facilitates efficient hydrogen evolution in acidic and alkaline electrolytes
Jianga BB, Huang AJ, Wang T, Shao Q, Zhu WX, Liao F, Cheng YF, Shao MW
38 - 47 Catalytic oxidation of toluene using a facile synthesized Ag nanoparticle supported on UiO-66 derivative
Zhang XD, Song L, Bi FK, Zhang DF, Wang YX, Cui LF
48 - 54 Energy-efficient hydrogen production over a high-performance bifunctional NiMo-based nanorods electrode
Li RQ, Li SX, Lu MJ, Shi YQ, Qu KG, Zhu YC
55 - 65 Adsorption of impurities in vegetable oil: A molecular modelling study
Vuorte M, Vierros S, Kuitunen S, Sammalkorpi M
66 - 79 Magnetic zeolite synthesis for efficient removal of cesium in a lab-scale continuous treatment system
Falyouna O, Eljamal O, Maamoun I, Tahara A, Sugihara Y
80 - 89 Plasma enhanced Bi/Bi2O2CO3 heterojunction photocatalyst via a novel in-situ method
Sun DF, Huang L, Li L, Yu Y, Du GH, Xu BS
90 - 99 Short-range ordered Co(OH)(2)/TiO2 for boosting sulfite oxidation: Performance and mechanism
Wang LD, Fang ZM, Qi TY, Xing L, Liu J, Zhang SH, Xu PY, Ning P
100 - 108 Cellulose derived nitrogen and phosphorus co-doped carbon-based catalysts for catalytic reduction of p-nitrophenol
Xie X, Shi J, Pu Y, Wang ZY, Zhang LL, Wang JX, Wang D
109 - 117 Molecular insights into the dispersion stability of graphene oxide in mixed solvents: Theoretical simulations and experimental verification
Chen JL, Dai FF, Zhang LL, Xu J, Liu W, Zeng SW, Xu C, Chen L, Dai CQ
118 - 125 PtPdCu nanodendrites enable complete ethanol oxidation by enhancing C-C bond cleavage
Wang F, Wang KL, An C, An CH, Zhang WQ
126 - 133 Tuning electrolyte configuration and composition for fiber-shaped dye-sensitized solar cell with poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) gel electrolyte
Xiao BC, Lin LY
134 - 141 CO2/N-2-responsive oil-in-water emulsions using a novel switchable surfactant
Chen A, Chen JS, Wang D, Xu JH, Zeng HB
142 - 154 Hierarchical MnO2 nanoflowers blooming on 3D nickel foam: A novel micro-macro catalyst for peroxymonosulfate activation
Yuan RX, Jiang ZQ, Wang ZH, Gao SM, Liu ZJ, Li ML, Boczkaj G
155 - 165 Toward enhancing the separation and antifouling performance of thin-film composite nanofiltration membranes: A novel carbonate-based preoccupation strategy
Zhu XW, Tang XB, Luo XS, Cheng XX, Xu DL, Gan ZD, Wang WQ, Bai LM, Li GB, Liang H
166 - 173 Capillary imbibition in open-cell monodisperse foams
Pitois O, Kaddami A, Langlois V
174 - 184 Inhibition of alpha-chymotrypsin by pristine single-wall carbon nanotubes: Clogging up the active site
Di Giosia M, Marforio TD, Cantelli A, Valle F, Zerbetto F, Su QQ, Wang HF, Calvaresi M
185 - 193 Reduced graphene oxide layered WO3 thin film with enhanced electrochromic properties
Khan A, Bhosale NY, Mali SS, Hong CK, Kadam AV
194 - 204 Structural investigation of tailings flocculation and consolidation via quantitative 3D dual fluorescence/reflectance confocal microscopy
Govedarica A, Bacca EJM, Trifkovic M
205 - 212 Controllable synthesis for highly dispersed ruthenium clusters confined in nitrogen doped carbon for efficient hydrogen evolution
Xiao Y, Liu WG, Zhang Z, Liu J
213 - 221 Construction of TiO2/Ag3PO4 nanojunctions on carbon fiber cloth for photocatalytically removing various organic pollutants in static or flowing wastewater
Zhang Y, Duoerkun G, Shi Z, Cao W, Liu T, Liu JS, Zhang LS, Li MQ, Chen ZG
222 - 231 Surfactant-dependent critical interfacial tension in silicon carbide membranes for produced water treatment
Virga E, Bos B, Biesheuvel PM, Nijmeijer A, de Vos WM
232 - 238 Equilibrium clustering of colloidal particles at an oil/water interface due to competing long-range interactions
Perez-Juarez D, Sanchez R, Diaz-Leyva P, Kozina A
239 - 252 Microstructure and antibacterial efficacy of graphene oxide nanocomposite fibres
Matharu RK, Tabish TA, Trakoolwilaiwan T, Mansfield J, Moger J, Wu TF, Lourenco C, Chen BQ, Ciric L, Parkin IP, Edirisinghe M
253 - 259 Mass transfer between microbubbles
Yang YQ, Biviano MD, Guo JX, Berry JD, Dagastine RR
260 - 266 Engineering Se vacancies to promote the intrinsic activities of P doped NiSe2 nanosheets for overall water splitting
Lin JH, Wang HH, Cao J, He F, Feng JC, Qi JL
267 - 274 Scattering from colloidal cubic silica shells: Part II, static structure factors and osmotic equation of state
Dekker F, Kuipers BWM, Garcia AG, Tuinier R, Philipse AP
275 - 284 A facile synthesis for uniform tablet-like TiO2/C derived from Materials of Institut Lavoisier-125(Ti) (MIL-125(Ti)) and their enhanced visible light-driven photodegradation of tetracycline
Chen JF, Zhang XD, Bi FK, Zhang XL, Yang Y, Wang YX
285 - 296 Atomically dispersed Ni/NixSy anchored on doped mesoporous networked carbon framework: Boosting the ORR performance in alkaline and acidic media
Tyagi A, Kar KK, Yokoi H
297 - 306 Embedding few-layer Ti3C2Tx into alkalized g-C3N4 nanosheets for efficient photocatalytic degradation
Yi XY, Yuan JL, Tang HF, Du Y, Hassan B, Yin K, Chen YQ, Liu X
307 - 317 New insights into the interactions between asphaltene and a low surface energy anionic surfactant under low and high brine salinity
Kiani S, Jones DR, Alexander S, Barron AR
318 - 325 Synthesis of salicylic acid-modified graphite carbon nitride for enhancing photocatalytic nitrogen fixation
Qiu PY, Liang ZQ, Liu X, Qian X, Cui HZ, Tian J
326 - 336 Polydopamine-based surface modification of hemoglobin particles for stability enhancement of oxygen carriers
Hu JL, Wang Q, Wang Y, You GX, Li PL, Zhao L, Zhou H
337 - 347 Magnetic-heteropolyacid mesoporous catalysts for deep oxidative desulfurization of fuel: The influence on the amount of APES used
Li SW, Wang W, Zhao JS
348 - 355 Alternating magnetic field mediated release of fluorophores from magnetic nanoparticles by hysteretic heating
Casey JS, Arrizabalaga JH, Abu-Laban M, Becca JC, Rose BJ, Strickland KT, Bursavich JB, McCann JS, Pacheco CN, Jensen L, Attaluri A, Hayes DJ
356 - 367 Interfacial polymerization of a thin film on contact lenses for improving lubricity
Yu YF, Hsu KH, Gharami S, Butler JE, Hazra S, Chauhan A
368 - 377 Role of surface defects in colloidal cadmium selenide (CdSe) nanocrystals in the specificity of fluorescence quenching by metal cations
Mrad R, Poggi M, Ben Chaabane R, Negrerie M
378 - 386 Precisely tailored synthesis of hexagonal hollow silica plate particles and their polymer nanocomposite films with low refractive index
Cao KLA, Taniguchi S, Nguyen TT, Arif AF, Iskandar F, Ogi T
387 - 397 Rapid thermal deposited GeSe nanowires as a promising anode material for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries
Wang K, Liu M, Huang DW, Li LT, Feng K, Zhao LZ, Li JB, Jiang F
398 - 411 Multiscale characterisation of single synthetic fibres: Surface morphology and nanomechanical properties
Gubala D, Harniman R, Eloi JC, Wasik P, Wermeille D, Sun LL, Robles E, Chen M, Briscoe WH
412 - 418 Non-high temperature method to synthesize carbon coated TiO2 nano-dendrites for enhanced wide spectrum photocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity
Guo YC, Kong XK, Liang ZQ, Xue YJ, Cui HZ, Tian J
419 - 428 Scattering from colloidal cubic silica shells: Part I, particle form factors and optical contrast variation
Dekker F, Kuipers BWM, Petukhov AV, Tuinier R, Philipse AP