Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.570 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Highly stretchable, transparent and room-temperature self-healable polydimethylsiloxane elastomer for bending sensor
Yang ZP, Li HQ, Zhang L, Lai XJ, Zeng XR
11 - 19 Amine-functionalized graphitic carbon nitride decorated with small-sized Au nanoparticles for photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Li F, Zhou HP, Fan JJ, Xiang QJ
20 - 30 Membrane fouling in microfiltration of alkali/surfactant/polymer flooding oilfield wastewater: Effect of interactions of key foulants
Zhang B, Zhang RJ, Huang DM, Shen Y, Gao X, Shi WX
31 - 40 Ni and nitrogen-codoped ultrathin carbon nanosheets with strong bonding sites for efficient CO2 electrochemical reduction
Ma ZJ, Zhang XL, Wu DP, Han XY, Zhang LM, Wang HJ, Xu F, Gao ZY, Jiang K
41 - 51 Simultaneous monitoring of acidity and intercalation for layered transition metal oxides in liquid media
Fayad G, Boullay P, Clet G
52 - 60 Schlieren imaging for the visualization of particles entrapped in bubble films
Kim J, Lee S, Joung YS
61 - 71 Photothermal hierarchical carbon nanotube/reduced graphene oxide microspherical aerogels with radially orientated microchannels for efficient cleanup of crude oil spills
Luo Z, Wang XT, Yang DZ, Zhang SY, Zhao TY, Qin LY, Yu ZZ
72 - 79 Trimetallic Ru@AuPt core-shell nanostructures: The effect of microstrain on CO adsorption and electrocatalytic activity of formic acid oxidation
Hu X, Zou JS, Gao HC, Kang XW
80 - 88 Effect of mesoscopic structure of citrus pectin on its emulsifying properties: Compactness is more important than size
Zhao SJ, Ren WB, Gao W, Tian GF, Zhao CY, Bao YM, Cui JF, Lian YH, Zheng JK
89 - 98 Facile loading of cobalt oxide on bismuth vanadate: Proved construction of p-n junction for efficient photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Huang JW, Liu TT, Wang RF, Zhang MY, Wang L, She HD, Wang QZ
99 - 108 Upscaling feasibility of a graphite-based truncated conical microbial fuel cell for bioelectrogenesis through organic wastewater treatment
Nawaz A, Raza W, Gul H, Durrani AK, Algethami FK, Sonne C, Kim KH
109 - 115 Elucidating the role of electrophoretic mobility for increasing yield in the electrophoretic deposition of nanomaterials
Tiwari P, Ferson ND, Andrew JS
116 - 124 Multidimensional insights into the corrosion inhibition of 3,3-dithiodipropionic acid on Q235 steel in H2SO4 medium: A combined experimental and in silico investigation
Guo L, Tan JH, Kaya S, Leng SL, Li QB, Zhang F
125 - 134 Metal organic framework derived heteroatoms and cyano (-C equivalent to N) group co-decorated porous g-C3N4 nanosheets for improved photocatalytic H-2 evolution and uranium (VI) reduction
Gao HH, Xu JZ, Zhou JT, Zhang SW, Zhou R
135 - 142 Impact of molecular weight on polyelectrolyte multilayer assembly and surface properties
Towle EG, Ding I, Peterson AM
143 - 152 In-situ chemical vapor deposition to fabricate Cuprous oxide/copper sulfide core-shell flowers with boosted and stable wide-spectral region photocatalytic performance
Fu YQ, Li Q, Liu JN, Jiao YQ, Hu S, Wang H, Xu S, Jiang BJ
153 - 162 Boosting lithium ion storage of lithium nickel manganese oxide via conformally interfacial nanocoating
Gao JH, Yuan T, Luo SN, Ruan JF, Sun H, Yang JH, Zheng SY
163 - 172 Magnetically separable Fe-MIL-88B_NH2 carbonaceous nanocomposites for efficient removal of sulfamethoxazole from aqueous solutions
Ou YC, Yao LX, Li YC, Bai CH, Luque R, Peng GX
173 - 181 Unraveling the mystery of ultrafine bubbles: Establishment of thermodynamic equilibrium for sub-micron bubbles and its implications
Kim E, Choe JK, Kim BH, Kim J, Park J, Choi Y
182 - 196 Preparation of BSA surface imprinted manganese dioxide-loaded tubular carbon fibers with excellent specific rebinding to target protein
Yang ZT, Chen JJ, Yang K, Zhang QY, Zhang BL
197 - 204 Mesoporous platinum nanoparticle-based nanoplatforms for combined chemo-photothermal breast cancer therapy
Fu B, Dang M, Tao J, Li YJ, Tang YX
205 - 211 Simple fabrication of trimetallic platinum-nickel-cobalt hollow alloyed 3D multipods for highly boosted hydrogen evolution reaction
Chen HY, Niu HJ, Han Z, Feng JJ, Huang H, Wang AJ
212 - 222 Deformability and solvent penetration in soft nanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces
Arismendi-Arrieta DJ, Moreno AJ
223 - 231 Hierarchically porous graphitic carbon membrane with homogeneously encapsulated metallic nanoparticles as monolith electrodes for high-performance electrocatalysis and sensing
Fu C, Deng C, Zhou FZ, Yi D, Zhang Y, Wang X, Tang Y, Wang Y
232 - 241 Plasmonic Z-scheme Pt-Au/BiVO4 photocatalyst: Synergistic effect of crystal-facet engineering and selective loading of Pt-Au cocatalyst for improved photocatalytic performance
Li Y, Liao D, Li TY, Zhong W, Wang XF, Hong XK, Yu HG
242 - 250 TBAOH assisted synthesis of ultrathin BiOCl nanosheets with enhanced charge separation efficiency for superior photocatalytic activity in carbamazepine degradation
Gao XY, Guo Q, Tang GB, Zhu WJ, Yang XX, Luo YM
251 - 263 Tuning the charge carrier density and exciton pair separation in electrospun 1D ZnO-C composite nanofibers and its effect on photodegradation of emerging contaminants
Gadisa BT, Kassahun SK, Appiah-Ntiamoah R, Kim H
264 - 272 Nonstoichiometry of Li-rich cathode material with improved cycling ability for lithium-ion batteries
Tai ZG, Li XL, Zhu W, Shi M, Xin YF, Guo SW, Wu YF, Chen YZ, Liu YN
273 - 285 Magnetic field assisted arrangement of photocatalytic TiO2 particles on membrane surface to enhance membrane antifouling performance for water treatment
Sun TY, Liu Y, Shen LG, Xu YC, Li RJ, Huang LL, Lin HJ
286 - 299 3D hierarchical porous nitrogen-doped carbon/Ni@NiO nanocomposites self-templated by cross-linked polyacrylamide gel for high performance supercapacitor electrode
Li Y, Wei QL, Wang R, Zhao JK, Quan ZL, Zhan TR, Li DX, Xu J, Teng HN, Hou WG
300 - 311 Highly dispersed Pt nanoparticles on ultrasmall EMT zeolite: A peroxidase-mimic nanoenzyme for detection of H2O2 or glucose
Li XL, Yang XY, Cheng XW, Zhao YY, Luo W, Elzatahry AA, Alghamdi A, He X, Su JC, Deng YH
312 - 321 ZnO/Carbon xerogel photocatalysts by low-pressure plasma treatment, the role of the carbon substrate and its plasma functionalization
Haye E, Job N, Wang YY, Penninckx S, Stergiopoulos V, Tumanov N, Cardinal M, Busby Y, Colomer JF, Su BL, Pireaux JJ, Houssiau L
322 - 331 Influence of solvent molecular geometry on the growth of nanostructures
Ejaz A, Han JH, Dahiya R
332 - 339 Diethylenetriamine directed the assembly of Co0.85Se nanosheets layer by layer on N-doped carbon nanosheets for high performance lithium ion batteries
Wang GM, Yue HL, Xu YK, Liu GJ, Jin RC, Gao SM
340 - 349 Biogenic supported lipid bilayers as a tool to investigate nano-bio interfaces
Montis C, Salvatore A, Valle F, Paolini L, Carla F, Bergese P, Berti D
350 - 361 Electrochemical investigation of the interactions of organic and inorganic depressants on basal and edge planes of molybdenite
Wang JY, Xie L, Lu QY, Wang XG, Wang JM, Zeng HB
362 - 374 In situ nanomechanical properties of natural oil bodies studied using atomic force microscopy
Yang N, Su CX, Zhang YM, Jia JJ, Leheny RL, Nishinari K, Fang YP, Phillips GO
375 - 381 Fast cooling induced grain-boundary-rich copper oxide for electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction to ethanol
Yang C, Shen HC, Guan AX, Liu JL, Li TF, Ji YL, Al-Enizi AM, Zhang LJ, Qian LP, Zheng GF
382 - 389 A freestanding electrochromic copolymer for multicolor smart window
Liu XF, Cao TM, Yao WQ, Shen LL, Xu JK, Jiang FX, Du YK
390 - 401 Meso-architectured siliceous hollow quasi-capsule
Soltani R, Marjani A, Hosseini M, Shirazian S
402 - 410 Facile synthesis of biodegradable flower-like hydroxyapatite for drug and gene delivery
Liu Y, Tang YX, Wu J, Sun J, Liao X, Teng ZG, Lu GM
411 - 422 Recent advances in carbon nanotube sponge-based sorption technologies for mitigation of marine oil spills
Kukkar D, Rani A, Kumar V, Younis SA, Zhang M, Lee SS, Tsang DCW, Kim KH