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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.566 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 10 In-situ embedding cobalt-doped copper sulfide within ultrathin carbon nanosheets for superior lithium storage performance
Qing HL, Wang RR, Chen ZL, Li MM, Zhang LL, Zhou YN, Wu RB
11 - 20 Colloidal dispersion of Nb2O5/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites as functional coating layer for polysulfide shuttle suppression and lithium anode protection of Li-S battery
Ma QY, Hu MF, Yuan Y, Pan YK, Chen MQ, Zhang YY, Long DH
21 - 32 Facile synthesis of FeCo layered double oxide/raspberry-like carbon microspheres with hierarchical structure for electromagnetic wave absorption
Wu HJ, Zhao ZH, Wu GL
33 - 45 Heterogeneous activation of persulfate by Ag doped BiFeO3 composites for tetracycline degradation
Ouyang MY, Li XM, Xu QX, Tao ZLT, Yao FB, Huang XD, Wu Y, Wang DB, Yang Q, Chen Z, Pi ZJ
46 - 59 Intrinsic acid resistance and high removal performance from the incorporation of nickel nanoparticles into nitrogen doped tubular carbons for environmental remediation
Zhong GY, Huang JN, Yao ZJ, Luo BJ, Li KB, Xu SR, Fu XB, Cao YH
60 - 68 Dramatic efficiency boost of single-walled carbon nanotube-silicon hybrid solar cells through exposure to ppm nitrogen dioxide in air: An ab-initio assessment of the measured device performances
Freddi S, Achilli S, Soave R, Pagliara S, Drera G, De Poli A, De Nicola F, De Crescenzi M, Castrucci P, Sangaletti L
69 - 78 Efficient scald-preventing enabled by robust polyester fabrics with hot water repellency and water impalement resistance
Tian N, Wei JF, Li YB, Li BC, Zhang JP
79 - 89 Dandelion-like CuCo2O4 arrays on Ni foam as advanced positive electrode material for high-performance hybrid supercapacitors
Lan MD, Liu B, Zhao RJ, Dong MY, Wang XX, Fang LX, Wang LL
90 - 97 A method for measuring the interfacial tension for density-matched liquids
Munoz-Sanchez BN, Cabezas MG, Ferrera C, Herrada MA, Montanero JM
98 - 106 Micellar Fd3m cubosomes from monoolein - long chain unsaturated fatty acid mixtures: Stability on temperature and pH response
Fong C, Zhai JL, Drummond CJ, Iran N
107 - 119 Particle size determination from magnetization curves in reduced graphene oxide decorated with monodispersed superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
Bertran A, Sandoval S, Oro-Sole J, Sanchez A, Tobias G
120 - 134 Controllable fabrication of biodegradable Janus and multi-layered particles with hierarchically porous structure
Biswal AK, Saha S
135 - 142 Cubic platinum nanoparticles capped with Cs-2[closo-B12H12] as an effective oxidation catalyst for converting methane to ethanol
Wang ZX, Liu Y, Zhang HB, Zhou XH
143 - 152 Measuring slow heteroaggregation rates in the presence of fast homoaggregation
Cao T, Trefalt G, Borkovec M
153 - 162 The poisoning mechanisms of different zinc species on a ceria-based NH3-SCR catalyst and the co-effects of zinc and gas-phase sulfur/chlorine species
Wang XQ, Liu Y, Wu ZB
163 - 170 Assembly of clay mineral platelets, tactoids, and aggregates: Effect of mineral structure and solution salinity
Dor M, Levi-Kalisman Y, Day-Stirrat RJ, Mishael Y, Emmanuel S
171 - 182 Porous defective carbon nitride obtained by a universal method for photocatalytic hydrogen production from water splitting
Jing LQ, Wang DD, Xu YG, Xie M, Yan J, He MQ, Song ZL, Xu H, Li HM
183 - 193 Freshwater production via efficient oil-water separation and solar-assisted water evaporation using black titanium oxide nanoparticles
Tudu BK, Gupta V, Kumar A, Sinhamahapatra A
194 - 201 Iron carbide/nitrogen-doped carbon core-shell nanostrctures: Solution-free synthesis and superior oxygen reduction performance
Wu M, Xie J, Liu AJ, Jia W, Cao YL
202 - 210 Compartmentalization of gold nanoparticle clusters in hollow silica spheres and their assembly induced by an external electric field
Watanabe K, Welling TAJ, Sadighikia S, Ishii H, Imhof A, van Huis MA, van Blaaderen A, Nagao D
211 - 223 Resurrection of boron nitride in p-n type-II boron nitride/B-doped-g-C3N4 nanocomposite during solid-state Z-scheme charge transfer path for the degradation of tetracycline hydrochloride
Acharya L, Nayak S, Pattnaik SP, Acharya R, Parida K
224 - 233 Self-assembled 3D hierarchical MnCO3/NiFe layered double hydroxides as a superior electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reactions
Rajendiran R, Muthuchamy N, Park KH, Li OL, Kim HJ, Prabakar K
234 - 241 Characterization of an amino acid based biodegradable surfactant facilitating the incorporation of DNA into lipophilic delivery systems
Wolf JD, Kurpiers M, Baus RA, Gotz RX, Griesser J, Matuszczak B, Bernkop-Schnurch A
242 - 247 Zirconium ion modified melamine sponge for oil and organic solvent cleanup
Zhang XF, Song L, Chen XX, Wang YQ, Feng Y, Yao JF
248 - 256 Efficient electrochemical biosensing of hydrogen peroxide on bimetallic Mo1-xWxS2 nanoflowers
Shu YJ, Zhang WB, Yin X, Zhang LL, Yang Y, Ma D, Gao QS
257 - 264 Pore structure regulation of hard carbon: Towards fast and high-capacity sodium-ion storage
Yang L, Hu MX, Zhang HW, Yang W, Lv RT
265 - 270 Ultrafine copper nanoparticles anchored on reduced graphene oxide present excellent catalytic performance toward 4-nitrophenol reduction
Kang XY, Teng DY, Wu SL, Tian ZF, Liu J, Li PF, Ma Y, Liang CH
271 - 283 Developing highly nanoporous titanate structures via wet chemical conversion of DC magnetron sputtered titanium thin films
Wadge MD, Turgut B, Murray JW, Stuart BW, Felfel RM, Ahmed I, Grant DM
284 - 295 Laser ablation in liquids for the assembly of Se@Au chain-oligomers with long-term stability for photothermal inhibition of tumor cells
Cai YY, Zhang YJ, Ji SH, Ye YX, Wu SL, Liu J, Chen SP, Liang CH
296 - 303 A highly effective bifunctional catalyst of cobalt selenide nanoparticles embedded nitrogen-doped bamboo-like carbon nanotubes toward hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions based on metal-organic framework
Ding H, Xu GC, Zhang L, Wei B, Hei JC, Chen L
304 - 315 Unexpected conformational behavior of poly(poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate)-poly(propylene carbonate)-poly(poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate) (PPEGMA-PPC-PPEGMA) amphiphilic block copolymers in micellar solution and at the air-water interface
Lee J, Pan JY, Chun J, Won YY
316 - 326 Aging effects on Cesium-137 (Cs-137) sorption and transport in association with clay colloids
Telfeyan K, Reimus PW, Boukhalfa H, Ware SD
327 - 337 Effects of hysteresis window on contact angle hysteresis behaviour at large Bond number
Yang JP, Ma X, Fei LL, Zhang XQ, Luo KH, Shuai SJ
338 - 346 Robust porous organosilica monoliths via a surfactant-free high internal phase emulsion process for efficient oil-water separation
Tu SH, Chen M, Wu LM
347 - 356 Filter paper templated one-dimensional NiO/NiCo2O4 microrod with wideband electromagnetic wave absorption capacity
Qin M, Liang HS, Zhao XR, Wu HJ
357 - 368 Highly sensitive fluorescence sensor for mercury(II) based on boron- and nitrogen-co-doped graphene quantum dots
Liu ZY, Mo ZL, Niu XH, Yang X, Jiang YY, Zhao P, Liu NJ, Guo RB
369 - 374 Interplay of electrostatic repulsion and surface grafting density on surface-mediated DNA hybridization
Traeger JC, Schwartz DK
375 - 382 Improving thermal and electrical stability of silver nanowire network electrodes through integrating graphene oxide intermediate layers
Zhu YZ, Wan T, Guan PY, Wang YT, Wu T, Han ZJ, Tang GC, Chu DW
383 - 393 Iron-based porous metal-organic frameworks with crop nutritional function as carriers for controlled fungicide release
Shan YP, Cao LD, Muhammad B, Xu B, Zhao PY, Cao C, Huang QL
394 - 400 Precise regulation of particle size of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgels: Measuring chain dimensions with a "molecular ruler"
Xue H, Zhao ZQ, Chen R, Brash JL, Chen H
401 - 410 One-step synthesis of core shell cellulose-silica/n-octadecane microcapsules and their application in waterborne self-healing multiple protective fabric coatings
Chen KL, Zhou JL, Che XG, Zhao RY, Gao Q
411 - 418 MoS2 quantum dots decorated ultrathin NiO nanosheets for overall water splitting
Zhan G, Zhang JF, Wang Y, Yu CP, Wu JJ, Cui JW, Shu X, Qin YQ, Zheng HM, Sun J, Yan J, Zhang Y, Tiwary CS, Wu YC
419 - 426 Magnetic properties, responsiveness, and stability of paramagnetic dumbbell and ellipsoid colloids
Kim H, Furst EM
427 - 433 Flexible N doped carbon/bubble-like MoS2 core/sheath framework: Buffering volume expansion for potassium ion batteries
Suo GQ, Zhang JQ, Li D, Yu QY, He M, Feng L, Hou XJ, Yang YL, Ye XH, Zhang L, Wang W
434 - 443 Application of porous biomass carbon materials in vanadium redox flow battery
Lv YR, Li YH, Han C, Chen JF, He ZX, Zhu J, Dai L, Meng W, Wang L
444 - 453 Pore-scale numerical simulation of low salinity water flooding using the lattice Boltzmann method
Akai T, Blunt MJ, Bijeljic B
454 - 462 Ink synthesis and inkjet printing of electrostatically stabilized multilayer graphene nanoshells
Orrill M, Abele D, Wagner M, LeBlanc S
463 - 472 Facile synthesis of paper based graphene electrodes for point of care devices: A double stranded DNA (dsDNA) biosensor
Mohanraj J, Durgalakshmi D, Rakkesh RA, Balakumar S, Rajendran S, Karimi-Maleh H
473 - 484 One-step electroreduction preparation of multilayered reduced graphene oxide/gold-palladium nanohybrid as a proficient electrocatalyst for development of sensitive hydrazine sensor
Zhou HF, Chen LM, Li ST, Huang SQ, Sun YY, Chen YH, Wang Z, Liu W, Li XC
485 - 494 Cation intercalated one-dimensional manganese hydroxide nanorods and hierarchical mesoporous activated carbon nanosheets with ultrahigh capacitance retention asymmetric supercapacitors
Selvaraj AR, Kim HJ, Senthil K, Prabakar K
495 - 504 Construction of phosphorus-doped carbon nitride/phosphorus and sulfur co-doped carbon nitride isotype heterojunction and their enhanced photoactivity
Li JQ, Qi Y, Mei YQ, Ma SC, Li Q, Xin BF, Yao TJ, Wu J
505 - 512 Facile synthesis of Nafion-supported Pt nanoparticles with ultra-low loading as a high-performance electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Yu JG, Wei D, Zheng Z, Yu WJ, Shen HH, Qu YN, Wen SY, Kwon YU, Zhao YN
513 - 514 Comment on "Visible-light-driven, hierarchically heterostructured, and flexible silver/bismuth oxyiodideititania nanofibrous membranes for highly efficient water disinfection" by Song et al.
Kim T, Cho J, Lee J, Seo J, Lee C