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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.565 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 10 Quantification of interfacial energies associated with membrane fouling in a membrane bioreactor by using BP and GRNN artificial neural networks
Chen YF, Shen LG, Li RJ, Xu XC, Hong HC, Lin HJ, Chen JR
11 - 22 Investigations on organo-montmorillonites modified by binary nonionic/zwitterionic surfactant mixtures for simultaneous adsorption of aflatoxin B-1 and zearalenone
Sun ZM, Lian C, Li CQ, Zheng SL
23 - 34 Manipulating the mussel-inspired co-deposition of tannic acid and amine for fabrication of nanofiltration membranes with an enhanced separation performance
Xu YC, Guo DX, Li T, Xiao YR, Shen LG, Li RJ, Jiao Y, Lin HJ
35 - 42 Strongly emitting and long-lived silver indium sulfide quantum dots for bioimaging: Insight into co-ligand effect on enhanced photoluminescence
Jiao MX, Li Y, Jia YX, Li CX, Bian H, Gao LT, Cai P, Luo XL
43 - 54 Calcium phosphate mineralization through homogenous enzymatic catalysis: Investigation of the early stages
Colaco E, Brouri D, Methivier C, Valentin L, Oudet F, El Kirat K, Guibert C, Landoulsi J
55 - 62 Templating colloidal sieves for tuning nanotube surface interactions and optical sensor responses
Gillen AJ, Siefman DJ, Wu SJ, Bourmaud C, Lambert B, Boghossian AA
63 - 69 Cobalt nanoparticles embedded into free-standing carbon nanofibers as catalyst for room-temperature sodium-sulfur batteries
Du WY, Gao W, Yang TT, Guo BS, Zhang LZ, Bao SJ, Chen YM, Xu MW
70 - 76 A low-overpotential sodium/fluorinated graphene battery based on silver nanoparticles as catalyst
Liu W, Guo R, Wang Y, Dang GJ, Li Y, Sun YT, Huang P, Pei HJ, Lu JC, Xie JY
77 - 85 Luminescent carbon dots with concentration-dependent emission I in solution and yellow emission in solid state
Ba XX, Zhang L, Yin YL, Jiang FL, Jiang P, Liu Y
86 - 95 Freestanding anticorrosion hybrid materials based on coordination interaction between metal-quinoline compounds and TiO2-MgO film
Al Zoubi W, Ko YG
96 - 109 Oxidative upgrade of furfural to succinic acid using SO3H-carbocatalysts with nitrogen functionalities based on polybenzoxazine
Thubsuang U, Chotirut S, Nuithitikul K, Payaka A, Manmuanpom N, Chaisuwan T, Wongkasemjit S
110 - 118 Nickel phosphate nanorod-enhanced polyethylene oxide-based composite polymer electrolytes for solid-state lithium batteries
Wu ZJ, Xie ZK, Yoshida A, Wang J, Yu T, Wang ZD, Hao XG, Abudula A, Guan GQ
119 - 130 Pluronic F127 thermosensitive injectable smart hydrogels for controlled drug delivery system development
Shriky B, Kelly A, Isreb M, Babenko M, Mahmoudi N, Rogers S, Shebanova O, Snow T, Gough T
131 - 141 Efficient screening of novel adsorbents for coalbed methane recovery
Xu M, Deng SG
142 - 155 N self-doped ZnO derived from microwave hydrothermal synthesized zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 toward enhanced photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue
Sun L, Shao Q, Zhang Y, Jiang HY, Ge SS, Lou SQ, Lin J, Zhang JX, Wu SD, Dong MY, Guo ZH
156 - 166 Copper nanowires and copper foam multifunctional bridges in zeolitic imidazolate framework-derived anode material for superior lithium storage
Lin XM, Lin J, Zeng CH, Niu JL, Reddy RCK, Liu JC, Cai YP, Yuan ZZ
167 - 176 A new nFe@ZIF-8 for the removal of Pb(II) from wastewater by selective adsorption and reduction
Zhou L, Li N, Jin XY, Owens G, Chen ZL
177 - 185 Fe-based N-doped dendritic catalysts for catalytic ammoxidation of aromatic aldehydes to aromatic nitriles
Zhao H, Sun X, Xu D, Zhu Q, Zhu YY, Dong ZP
186 - 196 The impact of size and surface ligand of gold nanorods on liver cancer accumulation and photothermal therapy in the second near-infrared window
Yang H, He HP, Tong ZR, Xia HB, Mao ZW, Gao CY
197 - 204 Reversible, stable Li-ion storage in 2 D single crystal orthorhombic alpha-MoO3 anodes
Syamsai R, Rodriguez JR, Pol VG, Grace AN
205 - 206 Response to comment on "Visible-light-driven, hierarchically heterostructured, and flexible silver/bismuth oxyiodide/titania nanofibrous membranes for highly efficient water disinfection" by Song et al
Wu XH, Song J, Ding B, Si Y
207 - 217 Active faceted Cu2O hollow nanospheres for unprecedented adsorption and visible-light degradation of pollutants
Yu WB, Liu J, Yi M, Yang JX, Dong WD, Wang C, Zhao H, Mohamed HSH, Wang Z, Chen LH, Li Y, Su BL
218 - 226 Sodium-rich manganese oxide porous microcubes with polypyrrole coating as a superior cathode for sodium ion full batteries
Lu D, Yao ZJ, Li YQ, Zhong Y, Wang XL, Xie D, Xia XH, Gu CD, Tu JP
227 - 238 Outstanding comprehensive performance versus facile synthesis: Constructing core and shell-interchangeable nanocomposites as microwave absorber
Li ZH, Yang EQ, Qi XS, Xie R, Jing T, Qin SJ, Deng CY, Zhong W
239 - 244 Tunable electronic properties of multilayer InSe by alloy engineering for high performance self-powered photodetector
Yu MM, Gao F, Hu YX, Wang LF, Hu PA, Feng W
245 - 253 Co-assembly strategy for uniform and tunable hollow carbon spheres with supercapacitor application
Du J, Zong S, Zhang Y, Hou SL, Chen AB
254 - 269 pH-sensitive pluronic micelles combined with oxidative stress amplification for enhancing multidrug resistance breast cancer therapy
Cheng X, Zeng XL, Zheng Y, Fang Q, Wang X, Wang J, Tang RP
270 - 277 Glycerol-crosslinked PEDOT:PSS as bifunctional binder for Si anodes: Improved interfacial compatibility and conductivity
Liu XJ, Zai JT, Iqbal A, Chen M, Ali N, Qi RR, Qian XF
278 - 287 Nanoparticles for "two color" F-19 magnetic resonance imaging: Towards e combined imaging of biodistribution and degradation
Koshkina O, White PB, Staal AHJ, Schweins R, Swider E, Tirotta I, Tinnemans P, Fokkink R, Veltien A, van Riessen NK, van Eck ERH, Heerschap A, Metrangolo P, Bombelli FB, Srinivas M
288 - 294 An intermittent microwave-exfoliated non-expansive graphite oxide process for highly-efficient production of high-quality graphene
Zou XF, Hao JY, Qiang YJ, Xiang B, Liang XY, Shen HJ
295 - 304 Bimetal-organic framework derived Cu(NiCo)(2)S-4/Ni3S4 electrode material with hierarchical hollow heterostructure for high performance energy storage
Zhao W, Yan GW, Zheng YW, Liu BP, Jia DD, Liu TW, Cui L, Zheng RK, Wei D, Liu JQ
305 - 314 Powder hybrid nanomaterial: Detonation nanodiamonds - Carbon nanotubes and its stable reversible water nanofluids
Vozniakovskii AA, Kol'tsova TS, Voznyakovskii AP, Kumskov AL, Kidalov SV
315 - 325 Saclike-silicon nanoparticles anchored in ZIF-8 derived spongy matrix as high-performance anode for lithium-ion batteries
Wei Q, Chen YM, Hong XJ, Song CL, Yang Y, Si LP, Zhang M, Cai YP
326 - 336 Forster resonance energy transfer assisted white light generation and luminescence tuning in a colloidal graphene quantum dot-dye system
Pramanik A, Biswas S, Tiwary CS, Kumbhakar P, Sarkar R, Kumbhakar P
337 - 344 Construction of lanthanum modified MOFs graphene oxide composite membrane for high selective phosphorus recovery and water purification
Wei N, Zheng XD, Li Q, Gong CX, Ou HX, Li ZY
345 - 350 Stochastic induction time of attachment due to the formation of transient holes in the intervening water films between air bubbles and solid surfaces
Li SW, Nguyen AV, Sun ZQ
351 - 359 2-Methylimidazole directed ambient synthesis of zinc-cobalt LDH nanosheets for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Qiu CY, Cai FX, Wang Y, Liu YJ, Wang QX, Zhao C
360 - 367 Functionalization of polyethylene terephthalate knitted fabric with cowpea protein and biopolymer complex: Applications for enhancing wettability and UV-Protection properties
Sliman H, Dong X, Zhao T
368 - 377 Rapid, tunable synthesis of porous carbon xerogels with expanded graphite and their application as anodes for Li-ion batteries
Chen L, Deng JQ, Hong S, Lian HL
378 - 387 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of Ni-Co sulfide on Ni foam as a binder-free electrode for lithium-sulfur batteries
Yang CS, Wang XL, Liu GX, Yu WS, Dong XT, Wang JX
388 - 399 Boosting the performance of cobalt molybdate nanorods by introducing nanoflake-like cobalt boride to form a heterostructure for aqueous hybrid supercapacitors
Hou JF, Gao JF, Kong LB
400 - 404 Plasma-induced surface reorganization of porous Co3O4-CoO heterostructured nanosheets for electrocatalytic water oxidation
Qi JL, Yan YT, Liu T, Zhou X, Cao J, Feng JC
405 - 415 Equilibrium thickness of foam films and adsorption of ions at surfaces: Water and aqueous solutions of sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid, and sodium hydroxide
Iyota H, Krastev R
416 - 425 Electrospun nanofiber-reinforced three-dimensional chitosan matrices: Architectural, mechanical and biological properties
Wang LH, Lv HJ, Liu LF, Zhang Q, Nakielski P, Si Y, Cao JP, Li XR, Pierini F, Yu JY, Ding B
426 - 435 Multi-scaled interconnected inter- and intra-fiber porous janus membranes for enhanced directional moisture transport
Yan WA, Miao DY, Babar AA, Zhao J, Jia YT, Ding B, Wang XF
436 - 448 The sandwich-like structures of polydopamine and 8-hydroxyquinoline coated graphene oxide for excellent corrosion resistance of epoxy coatings
Chen YN, Ren BH, Gao SY, Cao R
449 - 457 Controlling the pinning time of a receding contact line under forced wetting conditions
Fernandez-Toledano JC, Rigaut C, Mastrangeli M, De Coninck J
458 - 464 Moderate oxygen-deficient Fe(III) oxide nanoplates for high performance symmetric supercapacitors
Zhang SM, Wang XH, Li Y, Zhang YX, Hu Q, Hua XH, Liu G, Xie EQ, Zhang ZX
465 - 473 Porous and flexible membrane derived from ZIF-8-decorated hyphae for outstanding adsorption of Pb2+ ion
Huang L, Wu BC, Wu YJ, Yang ZH, Yuan T, Alhassan SI, Yang WC, Wang HY, Zhang LY
474 - 482 Imbibition and structure of silica nanoporous media characterized by neutron imaging
Leang M, Ott F, Giorgiutti-Dauphine F, Pauchard L, Lee LT
483 - 493 Enhancing selective photosensitizer accumulation and oxygen supply for high-efficacy photodynamic therapy toward glioma by 5-aminolevulinic acid loaded nanoplatform
Wang XF, Tian Y, Liao X, Tang YX, Ni QQ, Sun J, Zhao Y, Zhang JJ, Teng ZG, Lu GM
494 - 502 Multi-heteroatom-doped dual carbon-confined Fe3O4 nanospheres as high-capacity and long-life anode materials for lithium/sodium ion batteries
Tao XS, Li Y, Wang HG, Lv XL, Li YH, Xu D, Jiang Y, Meng Y
503 - 512 Surface modification of coordination polymers to enable the construction of CoP/N,P-codoped carbon nanowires towards high-performance lithium storage
Li HH, Zhu YQ, Zhao KJ, Fu Q, Wang K, Wang YP, Wang N, Lv XX, Jiang HB, Chen L
513 - 522 Metal-organic frameworks derived carbon-incorporated cobalt/dicobalt phosphide microspheres as Mott-Schottky electrocatalyst for efficient and stable hydrogen evolution reaction in wide-pH environment
Yu HZ, Li JF, Gao GL, Zhu G, Wang XH, Lu T, Pan LK
523 - 535 Novel synthetic method for magnetic sulphonated tubular trap for efficient mercury removal from wastewater
Ahmad M, Wang JQ, Xu J, Yang ZT, Zhang QY, Zhang BL
536 - 545 Constructing nanopores in poly(oxymethylene)/multi-wall carbon nanotube nanocomposites via poly(L-lactide) assisting for improving electromagnetic interference shielding
Li J, Chen JL, Tang XH, Cai JH, Liu JH, Wang M
546 - 554 Inkjet printing assisted electroless Ni plating to fabricate nickel coated polypropylene membrane with improved performance
Rao LH, Tang JY, Hu SF, Shen LG, Xu YC, Li RJ, Lin HJ
555 - 566 Lysozyme uptake into pharmaceutical grade fucoidan/chitosan polyelectrolyte multilayers under physiological conditions
Benbow NL, Sebben DA, Karpiniec S, Stringer D, Krasowska M, Beattie DA
567 - 581 Multivalent electrolyte induced surface ordering and solution self-assembly in anionic surfactant mixtures: Sodium dodecyl sulfate and sodium diethylene glycol monododecyl sulfate
Li PX, Wang Z, Ma K, Chen Y, Yan ZF, Penfold J, Thomas RK, Campana M, Webster JRP, Washington A
582 - 591 Understanding wetting dynamics and stability of aqueous droplet over superhydrophilic spot surrounded by superhydrophobic surface
Majhy B, Singh VP, Sen AK
592 - 600 Capacitive humidity sensors based on mesoporous silica and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) composites
Qi RR, Zhang T, Guan X, Dai JX, Liu S, Zhao HR, Fei T
601 - 613 Highly viscoelastic films at the water/air interface: alpha-Cyclodextrin with anionic surfactants
Luviano AS, Hernandez-Pascacio J, Ondo D, Campbell RA, Pineiro A, Campos-Teran J, Costas M
614 - 622 Selective aerobic oxidation of sulfides by cooperative polyimide-titanium dioxide photocatalysis and triethylamine catalysis
Sheng WL, Shi JL, Hao HM, Li X, Lang XJ
623 - 623 pH-activatable polymeric nanodrugs enhanced tumor chemo/antiangiogenic combination therapy through improving targeting drug release (vol 536, pg 135, 2019)
Xiong H, Wu YY, Jiang ZJ, Zhou JP, Yang M, Yao J