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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.564 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Selective phosphate removal using layered double hydroxide/reduced graphene oxide (LDH/rGO) composite electrode in capacitive deionization
Hong SP, Yoon H, Lee J, Kim C, Kim S, Lee J, Lee C, Yoon J
8 - 18 Role of randomly distributed nanoscale roughness for designing highly hydrophobic particle surface without using low surface energy coating
Dixit D, Ghoroi C
19 - 27 Tuning nanotubular structures by templateless electropolymerization with thieno[3,4-b]thiophene-based monomers with different substituents and water content
Khodja M, El Kateb M, Beji M, Guittard F, Darmanin T
28 - 36 Single-atom Pt supported on holey ultrathin g-C3N4 nanosheets as efficient catalyst for Li-O-2 batteries
Zhao W, Wang J, Yin R, Li BY, Huang XS, Zhao LL, Qian L
37 - 42 Rich P vacancies modulate Ni2P/Cu3P interfaced nanosheets for electrocatalytic alkaline water splitting
Lin JH, Yan YT, Xu TX, Cao J, Zheng XH, Feng JC, Qi JL
43 - 51 Shape anisotropic colloidal particle fabrication using 2-photon polymerization
Saraswat YC, Ibis F, Rossi L, Sasso L, Eral HB, Fanzio P
52 - 64 Synthesis of second-generation self-assembling Gemini Amphiphilic Pseudopeptides
Lotfallah AH, Burguete MI, Alfonso I, Luis SV
65 - 76 Oxalic acid assisted rapid synthesis of mesoporous NiCo2O4 nanorods as electrode materials with higher energy density and cycle stability for high-performance asymmetric hybrid supercapacitor applications
Acharya J, Ko TH, Seo MK, Khil MS, Kim HY, Kim BS
77 - 87 CuS@defect-rich MoS2 core-shell structure for enhanced hydrogen evolution
Liu L, Liu XL, Jiao SL
88 - 98 Zero reduction luminescence of aqueous-phase alloy core/shell quantum dots via rapid ambient-condition ligand exchange
Le TH, Kim S, Chae S, Choi Y, Park CS, Heo E, Lee U, Kim H, Kwon OS, Im WB, Yoon H
99 - 112 Highly recyclable and super-tough hydrogel mediated by dual-functional TiO2 nanoparticles toward efficient photodegradation of organic water pollutants
Yue YY, Wang XH, Wu QL, Han JQ, Jiang JC
113 - 123 Fabrication of nacre-like polymer/clay nanocomposites with water-resistant and self-adhesion properties
Sung K, Nakagawa S, Kim C, Yoshie N
124 - 133 Bis(2-aminoethyl)amine-modified graphene oxide nanoemulsion for carbon steel protection in 15% HCl: Effect of temperature and synergism with iodide ions
Ansari KR, Chauhan DS, Quraishi MA, Saleh TA
134 - 142 Electrospun single iron atoms dispersed carbon nanofibers as high performance electrocatalysts toward oxygen reduction reaction in acid and alkaline media
Dong L, Zang JB, Wang WP, Liu X, Zhang Y, Su J, Wang YH, Han XM, Li JS
143 - 154 Ternary structural assembly of BiOCl/TiO2/clinoptilolite composite: Study of coupled mechanism and photocatalytic performance
Tan Y, Li CQ, Sun ZM, Liang C, Zheng SL
155 - 169 An adhesive and injectable nanocomposite hydrogel of thiolated gelatin/gelatin methacrylate/Laponite (R) as a potential surgical sealant
Rajabi N, Kharaziha M, Emadi R, Zarrabi A, Mokhtari H, Salehi S
170 - 181 Coagulation behavior of spherical particles embedded in laminar shear flow in presence of DLVO-and non-DLVO forces
Bal V
182 - 192 Surfactant-free preparation of mesoporous solid/hollow boehmite and bayerite microspheres via double hydrolysis of NaAlO2 and formamide from room temperature to 180 degrees C
Yang ZC, Cai WQ
193 - 203 Gas sorption and supercapacitive properties of hierarchical porous graphitic carbons prepared from the hard-templating of mesoporous ZnO/Zn(OH)(2) composite spheres
Kim HC, Hwang YK, Seo SJ, Huh S
204 - 215 Engineering magnetic nanoparticles and their integration with microfluidics for cell isolation
Unni M, Zhang JL, George TJ, Segal MS, Fan ZH, Rinaldi C
216 - 229 Predicting the effect of additives on wormlike micelle and liquid crystal formation and rheology with phase inversion phenomena
Choi F, Chen RX, Acosta EJ
230 - 244 Synthesis and characterization of a high-quality nanocontainer based on benzimidazole-zinc phosphate (ZP-BIM) tailored graphene oxides; a facile approach to fabricating a smart self-healing anti-corrosion system
Asaldoust S, Ramezanzadeh B
245 - 253 A vacuum impregnation method for synthesizing octahedral Pt2CuNi nanoparticles on mesoporous carbon support and the oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalytic properties
Wu DZ, Shen XC, Zhou LQ, Nagai T, Pan YB, Yao LB, Zulevi B, Lubers A, Jia HF, Peng ZM
254 - 263 Tyrosinase enzyme Langmuir monolayer: Surface chemistry and spectroscopic study
Paudyal S, Sharma SK, da Silva RLCG, Mintz KJ, Liyanage PY, Al-Youbi AO, Bashammakh AS, El-Shahawi MS, Leblanc RM
264 - 275 Role of interfacial elasticity for the rheological properties of saponin-stabilized emulsions
Tsibranska S, Tcholakova S, Golemanov K, Denkov N, Pelan E, Stoyanov SD
276 - 285 Template synthesis of two-dimensional ternary nickel-cobalt-nitrogen co-doped porous carbon film: Promoting the conductivity and more active sites for oxygen reduction
Qian MC, Xu MJ, Zhou SQ, Tian JN, Isimjan TT, Shi ZF, Yang XL
286 - 295 Recyclable low-temperature phase change microcapsules for cold storage
Zhao JJ, Long JL, Du YQ, Zhou JK, Wang YD, Miao ZP, Liu YL, Xu SG, Cao SK
296 - 302 Anion-regulated selective growth ultrafine copper templates in carbon nanosheets network toward highly efficient gas capture
Fu N, Yu J, Liu R, Wang XD, Yang ZL
303 - 312 ( )High-efficient separation of photoinduced carriers on double Z-scheme heterojunction for superior photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Zhu LY, Li H, Xu QL, Xiong DH, Xia PF
313 - 321 Fabrication of dual-hollow heterostructure of Ni2CoS4 sphere and nanotubes as advanced electrode for high-performance flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors
Liu L, Liu AR, Xu YH, Yang FQ, Wang J, Deng Q, Zeng ZL, Deng SG
322 - 332 Insight into charge carrier separation and solar-light utilization: rGO decorated 3D ZnO hollow microspheres for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Wang J, Wang GH, Jiang J, Wan Z, Su YR, Tang H
333 - 343 Band structure engineering of polymeric carbon nitride with oxygen/carbon codoping for efficient charge separation and photocatalytic performance
Li HP, Liang ZW, Deng QH, Hou WG
344 - 356 Amphiphilic PVCL/TBCHA microgels: From synthesis to characterization in a highly selective solvent
Gumerov RA, Gau E, Xu WJ, Melle A, Filippov SA, Sorokina AS, Wolter NA, Pich A, Potemkin II
357 - 370 Origin and tunability of dual color emission in highly stable Mn doped CsPbCl3 nanocrystals grown by a solid-state process
Ghosh J, Hossain M, Giri PK
371 - 380 Bulk nanobubbles: Production and investigation of their formation/stability mechanism
Michailidi ED, Bomis G, Varoutoglou A, Kyzas GZ, Mitrikas G, Mitropoulos AC, Efthimiadou EK, Favvas EP
381 - 391 Highly stable and efficient electrorheological suspensions with hydrophobic interaction
Liang YD, Yuan X, Wang LJ, Zhou XF, Ren XJ, Huang YF, Zhang MY, Wu JB, Wen WJ
392 - 405 Microwave catalytic activities of supported perovskite catalysts MOx/LaCo0.5Cu0.5O3@CM (M = Mg, Al) for salicylic acid degradation
Wang Y, Yu L, Wang RT, Wang Y, Zhang XD
406 - 417 Decorating g-C3N4 with alkalinized Ti3C2 MXene for promoted photocatalytic CO2 reduction performance
Tang QJ, Sun ZX, Deng S, Wang HQ, Wu ZB
418 - 427 Spinel-type oxygen-incorporated Ni3+ self-doped Ni3S4 ultrathin nanosheets for highly efficient and stable oxygen evolution electrocatalysis
Li N, Ai LH, Jiang J, Liu SM
428 - 441 A coupling technology of capacitive deionization and MoS2/nitrogen-doped carbon spheres with abundant active sites for efficiently and selectively adsorbing low-concentration copper ions
Hao ZL, Cai YM, Wang Y, Xu SC, Wang JX
442 - 453 Surface defect-engineered silver silicate/ceria p-n heterojunctions with a flower-like structure for boosting visible light photocatalysis with mechanistic insight
Chen CF, Li MR, Jia YS, Chong RF, Xu LP, Liu X
454 - 466 Facile fabrication of Hildewintera-colademonis-like hexagonal boron nitride/carbon nanotube composite having light weight and enhanced microwave absorption
Wang M, Wang HQ, An LL, Zhang B, Huang XX, Wen GW, Zhong B, Yu YL
467 - 477 Atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 on P2-Na0.5Mn0.5Co0.5O2 as interfacial layer for high power sodium-ion batteries
Ramasamy HV, Didwal PN, Sinha S, Aravindan V, Heo J, Park CJ, Lee YS
478 - 490 Role of ion exchange membranes and capacitive electrodes in membrane capacitive deionization (MCDI) for CO2 capture
Legrand L, Shu Q, Tedesco M, Dykstra JE, Hamelers HVM
491 - 498 Pressure-driven energy conversion of conical nanochannels: Anomalous dependence of power generated and efficiency on pH
Lin TW, Hsu JP
499 - 509 Exploring the gel phase of cationic glycylalanylglycine in ethanol/water. I. Rheology and microscopy studies
Thursch LJ, DiGuiseppi D, Lewis TR, Schweitzer-Stenner R, Alvarez NJ
510 - 510 Synthesis of highly porous inorganic adsorbents derived from metal-organic frameworks and their application in efficient elimination of mercury(II) (vol 517, pg 61, 2018)
Li J, Li XD, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Chen CL
511 - 511 Adsorption of 17 beta-estradiol from aqueous solutions by a novel hierarchically nitrogen-doped porous carbon (vol 533, pg 700, 2019)
Duan QY, Li XD, Wu Z, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Chen CL, Li J
512 - 512 EDTA functionalized Fe3O4/graphene oxide for efficient removal of U(VI) from aqueous solutions (vol 506, pg 300, 2017)
Zhao DL, Zhang Q, Xuan H, Chen Y, Zhang KH, Feng SJ, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Chen CL
513 - 513 Tannic acid- and cation-mediated interfacial self-assembly and epitaxial growth of fullerene (nC(60)) and kaolinite binary graphitic aggregates (vol 556, pg 717, 2019)
Ghosh S, Guo QY, Wang ZQ, Zhang D, Pradhan NR, Pan B, Xing BS