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1 - 10 Facile preparation of CoMoO4 nanorods at macroporous carbon hybrid electrocatalyst for non-enzymatic glucose detection
Meng TJ, Jia HX, Ye HM, Zeng T, Yang XJ, Wang H, Zhang YF
11 - 20 Nickel complex co-catalyst confined by chitosan onto graphitic carbon nitride for efficient H-2 evolution
Zhang JS, Zhang WD
21 - 33 Facile construction of novel BiOBr/Bi12O17Cl2 heterojunction composites with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Wang L, Min XP, Sui XY, Chen JH, Wang Y
34 - 39 S doped NiCo2O4 nanosheet arrays by Ar plasma: An efficient and bifunctional electrode for overall water splitting
Lin JH, Yan YT, Xu TX, Qu CQ, Li J, Cao J, Feng JC, Qi JL
40 - 49 Improved photocatalytic performance for selective oxidation of amines to imines on graphitic carbon nitride/bismuth tungstate heterojunctions
Yuan AL, Lei H, Wang ZS, Dong XP
50 - 58 Mechanistic study of the formation of fiber-like micelles with a pi-conjugated oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) core
Tao DL, Cui YN, Huang XY, Lu GL, Manners I, Winnik MA, Feng C
59 - 68 Porous carbon membrane with enhanced selectivity and antifouling capability for water treatment under electrochemical assistance
Chen S, Wang GL, Li SS, Li XJ, Yu HT, Quan X
69 - 76 Nitrogen-doped hierarchically porous carbon nanosheets derived from polymerigraphene oxide hydrogels for high-performance supercapacitors
Wang M, Yang J, Liu SY, Li MZ, Hu C, Qiu JS
77 - 84 Droplet assisted growth and shaping of alumina and mixed alumina-silicone 1-dimensional nanostructures
Saddiqi NUH, Seeger S
85 - 90 Synthesis of mechanical responsive carbon dots with fluorescence enhancement
Wang YR, Li YH, Xu Y
91 - 102 CeO2 nanorods supported M-Co bimetallic oxides (M = Fe, Ni, Cu) for catalytic CO and C3H8 oxidation
Liu ZQ, Li JH, Wang RG
103 - 110 Accelerated solar steam generation for efficient ions removal
Liu CK, Cai CJ, Ma FQ, Zhao XZ, Ahmad H
111 - 121 Novel biochar@CoFe2O4/Ag3PO4 photocatalysts for highly efficient degradation of bisphenol a under visible-light irradiation
Zhai YL, Dai YZ, Guo J, Zhou LL, Chen MX, Yang HT, Peng LP
122 - 129 In situ synthesis of core-shell vanadium nitride@N-doped carbon microsheet sponges as high-performance anode materials for solid-state supercapacitors
Jia HN, Cai YF, Li S, Zheng XH, Miao LF, Wang ZY, Qi JL, Cao J, Feng JC, Fei WD
130 - 137 The effects of calcination temperature of support on Au/CuO-ZrO2 catalysts for oxidation of glycerol to dihydroxyacetone
Wang YX, Yuan DP, Luo J, Pu YF, Li F, Xiao FK, Zhao N
138 - 148 Designing bioinspired conical surfaces for water collection from condensation
Gurera D, Bhushan B
149 - 160 Controllable coacervation of recombinantly produced spider silk protein using kosmotropic salts
Mohammadi P, Jonkergouw C, Beaune G, Engelhardt P, Kamada A, Timonen JVI, Knowles TPJ, Penttila M, Linder MB
161 - 168 Sub-5 nm octahedral platinum-copper nanostructures anchored on nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanofibers for remarkable electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zhang JL, Jia W, Dang SQ, Cao YL
169 - 176 Molybdenum-doped tin oxide nanoflake arrays anchored on carbon foam as flexible anodes for sodium-ion batteries
Wang MY, Wang XL, Yao ZJ, Xie D, Xia XH, Gu CD, Tu JP
177 - 185 Tannic acid modified MoS2 nanosheet membranes with superior water flux and ion/dye rejection
Hu WJH, Cui XW, Xiang L, Gong L, Zhang L, Gao MW, Wang WD, Zhang JW, Liu FL, Yan B, Zeng HB
186 - 197 N, S-codoped CNTs supported Co4S3 nanoparticles prepared by using CdS nanorods as sulfur sources and hard templates: An efficient catalyst for reversible oxygen electrocatalysis
Zhao DK, Tang ZH, Xu W, Wu ZX, Ma LJ, Cui ZM, Yang CH, Li LG
198 - 207 Near infrared light responsive self-healing superhydrophobic coating based on solid wastes
Li W, Zhang XH, Yu XF, Wu G, Lei Y, Sun G, You B
208 - 212 Simultaneous determination of cholesterol, ascorbic acid and uric acid as three essential biological compounds at a carbon paste electrode modified with copper oxide decorated reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite and ionic liquid
Karimi-Maleh H, Arotiba OA
213 - 224 Visible-light-driven WO3/BiOBr heterojunction photocatalysts for oxidative coupling of amines to imines: Energy band alignment and mechanistic insight
Khampuanbut A, Santalelat S, Pankiew A, Channei D, Pornsuwan S, Faungnawakij K, Phanichphant S, Inceesungvorn B
225 - 236 Comprehensive investigation of steel corrosion inhibition at macro/micro level by ecofriendly green corrosion inhibitor in 15% HCl medium
Singh A, Ansari KR, Chauhan DS, Quraishi MA, Lgaz H, Chung IM
237 - 246 Improving the rate capability of ultrathin NiCo-LDH nanoflakes and FeOOH nanosheets on surface electrochemically modified graphite fibers for flexible asymmetric supercapacitors
Yue BLJ, Jia DD, Tang JG, Zhang AT, Liu F, Chen T, Barrow C, Yang WR, Liu JQ
247 - 259 Oil droplet behavior on model nanofiltration membrane surfaces under conditions of hydrodynamic shear and salinity
Tummons EN, Hejase CA, Yang ZF, Chew JW, Bruening ML, Tarabara VV
260 - 272 Enhanced reactivity of zero-valent aluminum with ball milling for phenol oxidative degradation
Wu S, Yang SY, Liu SJ, Zhang YX, Ren TF, Zhang YQ
273 - 283 Fabrication of high-performance composite nanofiltration membranes for dye wastewater treatment: mussel -inspired layer-by-layer self-assembly
Guo DX, Xiao YR, Li T, Zhou QF, Shen LG, Li RJ, Xu YC, Lin HJ
284 - 292 Chitosan wrapped multiwalled carbon nanotubes as quartz crystal microbalance sensing material for humidity detection
Qi PJ, Xu W, Zhang T, Fei T, Wang R
293 - 302 Fabrication of hierarchical copper sulfide/bismuth tungstate p-n heterojunction with two-dimensional (2D) interfacial coupling for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic degradation of glyphosate
Lv YR, He RK, Chen ZY, Li X, Xu YH
303 - 311 Building organosilica hybrid nanohemispheres via thiol-ene click reaction on alumina thin films deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD)
Ambrozic G, Markovic MK, Peter R, Piltaver IK, Badovinac IJ, Cakara D, Markovic D, Knez M
312 - 320 One-step synthesis of polypyrrole/Fe2O3 nanocomposite and the enhanced response of NO2 at low temperature
Wang C, Yang M, Liu LH, Xu YM, Zhang XF, Cheng XL, Gao S, Gao Y, Huo LH
321 - 329 Tuning the morphology and adsorption capacity of Al-MIL-101 analogues with Fe3+ for phosphorus removal from water
Li SJ, Lei T, Jiang F, Liu M, Wang YT, Wang SX, Yang XJ
330 - 337 Fe/Ni bimetal and nitrogen co-doped porous carbon fibers as electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Guo JX, Shu JH, Nie J, Ma GP
338 - 348 Synergistic effect of ClO4- and Sr2+ adsorption on alginate-encapsulated organo-montmorillonite beads: Implication for radionuclide immobilization
Luo WH, Huang QD, Antwi P, Guo BL, Sasaki K
349 - 358 Multi-functional magnetic bacteria as efficient and economical Pickering emulsifiers for encapsulation and removal of oil from water
Cheng H, Li ZQ, Li YM, Shi ZX, Bao MT, Han CB, Wang ZN
359 - 368 Mesocrystalline Ta3N5 superstructures with long-lived charges for improved visible light photocatalytic hydrogen production
Guo QH, Zhao JJ, Yang Y, Huang JL, Tang YT, Zhang XL, Li ZH, Yu X, Shen J, Zhao JW
369 - 378 Insights into the interplay of wetting and transport in mesoporous silica films
Khalil A, Zimmermann M, Bell AK, Kunz U, Hardt S, Kleebe HJ, Stark RW, Stephan P, Andrieu-Brunsen A
379 - 387 Porous, flexible, and core-shell structured carbon nanofibers hybridized by tin oxide nanoparticles for efficient carbon dioxide capture
Ali N, Babar AA, Zhang YF, Iqbal N, Wang XF, Yu JY, Ding B
388 - 397 Controlled disassembly of colloidal aggregates confined at fluid interfaces using magnetic dipolar interactions
Martinez-Pedrero F, Ortega F, Codina J, Calero C, Rubio RG
398 - 406 Boron oxynitride two-colour fluorescent dots and their incorporation in a hybrid organic-inorganic film
Ren JK, Malfatti L, Enzo S, Carbonaro CM, Calvillo L, Granozzi G, Innocenzi P
407 - 415 Interfacial microrheology and tensiometry in a miniature, 3-d printed Langmuir trough
Molaei M, Crocker JC
416 - 425 Hydrolytic surface erosion of mesoporous silica nanoparticles for efficient intracellular delivery of cytochrome c
Choi E, Lim DK, Kim S
426 - 435 Hierarchical porous bimetal-sulfide bi-functional nanocatalysts for hydrogen production by overall water electrolysis
Chen WX, Zhang YW, Chen GL, Huang R, Wu YJ, Zhou YM, Hu YJ, Ostrikov K
436 - 446 Bidirectional transfer of particles across liquid-liquid interface under electric pulse
Li MQ, Li DQ
447 - 457 Role of nickel dopant on gas response and selectivity of electrospun indium oxide nanotubes
Bai JL, Wang Q, Wang YR, Cheng X, Yang ZY, Gu XY, Huang BY, Sun GZ, Zhang ZX, Pan XJ, Zhou JY, Xie EQ
458 - 466 Surface chemistry and spectroscopic studies of the native phenylalanine dehydrogenase Langmuir monolayer at the air/aqueous NaCl interface
da Silva RLCG, Sharma SK, Paudyal S, Mintz KJ, Caseli L, Leblanc RM
467 - 474 Porous dendritic PtRuPd nanospheres with enhanced catalytic activity and durability for ethylene glycol oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions
Duan JJ, Zheng XX, Niu HJ, Feng JJ, Zhang QL, Huang H, Wang AJ
475 - 484 Construction of ultrathin MoS2/Bi5O7I composites: Effective charge separation and increased photocatalytic activity
Yin S, Chen R, Ji MX, Jiang Q, Li K, Chen ZG, Xia JX, Li HM
485 - 491 Pressure-gated capillary nanovalves based on liquid nanofilms
Chu KC, Tsao HK, Sheng YJ
492 - 501 Rheology of non-Newtonian liquid mixtures and the role of molecular chain length
Dukhin A, Parlia S, Somasundaran P
502 - 509 Photocatalytic reduction for graphene oxide by PbTiO3 with high polarizability and its electrocatalytic application in pyrrole detection
Peng Q, Weng XH, Xie WQ, Ying MH, Lin XC, Dai YW, Yu QY, Pan HB, Liu JS, Du M
510 - 518 Enhancement of 3D Bi2MoO6 mesoporous spheres photocatalytic performance by vacancy engineering
Bai JW, Li XM, Hao ZW, Liu L
519 - 535 Bimetallic co-effect of Au-Pd alloyed nanoparticles on mesoporous silica modified g-C3N4 for single and simultaneous photocatalytic oxidation of phenol and reduction of hexavalent chromium
Patnaik S, Sahoo DP, Parida KM
536 - 545 One-step processing of highly viscous multiple Pickering emulsions
Sabri F, Raphael W, Berthomier K, Fradette L, Tavares JR, Virgilio N
546 - 554 Porous N-doped carbon nanoflakes supported hybridized SnO2/Co3O4 nanocomposites as high-performance anode for lithium-ion batteries
Wang JK, Wang HK, Yao TH, Liu T, Tian YP, Li C, Li F, Meng LJ, Cheng YH
555 - 564 Nitrogen-rich graphitic carbon nitride nanotubes for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution with simultaneous contaminant degradation
Xu F, Mo Z, Yan J, Fu JJ, Song YH, El-Alamia W, Wu XY, Li HM, Xu H
565 - 571 Non-zero-crossing current-voltage hysteresis behavior induced by capacitive effects in bio-memristor
Zhu SH, Zhou GD, Yuan WY, Mao SS, Yang F, Fu GQ, Sun B
572 - 580 Tunable morphological changes of asymmetric titanium nanosheets with bactericidal properties
Wandiyanto JV, Tamanna T, Linklater DP, Truong VK, Al Kobaisi M, Baulin VA, Joudkazis S, Thissen H, Crawford RJ, Ivanova EP
581 - 588 Aramid nanofiber-reinforced three-dimensional graphene hydrogels for supercapacitor electrodes
Shah SA, Kulhanek D, Sun WM, Zhao XF, Yu S, Parviz D, Lutkenhaus JL, Green MJ
589 - 595 On resistance switching and oscillations in tubulin microtubule droplets
Chiolerio A, Draper TC, Mayne R, Adamatzky A
596 - 605 Superhydrophobicity of composite surfaces created from polymer blends
Rioboo R, Demnati I, Ali MA, Sevkan R, De Coninck J
606 - 617 Electrostatic depletion effects on the stability of colloidal dispersions of sepiolite and natural rubber latex
Tagliaro I, Di Credico B, Moncho-Jorda A
618 - 625 Alignment of worm-like micelles at intermediate and high shear rates
Arenas-Gomez B, Garza C, Liu Y, Castillo R
626 - 638 A linear regime of hysteresis for calculating the dynamic contact angle under low capillary numbers with displacement experiments in microscale PDMS microchannels
Wen MG, Lei D, Li Y, Feng JY, Wang L
639 - 648 Clustering of asymmetric dumbbell-shaped silica/polystyrene nanoparticles by solvent-induced self-assembly
Li WY, Ravaine S, Duguet E
649 - 658 Efficient removal of aqueous hexavalent chromium by activated carbon derived from Bermuda grass
Tu BY, Wen RT, Wang KQ, Cheng YL, Deng YQ, Cao W, Zhang KH, Tao HS
659 - 666 Mechanistic investigation of silver vanadate as superior cathode for high rate and durable zinc-ion batteries
Liu HY, Wang JG, Sun HH, Li YY, Yang JC, Wei CG, Kang FY
667 - 680 Monte Carlo study of the effects of macroion charge distribution on the ionization and adsorption of weak polyelectrolytes and concurrent counterion release
Mella M, Tagliabue A, Mollica L, Izzo L
681 - 689 Thorn-like flexible Ag2C2O4/TiO2 nanofibers as hierarchical heterojunction photocatalysts for efficient visible-light-driven bacteria-killing
Wu XH, Cao LT, Song J, Si Y, Yu JY, Ding B
690 - 700 Protective properties of mesocellular silica foams against aggregation and enzymatic hydrolysis of loaded proteins for oral protein delivery
He Y, Wang MY, Zhang HT, Zhang YX, Gao YK, Wang SL
701 - 713 Anchoring single-unit-cell defect-rich bismuth molybdate layers on ultrathin carbon nitride nanosheet with boosted charge transfer for efficient photocatalytic ciprofloxacin degradation
Li BS, Lai C, Qin L, Chu CC, Zhang MM, Liu SY, Liu XG, Yi H, He JF, Li L, Li MF, Chen L
714 - 721 Generating highly active Ni-11(HPO3)(8)(OH)(6)/Mn3O4 catalyst for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction by electrochemical activation
Tan Y, Che QJ, Li Q
722 - 729 Single and competitive dye adsorption onto chitosan-based hybrid hydrogels using artificial neural network modeling
Pauletto PS, Goncalves JO, Pinto LAA, Dotto GL, Salau NPG
730 - 742 Structural, rheological and dynamic aspects of hydrogen-bonding molecular liquids: Aqueous solutions of hydrotropic tert-butyl alcohol
Cerar J, Jamnik A, Pethes I, Temleitner L, Pusztai L, Tomsic M
743 - 754 Molecular engineering of polymeric carbon nitride based Donor-Acceptor conjugated copolymers for enhanced photocatalytic full water splitting
Hayat A, Shaishta N, Mane SKB, Hayat A, Khan J, Rehman AU, Li TH
755 - 768 Facile control of room temperature nitrogen dioxide gas selectivity induced by copper oxide nanoplatelets
Oosthuizen DN, Korditis I, Swart HC, Motaung DE
769 - 776 Controlled high-quality interface of a Ti2.5O3(010)/GaAs(001) heterostructure enabled by minimized lattice mismatch and suppressed ion diffusion
Zhou YX, Liu XP, Zhu J
777 - 786 Highly fluorinated F-APP-TiO2 particle with hierarchical core-shell structure and its application in multifunctional superamphiphobic surface: Mechanical robustness, self-recovery and flame retardancy
Wang FY, Wang DH, Guo ZG
787 - 794 Control of organic and surfactant fouling using dynamic membranes in the separation of oil-in-water emulsions
Shao SL, Liu Y, Shi DT, Qing WH, Fu WW, Li JY, Fang Z, Chen YQ
795 - 801 Facile and eco-friendly preparation of super-amphiphilic porous polycaprolactone
Yang K, Du J, Zhang ZL, Liu DB, Ren TB
802 - 810 From bimetallic PdCu nanowires to ternary PdCu-SnO2 nanowires: Interface control for efficient ethanol electrooxidation
Song TX, Gao F, Jin LJ, Zhang YP, Wang C, Li SJ, Chen CY, Du YK
811 - 816 High electrochemical performance carbon nanofibers with hierarchical structure derived from metal-organic framework with natural eggshell membranes
Cui TL, He JY, Liu CS
817 - 824 Preparation of ultrathin defect-free graphene sheets from graphite via fluidic delamination for solid-contact ion-to-electron transducers in potentiometric sensors
Park HJ, Jeong JM, Yoon JH, Son SG, Kim YK, Kim D, Lee KG, Choi BG
825 - 837 Interfacial separation of concentrated dye mixtures from solution with environmentally compatible nitrogenous-silane nanoparticles modified with Helianthus annuus husk extract
Truskewycz A, Taha M, Jampaiah D, Shukla R, Ball AS, Cole I
838 - 848 Interactions between polystyrene particles with diameters of several tens to hundreds of micrometers at the oil-water interface
Lee HE, Choi KH, Xia M, Kang DW, Park BJ
849 - 856 Magnetic nanocellulose-magnetite aerogel for easy oil adsorption
Gu HB, Zhou XM, Lyu SY, Pan D, Dong MY, Wu SD, Ding T, Wei X, Seok I, Wei SY, Guo ZH
857 - 865 In situ fabrication of amorphous TiO2/NH2-MIL-125(Ti) for enhanced photocatalytic CO2 into CH4 with H2O under visible-light irradiation
Hu JM, Ding J, Zhong Q
866 - 873 Multistep wettability gradient in bioinspired triangular patterns for water condensation and transport
Feng W, Bhushan B
874 - 884 Effect of the ratio between behenyl alcohol and behenic acid on the oleogel properties
Callau M, Sow-Kebe K, Nicolas-Morgantini L, Fameau AL
885 - 893 Nitro functionalized chromium terephthalate metal-organic framework as multifunctional solid acid for the synthesis of benzimidazoles
Valles-Garcia C, Cabrero-Antonino M, Navalon S, Alvaro M, Dhakshinamoorthy A, Garcia H
894 - 901 Coloration of colloidal polymer particles through selective extraction of Mie backscattering for cation-responsible colorimetric sensors
Lee SJ, Kumar S, Choi JW, Lee JS