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1 - 9 Enhanced photocatalytic H-2 production under visible light on composite photocatalyst (CdS/NiSe nanorods) synthesized in aqueous solution
Irfan RM, Tahir MH, Khan SA, Shaheen MA, Ahmed G, Iqbal S
10 - 17 Trifunctional layered electrodeposited nickel iron hydroxide electrocatalyst with enhanced performance towards the oxidation of water, urea and hydrazine
Babar P, Lokhande A, Karade V, Lee IJ, Lee D, Pawar S, Kim JH
18 - 27 Surface-oxygen vacancy defect-promoted electron-hole separation of defective tungsten trioxide ultrathin nanosheets and their enhanced solar-driven photocatalytic performance
Wu JX, Qiao PZ, Li HZ, Ren LP, Xu YC, Tian GH, Li MX, Pan K, Zhou W
28 - 33 Mn and S dual-doping of MOF-derived Co3O4 electrode array increases the efficiency of electrocatalytic generation of oxygen
Qi JL, Wang HH, Lin JH, Li C, Si XQ, Cao J, Zhong ZX, Feng JC
34 - 44 Constructing the phase diagram of sodium laurylethoxysulfate using dissipative particle dynamics
Panoukidou M, Wand CR, Del Regno A, Anderson RL, Carbone P
45 - 54 Mitochondria specific oxidative injury by near-infrared energy transfer nanoclusters for amplified photodynamic potency
Xia J, Li JX, Yao QC, Meng ZP, Qian M, Cui HY, Zhang LW, Li YC, Wu SL, Chen QX, Wang JY, Peng XJ
55 - 64 From upcycled waste polyethylene plastic to graphene/mesoporous carbon for high-voltage supercapacitors
Lian YM, Utetiwabo W, Zhou YD, Huang ZH, Zhou L, Muhammad F, Chen RJ, Yang W
65 - 75 Highly-efficient separation of oil and water enabled by a silica nanoparticle coating with pH-triggered tunable surface wettability
Wang F, Pi J, Li JY, Song F, Feng R, Wang XL, Wang YZ
76 - 83 Rationally designed CuCo2O4@Ni(OH)(2) with 3D hierarchical core-shell structure for flexible energy storage
Zhu D, Sun X, Yu J, Liu Q, Liu JY, Chen RR, Zhang HS, Li RM, Yu J, Wang J
84 - 93 Robust superhydrophobic attapulgite meshes for effective separation of water-in-oil emulsions
Li HY, Zhu GR, Shen YQ, Han ZW, Zhang JQ, Li J
94 - 102 Polypyrrole/cadmium sulfide hollow fiber with high performance contaminant removal and photocatalytic activity fabricated by layer-by-layer deposition and fiber-sacrifice template approach
Zhao J, Han PY, Tian SN, Shi HT, He JH, Xiao CF
103 - 111 Sodium borohydride-assisted synthesis of strontium substituted lanthanum cobaltate with in-situ generated cobaltosic oxide: Towards enhanced oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline media
Liu H, Tan PF, Ma QY, Dong R, Zhu AQ, Qiao LL, Tang MF, Li EP, Pan J
112 - 123 Construction of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks-derived NixCO3-xO4/reduced graphene oxides/Ni foam for enhanced energy storage performance
Xue B, Li KZ, Guo Y, Lu JH, Gu SY, Zhang LL
124 - 134 The structure of alkyl ester sulfonate surfactant micelles: The impact of different valence electrolytes and surfactant structure on micelle growth
Wang Z, Li PX, Ma K, Chen Y, Penfold J, Thomas RK, Roberts DW, Xu H, Petkov JT, Yan ZF, Venero DA
135 - 143 Enhancing the electrochemical performance of nickel cobalt sulfides hollow nanospheres by structural modulation for asymmetric supercapacitors
Shen YN, Zhang K, Chen BH, Yang F, Xu KB, Lu XH
144 - 155 Multi-functional metal-organic framework and metal-organic framework-zeolite nanocomposite for the synthesis of carbohydrate derived chemicals via one-pot cascade reaction
Rani P, Srivastava R
156 - 167 Fabrication of Cu2O-Ag nanocomposites with enhanced durability and bactericidal activity
Yang ZQ, Ma CC, Wang W, Zhang MT, Hao XP, Chen SG
168 - 173 Rapid oxidation-etching synthesis of low-crystalline delta-MnO2 tubular nanostructures under ambient with high capacitance
Fu X, Wang X, Chen YX, Huo WC, Liu XY, Chen K, Dong F, Yao HC, Zhang YX
174 - 184 Highly porous self-assembly of nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots over reduced graphene sheets for photo-electrocatalytic electrode
Riaz R, Ali M, Anwer H, Ko MJ, Jeong SH
185 - 195 CO2-responsive surfactants with tunable switching pH
Lu Y, Sun DJ, Ralston J, Liu QX, Xu ZH
196 - 206 Role of protein-cellulose nanocrystal interactions in the stabilization of emulsion
Pind'akova L, Kasparkova V, Bordes R
207 - 215 Synergistic catalysis of Pd nanoparticles with both Lewis and Bronsted acid sites encapsulated within a sulfonated metal-organic frameworks toward one-pot tandem reactions
Liu Y, Ma XC, Chang GG, Ke SC, Xia T, Hu ZY, Yang XY
216 - 226 The morphology and electrochemical properties of porous Fe2O3@C and FeS@C nanofibers as stable and high-capacity anodes for lithium and sodium storage
Wang BB, Zhang SP, Wang G, Wang H, Bai JT
227 - 235 Two-dimensional TiO2-g-C3N4 with both Ti-N and C-O bridges with excellent conductivity for synergistic photoelectrocatalytic degradation of bisphenol A
Wang WK, Zhu WZ, Mao L, Zhang JY, Zhou ZY, Zhao GH
236 - 253 Solar light active silver/iron oxide/zinc oxide heterostructure for photodegradation of ciprofloxacin, transformation products and antibacterial activity
Kaur A, Anderson WA, Tanvir S, Kansal SK
254 - 265 Construction of novel graphene-based materials GO@SiO2@C@Ni for Cr(VI) removal from aqueous solution
Wang JY, Li YC, Song G, Xie Y, Zhu KR, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Chen CL
266 - 275 Enhanced photothermal conversion properties of magnetic nanofluids through rotating magnetic field for direct absorption solar collector
Wang DB, Jia YL, He Y, Wang LL, Fan JH, Xie HQ, Yu W
276 - 281 Synergistic adsorption of polar and nonpolar reagents on oxygen-containing graphite surfaces: Implications for low-rank coal flotation
Xia YC, Rong GQ, Xing YW, Gui XH
282 - 290 Facile construction of gas diode membrane towards in situ gas consumption via coupling two chemical reactions
Gao AL, Fan HQ, Zhang GF, Zhao S, Cui J, Yan YH
291 - 300 In-situ growth of NCNT and encapsulation of Co9S8/Co as a sustainable multifunctional electrocatalyst
Liang DX, Mao JX, Liu P, Yan JY, Song WB
301 - 310 MoSx co-catalytic activation of H2O2 by heterogeneous hemin catalyst under visible light irradiation
Ji XJ, Han ZB, Li JF, Deng Y, Han X, Zhao J, Zhao XM, Chen CC
311 - 317 Preparation of 2 nm tungsten oxide nanowires based on two-phase strategy and their ultra-sensitive NO2 gas sensing properties
Lu N, Yang C, Liu PR, Su XT
318 - 327 Preparation of a polyurethane electret nanofiber membrane and its air-filtration performance
Liu F, Li MY, Shao WL, Yue WL, Hu BJ, Weng K, Chen YK, Liao X, He JX
328 - 335 Supramolecular structure vs. rheological properties: 1,4-Butanediol at room and elevated temperatures
Tomsic M, Cerar J, Jamnik A
336 - 348 Heteroatom-doped porous carbons from sucrose and phytic acid for adsorptive desulfurization and sulfamethoxazole removal: A comparison between aqueous and non-aqueous adsorption
Shi YW, Liu GZ, Wang L, Zhang HW
349 - 356 Wetting dynamics and surface energy components of single carbon fibers
Qiu S, Wang J, Zhang DX, Van Vuure AW, Seveno D, Fuentes CA
357 - 366 Molecular-scale investigation of fluoride sorption mechanism by nanosized hydroxyapatite using F-19 solid-state NMR spectroscopy
Ren C, Yu ZW, Phillips BL, Wang HT, Ji JF, Pan BC, Li W
367 - 380 The high energy supercapacitor from rGO/Ni(OH)(2)/PANI nanocomposite with methane sulfonic acid as dopant
Viswanathan A, Shetty AN
381 - 394 Influence of solution composition on fouling of anion exchange membranes desalinating polymer-flooding produced water
Sosa-Fernandez PA, Miedema SJ, Bruning H, Leermakers FAM, Rijnaarts HHM, Post JW
395 - 407 Ultraviolet-driven switchable superliquiphobic/superliquiphilic coating for separation of oil-water mixtures and emulsions and water purification
Li FR, Kong WT, Bhushan B, Zhao XZ, Pan YL
408 - 422 Mesoporous SnMgNd substituted M-hexaferrite catalyzed heterogeneous photo-Fenton-like activity for degradation of methylene blue
Ashraf GA, Hassan M, Rasool RT, Abbas W, Zhang LT
423 - 437 Insights into the interfacial nanostructuring of NiCo2S4 and their electrochemical activity for ultra-high capacity all-solid-state flexible asymmetric supercapacitors
Kumbhar VS, Chodankar NR, Lee K, Kim DH
438 - 449 Probing effects of molecular-level heterogeneity of surface hydrophobicity on hydrophobic interactions in air/water/solid systems
Liu J, Cui X, Xie L, Huang J, Zhang L, Liu JF, Wang XG, Wang JM, Zeng HB
450 - 457 Monodispersed silver-palladium nanoparticles for ethanol oxidation reaction achieved by controllable electrochemical synthesis from ionic liquid microemulsions
Sun X, Qiang Q, Yin ZG, Wang ZL, Ma Y, Zhao C
458 - 464 Cyclic dipeptide nanoribbons formed by dye-mediated hydrophobic self-assembly for cancer chemotherapy
Yang MY, Yuan CQ, Shen GZ, Chang R, Xing RR, Yan XH
465 - 477 Adsorption kinetics, thermodynamics, and isotherm studies for functionalized lanthanide-chelating resins
Callura JC, Perkins KM, Baltrus JP, Washburn NR, Dzombak DA, Karamalidis AK
478 - 487 Interfacial growth of the optimal BiVO4 nanoparticles onto self-assembled WO3 nanoplates for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Kumbhar VS, Lee H, Lee J, Lee K
488 - 497 The influence of directed hydrogen bonds on the self-assembly of amphiphilic polymers in water
Klein T, Gruschwitz FV, Rogers S, Hoeppener S, Nischang I, Brendel JC
498 - 505 Graphene quantum dots modified flower like Bi2WO6 for enhanced photocatalytic nitrogen fixation
Fei T, Yu LM, Liu ZY, Song YH, Xu F, Mo Z, Liu CB, Deng JJ, Ji HY, Cheng M, Lei YC, Xu H, Li HM
506 - 518 Recent advances in colloidal delivery systems for nutraceuticals: A case study - Delivery by Design of curcumin
Kharat M, McClements DJ
519 - 527 One-pot synthesis of unique skin-tissue-bone structured porous carbons for enhanced supercapacitor performance
Yan D, Guo DC, Lu AH, Dong XL, Li WC
528 - 536 Enhancement of water collection and transport in bioinspired triangular patterns from combined fog and condensation
Song D, Bhushan B
537 - 545 Tin oxide nanostructure fabrication via sequential infiltration synthesis in block copolymer thin films
Barick BK, Simon A, Weisbord I, Shomrat N, Segal-Peretz T
546 - 555 Mn and Co co-doped perovskite fluorides KNiF3 with enhanced capacitive performance
Fan HG, Zhang X, Wang YC, Gao RJ, Lang JW
556 - 567 Characterization of nucleation of methane hydrate crystals: Interfacial theory and molecular simulation
Mirzaeifard S, Servio P, Rey AD
568 - 579 Binding of lanthanide salts to zwitterionic phospholipid micelles
Sofroniou C, Chazapi I, Leontidis E
580 - 590 Self-generated carbon nanotubes for protecting active sites on bifunctional Co/CoOx schottky junctions to promote oxygen reduction/evolution reactions via efficient valence transition
Zhang P, Cai Z, You SJ, Wang FY, Dai Y, Zhang CY, Zhang YH, Ren NQ, Zou JL
591 - 597 Novel approach for calculating the equilibrium foam nanofilm-meniscus contact angle and the film free energy
Nikolov A, Wu PK, Wasan D
598 - 607 Reduced graphene oxide/iron nanoparticles used for the removal of Pb (II) by one step green synthesis
Xiao XF, Wang Q, Owens G, Chiellini F, Chen ZL
608 - 616 Large-scale synthesis of Ni(OH)(2)/peach gum derived carbon nanosheet composites with high energy and power density for battery-type supercapacitor
Yu D, Zheng XZ, Chen MF, Dong XP
617 - 627 Synthesis of polypyrrole coated melamine foam by in-situ interfacial polymerization method for highly compressible and flexible supercapacitor
Sun YY, Jia DD, Zhang AT, Tian JM, Zheng YW, Zhao W, Cui L, Liu JQ
628 - 634 Assembled cationic dipeptide-gold nanoparticle hybrid microspheres for electrochemical biosensors with enhanced sensitivity
Wang KQ, Li ZR, Wang CL, Zhang S, Cui W, Xu YQ, Zhao J, Xue HM, Li JB
635 - 643 Interfacial engineering of Ag nanodots/MoSe2 nanoflakes/Cu(OH)(2) hybrid-electrode for lithium-ion battery
Xia HC, Li KX, Zhang JN
644 - 654 Enhanced photoelectrocatalytic activity of direct Z-scheme porous amorphous carbon nitride/manganese dioxide nanorod arrays
He S, Xiao K, Chen XZ, Li T, Ouyang T, Wang Z, Guo ML, Liu ZQ
655 - 663 Novel insights into the competitive adsorption behavior and mechanism of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances on the anion-exchange resin
Wang W, Mi X, Zhou ZM, Zhou SX, Li CL, Hu X, Qi DL, Deng SB
664 - 672 Porous carbon framework derived from N-rich hypercrosslinked polymer as the efficient metal-free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Yang ZF, Han JX, Jiao R, Sun HX, Zhu ZQ, Liang WD, Li A
673 - 682 Improvement of gas sensing performance for tin dioxide sensor through construction of nanostructures
Zhang R, Xu ZW, Zhou TT, Fei T, Wang R, Zhang T
683 - 690 Regulating the ionic current rectification behavior of branched nanochannels by filling polyelectrolytes
Huang WC, Hsu JP
691 - 699 Layer-by-layer inkjet printing GO film and Ag nanoparticles supported nickel cobalt layered double hydroxide as a flexible and binder-free electrode for supercapacitors
Li XY, Zhao YH, Yu J, Liu Q, Chen RR, Zhang HS, Song DL, Li RM, Liu JY, Wang J
700 - 708 Gold nanorods/g-C3N4 heterostructures for plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic H-2 evolution in visible and near-infrared light
Tian HY, Liu X, Liang ZQ, Qiu PY, Qian X, Cui HZ, Tian J
709 - 721 3D MoS2@TiO2@poly(methyl methacrylate) nanocomposite with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Li Y, Wang Z, Zhao HJ, Huang XJ, Yang MJ
722 - 728 Template-free synthesis of metallic WS2 hollow microspheres as an anode for the sodium-ion battery
Wang JB, Yu L, Zhou ZW, Zeng LX, Wei MD
729 - 736 Mesocrystal PtRu supported on reduced graphene oxide as catalysts for methanol oxidation reaction
Shi YD, Zhu WX, Shi HX, Liao F, Fan ZL, Shao MW
737 - 745 Robust adhesion of droplets via heterogeneous dynamic petal effects
Zheng YH, Zhang CC, Wang J, Liu Y, Shen C, Yang JF
746 - 756 Using the dynamic Phase Inversion Temperature (PIT) as a fast and effective method to track optimum formulation for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Lemahieu G, Ontiveros JF, Molinier V, Aubry JM
757 - 766 Self-assembly of poly(allylamine)/siRNA nanoparticles, their intracellular fate and siRNA delivery
Di Silvio D, Martinez-Moro M, Salvador C, Ramirez MD, Caceres-Velez PR, Ortore MG, Dupin D, Andreozzi P, Moya SE
767 - 776 Intercalation of cationic peptides within Laponite layered clay minerals in aqueous suspensions: The effect of stoichiometry and charge distance matching
Jansson M, Lenton S, Plivelic TS, Skepo M
777 - 792 Nucleic acids complexation with cationic elastin-like polypeptides: Stoichiometry and stability of nano-assemblies
Bravo-Anaya LM, Garbay B, Nando-Rodriguez JLE, Ramos FC, Ibarboure E, Bathany K, Xia Y, Rosselgong J, Joucla G, Garanger E, Lecommandoux S
793 - 810 How small can poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) nanogels be prepared by controlling the size with surfactant?
Kardos A, Gilanyi T, Varga I
811 - 819 Limits of thiol chemistry revealed by quantitative analysis of mixed layers of thiolated-PEG ligands grafted onto gold nanoparticles
Retout M, Brunetti E, Valkenier H, Bruylants G
820 - 828 Carbonate doped Bi2MoO6 hierarchical nanostructure with enhanced transformation of active radicals for efficient photocatalytic removal of NO
Huo WC, Xu WN, Cao T, Guo ZY, Liu XY, Ge GX, Li N, Lan T, Yao HC, Zhang YX, Dong F
829 - 840 In-situ facile preparation of highly efficient copper/nickel bimetallic nanocatalyst on chemically grafted carbon nanotubes for nonenzymatic sensing of glucose
Zhang CL, Li FS, Huang SQ, Li MT, Guo TR, Mo CH, Pang X, Chen LM, Li XC
841 - 848 Manipulating thermocapillary migration via superoleophobic surfaces with wedge shaped superoleophilic grooves
Dai QW, Ji YJ, Chong ZJ, Huang W, Wang XL