Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.556 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Nonlinear rheological behavior of gelatin gels: In situ gels and individual gel layers filled with hard particles
Goudoulas TB, Germann N
12 - 23 Surfactant specific ionic strength effects on membrane fouling during produced water treatment
Dickhout JM, Virga E, Lammertink RGH, de Vos WM
24 - 32 Synergistic effect of MoS2 and Ni9S8 nanosheets as an efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Xu XB, Zhong W, Zhang L, Liu GX, Du YW
33 - 46 Morphological transformation of calcium phenylphosphonate microspheres induced by micellization of gamma-polyglutamic acid
Wang X, Li X, Ou GL, Shi X, Liu Z
47 - 53 Mechanically strong and electrically stable polypyrrole paper using high molecular weight sulfonated alkaline lignin as a dispersant and dopant
Zhang DQ, Qiu SY, Huang WJ, Yang DJ, Wang H, Fang ZQ
54 - 64 Amphiphilic Janus particles for efficient dispersion of oil contaminants in seawater
Hou YJ, Li YM, Wang LS, Chen DF, Bao MT, Wang ZN
65 - 73 Decomposition of complexed Pb(II) and subsequent adsorption of Pb(II) with yolk-shell Fe3O4@ hydrous zirconium oxide sphere
Pan SL, Li JS, Wang LJ, Jafvert CT
74 - 82 Liquid-liquid phase separation of polymeric microdomains with tunable inner morphology: Mechanistic insights and applications
Bartolini A, Tempesti P, Ghobadi AF, Berti D, Smets J, Aouad YG, Baglioni P
83 - 91 MOF assistance synthesis of nanoporous double-shelled CuCo2O4 hollow spheres for hybrid supercapacitors
Saleki F, Mohammadi A, Moosavifard SE, Hafizi A, Rahimpour MR
92 - 101 Solvothermal fabrication and construction of highly photoelectrocatalytic TiO2 NTs/Bi2MoO6 heterojunction based on titanium mesh
Liu ZY, Song YD, Wang QY, Jia Y, Tan XY, Du XX, Gao SM
102 - 110 Polyacrylic acid-functionalized graphene oxide for high-performance adsorption of gallium from aqueous solution
Zhang YY, Liu X, Wang YJ, Lou ZN, Shan WJ, Xiong Y
111 - 119 Br doped porous bismuth oxychloride micro-sheets with rich oxygen vacancies and dominating {001} facets for enhanced nitrogen photo-fixation performances
Wu DP, Wang R, Yang C, An YP, Lu H, Wang HJ, Cao K, Gao ZY, Zhang WC, Xu F, Jiang K
120 - 127 White-light emission of single carbon dots prepared by hydrothermal carbonization of poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride): Applications to fabrication of white-light-emitting films
Madhu M, Chen TH, Tseng WL
128 - 139 Folic acid decorated magnetic nanosponge: An efficient nanosystem for targeted curcumin delivery and magnetic resonance imaging
Gholibegloo E, Mortezazadeh T, Salehian F, Forootanfar H, Firoozpour L, Foroumadi A, Ramazani A, Khoobi M
140 - 146 Noble copper-silver-gold trimetallic nanobowls: An efficient catalyst
Haldar KK, Tanwar S, Biswas R, Sen T, Lahtinen J
147 - 158 Tunable shape memory behavior of polymer with surface modification of nanoparticles
Biswas A, Aswal VK, Maiti P
159 - 171 Graphene-oxide-supported covalent organic polymers based on zinc phthalocyanine for efficient optical limiting and hydrogen evolution
Wang AJ, Li C, Zhang J, Chen XD, Cheng LX, Zhu WH
172 - 179 Intrinsically disordered protein as carbon nanotube dispersant: How dynamic interactions lead to excellent colloidal stability
Chaudhary H, Fernandes RMF, Gowda V, Claessens MMAE, Furo I, Lendel C
180 - 192 Comprehensive study to design advanced metal-carbide@garaphene and metal-carbide@iron oxide nanoparticles with tunable structure by the laser ablation in liquid
Davodi F, Muhlhausen E, Settipani D, Rautama EL, Honkanen AP, Huotari S, Marzun G, Taskinen P, Kallio T
193 - 205 Non-invasive route for desulfurization of fuel using infrared-assisted MIL-53(Al)-NH2 containing fabric
Emam HE, Ahmed HB, El-Deib HR, Ei-Dars FMSE, Abdelhameed RM
206 - 213 Porous g-C3N4 with nitrogen defects and cyano groups for excellent photocatalytic nitrogen fixation without co-catalysts
Xue YJ, Guo YC, Liang ZG, Cui HZ, Tian J
214 - 223 Polymeric structure optimization of g-C3N4 by using confined argon-assisted highly-ionized ammonia plasma for improved photocatalytic activity
Kang SF, He MF, Chen MY, Wang ZG, Sun ZZ, Dang HF, Chang XJ, Dong MD, Liu P, Cui LF
224 - 231 Vertical 1T/2H-WS2 nanoflakes grown on 2D-C3N4: Multiple charge transfer channels designed for enhanced photocatalytic activity
Huang J, Mei JW, Han JX, Liang H, Wang W, Dong BH, Cao LX
232 - 238 Black phosphorus nanosheets and gemcitabine encapsulated thermo-sensitive hydrogel for synergistic photothermal-chemotherapy
Qin L, Ling GX, Peng FF, Zhang F, Jiang SS, He HY, Yang DD, Zhang P
239 - 248 Mixed-valent MnSiO3/C nanocomposite for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor
Li B, Zhang XH, Hu C, Dou JH, Xia G, Zhang PX, Zheng ZQ, Pan YK, Yu HJ, Chen CZ
249 - 257 Preparation of improved gluten material and its adsorption behavior for congo red from aqueous solution
Zhang XP, Li YH, Li MX, Zheng H, Du QJ, Li H, Wang YQ, Wang DC, Wang CP, Sui KY, Li HL, Xia YZ
258 - 265 Alginate-chitosan coated layered double hydroxide nanocomposites for enhanced oral vaccine delivery
Yu XY, Wen TG, Cao P, Shan L, Li L
266 - 277 Molecular insights into the behaviour of bile salts at interfaces: a key to their role in lipid digestion
Pabois O, Lorenz CD, Harvey RD, Grillo I, Grundy MML, Wilde PJ, Gerelli Y, Dreiss CA
278 - 291 Magnetic hollow poly(cyclotriphosphazene-co-4,4 '-sulfonyldiphenol)-Fe3O4 hybrid nanocapsules for adsorbing Safranine T and catalytic oxidation of 3,3 ',5,5 '-tetramethylbenzidine
Wang YH, Lin CY, Wang ZW, Chen ZM, Chen JF, Chen Y, Liu SH, Fu JW
292 - 300 A sulfonated mesoporous silica nanoparticle for enzyme protection Iagainst denaturants and controlled release under reducing conditions
Li H, Pan YX, Farmakes J, Xiao F, Liu GD, Chen BC, Zhu X, Rao JJ, Yang ZY
301 - 312 Supramolecular gels of cholesterol-modified gellan gum with disc-like and worm-like micelles
Zoratto N, Grillo I, Matricardi P, Dreiss CA
313 - 323 Synthesis and physicochemical properties of dual-responsive acrylic acid/butyl acrylate cross-linked nanogel systems
Ashrafizadeh M, Tam KC, Javadi A, Abdollahi M, Sadeghnejad S, Bahramian A
324 - 334 Tailoring of crystalline structure of carbon nitride for superior photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Huang SQ, Xu YG, Ge FY, Tian D, Zhu XW, Xie M, Xu H, Li HM
335 - 344 In situ construction of WO3 nanoparticles decorated Bi2MoO6 microspheres for boosting photocatalytic degradation of refractory pollutants
Li SJ, Hu SW, Jiang W, Zhang JL, Xu KB, Wang ZH
345 - 351 Bubbles with tunable mobility of surfaces in ethanol-NaCl aqueous solutions
Zhang XR, Manica R, Tang YC, Liu QX, Xu ZH
352 - 359 Graphene wrapped Fe7C3 nanoparticles supported on N-doped graphene nanosheets for efficient and highly methanol-tolerant oxygen reduction reaction
Wen GL, Niu HJ, Wang AJ, Yin ZZ, Zhang QL, Feng JJ
360 - 365 Three-dimensional palladium-rhodium nanosheet assemblies: Highly efficient catalysts for methanol electrooxidation
Shang HY, Xu H, Jin LJ, Chen CY, Wang C, Song TX, Du YK
366 - 375 Bio-templated 3D porous graphitic carbon nitride hybrid aerogel with enhanced charge carrier separation for efficient removal of hazardous organic pollutants
Qi HJ, Ji XD, Shi C, Ma RX, Huang ZH, Guo MH, Li J, Guo ZH
376 - 385 Interfacial modification of titanium dioxide to enhance photocatalytic efficiency towards H-2 production
Xiang QJ, Ma XY, Zhang DN, Zhou HP, Liao YL, Zhang HW, Xu SY, Levchenko I, Bazaka K
386 - 391 Structure-designed synthesis of hierarchical NiCo2O4@NiO composites for high-performance supercapacitors
Yang F, Zhang K, Li WY, Xu KB
392 - 400 Structural hierarchy in blends of amphiphilic block copolymers self-assembled at the air-water interface
Hood J, Van Gordon K, Thomson P, Coleman BR, Burns F, Moffitt MG
401 - 410 Well-designed cobalt-nickel sulfide microspheres with unique peapod-like structure for overall water splitting
Huang R, Chen WX, Zhang YW, Huang ZW, Dai HY, Zhou YM, Wu YJ, Lv XS
411 - 419 Carbyne-enriched carbon anchored on nickel foam: A novel binder-free electrode for supercapacitor application
Mariappan VK, Krishnamoorthy K, Pazhamalai P, Sahoo S, Kim SJ
420 - 431 Direct modification of polyketone resin for anion exchange membrane of alkaline fuel cells
Zhou YC, Zhou L, Feng CP, Wu XT, Bao RY, Liu ZY, Yang MB, Yang W
432 - 440 Carbon shell encapsulated cobalt phosphide nanoparticles embedded in carbon nanotubes supported on carbon nanofibers: A promising anode for potassium ion battery
Miao WF, Zhao XY, Wang R, Liu YQ, Li L, Zhang ZS, Zhang WM
441 - 448 Ultrathin one-dimensional platinum-cobalt nanowires as efficient catalysts for the glycerol oxidation reaction
Sun QW, Gao F, Zhang YP, Wang CQ, Zhu X, Du YK
449 - 457 3D carbon coated NiCo2S4 nanowires doped with nitrogen for electrochemical energy storage and conversion
Zhang JF, Zhu TY, Wang Y, Cui JW, Sun J, Yan J, Qin YQ, Zhang Y, Wu JJ, Tiwary CS, Ajayan PM, Wu YC
458 - 465 Nanoscale chemical mapping of oxygen functional groups on graphene oxide using atomic force microscopy-coupled infrared spectroscopy
Liu ZL, Rios-Carvajal T, Ceccato M, Hassenkam T
466 - 475 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of Cu-doped MnO2 coated diatomite for degradation of methylene blue in Fenton-like system
Xiao Y, Huo WC, Yin SN, Jiang DB, Zhang YX, Zhang ZQ, Liu XY, Dong F, Wang JS, Li G, Hu XB, Yuan XY, Yao HC
476 - 491 Synthetic and biological identities of polymeric nanoparticles influencing the cellular delivery: An immunological link
Rezaei G, Daghighi SM, Raoufi M, Esfandyari-Manesh M, Rahimifard M, Mobarakeh VI, Kamalzare S, Ghahremani MH, Atyabi F, Abdollahi M, Rezaee F, Dinarvand R
492 - 502 Positively-charged polyethersulfone nanofibrous membranes for bacteria and anionic dyes removal
Lv CY, Chen SQ, Xie Y, Wei ZW, Chen L, Bao JX, He C, Zhao WF, Sun SD, Zhao CS
503 - 513 Predicting the temporal wetting of porous, surfactant-added polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)
Nam G, Yoon SH
514 - 528 Mussel-inspired, antibacterial, conductive, antioxidant, injectable composite hydrogel wound dressing to promote the regeneration of infected skin
Liang YP, Zhao X, Hu TL, Han Y, Guo BL
529 - 540 Spray-drying water-based assembly of hierarchical and ordered mesoporous silica microparticles with enhanced pore accessibility for efficient bio-adsorption
Wu ZX, Waldron K, Zhang XC, Li YQ, Wu L, Wu WD, Chen XD, Zhao DY, Selomulya C
541 - 548 Facile fabrication of fluorine-free breathable poly(methylhydrosiloxane)/polyurethane fibrous membranes with enhanced water-resistant capability
Zhu WX, Zhao J, Wang XF, Liu XY, Yu JY, Ding B
549 - 556 Triple-network hydrogels with high strength, low friction and self-healing by chemical-physical crosslinking
Li XF, Qin HL, Zhang XL, Guo ZG
557 - 567 Ultrathin oxygen-vacancy abundant WO3 decorated monolayer Bi2WO6 nanosheet: A 2D/2D heterojunction for the degradation of Ciprofloxacin under visible and NIR light irradiation
Zhang MM, Lai C, Li BS, Huang DL, Liu SY, Qin L, Yi H, Fu YK, Xu FH, Li MF, Li L
568 - 576 Impact of ripening inhibitors on molecular transport of antimicrobial components from essential oil nanoemulsions
Ryu V, Corradini MG, McClements DJ, McLandsborough L
577 - 583 Light scattering studies of the sol-to-gel transition in particulate systems
Ebini RH, Sorensen CM
584 - 591 Surface characterization of drying acrylic latex dispersions with variable methacrylic acid content using surface dilatational rheology
Voogt B, Venema P, Sagis L, Huinin H, Erich B, Scheerder J, Adan O
592 - 605 Effect of the ultrastructure of chitosan nanoparticles in colloidal stability, quorum quenching and antibacterial activities
Vila-Sanjurjo C, David L, Remunan-Lopez C, Vila-Sanjurjo A, Goycoolea FM
606 - 615 Enhancement of cadmium removal by oxygen-doped carbon nitride with molybdenum and sulphur hybridization
Su J, Bi L, Wang C, Lyu T, Pan G
616 - 627 Fatty acid ester surfactants derived from raffinose: Synthesis, characterization and structure-property profiles
Li X, Hai YW, Ma D, Chen J, Banwell MG, Lan P
628 - 639 Ionic liquid gels and antioxidant carbon nanotubes: Hybrid soft materials with improved radical scavenging activity
Rizzo C, Marullo S, Dintcheva NT, Gambarotti C, Billeci F, D'Anna F
640 - 649 Selective-detection NO at room temperature on porous ZnO nanostructure by solid-state synthesis method
Huang N, Cheng YH, Li HY, Zhao L, He ZY, Zhao C, Liu FM, Ding L
650 - 657 How does solubilisation of plant waxes into nonionic surfactant micelles affect pesticide release?
Hu XZ, Gong HN, Li ZY, Ruane S, Liu HY, Hollowell P, Pambou E, Bawn C, King S, Rogers S, Ma K, Li PX, Padia F, Bell G, Lu JR
658 - 666 Structural and morphological alterations induced by cobalt substitution in LaMnO3 perovskites
Flores-Lasluisa JX, Huerta F, Cazorla-Amoros D, Morallon E
667 - 679 Facile synthesis of ZnFe2O4@RGO nanocomposites towards photocatalytic ciprofloxacin degradation and H-2 energy production
Behera A, Kandi D, Mansingh S, Martha S, Parida K
680 - 688 pH-dependent surface properties of the gallium nitride - Solution interface mapped by surfactant adsorption
Wang JA, Zhang X, Wang C, Li H, Li HR, Keller S, Mishra UK, Nener BD, Parish G, Atkin R
689 - 703 Orthorhombic WP co-catalyst coupled with electron transfer bridge UiO-66 for efficient visible-light-driven H-2 evolution
Jin ZL, Zhang YK, Ma QX
704 - 716 A study on time-concentration superposition of dilatational modulus and foaming behavior of sodium alkyl sulfate
Bae JE, Jung JB, Kim K, Lee SM, Kang NG
717 - 725 Tannic acid- and cation-mediated interfacial self-assembly and epitaxial growth of fullerene (nC(60)) and kaolinite binary graphitic aggregates
Ghosh S, Guo QY, Wang ZQ, Zhang D, Pradhan NR, Pan B, Xing BS
726 - 733 Facile synthesis of 3D flower-like mesoporous Ce-ZnO at room temperature for the sunlight-driven photocatalytic degradations of RhB and phenol
Shen ZF, Zhang QL, Yin CC, Kang SF, Jia HY, Li X, Li X, Wang YG, Cui LF
734 - 742 Specific ion effects on the aggregation behavior of aquatic natural organic matter
Xu FC, Yao YX, Alvarez PJJ, Li QL, Fu HY, Yin DQ, Zhu DQ, Qu XL
743 - 752 Uniform generation of NiCo2S4 with 3D honeycomb-like network structure on carbon cloth as advanced electrode materials for flexible supercapacitors
Liu TW, Zheng YW, Zhao W, Cui L, Liu JQ
753 - 760 Dye doped concentric shell nanoparticles for enhanced photophysical performance of downconverting light emitting diodes
Ning X, Chittigori J, Li Y, Homer G, Zhou Z, Ullal CK, Schadler L