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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.555 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Ultrathin magnetic Mg-Al LDH photocatalyst for enhanced CO2 reduction: Fabrication and mechanism
Gao G, Zhu Z, Zheng J, Liu Z, Wang Q, Yan YS
11 - 21 Elaborate design of ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVAL) nanofiber-based chromatographic media for highly efficient adsorption and extraction of proteins
Fu QX, Si Y, Liu LF, Yu JY, Ding B
22 - 30 Photocatalytic reforming of biomass for hydrogen production over ZnS nanoparticles modified carbon nitride nanosheets
Xu XY, Zhang JQ, Wang SJ, Yao ZX, Wu H, Shi L, Yin Y, Wang SB, Sun HQ
31 - 41 Ni-doped and Ni/Cr co-doped TiO2 nanotubes for enhancement of photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue
Shahan M, Ahmed AM, Shehata N, Betiha MA, Rabie AM
42 - 52 Rational construction of triangle-like nickel-cobalt bimetallic metal-organic framework nanosheets arrays as battery-type electrodes for hybrid supercapacitors
Wang J, Zhong Q, Zeng YQ, Cheng DY, Xiong YH, Bu YF
53 - 63 Mechanism of high temperature induced destabilization of nonpolar organoclay suspension
Fan Z, Zhang L, Liu SY, Luan LY, Li GR, Sun DJ
64 - 71 Enhancing high-rate and elevated-temperature properties of Ni-Mg co-doped LiMn2O4 cathodes for Li-ion batteries
Yu Y, Xiang MW, Guo JM, Su CW, Liu XF, Bai HL, Bai W, Duan KJ
72 - 81 Construction of direct all-solid-state Z-scheme p-n copper indium disulfide/tungsten oxide heterojunction photocatalysts: Function of interfacial electric field
Li HP, Ba GM, Liang ZW, Deng QH, Hou WG
82 - 93 Multistage pH-responsive mesoporous silica nanohybrids with charge reversal and intracellular release for efficient anticancer drug delivery
Yuan XZ, Peng SY, Lin WJ, Wang JF, Zhang LJ
94 - 103 Constructing functionalized plasmonic gold/titanium dioxide nanosheets with small gold nanoparticles for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Cheng L, Zhang DN, Liao YL, Li F, Zhang HW, Xiang QJ
104 - 114 Understanding hemicellulose-cellulose interactions in cellulose nanofibril-based composites
Lucenius J, Valle-Delgado JJ, Parikka K, Osterberg M
115 - 123 A study on the electrophoretic deposition of gadolinium doped ceria on polypyrrole coated yttrium stabilized zirconia
Hu SS, Li WY, Li W, Zhang N, Qi H, Finklea H, Liu XB
124 - 131 Surface free energy and microstructure dependent environmental stability of sol-gel SiO2 antireflective coatings: Effect of combined vapor phase surface treatment
Wang XD, Zhao HY, Cao YY, Su YX, Hui HH, Shen J
132 - 144 pH-labile and photochemically cross-linkable polymer vesicles from coumarin based random copolymer for cancer therapy
Samanta P, Kapat K, Maiti S, Biswas G, Dhara S, Dhara D
145 - 156 Hemocompatible hemoadsorbent for effective removal of protein-bound toxin in serum
Li Q, Yang J, Cai NN, Zhang JRN, Xu T, Zhao WA, Guo HS, Zhu YN, Zhang L
157 - 165 Smectite fraction assessment in complex natural clay rocks from interlayer water content determined by thermogravimetric and thermoporometry analysis
Grekov D, Montavon G, Robinet JC, Grambow B
166 - 173 Inorganic-organic CdSe-diethylenetriamine nanobelts for enhanced visible photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Hu TP, Li Z, Lu LH, Dai K, Zhang JF, Li R, Liang CH
174 - 179 Zinc anode with artificial solid electrolyte interface for dendrite-free Ni-Zn secondary battery
Hu J, Ding JW, Du ZG, Duan HP, Yang SB
180 - 186 High-performance carbon electrode-based CsPbI2Br inorganic perovskite solar cell based on poly(3-hexylthiophene)-carbon nanotubes composite hole-transporting layer
Wang GQ, Liu JQ, Chen K, Pathak R, Gurung A, Qiao QQ
187 - 194 An excellent heterojunction nanocomposite solar-energy material for photocatalytic transformation of hydrogen sulfide pollutant to hydrogen fuel and elemental sulfur: A mechanistic insight
Lashgari M, Ghanimati M
195 - 202 A novel catalyst for efficient electrooxidation of ethanol enabled by 3D open-structured PdCu nanocages
Yu PE, Xu H, Jin LJ, Chen CY, Shang HY, Liu QY, Du YK
203 - 213 A functionalized chitosan wrinkled hollow sphere containing calcium ions: Efficient adsorption of sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate (SDBS) from aqueous solutions
Wang AW, Zhu Q, Xing ZP
214 - 223 Controlled synthesis and exceptional photoelectrocatalytic properties of Bi2S3/MoS2/Bi2MoO6 ternary hetero-structured porous film
Chen YJ, Wang GF, Li HL, Zhang FF, Jiang HY, Tian GH
224 - 233 Enhancing the fraction of antioxidants at the interfaces of oil-in-water emulsions: A kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of their partitioning
Raimundez-Rodriguez EA, Losada-Barreiro S, Bravo-Diaz C
234 - 244 Bioinspired zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF-8) magnetic micromotors for highly efficient removal of organic pollutants from water
Liu J, Li J, Wang G, Yang WN, Yang J, Liu Y
245 - 253 Adhesion force measurements on functionalized microbeads: An in-depth comparison of computer controlled micropipette and fluidic force microscopy
Gerecsei T, Erclodi I, Peter B, Hos C, Kurunczi S, Derenyi I, Szabo B, Horvath R
254 - 267 Time-dependent electrokinetic processes in porous colloidal particles
O'Brien RW
268 - 275 Boosting photocatalytic hydrogen evolution rate over carbon nitride through tuning its crystallinity and its nitrogen composition
Zhuge GY, Zhang WD
276 - 283 Ultrathin PdFePb nanowires: One-pot aqueous synthesis and efficient electrocatalysis for polyhydric alcohol oxidation reaction
Zhang RL, Feng JJ, Zhang L, Shi CG, Wang AJ
284 - 293 Synthesis of single-phase CuCo2-xNixS4 for high-performance supercapacitors
Gao SQ, Zhang PP, Guo SH, Chen WQ, Li M, Liu F, Cheng JP
294 - 303 Highly dispersive NiCo2S4 nanoparticles anchored on nitrogen-doped carbon nanofibers for efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Xu JC, Rong J, Qiu FX, Zhu Y, Mao KL, Fang YY, Yang DY, Zhang T
304 - 314 Fabrication of leaf extract mediated bismuth oxybromide/oxyiodide (BiOBrxI1-x) photocatalysts with tunable band gap and enhanced optical absorption for degradation of organic pollutants
Yadav M, Garg S, Chandra A, Hernadi K
315 - 322 Fabrication of multifunctional integrated catalysts by decorating confined Ag nanoparticles on magnetic nanostirring bars
Gu C, Tao WQ, Li M, Jiang Y, Liu XQ, Tan P, Sun LB
323 - 330 Comparison of hydrophobicity and durability of functionalized aluminium oxide nanoparticle coatings with magnetite nanoparticles-links between morphology and wettability
Hill D, Barron AR, Alexander S
331 - 341 Extended release of dexamethasone from oleogel based rods
Macoon R, Guerriero T, Chauhan A
342 - 351 Construction of ternary Ag/AgCl/NH2-UiO-66 hybridized heterojunction for effective photocatalytic hexavalent chromium reduction
Zhang ZG, Wang SQ, Bao MJ, Ren JW, Pei SH, Yu SJ, Ke J
352 - 360 A wettability-based approach for the monitoring of drug transport through biological membranes
Rochowski P, Grzegorczyk M, Pogorzelski S
361 - 372 Controlling the size and shape of liposomal ciprofloxacin nanocrystals by varying the lipid bilayer composition and drug to lipid ratio
Li T, Clulow AJ, Nowell CJ, Hawley A, Cipolla D, Rades T, Boyd B
373 - 382 In situ growth of manganese oxide nanosheets over titanium dioxide nanofibers and their performance as active material for supercapacitor
Da Silva EP, Rubira AF, Ferreira OP, Silva R, Muniz EC
383 - 393 Simultaneous removal of methylene blue and total dissolved copper in zero-valent iron/H2O2 Fenton system: Kinetics, mechanism and degradation pathway
Yang B, Zhou P, Cheng X, Li HS, Huo XW, Zhang YL
394 - 402 Effect of halloysite nanotubes filler on polydopamine properties
Massaro M, Armetta F, Cavallaro G, Martino DFC, Gruttadauria M, Lazzara G, Riela S, d'Ischia M
403 - 412 Efficient removal of metal contaminants by EDTA modified MOF from aqueous solutions
Wu J, Zhou J, Zhang SW, Alsaedi A, Hayat T, Li JX, Song YT
413 - 422 Enhanced light-driven water splitting by fast electron transfer in 2D/2D reduced graphene oxide/tungsten trioxide heterojunction with preferential facets
Ke J, Zhou HR, Liu J, Zhang ZG, Duan XG, Wang SB
423 - 430 Carbon quantum dots @ Pd-SnS2 nanocomposite: The role of CQDs @ Pd nanoclusters in enhancing photocatalytic reduction of aromatic nitro compounds
Liu MP, Wang R, Liu B, Guo F, Tian LH
431 - 437 Mechanical deformation: A feasible route for reconfiguration of inner interfaces to modulate the high performance of three-dimensional porous carbon material anodes in stretchable lithium-Ion batteries
Wang SW, Chen ZR, Yang BC, Chen HY, Ruckenstein E
438 - 448 The distribution of cell-penetrating peptides on polymeric nanoparticles prepared using microfluidics and elucidated with small angle X-ray scattering
Streck S, Clulow AJ, Nielsen HM, Rades T, Boyd B, McDowell A
449 - 459 Facile design of ultrafine Co7Fe3 nanoparticles coupled with nitrogen-doped porous carbon nanosheets for non-enzymatic glucose detection
Li M, Yang JR, Lu MJ, Zhang YJ, Bo XJ
460 - 469 Preparation of silver-nanoparticle-loaded magnetic biochar/poly (dopamine) composite as catalyst for reduction of organic dyes
Li H, Jiang DN, Huang ZZ, He K, Zeng GM, Chen AW, Yuan L, Peng M, Huang TT, Chen GQ
470 - 479 Boosting antibacterial activity with mesoporous silica nanoparticles supported silver nanoclusters
Liu J, Li SH, Fang YS, Zhu ZL
480 - 488 Chitosan-mediated green synthesis and folic-acid modification of CuS quantum dots for photoacoustic imaging guided photothermal therapy of tumor
Yu WJ, Yu N, Wang ZJ, Li X, Song C, Jiang RQ, Geng P, Li MQ, Yin SW, Chen ZG
489 - 497 Polymeric hollow microcapsules (PHM) via cellulose nanocrystal stabilized Pickering emulsion polymerization
Zhang Z, Cheng M, San Gabriel M, Neto AAT, Bernardes JD, Berry R, Tam KC
498 - 508 Connecting wettability, topography, and chemistry in a simple lipid-montmorillonite system
Kessenich BL, Pokhrel N, Nakouzi E, Newcomb CJ, Flury M, Maibaum L, De Yoreo JJ
509 - 518 Multiple polarization loss and permittivity adjusting of halloysite/BN Co-doped carbon/cobalt composites
Ouyang J, Liu TH, Yang HM, Zhang Y
519 - 531 Impact of surface curvature, grafting density and solvent type on the PEGylation of titanium dioxide nanoparticles
Salli D, Motta S, Di Valentin C
532 - 540 Highly stretchable superhydrophobic surface by silica nanoparticle embedded electrospun fibrous mat
Lee DE, Choi EY, Yang HJ, Murthy ASN, Singh T, Lim JM, Im J
541 - 547 Fe/Ni bimetal organic framework as efficient oxygen evolution catalyst with low overpotential
Zheng FQ, Zhang ZW, Xiang D, Li P, Du C, Zhuang ZH, Li XK, Chen W
548 - 557 Tuning the ZnO-activated carbon interaction through nitrogen modification for enhancing the H2S removal capacity
Yang C, Yang S, Fan HL, Wang YS, Ju SG
558 - 568 Effect of pH change on size and nanomechanical behavior of whey protein microgels
Bahri A, Chevalier-Lucia D, Marchesseau S, Schmitt C, Gergely C, Martin M
569 - 582 Ultrahigh-flux (> 190,000 L.m(-2)h(-1)) separation of oil and water by a robust and durable Cu(OH)(2) nanoneedles mesh with inverse wettability
Yuan RX, Liu JC, Li ZJ, Chen YG, Wang ZH, Liu ZJ, Jing GL, Zhu YJ, Wang HY
583 - 594 Investigation of the confinement effect on the evaporation behavior of a droplet pinned on a micropillar structure
Li JH, Shan L, Ma BJ, Jiang XY, Solomon A, Iyengar M, Padilla J, Agonafer D
595 - 606 Utilizing nanoparticles for improving anti-biofilm effects of azithromycin: A head-to-head comparison of modified hyaluronic acid nanogels and coated poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles
Klodzinska SN, Wan F, Jumaa H, Sternberg C, Rades T, Nielsen HM
607 - 614 Synthesis of dual-emissive carbon dots with a unique solvatochromism phenomenon
Wu SS, Li W, Sun YO, Zhang XJ, Zhuang JL, Hu H, Lei BF, Hu CF, Liu YL
615 - 635 The Hofmeister series: Specific ion effects in aqueous polymer solutions
Moghaddam SZ, Thormann E
636 - 646 Visible-light-driven, hierarchically heterostructured, and flexible silver/bismuth oxyiodide/titania nanofibrous membranes for highly efficient water disinfection
Song J, Yu JY, Sun G, Si Y, Ding B
647 - 654 Dendritic core-shell rhodium@platinum-cobalt nanocrystals for ultrasensitive electrochemical immunoassay of squamous cell carcinoma antigen
Chen Y, Feng JJ, Mei LP, Shi CG, Wang AJ
655 - 666 Direct conversion of inorganic complexes to platinum/thin oxide nanoparticles decorated on MOF-derived chromium oxide/nanoporous carbon composite as an efficient electrocatalyst for ethanol oxidation reaction
Kamyar N, Rezaee S, Shahrokhian S, Amini MM
667 - 675 A novel wormhole-like mesoporous hybrid MnCoOx catalyst for improved ethanol catalytic oxidation
Li X, Zheng JK, Liu S, Zhu TL
676 - 688 Mineralization of carcinogenic anthracene and phenanthrene by sunlight active bimetallic oxides nanocomposites
Rani M, Rachna, Shanker U
689 - 701 Molybdenum disulfide coated nickel-cobalt sulfide with nickel phosphide loading to build hollow core-shell structure for highly efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zhao S, Xu J, Li ZT, Liu ZY, Li YR
702 - 713 Structure and rheology of liquid crystal hydroglass formed in aqueous nanocrystalline cellulose suspensions
Xu Y, Atrens A, Stokes JR
714 - 721 Efficient separation of vitamins mixture in aqueous solution using a stable zirconium-based metal-organic framework
Zhao XD, Zhao YW, Zheng MQ, Liu SX, Xue WJ, Du GH, Wang T, Gao XL, Wang KK, Hu JS, Gao ZQ, Huang HL
722 - 730 Fabrication of layered membrane electrolytes with spin coating technique as anhydrous proton exchange membranes
Che QT, Li ZY, Pan B, Duan XQ, Jia TT, Liu L
731 - 739 Filtration and dewatering of the mixture of quartz and kaolinite in different proportions
Li YJ, Xia WC, Wen BF, Xie GY
740 - 750 Factorial two-stage analyses of parameters affecting the oil-gas interface and miscibility in bulk phase and nanopores
Zhang KQ, Meng Z, Liu LR
751 - 758 Hollow-structured MXene-PDMS composites as flexible, wearable and highly bendable sensors with wide working range
Song DK, Li XF, Li XP, Jia XQ, Min P, Yu ZZ
759 - 769 Hydrothermal fabrication of sandwich-structured Silver sulfide/ferroferric oxide/silver metavanadate graphene microtube using capillary effect for enhancing photocatalytic degradation and disinfection
Chen YX, Liang Y, Li TT, Lin CQ, Lin L, Zhao MJ, Wan Y, Chen H, Zeng J, Zhang YS
770 - 782 Multiple charge-carrier transfer channels of Z-scheme bismuth tungstate-based photocatalyst for tetracycline degradation: Transformation pathways and mechanism
Li MF, Lai C, Yi H, Huang DL, Qin L, Liu XG, Li BS, Liu SY, Zhang MM, Fu YK, Li L, He JF, Zhang YJ, Chen L
783 - 790 Scalable submicron/micron silicon particles stabilized in a robust graphite-carbon architecture for enhanced lithium storage
Mu TS, Zhang ZG, Li Q, Lou SF, Zuo PJ, Du CY, Yin GP
791 - 800 Hierarchical TiO2-x nanoarchitectures on Ti foils as binder-free anodes for hybrid Li-ion capacitors
Huo JH, Xue YJ, Zhang LF, Wang XF, Cheng YQ, Guo SW
801 - 809 TiO2/CdS nanocomposite stabilized on a magnetic-cored dendrimer for enhanced photocatalytic activity and reusability
Mahmood A, Park JW
810 - 817 Hydrogen bonding and molecular orientations across thin water films on sapphire
Boily JF, Fu L, Tuladhar A, Lu Z, Legg BA, Wang ZMM, Wang HF
818 - 818 Physical mechanisms of interaction of cold plasma with polymer surfaces (vol 448, pg 175, 2015)
Bormashenko E, Whyman G, Multanen V, Shulzinger E, Chaniel G
819 - 819 Synthesis and optimization of the trimesic acid modified polymeric carbon nitride for enhanced photocatalytic reduction of CO2 (vol 548, pg 197, 2019)
Hayat A, Khan J, Rahman MU, Mane SB, Khan WU, Sohail M, Rahman NU, Shaishta N, Chi ZG, Wu MM