Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.551 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Poly(lactobionamidoethyl methacrylate)-based amphiphiles with ultrasound-labile components in manufacture of drug delivery nanoparticulates for augmented cytotoxic efficacy to hepatocellular carcinoma
Wang JY, Xia Y, Liu HY, Xia J, Qian M, Zhang LW, Chen LL, Chen QX
10 - 15 Room-temperature sodium thermal reaction towards electrochemically active metals for lithium storage
Shang D, Wu WM, Guo Y, Gu JN, Hua FQ, Cao ZJ, Li B, Yang SB
16 - 25 Cu(I)-doped Fe3O4 nanoparticles/porous C composite for enhanced H2O2 oxidation of carbamazepine
Yang XF, He J, Yang QX, Jiao RY, Liao GY, Wang DS
26 - 38 Optimization of bioinspired conical surfaces for water collection from fog
Gurera D, Bhushan B
39 - 46 Glutathione responsive cubic gel particles cyclodextrin metal-organic frameworks for intracellular drug delivery
Xue Q, Ye C, Zhang MM, Hu XW, Cai T
47 - 60 Myristic acid based imidazoline derivative as effective corrosion inhibitor for steel in 15% HCl medium
Solomon MM, Umoren SA, Quraishi MA, Salman M
61 - 71 Facile synthesis of phosphorus-doped carbon under tuned temperature with high lithium and sodium anodic performances
Zhao Q, Meng Y, Yang LC, He X, He B, Liu YH, Xiao D
72 - 80 Synthesis and characterization of choline-fatty-acid-based ionic liquids: A new biocompatible surfactant
Ali MK, Moshikur RM, Wakabayashi R, Tahara Y, Moniruzzaman M, Kamiya N, Goto M
81 - 88 Monodispersed bimetallic platinum-copper alloy nanospheres as efficient catalysts for ethylene glycol electrooxidation
Chen CY, Jin LJ, Shang HY, Song TX, Gao F, Zhang YP, Wang CQ, Wang C, Du YK
89 - 100 Cryogenic viscoelastic surfactant fluids: Fabrication and application in a subzero environment
Yin HY, Feng YJ, Li PX, Doutch J, Han YX, Mei YJ
101 - 110 Single-step synthesis of highly photoluminescent carbon dots for rapid detection of Hg2+ with excellent sensitivity
Wang BB, Jin JC, Xu ZQ, Jiang ZW, Li X, Jiang FL, Liu Y
111 - 118 Molybdenum disulfide quantum dots directing zinc indium sulfide heterostructures for enhanced visible light hydrogen production
Liu Y, Li CF, Li XY, Yu WB, Dong WD, Zhao H, Hu ZY, Deng Z, Wang C, Wu SJ, Chen H, Liu J, Wang Z, Chen LH, Li Y, Su BL
119 - 129 Designed MnS/Co9S8 micro-flowers composites with serrate edges as high-performance electrodes for asymmetric supercapacitor
Liu HM, Li Z, Yao ZX, Liu YS, Zhang QF, Sun YJ, Li Z
130 - 137 High-performance hydrogen evolution reaction catalysis achieved by small core-shell copper nanoparticles
Liu C, Dong HL, Ji YJ, Rujisamphan N, Li YY
138 - 146 Microstructure evolution during nano-emulsification by NMR and microscopy
D'Agostino C, Preziosi V, Khan A, Mantle M, Fridjonsson E, Guido S
147 - 154 Probing the molecular interactions between pharmaceutical polymeric carriers and bile salts in simulated gastrointestinal fluids using NMR spectroscopy
Pigliacelli C, Belton P, Wilde P, Qi S
155 - 163 Influence of fulvic acid on Pb(II) removal from water using a post-synthetically modified MIL-100(Fe)
Zhang HB, Wen J, Fang Y, Zhang SY, Zeng GM
164 - 176 Facile synthesis of alkaline-earth metal manganites for the efficient degradation of phenolic compounds via catalytic ozonation and evaluation of the reaction mechanism
Fang CX, Gao XM, Zhang XC, Zhu JH, Sun SP, Wang XN, Wu WD, Wu ZX
177 - 183 Iodine encapsulated in mesoporous carbon enabling high-efficiency capacitive potassium-Ion storage
Qian MM, Tang MY, Yang J, Wei W, Chen MX, Chen JC, Xu JL, Liu QY, Wang H
184 - 194 Tailoring of carbonized polypyrrole nanotubes core by different polypyrrole shells for oxygen reduction reaction selectivity modification
Minisy IM, Gavrilov N, Acharya U, Moravkova Z, Untervveger C, Micusik M, Filippov SK, Kredatusova J, Pasti IA, Breitenbach S, Ciric-Marjanovic G, Stejskal J, Bober P
195 - 207 A highly effective, recyclable, and novel host-guest nanocomposite for Triclosan removal: A comprehensive modeling and optimization-based adsorption study
Azqhandi MHA, Foroughi M, Yazdankish E
208 - 218 In-situ solid phase thermal transformation of self-assembled melamine phosphotungstates produce efficient visible light photocatalysts
Meng PC, Huang JH, Liu X
219 - 226 Cobalt disulfide-modified cellular hierarchical porous carbon derived from bovine bone for application in high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries
Zhang XQ, Cui YL, Zhong Y, Wang DH, Tang WJ, Wang XL, Xia XH, Gu CD, Tu JP
227 - 241 Analytical modeling of micelle growth. 2. Molecular thermodynamics of mixed aggregates and scission energy in wormlike micelles
Danov KD, Kralchevsky PA, Stoyanov SD, Cook JL, Stott IP
242 - 250 Spray drying of colloidal dispersions containing ellipsoids
Mondal R, Das A, Sen D, Satapathy DK, Basavaraj MG
251 - 260 A selectivity-controlled adsorbent of molybdenum disulfide nanosheets armed with superparamagnetism for rapid capture of mercury ions
Tian H, He JH, Hu MH
261 - 269 Silver nanoparticles-decorated-Co3O4 porous sheets as efficient catalysts for the liquid-phase hydrogenation reduction of p-Nitrophenol
Liu JY, Li JX, Meng R, Jian PM, Wang LX
270 - 282 Measuring the permeability of thin solid layers of natural waxes
York DW, Collins S, Rantape M
283 - 296 Evolution of surface micro-structure and moisture sorption characteristics of spray-dried detergent powders
Farshchi A, Hassanpour A, Ettelaie R, Bayly AE
297 - 304 Shear rheological properties of acid hydrolyzed insoluble proteins from Chlorella protothecoides at the oil-water interface
Dai LX, Bergfreund J, Reichert CL, Fischer P, Weiss J