Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.544 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0021-9797 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Core/shell structured CdS/polydopamine/TiO2 ternary hybrids as highly active visible-light photocatalysis
Wang MG, Cui ZX, Yang M, Lin LJ, Chen XC, Wang M, Han J
8 - 13 Correlations of surface free energy and solubility parameters for solid substances
Yu WY, Hou WG
14 - 24 Efficient removal of uranium using a melamineitrimesic acid-modified hydrothermal carbon-based supramolecular organic framework
Li HL, Li Y, Zhou YZ, Li BL, Liu DB, Liao HY
25 - 36 BiOxCly/BiOmBrn/BiOpIq/GO quaternary composites: Syntheses and application of visible-light-driven photocatalytic activities
Siao CW, Lee WLW, Dai YM, Chung WH, Hung JT, Huang PH, Lin WY, Chen CC
37 - 45 Freeze-drying induced self-assembly approach for scalable constructing MoS2/graphene hybrid aerogels for lithium-ion batteries
Wang SL, Wang RH, Zhao QN, Ren L, Wen J, Chang J, Fang XL, Hu N, Xu CH
46 - 52 Freestanding hierarchical nickel molybdate@reduced graphene oxide@nickel aluminum layered double hydroxides nanoarrays assembled from well-aligned uniform nanosheets as binder-free electrode materials for high performance supercapacitors
Guo DX, Song XM, Li BN, Tan LC, Ma HY, Pang HJ, Wang XM, Zhang LL
53 - 60 Hybridization of lipids to monolayer and bilayer membranes of triblock copolymers
Yang YL, Sheng YJ, Tsao HK
61 - 77 Nanogold-core multifunctional dendrimer for pulsatile chemo-, photothermal- and photodynamic- therapy of rheumatoid arthritis
Pandey PK, Maheshwari R, Raval N, Gondaliya P, Kalia K, Tekade RK
78 - 87 Macroporous hybrid Pickering foams based on carbon nanotubes and cellulose nanocrystals
Mougel JB, Bertoncini P, Cathala B, Chauvet O, Capron I
88 - 95 Alternating electric-field-induced assembly of binary mixtures of soft repulsive ionic microgel colloids
Jathavedan K, Bhat SK, Mohanty PS
96 - 111 Synergistic ZnFe2O4-carbon allotropes nanocomposite photocatalyst for norfloxacin degradation and Cr (VI) reduction
Behera A, Mansingh S, Das KK, Parida K
112 - 120 ZIF-67/PAN-800 bifunctional electrocatalyst derived from electrospun fibers for efficient oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reaction
Guo JX, Gao M, Nie J, Yin FX, Ma GP
121 - 129 Tunable keratin hydrogel based on disulfide shuffling strategy for drug delivery and tissue engineering
Cao Y, Yao YQ, Li Y, Yang XX, Cao ZJ, Yang G
130 - 143 Forces between oil drops in polymer-surfactant systems: Linking direct force measurements to microfluidic observations
Jamieson EJ, Fewkes CJ, Berry JD, Dagastine RR
144 - 154 Simultaneous study of molecular and micelle diffusion in a technical microemulsion system by dynamic light scattering
Knoll MSG, Giraudet C, Hahn CJ, Rausch MH, Froba AP
155 - 163 Biotemplate derived three dimensional nitrogen doped graphene@MnO2 as bifunctional material for supercapacitor and oxygen reduction reaction catalyst
Le QJ, Huang M, Wang T, Liu XY, Sun LD, Guo XL, Jiang DB, Wang JS, Dong F, Zhang YX
164 - 171 Improving the electrochemical performance of layered cathode oxide for sodium-ion batteries by optimizing the titanium content
Bao S, Luo SH, Wang ZY, Yan SX, Wang Q
172 - 177 The locally columnar model for clay/polymer systems: Connections to scattering experiments
Frielinghaus H, Koch K, Antonio VP, Noda Y, Koizumi S
178 - 187 Tunable engineering hollow carbon nanomaterial served as an excellent catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction and hydrogen evolution reaction
Song KX, Shi S, Song DD, Zhang QL, He XQ, Dou ZY, Hu XL, Cui LL
188 - 197 Enhanced microwave-absorption with carbon-encapsulated Fe-Co particles on reduced graphene oxide nanosheets with nanoscale-holes in the basal plane
Li SP, Huang Y, Ling D, Zhang N, Zong M, Qin XL, Liu PB
198 - 205 Synthesis and in vitro testing of thermoresponsive polymer-grafted core-shell magnetic mesoporous silica nanoparticles for efficient controlled and targeted drug delivery
Peralta ME, Jadhav SA, Magnacca G, Scalarone D, Martire DO, Parolo ME, Carlos L
206 - 216 RNA-mediated, green synthesis of palladium nanodendrites for catalytic reduction of nitroarenes
Topuz F, Uyar T
217 - 229 Influence of Pluronic F127 microenvironments on the photochemical nitric oxide release from S-nitrosoglutathione
Picheth GF, Marini TC, Taladriz-Blanco P, Shimamoto GG, dos Santos GJVP, Meneau F, de Oliveira MG
230 - 240 Polyketone-based membrane support improves the organic solvent resistance of laccase catalysis
Liu CJ, Saeki D, Cheng L, Luo JQ, Matsuyama H
241 - 248 Nanoporous carbon spheres derived from metal-phenolic coordination polymers for supercapacitor and biosensor
Wang G, Qin J, Zhao YX, Wei J
249 - 256 Electrophoretic and potentiometric signatures of multistage CaCO3 nucleation
Prus M, Szymanek K, Mills J, Lammers LN, Piasecki W, Kedra-Krolik K, Zarzycki P
257 - 265 Durable superhydrophobic glass wool@polydopamine@PDMS for highly efficient oil/water separation
Kang HX, Zhao BW, Li LX, Zhang JP
266 - 275 Application of temporary agglomeration of chitosan-coated nanoparticles for the treatment of lung metastasis of melanoma
Lee SY, Koo JS, Yang M, Cho HJ
276 - 283 Differential behavior of sodium laurylsulfate micelles in the presence of nonionic polymers
Ade-Browne C, Dawn A, Mirzamani M, Qian S, Kumari H
284 - 292 Precise synthesis of monodisperse PdAg nanoparticles for size-dependent electrocatalytic oxidation reactions
Wang C, Song PP, Gao F, Song TX, Zhang YP, Chen CY, Li L, Jin LJ, Du YK
293 - 302 Impact of molecular structure, headgroup and alkyl chain geometry, on the adsorption of the anionic ester sulfonate surfactants at the air-solution interface, in the presence and absence of electrolyte
Wang Z, Li PX, Ma K, Chen Y, Campana M, Penfold J, Thomas RK, Roberts DW, Xu H, Petkov JT, Yan ZF
303 - 311 Adsorption of anion polyacrylamide from aqueous solution by polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane as an adsorbent: Kinetic and isotherm studies
Zhang B, Shi WX, Yu SL, Zhu YB, Zhang RJ, Tay JH
312 - 320 Structures and dimensions of micelle-templated nanoporous silicas derived from swollen spherical micelles of temperature-dependent size
Ke FY, Yi JH, Zhang S, Zhou SQ, Ravikovitch PI, Kruk M
321 - 328 Fractionation of mono- and divalent ions by capacitive deionization with nanofiltration membrane
Mao SD, Chen L, Zhang Y, Li Z, Ni ZB, Sun Z, Zhao R